I announced today I am shooting a pilot for a new TV series I have long wanted to do I am calling “Inside Out with Eddie Trunk”. I have always wanted to do a long form interview show with an audience for TV and I’m excited to be working with Iridium and some great producers to shoot the pilot this Tuesday night in NYC. We are going to have a small studio audience of around 100-150 people at Iridium for the taping. You must RSVP and get a confirm from the venue to attend. RSVP@theiridium.com is the address. They are handling audience and it is first come first served even if you do get a confirm and we reach capacity. So line up early to assure yourself a spot. Admission is free however it is a $25 per person table minimum. I’d like to thank my old friend Ace Frehley for being my first guest. Ace and I go way back as many of you know. I expect the interview to last 75-90 minutes and we will cover his entire life. Some of the audience will also get the chance to ask questions to Ace. For those that don’t know what a pilot is it is essentially a demo in TV. So I have no idea yet if, when, and where this will air and if it will become a series. I have confidence it very well could and have a great team I am working with.

Hope to see you Tuesday night if you can get in and are in the area. Also please note this has NOTHING to do with That Metal Show. I am still 100% committed to wanting to keep that show alive on a new home and we are actively looking to do so. But I am also going to work on and explore new additional stuff as well. So keep an eye on this space and my social media for more and I am so psyched to be shooting this! We will see where it goes. Thanks for the support!

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  • elliot goldberg on

    will the interview be held inside or out? I need to plan ahead. thank you.

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