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Amazing response to last nights premiere of the Peter Criss episode of That Metal Show. I was live tweeting last night with many while it was on. The end was real emotional it seemed not only for Peter but also for many fans. Peter is a guy that wears his emotions on his sleeve, and I always respected him for that. He always just lays it out there as he feels and that is so rare in today’s world. I love giving people that you don’t usually hear from on TV and radio a voice and platform. It is so great to get differing views and stories. Mick Mars this season also comes to mind as falling in this category and also had tremendous response. The episode with Peter ran very long, so due to time constraints of TV we cut some things, but they are now available online. Links in the News section of this site. The episode replays all week on VH1 Classic and online as well. Just check your grids for days and times. Look forward to seeing all your comments to the episode here. Many have posted here and on Twitter already. Thanks to Peter and also drummer Richard Christy for doing a great job in our latest episode. Was a great one!

PS: Be sure to watch all the way through the credits. There is a shot of me and Peter when we first met from around ’82 at the very end of the show. Great memories!


  1. Peter’s remarks on the HOF was honest and quite refreshing to hear….kiss is prob the biggest snub but the hall has snubbed alot of great bands…after watching the episode, Im more interested in what the catman is going to say than the originals playing together again…I def could care even less to see cheater criss and fake frehley play….that being said, I am somewhat interested in what paul has to say in his book…

    1. I think Deep Purple is the biggest snub, but kiss should’ve been in there 15 years ago.

      I’m interested in Paul’s book too,maybe he’ll explain his problem with Eddie.

      1. Purple is by far the #1 snub. As for Paul’s problems with me (and MANY others I may add), it is quite simple. You MUST be all in for what they are selling NOW, or you are the enemy. There is no room for objectivity. Just the way it is with that camp. Thanks

          1. It’s actually a mutation of “Drinking With The Devil” off of Bent Out of Shape. But Paul is crafty enough to make it his own thing. Lordi had a song called “Hard Rock Hallelujah.” Back in the 70s Angel had a song called “Magic Touch,” and Starz had “X-Ray Specs” .., but it’s not like the songs are the same or anything, probably just a bit of inspiration then off to create something different.

          2. Have you ever played “Thunderburst” by Samson and “Ides of March” by Maiden back to back? And I’m tellin’ ya, “Swords and Tequila” is an awful lot like “2 Minutes to Midnight” but the real red flag is this crops up again on the same record..”Fire Down Under” is very similar to “Back In the Village.”

  2. I’m unclear about something. Has the HOF imposed restrictions on who could perform? I understand the original members are the inductees, but was under the impression that Tommy and Eric would perform if that was the (current) bands wish. If there are no performance restrictions, then a non-makeup unplugged style medley with GS, PS, AF, PC, TT, ES, BK, VV, whoever’s available/etc. would TRULY be the the greatest thank you to the fans. Can you imagine Strutter/Hard Luck Woman/Shock Me/RNR All Nite/Nothin’ To Lose?

    Was a great That Metal Show. Eddie, If my website link is a problem, please delete. I appreciate the forum.

    1. Gene and Paul own Kiss, thus they dictate who they will or won’t play with. They wanted to play with current band with Tommy & Eric, 2 members not inducted. They would not play a song with just the original 4. Peter and Ace say they don’t show if current band plays, as a result nobody plays and all four at least show and stand there. In my view better no performance and all four there to accept than the alternative, especially considering the makeup issue Peter alluded to last night.

  3. Eddie, I don’t know to what extent or how large a net you or the network have to cast to find great guests but I think your thoughts about Peter Criss and Mick Mars are also shared by, dare I say, the majority of viewers. I think and hope the responses coming in will bear that out. Funny how people like Peter Criss (and especially) Mick Mars are more soft spoken and low key than some of your other more outspoken guests, yet these guys, in their own unique way – warts and all, commanded more attention, drew you in more and actually packed way more of a visual punch. I guess some people will think they were boring because there wasn’t enough flash and sparkle, but I think guests like these are better for television. Hopefully, future guests will be more representative of their style – more genuine and real, opening up and sharing what is really inside. Rock, I guess, is know for being loud and boisterous, but those kind of guests don’t necessarily make for better entertainment as proven by Criss and Mars. Peter, we feel for you being let down by Paul and Gene, that they couldn’t give back ten minutes for 40 years. I think all of us in that situation would be let down. Peter Criss: Heart and Soul. Congratulations on your HOF induction and hope you soak it all in and enjoy yourself in Brooklyn in a few weeks.

