Amazing response to last nights premiere of the Peter Criss episode of That Metal Show. I was live tweeting last night with many while it was on. The end was real emotional it seemed not only for Peter but also for many fans. Peter is a guy that wears his emotions on his sleeve, and I always respected him for that. He always just lays it out there as he feels and that is so rare in today’s world. I love giving people that you don’t usually hear from on TV and radio a voice and platform. It is so great to get differing views and stories. Mick Mars this season also comes to mind as falling in this category and also had tremendous response. The episode with Peter ran very long, so due to time constraints of TV we cut some things, but they are now available online. Links in the News section of this site. The episode replays all week on VH1 Classic and online as well. Just check your grids for days and times. Look forward to seeing all your comments to the episode here. Many have posted here and on Twitter already. Thanks to Peter and also drummer Richard Christy for doing a great job in our latest episode. Was a great one!

PS: Be sure to watch all the way through the credits. There is a shot of me and Peter when we first met from around ’82 at the very end of the show. Great memories!

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  • Eric Heaton on

    Peter’s remarks on the HOF was honest and quite refreshing to hear….kiss is prob the biggest snub but the hall has snubbed alot of great bands…after watching the episode, Im more interested in what the catman is going to say than the originals playing together again…I def could care even less to see cheater criss and fake frehley play….that being said, I am somewhat interested in what paul has to say in his book…

    • John on

      I think Deep Purple is the biggest snub, but kiss should’ve been in there 15 years ago.

      I’m interested in Paul’s book too,maybe he’ll explain his problem with Eddie.

    • Eddie on

      Purple is by far the #1 snub. As for Paul’s problems with me (and MANY others I may add), it is quite simple. You MUST be all in for what they are selling NOW, or you are the enemy. There is no room for objectivity. Just the way it is with that camp. Thanks

    • John on

      And speaking of Deep Purple..am I the only one that thought Hell or Hallelujah sounded an awful lot like Burn? (Especially the beginning)

    • Yankee on

      Yeah, so did the intro to I Stole Your Love back in 77. Great f@%&ing Kiss song!

    • shannon patrick mehaffey on

      It’s actually a mutation of “Drinking With The Devil” off of Bent Out of Shape. But Paul is crafty enough to make it his own thing. Lordi had a song called “Hard Rock Hallelujah.” Back in the 70s Angel had a song called “Magic Touch,” and Starz had “X-Ray Specs” .., but it’s not like the songs are the same or anything, probably just a bit of inspiration then off to create something different.

    • shannon patrick mehaffey on

      This is a deep philosophical question of whether language really control our thoughts and not the other way around.

    • shannon patrick mehaffey on

      Have you ever played “Thunderburst” by Samson and “Ides of March” by Maiden back to back? And I’m tellin’ ya, “Swords and Tequila” is an awful lot like “2 Minutes to Midnight” but the real red flag is this crops up again on the same record..”Fire Down Under” is very similar to “Back In the Village.”

  • Dave on

    I’m unclear about something. Has the HOF imposed restrictions on who could perform? I understand the original members are the inductees, but was under the impression that Tommy and Eric would perform if that was the (current) bands wish. If there are no performance restrictions, then a non-makeup unplugged style medley with GS, PS, AF, PC, TT, ES, BK, VV, whoever’s available/etc. would TRULY be the the greatest thank you to the fans. Can you imagine Strutter/Hard Luck Woman/Shock Me/RNR All Nite/Nothin’ To Lose?

    Was a great That Metal Show. Eddie, If my website link is a problem, please delete. I appreciate the forum.

    • Eddie on

      Gene and Paul own Kiss, thus they dictate who they will or won’t play with. They wanted to play with current band with Tommy & Eric, 2 members not inducted. They would not play a song with just the original 4. Peter and Ace say they don’t show if current band plays, as a result nobody plays and all four at least show and stand there. In my view better no performance and all four there to accept than the alternative, especially considering the makeup issue Peter alluded to last night.

    • Van on

      Gene tweeted that he and Paul wanted all members to play at the HoF or nothing at all.

  • Rich on

    Eddie, I don’t know to what extent or how large a net you or the network have to cast to find great guests but I think your thoughts about Peter Criss and Mick Mars are also shared by, dare I say, the majority of viewers. I think and hope the responses coming in will bear that out. Funny how people like Peter Criss (and especially) Mick Mars are more soft spoken and low key than some of your other more outspoken guests, yet these guys, in their own unique way – warts and all, commanded more attention, drew you in more and actually packed way more of a visual punch. I guess some people will think they were boring because there wasn’t enough flash and sparkle, but I think guests like these are better for television. Hopefully, future guests will be more representative of their style – more genuine and real, opening up and sharing what is really inside. Rock, I guess, is know for being loud and boisterous, but those kind of guests don’t necessarily make for better entertainment as proven by Criss and Mars. Peter, we feel for you being let down by Paul and Gene, that they couldn’t give back ten minutes for 40 years. I think all of us in that situation would be let down. Peter Criss: Heart and Soul. Congratulations on your HOF induction and hope you soak it all in and enjoy yourself in Brooklyn in a few weeks.

  • Rich on

    Just rewatched the Peter Criss TMS episode. Unimaginable that Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, if they had their way, on the night of Peter and Ace’s induction, would have played on stage with Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer while Ace and Peter watch in and with the audience – with no absolutely no regard or conscious. Mind-blowing. I don’t care what some of you think about Ace and Peter. It is their induction for cripes sake! Paul and Gene are guys that do not give a living crap outside of what they want for themselves – bottom line. They are not about the fans. They are only about the almighty dollar. No soul. No heart. No conscious. Either robotic businessmen to the core or people who couldn’t put aside their differences and do what Peter does: forgive to live. Not Paul, not Gene. Shameful.

  • Rich on

    Great show as always. Eddie I’ve been wondering, I know you have the solo musical guest (Christy was awesome btw) – have you ever thought about a house band or some outlet where your guests could perform on your show? Thanks and keep up the great work. Rich – fan since WDHA

    • Eddie on

      Thanks for the long time support Rich. We don’t have bands or music because we have tiny budgets and the publishing fees would kill us. That is why there is no published music in the show ever at all.

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