threesidesofthecoinlogo300 Often referred to by KISS fans as “The Fifth KISS,” Sean Delaney was the right hand man of Bill Aucoin, their first manager and the man credited with helping shoot them to superstardom. Delaney served as tour manager, choreographer, and co-wrote songs with the band. He was also asked by Gene Simmons to produce his self titled 1978 solo album.

Russ had a relationship with the band through Sean and also his father, who roadied for KISS.

Throughout the interview, hosts Michael Brandvold and Tommy Sommers hear Russ tell stories about his uncle and what he meant to KISS along with personal stories from his childhood being around the band out of their make up and taking his third grade classmates to watch the band live from the 5th row.

In a shocking story, Russ reveals that Bill Aucoin actually sold the rights to KISS in the early 1980s which contradicts reports of him being fired by the band or quitting because of “creative and directional differences.”

Russ will also be at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony representing the memory of his uncle, Sean, and his legacy with the Hottest Band In The World.

Listen to interview below.

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  1. Wow, that’s a mind blower if true. It may be as Kiss was in the Woolworths 99 cent bins by the truckload and Aucoin got out with a buck. Obviously fired or walked he still had the contracts to do with as he pleased. The son of a guy who pushed anvil cases into trucks might not be the logical choice of knowing the legal stuff, I’d agree with Gene if he said it was b.s..

  2. Great episode. I’m no fan of the new kiss but I have to admit that this entire series has grown on me. I can’t deny the place that KISS has had in my life and its great to hear stories like this and how these four knuckle heads have embodied the “Great American Success Stories” and inspired that in others. Sounds like in the early years that they were all like family members. Much love to passionate rock and roll fans and to Eddie for plugging these guys!

  3. Personally I have no time for bands like Kiss, The Eagles, or Bon Jovi who fire key members so that the already generationally rich remaining members can get even richer. Shame on any of you that still support these losers. I would pay top dollar to see the original members but not 99 cents for the travesty that tours in their name today.

    1. Yes, that was priceless! Myself – I have planned out a a big schedule to visit everything I don’t like online, leaving my comments. I finally came to realize this is the meaning of life… :o)

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