  4. Just rewatched the Peter Criss TMS episode. Unimaginable that Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, if they had their way, on the night of Peter and Ace’s induction, would have played on stage with Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer while Ace and Peter watch in and with the audience – with no absolutely no regard or conscious. Mind-blowing. I don’t care what some of you think about Ace and Peter. It is their induction for cripes sake! Paul and Gene are guys that do not give a living crap outside of what they want for themselves – bottom line. They are not about the fans. They are only about the almighty dollar. No soul. No heart. No conscious. Either robotic businessmen to the core or people who couldn’t put aside their differences and do what Peter does: forgive to live. Not Paul, not Gene. Shameful.

  5. Great show as always. Eddie I’ve been wondering, I know you have the solo musical guest (Christy was awesome btw) – have you ever thought about a house band or some outlet where your guests could perform on your show? Thanks and keep up the great work. Rich – fan since WDHA

    1. Thanks for the long time support Rich. We don’t have bands or music because we have tiny budgets and the publishing fees would kill us. That is why there is no published music in the show ever at all.

  6. Hi Eddie, Great show with Peter. He was always my favorite member along with Ace, they gave the soul and rhythm to that band with Peters big band and jazz influenced swing feel and Ace’s brilliant leads that where always a song within the song , that was the sound that made it all gel in my opinion. I was listening to the Boneyard channel today and Keith Roth mentioned that there is some rumblings that the Rock Hall is really trying hard to convince Kiss to play at the event. You hear anything on your end about that?

      1. What i dont understand Ed is WHY is the RNRHOF consulting with you??
        Your a one sided former KISS fan. You only care about Peter and Ace.
        No wonder it turned out the way it did. I am sure you had something to do with it.

        1. Right, I am a “Peter and Ace guy”, which is why my book is dedicated to Eric Carr and I have played EVERY era of Kiss on radio for 31 years….simply amazing! And who said they are “consulting” with me? Keep buying the BS instead of FACTS..

          1. Well you claim to know EVERYTHING that is going on with The RNRHOF.
            You know who is inducting Kiss. ( Tom Morello )
            You know all the behind talks of trying to get Kiss to play.
            You just said that you know the Hall has moved on.
            So if your not consulting with them how do you know this info??

          2. Because I deal with people who are and yes, I have had some direct contact as well, but if you think I am controlling what happens at all you give me WAY too much credit

          3. I’m not sure why you don’t just admit that you’re an “Ace and Peter” guy. They are your friends. They come on your shows. Why is that a bad thing?

          4. All true! But that has NOTHING to do with how I see the history of the BAND. If it did why would I play ALL eras of Kiss for 30 plus years, dedicated my book to Eric Carr, and have Bruce on my radio shows and TMS? But those FACTS don’t work for some.

          5. When Peter Criss is on TMS, he seems like a super nice guy and you can be sympathetic to his treatment by Gene and Paul. Then, I read his book and , he just doesn’t come across so nice. Ace seems a little less angry in his book and comedic at times.

          6. Books are about THEN, you saw Peter NOW. That is what 10 years sober does. Which is why it always blows my mind when some just harp on their PAST behavior. Weird how the TONS of other addicts in R&R never deal with that..

  7. At the end of the show, Peter stated that he never played with any group other than Kiss subsequent to leaving the band. What about the group, Criss, he formed in the early 90s? That group toured with Ace on the Bad Boys tour, and released an EP and an album during that time as well. Why didn’t you call him out on that one, Eddie? Don’t want to hurt your friend’s feelings?

    1. Yes, you are right, I should have jumped all over him and screamed and shouted that he was wrong and blatantly lying for having a solo project bearing his last name at some point in his life. One that barely went anywhere but as a hater of the guy you oddly know all about. Not to mention he said JOINED ANOTHER BAND, not do a band of his own. What is wrong with me? Haters just keep hating..

      1. Well…..he did join Balls of Fire for a few months / weeks in the 80’s. That imploded very quickly. And he was in “The Tree” with Mark St John for an hour and a half….lol. Sadly, I think the truth is that nit many established musicians wanted to start a band with Peter in the 80’s and early 90’s.

