Peter Criss on That Metal Show tonight! Don’t miss this full hour with soon to be R&R Hall Of Famer and a founding member of Kiss. We covered so much with him and actually way over shot the episode, so I am curious myself what makes the cut after the editors got their hands on it. It was all good stuff and amazing stories, so hopefully what doesn’t make the show tonight will be extras posted online. I’ll keep you posted on that. I’ll also provide more insights during the show by live tweeting during the premiere at 11P ET. Join me on Twitter @EddieTrunk and we will chat during the commercials. Episode 10 of our current 12 episode season is tonight with Peter Criss, enjoy and thanks for watching!

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  • Eric Heaton on

    Peter came off as honorable and appreciative..I esp liked his femarks before the showdown segment..P/G are prob pissed..lol…eddie, did pete mention anything about doing another album?

  • ziggy star dust on

    Peter criss is a class act he spoke the truth a nothing but the truth, greed jealousy , and insercurity is a horrible thing, paul and gene don’t deserve to be on stage with Peter and Ace those two guys are real paul and gene are fake they know what would happen if they got up on stage with Peter and Ace they cant handle the truth .

  • Lanny on

    Hey Eddie, great show! Peter is such a class act, he could’ve blasted RuPaul and Gene, but gracefully deferred to talking to the fans. Peter has his faults like we all do, but for the original four, to not be performing, is shameful. Paul and Gene have virtually need their career with the biggest group of fans hating them for all of this. What a shame! Hope Ace gets a chance to be on with you to get his pov. Up the irons Eddie!

  • Jim from Houston on

    The Extras were cool stuff.

  • Rich cincinnati on

    Great TMS show tonight! Loved the interview with Peter and seeing Richard Christy as guest drummer. My heart went out to Peter.with his closing remarks. Regardless of his issues of why he left, he still loves KISS, the band he co-founded. Sad to hear how 4 guys so close with the same ambition could lose so much. At this point it should about integrity and respect for each other for having great musical careers. Peter will always be the Catman and Ace the spaceman! Thanks for all the music and great memories!

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