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Peter Criss on That Metal Show tonight! Don’t miss this full hour with soon to be R&R Hall Of Famer and a founding member of Kiss. We covered so much with him and actually way over shot the episode, so I am curious myself what makes the cut after the editors got their hands on it. It was all good stuff and amazing stories, so hopefully what doesn’t make the show tonight will be extras posted online. I’ll keep you posted on that. I’ll also provide more insights during the show by live tweeting during the premiere at 11P ET. Join me on Twitter @EddieTrunk and we will chat during the commercials. Episode 10 of our current 12 episode season is tonight with Peter Criss, enjoy and thanks for watching!


  1. Hey,
    Read recently that the “current” members of Kiss think that the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame should include current band members as they have also played an integral part in the bands longevity, to which I would agree, although I grew up with the original members and still truly only identify with that era of the band. Curious to know how Peter feels about including everyone in that recognition and how he feels about being treated more like a novelty for the band than a true member. Seems when they want to promote something, it’s get Peter and Ace on the phone, we have to “market our wares” sort of thing…
    Just wanted to conclude by saying thank you for the costume ideas when I was a kid and couldn’t get mom to shell out for a fancy costume, $2 and a brother who was our talented makeup artist made me Peter Criss and I was the coolest kid on Halloween! Stay well!

  2. I love the fact that this site is searchable. I was looking for the TMS episode with Vanderhoof, and it found it right away. That’s better than my work’s website! Keep it up.

  3. I think he’s been very smart in taking the high road. I’ve come to the conclusion that the only reason Gene & Paul are showing up at all is to literally babysit Ace & Peter. I’ve always defended gene & Paul on a host of issues. This HOF disaster however, has me resigning my ‘KISS ARMY’ membership since 1977. I’d like to think that I’m too old and maybe a little to smart to put up with the Gene & Paul nonsense.

  4. I’ll be catching it online tomorrow, since I have a show of my own to do tonite…THE NERV, a hardcore/punk/metal act I manage, has a show with new drummer, Andy Galeon, x-Death Angel in San Francisco. In fact it’s his Bday Party! Besides, then I can watch all the web extras right after the actual show! Can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and check it all out!

  5. Eddie I gotta tell ya I have been really anxious to see this episode. I dug deep today, very confused about the HOF and Kiss. Great that they’re in but why does Gene have to be so absolute? What does he stand to gain? Performing with the entire family of Kiss would only boost revenue, which seems to be his driving force. I was watching some old Kiss videos on YT today, as much as I thought I’d moved past it KISS is in the blood. Even that ’95 unplugged was just monumental. Saw some never before seen (by me) Cream unmasked photo’s from ’74. That band was such a major impact on our culture during the ’70’s. Hate to think resentment can keep the self righteous members from immortalizing this with their band mates. I expect a great show as always. You Eddie have truly made metal even more great than it already was.

  6. Thank god for Eddie Trunk and That Metal Show! The only thing we hear on local Seattle rock radio is Nirvana and Stone Temple Pilots over and over and over. I heart radio and Eddie Trunk are a godsend!!!!!

  7. I finally caught last weeks episode with Dee, and looking forward to seeing Peter on TMS tonight.

    Eddie, my wife and I are flying to Miami from NorCal on Friday and will be on the MOR cruise. Hope to get a chance to thank you in person for all you do for keeping this flame burning. Can’t wait to rock next week!

  8. Hey Eddie,

    Sorry for going off topic on this post, I’m really looking forward to seeing Peter tonight on TMS. But I’ve had friends tell me that your Sirius show with Craig Gass last week was so pants-wettingly funny, I had to do everything possible to seek it out. It is very frustrating to me (as a Sirius / XM subscriber) that there is no way I can access that material if I’m not in front of my radio the ONE ****ING TIME it airs all week! I’m on the west coast, and I got to make a living when your show is on!

    Is there ANYTHING you can do to post audio clips of that show…or tell me how I can pay for it…I would gladly join your All Access, but it EXCLUDES Sirius material! I’m sure your hands are tied with rights and etc. but geez, it sucks so hard for your fans that just wanna hear the show.


  9. Peter came off as honorable and appreciative..I esp liked his femarks before the showdown segment..P/G are prob pissed..lol…eddie, did pete mention anything about doing another album?

  10. Peter criss is a class act he spoke the truth a nothing but the truth, greed jealousy , and insercurity is a horrible thing, paul and gene don’t deserve to be on stage with Peter and Ace those two guys are real paul and gene are fake they know what would happen if they got up on stage with Peter and Ace they cant handle the truth .

  11. Hey Eddie, great show! Peter is such a class act, he could’ve blasted RuPaul and Gene, but gracefully deferred to talking to the fans. Peter has his faults like we all do, but for the original four, to not be performing, is shameful. Paul and Gene have virtually need their career with the biggest group of fans hating them for all of this. What a shame! Hope Ace gets a chance to be on with you to get his pov. Up the irons Eddie!

  12. Great TMS show tonight! Loved the interview with Peter and seeing Richard Christy as guest drummer. My heart went out to Peter.with his closing remarks. Regardless of his issues of why he left, he still loves KISS, the band he co-founded. Sad to hear how 4 guys so close with the same ambition could lose so much. At this point it should about integrity and respect for each other for having great musical careers. Peter will always be the Catman and Ace the spaceman! Thanks for all the music and great memories!

  13. last night’s show was great. Peter Criss was very emotional and sincere. Gene always talks about” It’s for the Fans…” –well Gene? DUH? and Paul stated somewhere If you play again “it’s like an ex wife”…no exactly sure the wording but they need to get over it. I am at the point were the game’s over and time to hang up the cleats.
    I sincerely want to thank the Rock n Roll Hall of Shame for dividing the KISS ARMY.

  14. Eddie, caught the Peter Criss episode Sunday morning. Great show! I think Peter knows what he did in the past and it is what it is. I hope that he and the original 3 other members can actually do a song or two on stage and then call it history. That is all the fans want. We don’t want a ‘reunion’ tour or anything like that. Peter’s question to Paul and Gene was quite sincere and hopefully they decide to give the fans what they want. Thanks so much Eddie for the show! Jim and Don were pretty awesome too!

  15. Peter and Ace always brought out the best in G&P. Why people even pay to watch Paul’s Little Richard impression beats me. His voice now makes me tear my ears off. Singer and Thayer may be nice guys, but thery’re no rock stars. Granted, G&P gave Ace and Peter time to make amends, but I feel they’re difficult to work with. And at this age, G&P want to keep things simple and drama free. The Hall should ban G&P if they’re not going to play for the fans. That’ll keep their egos in check.

    1. Skinny: The backlash of the original 4 not playing will be felt by the Kiss Brand. They are feeling it now. Pissing off the longtime die hards is not wise.

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