  8. I really enjoyed last night’s episode with Peter on it. You can tell when he’s speaking that what he’s saying is rich with emotion by the body language he gives off when speaking. I’m happy he’s cancer free, that he looks healthy and seems pretty content at this point of his life. While I understand he’s very disappointed that they won’t be performing at the HOF, I’m actually kinda glad they aren’t because A) It took the HOF 15 years to finally get their collective heads out of their asses and B) I believe everyone who has ever played for the band deserves to be inducted, so by not performing, it’s a middle finger to the HOF in a way. I realize fans will be upset with that choice, but I fully respect it. Sure the original 4 created the band and made them the biggest band in the world in the 70’s, but to say other members, especially Eric Carr & Bruce Kulick didn’t play a huge part during the 80’s, when they were still making platinum albums, is blasphemous. And lastly, I saw the Rate The Rock segment online earlier today and I gotta say, like you Eddie, I was a little shocked Peter picked Dressed To Kill as his #1 album. It’s my favorite original 4 album, but I figured from the success of Beth, he’d gone with Destroyer. Very interesting segment, it has become one of my favorites, hope it stays in the show for a long time to come. Congrats on the success of the show.

  9. Kiss songs Never performed Live

    not counting Konventions, Acoustic sets or soundchecks….

    Baby Driver
    Mr. Speed (played partially in Japan)
    See You In Your Dreams
    Got Love For Sale
    Tomorrow And Tonight
    Plaster Caster
    Then She KISSed Me
    Rockin In The USA
    Larger Than Life
    Rocket Ride
    Any Way You Want It
    Sure Know Something
    Dirty Livin’
    Magic Touch
    Hard Times
    X-Ray Eyes
    Save Your Love
    Naked City
    What Makes The World Go Round
    Two Sides Of The Coin
    She’s So European
    Easy As It Seems
    Torpedo Girl
    Just A Boy
    Only You
    Under The Rose
    Dark Light
    Mr. Blackwell
    Escape From The Island
    I’m A Legend Tonight
    Down On Your Knees
    Nowhere To Run
    Partners In Crime
    Saint And Sinner
    Not For The Innocent
    A Million To One
    Dance All Over Your Face
    And On The 8th Day
    Lonely Is The Hunter
    While The City Sleeps
    Murder In High Heels
    Who Wants To Be Lonely
    Trial By Fire
    I’m Alive
    Love’s A Deadly Weapon
    Secretly Cruel
    Radar For Love
    I’ll Fight Hell To Hold You
    My Way
    Good Girl Gone Bad
    Turn On The Night
    Thief In The Night
    Prisoner Of Love
    Read My Body
    Love’s A Slap In The Face
    Silver Spoon
    Cadillac Dreams
    King Of Hearts
    The Street Giveth…
    You Love Me To Hate You
    Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell
    Tough Love
    Heart Of Chrome
    Thou Shalt Not
    Every Time I Look At You
    the entire Carnival Of Souls album
    We Are One
    You Wanted The Best
    Raise Your Glasses
    I Finally Found My Way
    Journey Of 1000 Years
    In Your Face
    Nothing Can Keep Me From You
    Do You Remember Rock And Roll Radio
    Russian Roulette
    Never Enough
    Yes I Know
    Hot And Cold
    All For The Glory
    Danger Us
    When Lightning Strikes
    Back To The Stone Age
    Shout Mercy
    Eat Your Heart Out
    The Devil Is Me
    Take Me Down Below
    Last Chance
    Right Here Right Now

      1. Tomorrow and Tonight was done in the studio and made to sound live by adding audience. It was never really performend live. Hard Luck Woman was done the same way on Alive II.

  10. Great show but I think peter would have said lot more about gene and Paul had interview been done after hall of fame ceremony. I think he holding on slim chance they do play.

  11. just finished watching the Rate the Rock segment .Great part of the show by the way, I just have one thing to say, I believe Peter was wrong with the story about Love Gun, If my memory serves, it was Rock and Roll Over album that was recorded in an old theater in Nantucket,New York. not trying to nitpick,just saying. Keep up the good work of bringing everything Hard Rock and Heavy Metal to the people.

    1. You are correct Jimmy. Often us as fans know more about bands old albums than the artists remember themselves. I see it happen often. He also referenced Ezrin was coming off The Wall with Destroyer when The Wall was done a few years after Destroyer. After we wrapped shooting I told him I think he meant R&R Over (one of my favorites) and he realized his mistake

      1. Interesting on TMS web extra that Peter rated Dressed to Kill as his favorite Kiss record, but in the Behind the Mask book (Ken Sharp), he only gave it a 2 out of 5, his lowest rating out of the first six Kiss albums. Also on TMS, he said he liked DTK because of Neil Bogart and mentioned his smoking pot, but in the book, Peter rated it low largely because he thought Neil wasn’t a producer and couldn’t hear things as well because of his pot smoking. Also interesting Peter thought RNRO album was too pop for him. I thought it was less pop than the LG album and way more listenable song for song. Something about many of the lesser know LG songs grated on me a little, not so with really any of the RNRO songs.

