Amazing response to last nights premiere of the Peter Criss episode of That Metal Show. I was live tweeting last night with many while it was on. The end was real emotional it seemed not only for Peter but also for many fans. Peter is a guy that wears his emotions on his sleeve, and I always respected him for that. He always just lays it out there as he feels and that is so rare in today’s world. I love giving people that you don’t usually hear from on TV and radio a voice and platform. It is so great to get differing views and stories. Mick Mars this season also comes to mind as falling in this category and also had tremendous response. The episode with Peter ran very long, so due to time constraints of TV we cut some things, but they are now available online. Links in the News section of this site. The episode replays all week on VH1 Classic and online as well. Just check your grids for days and times. Look forward to seeing all your comments to the episode here. Many have posted here and on Twitter already. Thanks to Peter and also drummer Richard Christy for doing a great job in our latest episode. Was a great one!

PS: Be sure to watch all the way through the credits. There is a shot of me and Peter when we first met from around ’82 at the very end of the show. Great memories!

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  • Brian F on

    Hi Eddie, Great show with Peter. He was always my favorite member along with Ace, they gave the soul and rhythm to that band with Peters big band and jazz influenced swing feel and Ace’s brilliant leads that where always a song within the song , that was the sound that made it all gel in my opinion. I was listening to the Boneyard channel today and Keith Roth mentioned that there is some rumblings that the Rock Hall is really trying hard to convince Kiss to play at the event. You hear anything on your end about that?

    • Eddie on

      That was the case a couple weeks ago, but not now. That ship has sailed. HIGHLY unlikely they play. No movement at all and the Hall has moved on from it by all accounts.

    • rob on

      What i dont understand Ed is WHY is the RNRHOF consulting with you??
      Your a one sided former KISS fan. You only care about Peter and Ace.
      No wonder it turned out the way it did. I am sure you had something to do with it.

    • Eddie on

      Right, I am a “Peter and Ace guy”, which is why my book is dedicated to Eric Carr and I have played EVERY era of Kiss on radio for 31 years….simply amazing! And who said they are “consulting” with me? Keep buying the BS instead of FACTS..

    • rob on

      Well you claim to know EVERYTHING that is going on with The RNRHOF.
      You know who is inducting Kiss. ( Tom Morello )
      You know all the behind talks of trying to get Kiss to play.
      You just said that you know the Hall has moved on.
      So if your not consulting with them how do you know this info??

    • Eddie on

      Because I deal with people who are and yes, I have had some direct contact as well, but if you think I am controlling what happens at all you give me WAY too much credit

    • Dwayne Cole on

      I asked Paul and Gene to come on your show.

    • Circus Magazine on

      I’m not sure why you don’t just admit that you’re an “Ace and Peter” guy. They are your friends. They come on your shows. Why is that a bad thing?

    • Eddie on

      All true! But that has NOTHING to do with how I see the history of the BAND. If it did why would I play ALL eras of Kiss for 30 plus years, dedicated my book to Eric Carr, and have Bruce on my radio shows and TMS? But those FACTS don’t work for some.

    • Dwayne Cole on

      When Peter Criss is on TMS, he seems like a super nice guy and you can be sympathetic to his treatment by Gene and Paul. Then, I read his book and , he just doesn’t come across so nice. Ace seems a little less angry in his book and comedic at times.

    • Eddie on

      Books are about THEN, you saw Peter NOW. That is what 10 years sober does. Which is why it always blows my mind when some just harp on their PAST behavior. Weird how the TONS of other addicts in R&R never deal with that..

  • The Originals on

    At the end of the show, Peter stated that he never played with any group other than Kiss subsequent to leaving the band. What about the group, Criss, he formed in the early 90s? That group toured with Ace on the Bad Boys tour, and released an EP and an album during that time as well. Why didn’t you call him out on that one, Eddie? Don’t want to hurt your friend’s feelings?

    • Eddie on

      Yes, you are right, I should have jumped all over him and screamed and shouted that he was wrong and blatantly lying for having a solo project bearing his last name at some point in his life. One that barely went anywhere but as a hater of the guy you oddly know all about. Not to mention he said JOINED ANOTHER BAND, not do a band of his own. What is wrong with me? Haters just keep hating..

    • Mike on

      Well…..he did join Balls of Fire for a few months / weeks in the 80’s. That imploded very quickly. And he was in “The Tree” with Mark St John for an hour and a half….lol. Sadly, I think the truth is that nit many established musicians wanted to start a band with Peter in the 80’s and early 90’s.

