Rank the Rock: Peter Criss on the first six KISS albums:

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TMS BTS: Peter Criss & Richard Christy:

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Ask Jennifer: Guitar Lessons:

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Jennifer’s move of the Week: The Jumping Jack

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  • Joe on

    1) KISS Alive there…..there is ALLLLL of my favorite KISS albums. The one that started the train rolling & the ONLY ALBUM that can still stand up to anything in this present era of music….Joe in The Cuse

  • Bill on

    Hahahaha, can’t remember even basic facts about oe of the most important things to happen in his pofessional life (his rise to stardom), and he admits to also being on the outs with his best friend in the band, yet as soon as he slags off Gene and Paul, what he says becomes gospel truth. 🙂

  • Todd on

    I love the dead air moments where no one says anything and everyone just kind of looks at each other. Peter Criss’s recording stories were just great, and I had no idea Richard was such a good drummer.
    Peter’s point about giving 10 minutes of performance for 40 years of support was just so incredibly right on the point. Gene and Paul should just be ashamed of themselves. This induction ceremony is a one shot deal, and they’ll always be n the wrong side of history on this one.

  • John on

    1. KISS, 2. Destroyer, 3. Love Gun, 4. Rock and Roll Over, 5. Hotter Than Hell, 6. Dressed To Kill

  • Joe on

    Yeah Bill. You figured it all out. You’re about as sharp as a bowling ball. Joe in The Cuse

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