  12. A lot of digs from Peter about Paul on the show. Would love to know more about that.

    Speaking of Starchild – interesting on his Twitter feed he is all chummy with Nikki Sixx, a former drug addict who (thankfully) got his act together, like Peter and Ace.
    Ashame all this Kiss bad blood.

          1. Well, you need to read the books again. And try not to look for the words, I BLAME PAUL AND GENE FOR MY ADDICTION, because those words are not there. Try to use the brain you have and get meaning from the words that they use.

        1. I have never heard Peter or Ace blame anyone for their addictions either. Someone cooked up this fantasy somewhere and it stuck for some reason.

          I’ve read everyone’s book, including Lydia’s and no where does Peter blame ‘others’ for his problems.

        2. Nikki and Slash have also delivered quality music after leaving their respective bands. Sixx A.M. and Slash and the Conspirators have delivered on their talent. Once they left KISS they couldn’t make good music.

          1. so the quality of music output is connected to if someone changed their life and is sober now. So you have to kick addiction AND be sure you deliver music you like in order to be free of the non stop jabs about sobriety?

      1. The difference here is that Slash and Nikki were NEVER members of KISS nor desired to be members where Ace and Peter were. I can’t speak for Paul or Gene but hey if you can be friends with them as long as you not work with them? Just saying

        1. That is correct in my opinion too. Peter and Ace are the members the fans want to see and Paul and Gene hate that with a passion. That’s why they bring up the ‘addiction’ card and play it every chance they get.

          Nikki and Slash were never involved with KISS so it’s easy to be ‘friends’ with them.

        2. It tells me something that when Peter was diagnosed with breast cancer, Gene and Paul did not pick up the phone to see how he was doing. According to Paul, Peter is a “member of the family”. Nice way to treat family.

          1. Oh Please! Families fight all the time. There’s not a family on this planet that doesn’t have issues – fighting, no communication, etc…. What planet do you live on?

          2. Remember when Paul had his heart scare in 2007 and was hospitalized before a show. Did Peter call Paul to check on him? He didn’t even make a statement

          3. I was surprised to hear that as well. Peter pretty much alluded to that in his book, but it was more shocking to hear it come out of his mouth.

            I can’t believe that with all they went through together in the ’70’s that Gene & Paul would turn their back on Peter during that tough time. As much as Gene tries to pride himself and is family as philanthropists, he should shove his money where his mouth is and make a donation to the breast cancer cause. Shameful that he nor Paul has ever mentioned it.

            Gene, Paul are you listening? Hypocrites.

        3. The more specific reason may be that Ace and Peter’s substance abuse issues were screwing up the band schedule for recordings and even concerts. Had Ace and Peter regardless of substance abuse showed up and played this would have not been an issue. Gene and Paul realized that there are many friends of theirs (or people they tour with) had past (or even present) substance abuse problems but they were not able to interfere. With Ace and Peter, I believe Gene and Paul were sick and tired of putting up with their respective baggage.

          1. However Gene as of the last few days claims you can force people into rehab- read his twitter feed. So when Ace and Peter were at their worst, why didn’t Gene and Paul try and save them?

            Because Gene and Paul loved the ‘hard partying rockstar lifestyle’ those two brought to the table. Gene and Paul LOVED the publicity, but they loved it more that their two bandmates suffered with it and not them. All the glory in the rockstar hall of fame, yet none of the problems (physically, mentally, emotionally) for Gene and Paul. Let and Ace and Peter suffer with it, but by God we’ll take the publicity.

            Gene and Paul had no reason (other than money) in the 90’s or 2000’s to have Ace and Peter back- those two money making machines KNEW it would be a goldmine so they once again became hypocrites, swallowed their pride, closed a blind eye and had Ace and Peter back.

  13. Just saw the TMS show with Peter Criss, along with some extras, and it was pretty good as we learn new things all the time about KISS, especially on Peter’s pre-KISS jobs, Alive 2, and Russ Ballard. I know Peter played in other solo bands after he left KISS, but they just didn’t work out for them and I think that’s what he meant when he said there’s no other band for him than KISS.

    The last few minutes was emotional and I’m not surprised Peter felt the same way Ace did when it comes to seeing Paul and Gene playing with someone else in their makeups, especially on the HoF. Just the original 4 accepting the award and doing the speeches is enough for me as a KISS fan.