  • Chris Jaros on

    I really enjoyed last night’s episode with Peter on it. You can tell when he’s speaking that what he’s saying is rich with emotion by the body language he gives off when speaking. I’m happy he’s cancer free, that he looks healthy and seems pretty content at this point of his life. While I understand he’s very disappointed that they won’t be performing at the HOF, I’m actually kinda glad they aren’t because A) It took the HOF 15 years to finally get their collective heads out of their asses and B) I believe everyone who has ever played for the band deserves to be inducted, so by not performing, it’s a middle finger to the HOF in a way. I realize fans will be upset with that choice, but I fully respect it. Sure the original 4 created the band and made them the biggest band in the world in the 70’s, but to say other members, especially Eric Carr & Bruce Kulick didn’t play a huge part during the 80’s, when they were still making platinum albums, is blasphemous. And lastly, I saw the Rate The Rock segment online earlier today and I gotta say, like you Eddie, I was a little shocked Peter picked Dressed To Kill as his #1 album. It’s my favorite original 4 album, but I figured from the success of Beth, he’d gone with Destroyer. Very interesting segment, it has become one of my favorites, hope it stays in the show for a long time to come. Congrats on the success of the show.

  • Steve on

    Kiss songs Never performed Live

    not counting Konventions, Acoustic sets or soundchecks….

    Baby Driver
    Mr. Speed (played partially in Japan)
    See You In Your Dreams
    Got Love For Sale
    Tomorrow And Tonight
    Plaster Caster
    Then She KISSed Me
    Rockin In The USA
    Larger Than Life
    Rocket Ride
    Any Way You Want It
    Sure Know Something
    Dirty Livin’
    Magic Touch
    Hard Times
    X-Ray Eyes
    Save Your Love
    Naked City
    What Makes The World Go Round
    Two Sides Of The Coin
    She’s So European
    Easy As It Seems
    Torpedo Girl
    Just A Boy
    Only You
    Under The Rose
    Dark Light
    Mr. Blackwell
    Escape From The Island
    I’m A Legend Tonight
    Down On Your Knees
    Nowhere To Run
    Partners In Crime
    Saint And Sinner
    Not For The Innocent
    A Million To One
    Dance All Over Your Face
    And On The 8th Day
    Lonely Is The Hunter
    While The City Sleeps
    Murder In High Heels
    Who Wants To Be Lonely
    Trial By Fire
    I’m Alive
    Love’s A Deadly Weapon
    Secretly Cruel
    Radar For Love
    I’ll Fight Hell To Hold You
    My Way
    Good Girl Gone Bad
    Turn On The Night
    Thief In The Night
    Prisoner Of Love
    Read My Body
    Love’s A Slap In The Face
    Silver Spoon
    Cadillac Dreams
    King Of Hearts
    The Street Giveth…
    You Love Me To Hate You
    Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell
    Tough Love
    Heart Of Chrome
    Thou Shalt Not
    Every Time I Look At You
    the entire Carnival Of Souls album
    We Are One
    You Wanted The Best
    Raise Your Glasses
    I Finally Found My Way
    Journey Of 1000 Years
    In Your Face
    Nothing Can Keep Me From You
    Do You Remember Rock And Roll Radio
    Russian Roulette
    Never Enough
    Yes I Know
    Hot And Cold
    All For The Glory
    Danger Us
    When Lightning Strikes
    Back To The Stone Age
    Shout Mercy
    Eat Your Heart Out
    The Devil Is Me
    Take Me Down Below
    Last Chance
    Right Here Right Now

    • Mike on

      Tomorrow And Tonight was on the Alive II album.

    • The Originals on

      Tomorrow and Tonight was done in the studio and made to sound live by adding audience. It was never really performend live. Hard Luck Woman was done the same way on Alive II.

    • Brad on

      Tomorrow and Tonight was on Alive 2 and pretty sure Two Sides of the Coin was played live on Unmasked Tour and is on KISS Inner Sanctum

    • Ivan on

      Sure Know Something is on the Kiss Symphony record, and I saw them perform Tomorrow and Tonite in the 80s

    • Mike on

      KISS has played Hard Luck Woman live- not sound checked. I have the bootleg from 12-2-76. Mid South Coliseum in Memphis on the Rock and Roll over tour. http://youtu.be/OQkff46U-Dg

  • Brian on

    Great show but I think peter would have said lot more about gene and Paul had interview been done after hall of fame ceremony. I think he holding on slim chance they do play.

    • Eddie on

      Probably not. He could have said so much more but he is taking the high road on lot’s of stuff..

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