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27 Responses

  1. yup, Peter is old, looks good though, but with age and years of substance abuse comes a foggy memory. It was good to see him even though he whined about not being able to play at the rock hall. My favorite…..1)Hotter Than Hell 2) Dressed To Kill 3)Rock n Roll Over 4) KISS 5) Destroyer 6) Love Gun

  2. Uhh Mike, every1 “Whines” ….. Perfect example, GENE & PAUL. Shit they have been whining, crying etc: about Ace & Peter since……let’s see……..FOREVER. Funny people talk shit about Peter & Ace and here is Gene & Paul just continue to dwell on past events with RELENTLESS attacks on Ace & Peter. But the most interesting thing is Gene & Paul haven’t been nearly up front about their own personal issues within the band. Hmmmmmmmm

  3. SO, SO TIRED of all the Peter bashing when it comes to sustance abuse. Please, how many in the business of rock and roll didn’t party & many STILL do. Also forgetting stuff comes with old age & also people are also blaming drugs when in reality alcohol causes more brain damage than most substances.
    Anyway if there’s Kiss fans out there that somehow manage to believe that Ace & Peter weren’t part of the BEST albums Kiss ever did, they are TRULY LOST.
    In my opinion the best best albums to not contain Peter were Creatures & Carnival Of Souls. The no make-up days had alot of garbage albums & although I like SB, Monster is a very weak album.
    The RNRHOF chose only to induct that ORIGINALS, while I side with Paul & Gene’s opinion on the matter, it is what it is. Get over it & play some tunes with Ace & Peter for like a total of what 10 minutes? Add in that Gene & Paul could totally go verbal on the RNRHOF while accepting their award, who would stop them? No one would rush the stage, hell what’s to stop them from getting Bruce, Vinnie, Eric, & Tommy up at the podium, even though the RNRHOF isn’t honoring them, doesn’t mean that KISS can’t.
    I know one thing, Gene’s reality show says all you need to know about his ego. RUINED the demon for me. As for Ace & Peter, they were HYSTERICAL back in the days. One could tell that Paul & Gene took everything so serious, too serious. EGO can be one of the worse problems any band has to deal with.

    1. That comparison is just ridiculous. Everyone is the “real deal” when they’re young and at the peak of popularity.

  4. Rock n roll over us the best Kiss album, followed by Destroyer, Love Gun, dressed to kill, Kiss. Hon arable mention Hotter than Hell, just because of “got to choose”!

    1. Hotter than Hell never got the respect it deserved. Production was terrible mind you. Agree on Got to Choose – great song. With those songs and better production, it would have been a killer album. Parasite is another song that deserved more love than it got.

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