    Hope to see Ace Frehley on the TMS show.

  14. Gene and his lies on twitter. He keeps saying peter had chance and blew it. If I remember correctly drugs alcohol not problem for Peter when he rejoined band and they let him go after Aerosmith tour saying his playing was not up to par. That has nothing to do with drinking and drugs

  15. Eddie — LOVED the interview with Peter Criss but was a little disappointed there wasn’t more discussion about the HOF debacle. I’m a lifelong KISS fan and am extremely disappointed at the approach Gene and Paul are taking on this. After 40 years of, as they claim, giving what the fans want, that they can’t put aside their differences one final time for 10 minutes of just the original four is shameful. I’ve decided that I’m going to make my voice heard by not buying tickets to their 40th anniversary tour and hope that other fans who are disappointed with what has happened do the same. The only thing Gene and Paul seem interested in as far as the fans are concerned is their money, so I’m going to keep mine in my pocket and spend it on other bands I enjoy.

    1. Peter did not want to pound away on that. He has been dealing with a TON of stress over it behind the scenes and wanted to celebrate the band more. But I did get that amazing moment from him at the end of the show when I went back to him again on it

  16. Hey guys – has it been confirmed yet as to who the celebrity KISS fan inducting the band into the HOF will be??? I had heard it was to be Lady Gaga or Elton John? I think I read in the comments in one of Ed’s Trunk Reports that Gaga was a false rumor…still curious. Thx!

  17. While Peter and Ace continue to take the high road Gene and Paul keep making asses of themselves with the stuff they write on twitter every day. Gene blatantly disrespecting the fans who made him a multi millionaire on a regular basis. Peter and Ace should do a few shows together and show those clowns they still have it. They should also play in the jam at the end of the RRHOF ceremony, they can’t stop them from doing that can they???

  18. Hey Eddie thanks for hosting by far the best show on TV hd or not! I’m just wondering if you or anyone has heard Eric Singer or Tommy Thayer’s thoughts on all of this? I’m not a fan of today’s Kiss line-up at all but it’s got to be an uncomfortable situation for them. I’m sure as Paul & Gene’s bitches they are sworn to secrecy or something. Here’s to Ace the REAL spaceman & Peter the REAL catman always & forever!

  19. What a GREAT show with Peter and Richard. I will never be able to put it into words how much I love TMS, last night my girlfriend and I watched it twice in a row. Eddie, will TMS ever be on DVD? Also we met Peter (and Gigi) at Days of the Dead and he was the most gracious, kind and loving celebrity we’ve ever met and we’ve been attendees and vendors for fifteen years, I do NOT exagerate or embelish. All weekend long fans were coming out of Peters meet and greet area shellshocked, some fans had tears in their eyes. Peter spent time with everyone and seemed genuine. He didnt ever come off as grouchy or tired. Gigi was just as nice, even hugging my girlfreind and I the next day in the lobby. In all fairness, we met Gene in a comedy club here in St.Louis and he was just as nice! Thank you Eddie and all of the staff at TMS!!!!!!! Thank you Don and Jim and Peter!!! Love you guys!! Jim… see you at the Funnybone STL!!!!

  20. Great show with Peter Criss. Thanks for posting the extra videos of the Rate the Rock segment on line. I thought Peter handled the Hall of Fame very well with his comments. He didn’t get into the Gene and Paul bashing and just gave his honest feelings for himself and the fans. The original KISS was my band from the 70’s and I am glad that at least, hopefully, all 4 original members will appear together for the induction. In all honesty, that is probably the best we could ask for. If the original 4 can’t perform together, then none of them should. Have really enjoyed the shows this season. Great job!!! I have been thinking about my 5 favorite KISS songs and have tried to stay away from the obvious hits. I will go with Mr. Speed, Tomorrow and Tonight, Anything For My Baby, Nothin To Lose and Strutter. So many to choose from. I could probably add Room Service as well.

  21. Eddie, a totally different topic. I heard about this over the weekend on the Today show and just looked at it on You Tube. You have to see Brian Johnson come on stage with Billy Joel and perform You Shook Me All Night Long with Billy and his band. Obviously Billy Joel is an AC/DC fan and he invited me up to sing. Pretty cool. Love seeing when artists with different musical tastes get together and perform. Got the opportunity to see AC/DC on the Black Ice tour. Sure hope if they do a 40th anniversary tour that they will come in our area. Also just read where Aerosmith and Slash will tour the U.S. this summer. There is another double bill tour for you!

  22. Eddie-
    Have a question–I’ve seen lots of interviews, etc., with Gene, and seems like a fascinating guy to talk to. Was wondering–in your interactions with him, is he so arrogant and self-centered with you? Is this an act he puts on to keep people interested, or is he that way all the time? I know his ego is off the charts, but I just don’t understand why he treats so many folks so poorly, considering that their money put him where he is today.

  23. Ed,

    I think Kiss made a big mistake not doing something with the 4 originals ..fans like myself from the 70s will not get past this.
    After Peter’s emotional speech you can see he really wanted to do something for the fans ..

    Gene & Paul give the impression of just the opposite a slap in the face .

    Also by the sound of Gene & Paul’s tweets today it sounds like they watched the show also!

    Next gig Ace does in NYC get them both to jam again

    Thanks again great show last night

  24. Thank you Eddie for presenting the kiss hof debacle and allowing all of us kiss fans including yourself to vent and express our confusion and disbelief that rock and roll superstars who are only superstars because of Thier fans !!! Gene and paul the essence of music especially rock and roll is rooted in the heart ! Fans like myself who didn’t have two nickels to rub together as young man in the 70s would bust his ass at an after school part time job washing dishes at a truck stop just so I could buy some new records to love and share with my friends . I still have these great friend today even though we have had our differences over the years ! We were brought together by great rock music that was the thred that held us all together we put all our BS aside to sit around and spin a great new record !! We still do this today and one more thing a lawyer once told me while representing me in a divorce that never forget Michael at one time you loved this person and you will be much better served to act accordingly!! Hey kiss at one time we loved you and most importantly you loved your die hard fans! In the future perhaps your great fan will rub two nickels together then drop them on one of the terrific new bands that Eddie turns us on to via TMS

  25. Hey Eddie, great show! The previews for the season have been showing both Peter & Ace were going to be guests this season. I seen that you announced the final guests. Was Ace supposed to be on with Peter? Did he just decide not to come on because he is sick of all the drama or are him & Peter not getting along again? I was really happy to hear him say how honored he is to be inducted despite all the drama & fighting, nothing can take away the fact that KISS will be in there alongside many legendary musicians. I feel the same way about the R&RHoF as you & many others do but, it is all we got & as a lifelong KISS fan, I am proud that they are FINALLY in! I hope that both Ace & Peter can bury the past differences between them & see this current drama as the overwhelming outpour of love & respect for what they mean to us original fans that it is!

  26. This was the one big episode I was so waiting to see this season on TMS. I enjoy all of them but was especially excited to see The Catman because I knew he’d lay it on the line and be completely honest, no bullshit. Thank you Eddie for giving him and also Ace on your radio show the chance to say their piece. If only Gene and Paul would climb out of their KISS mansion long enough to get back in touch with the fans and appreciate what KISS means to us. Long live The Catman!

  27. Ed, what do you think the response will be like for the actual KISS induction that night in light of all this drama? I was so pumped about it and planned to attend but once this BS started I chose not to buy the tickets and would never turn my back on the band altogether just because of what they meant to me growing up (fan since Destroyer album) but I honestly don’t feel as good about the whole experience as I did a few months ago. Sorry if this is a rambling question but I just wonder if you think their reception from the crowd will be less ecstatic that night in light of all the drama?

  28. Eddie – thanks. Just thanks. Keep up the good work and don’t let the haters cross your mind. No one is out there doing what you do and have done to keep good music alive.

  29. Eddie – I have been a TMS fan from the very beginning even though I don’t consider myself a “metal head”. With that you do cover a lot of the bands I grew up with and known for years. This season by far was the best season ever with great guests. From Peter Criss to Mick Mars (who rarely give interviews) and provided great insights and their personal health issues. Also I enjoyed the Ted Nugent interview even though some if not most of his political remarks make me cringe. Most people thing of Ted Nugent now as a “right wing wacko” that they forget he was and still is a rock star. You kept it to his music career and was a joy to watch. Keep up with the good work and hope to see a new season of TMS later this year.

  30. Fantastic episode Eddie. Having seen show this one might have been your best. You asked in-depth, hard hitting questions that Peter answered. It was great, really. Richard Christy was awesome to see. The last two shows are building with anticipation. Keep up the great work.

    Has Tommy Aldridge ever been asked on the show for interview or playing drums?


  31. Well, I dont have twitter or go on twitter but as a fan from1975 I got teary eye’d too Eddie . Kiss thru the 70’s ,80’s,90’s, up to 2001 has been such a big part of my life they almost feel like family to me. Its weird.
    To see how Peter feel’s and how much he loves this band and how much I loved this band was hard to watch at the end there. . I’m so glad I got to see all four again, so many times from 96-00 . I miss them and I know its the end for Pete . I will never see him again live . Maybe Ace . Maybe. But, not Peter. There will never be another Kiss for me and thats sad .
    Thats why I keep mentioning a one-off full show from Ace and Peter with a dvd shoot . Pete said he didn’t want it to end at your birthday and how he was meant to be behind the drum kit, etc, etc

    Its was disgusting to see some of the comment’s from last week on your recap of the interview before it aired last week from the “attention trolls”. They would pull some comment about Peter mentioning his book and claim he’s was just trying to plug his book during your interview. Before they even saw the episode !!( I think they have been listening to Paul and Gene soo long because that’s ” ALL THEY DO ” !! People on here joking : ” oh , poor Peter, he did this to himself ” , etc. etc.
    I couldn’t imagine being in a band that every decision was decided by two people and not all four members and where I wasen’ event paid as much even though I was just as popular . Didn’t all of Peter and Ace’s songs get refused by Paul and Gene on PC release ( except Into The Void) yet they put Ace and Peter credits on to : ” Look Good ” ?? Gene and Paul slam the other two every chance they get and have been for many, many years. Long before Ace and Peter’s book’s..
    They never take the high road .
    I think Gene and Paul never wanted anything but ” Yes Men ” in the group since 73 like they have now. Ace and Peter helped create Kiss . Without them who knows what would or wouldn’t have happened . It took all 4 to create that magical band . Gene and Paul could have never created that on their own . If it wasen’t for Ace and Peter the other two may not even be in a band right now….
    Paul and Gene are doing nothing more than copying ” THAT ” band now

  32. I thought it was a really heartbreaking moment when Peter spoke of how it should be about the music and the 40 years of history they have together. Not about sports teams (LA KISS) or touristy restaurants (Rock and Brews).
    One of my first concerts was KISS on the Creatures of the Night Tour. My uncle was a security guard at the venue, so I saw the whole show from the side of the stage as I sat on top of his shoulders. When you are 6 years old and see these Kabuki makeup vampires onstage spitting blood and blowing things up to great soundtrack it is POWERFUL. I saw a few shows on the Reunion Tours (1996-2000) and they were fantastic, but with diminishing returns as we headed into “3D” tours. In many ways, I think that The Farewell Tour 14 years ago was honest, because it did act as a “farewell” to KISS for me and thousands of other fans who grew up with them.

  33. I enjoyed this episode; Peter’s honesty is really impressive – he dosn’t sugar-coat anything. Hey, those were special times; KISS was the #1 band in the World and inspired thousands of kids to pick up the guitar. It was FUN to be a KISS fan in the 70’s and that is what KISS was all about. I can’t wait to see them in Brooklyn, I’m lucky to have gotten tickets !

  34. I saw the TMS show with Peter on it, and the stress and sadness is all over his face about not playing at the induction. It’s very sad because it’s almost certain to be the last chance fans have to see the original 4 play but Gene/Paul are too stuck in the past. Once it was learned only the original 4 were being inducted, I thought this was about a silly grudge against the Rock Hall but the video below came before news that KISS was in fact being inducted.

    This video sums up how petty Gene really is…notice the question Gene was asked is “If KISS is finally inducted…”, so this video was even before finding out only the original four were being inducted so Gene and Paul would not have played with Peter and Ace anyhow but he doesn’t stop there.


    I’ve been sending tweets out like crazy, hoping maybe there’s a chance for just Peter and Ace to play together at this point, acoustic, doing the songs Peter sang and he and Ace wrote and I included the #TMS tag on them.

  35. Great interview with Peter on TMS!! Thank you Eddie, and to Don and Jim for a great episode! in your talks with Peter lately has he mentioned about doing another solo album?

  36. If Paul says it’s all about the fans,here’s what he had to say in CLASSIC ROCK magazine in May 2010.Can you perhaps lower meet and greet prices or come outside to see your fans? His answer-NO There’s no reason to lower the price because it is a special event FOR PEOPLE CAN AFFORD IT.Do we come out and say hello to our fans? NO.We bust our ass on stage for two and a half hours,saying hello to our fans. It’s not feasible,not for a band like us who kill ourselves on stage and then get a well-deserved rest. Seems he forgot who put him in this position. Only the rich and privileged matter. In a perfect world Ace and Peter give their speeches first, then the audience either leaves or boo’s Paul & Gene as they gives theirs. I’ve lost all respect for those two. SAD.

  37. Eddie, TMS with Peter Criss was, for my money, the best episode of the show’s history. Agree or disagree (I am with the majority who side with Peter on the HOF debacle), anyone who didn’t feel the raw emotions pouring out of PC must have sold their metal soul to Air Supply years ago.

    Thanks for letting this voice of rock history, cancer survivor and grounded human being appear on your show. I would love to go on but my book club is meeting at the KISS coffee shop in a few minutes.

    Thanks Mark F.

  38. hey eddie, I disagree with peter criss on only 1 issue, when he said rock and roll over was when kiss started getting “poppy”, to me they didn’t really start getting “poppy” until dynasty, and that’s not a knock on dynasty because I happen to think dynasty is a good album, yes even with I was made for lovin’ you on it! it’s NOT a disco song! y.m.c.a., staying alive, now those are disco songs, anyway when you have kick-ass rockers like I want you, dr. love, makin’ love & so on on the album, that’s not poppy at all. one more thing, coming off “the wall”, wasn’t the wall from 1979? r & r over from 1976.

      1. how many rock songs from the 70’s were inspired by R&B or disco? as long as they didn’t turn out that way, who cares? inspirations come from everywhere, everybody in the late 70’s was “experimenting”, even the hardest of rockers, the main reason kiss got shit for the song I was made for lovin’ you was because it became a BIG hit! if you take that song off of dynasty then basically all you have is just another kiss album right? whatever you want to call it, it still is & always will be a really good song!

  39. Best episode of TMS ever. Peter has a tremendous heart. As a fan since ’76, I have finally reached the point where I am completely sick to death of gene and Paul’s elitist crapola. I understand that you want to be happy and make music with people you enjoy being around, but the majority of fans really want the original four. I think the reunion tour showed that in a big way. Nobody sounds and plays like Peter, and his onstage personality is infectious. Ace? What can you say about a person, when all you have to do is say “Ace” and people instantly know who you are talking about. It’s like saying “Ringo”. People get it. This goes well beyond music. This goes well beyond image, costumes. When Ace and Peter are onstage with Gene and Paul, this “brand” called Kiss suddenly becomes a living, breathing, iconic entity all unto itself. The only other band I can think of that has that unmanufactured magic is The Fab Four. To treat Kiss and the fans that love this entity like it’s no big deal that Ace and Peter aren’t in the band is not just simply disappointing, it’s wrong. Just…wrong. Kiss should not be treated like any other band. That’s because they aren’t. Gene and Paul have forgotten about that. It’s shameful and a waste. To go out the way they are now, say, in 2 or 3 more tours from now as Gene said, is like watching a dying Vegas show. I’m truly sad over it. It disgusts me to no end. Shame, shame…SHAME.

  40. 1996 reunion tour press conference, Gene Simmons: “You’ll have to drag me kicking and screaming off the stage”.
    2014 Rolling Stone, Gene Simmons: “I’m 64. 3 more tours. Maybe 2.”

    Sounds like somebody is getting sick of his own band and what it has become.

    1983 USA Network interview, Paul Stanley: “If you can’t give 100% every night, you shouldn’t go out on tour”.

    2008 to 2014, Paul’s voice in concert is terrible. Songs tuned down, Kiss now sounds like Black Sabbath with a dying goat trying to sing.

    What was that again, Stanley…?

    1. At 64, if Simmons is planning ‘more tours’ does he really think him and Paul in their mid sixties are going to look good in Kabuki makeup? They’re on the edge now….

  41. I think the episode with Peter Criss was one of the best! Such a nice, humble guy who makes no apologies for who is he is. People do change and I think that Peter is living proof of this.

    It was sad to watch his pain and disappointment over the Hall of Fame deal. He was such a gentleman about it, unlike Gene and Paul who have used this whole situation as a pulpit to keep spreading discord about Peter and Ace.

    Gene and Paul are trying so hard to discredit Ace and Peter’s contributions to KISS and it’s shameful and embarrassing. I feel bad that Peter has to endure this crap on the eve of what should be a happy and celebratory time.

    Gene and Paul are so worried about damaging their current brand that they can’t put aside for a few hours their animosity and give the fans what they want.

    Peter is a class act, Gene and Paul could take lessons from him. I wish him the all the best.

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