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Hope you guys are all doing well. Been busy on several fronts. We tape the two final episodes of the current TMS season this Tuesday in NYC. The guests will include The Winery Dogs, Vinnie Paul, Joe Satriani, Artie Lange and Jim Breuer. Plus on guitar in both shows will be Yngwie Malmsteen! And of course don’t forget this Saturday at 11P ET the latest new episode premiers featuring an hour with Peter Criss and Richard Christy on drums.

Peter talks about the first 6 Kiss studio albums and gives us his Rank of them, does our Put It On The Table segment, and of course talks about the RRHOF. For those expecting some sort of slam fest from him you will be disappointed. Obviously he wishes he would have been allowed to play one song with the original band, but now that nobody is playing he seems real happy to go up and accept the award and just thank the fans.

I’ll be in Largo this Friday hosting the Jake E Lee show. Meet & Greet and signing in the lobby before the show and books for sale. Then to MOR Cruise the next day. Honored to host MOR every year, can’t wait to see you if going!

Thanks to M Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold for rocking a TMS shirt on stage at festivals in Brazil and Australia! Saw the photos and tweeted one. I have a brand new That Eddie Trunk / Stump This T Shirt just released! Check it out in the merch store on this site (please note I can not sell TMS shirts in my store, but check out the other designs).


Live on Q104.3 NYC tomorrow 11P-2A ET. Listen via free stream at www.q1043.com or use the free iheartradio app. Live also Monday 6-10P ET on SiriusXM 39 TRUNKNation. Vinnie Paul and Joe Satriani will be in studio!


There has been SO much debate and discussion on Kiss on this site, and as usual all respectful opinions are welcome. As it stands now the original 4 will go up, each say a few words, and that’s it. Doubtful anything will change as it is now too late likely with production of the show and so many other acts involved. I also heard from everyone that Paul Stanley called TMS Wayne’s World on his Twitter. I myself have called it that jokingly in interviews. That was a super popular movie, and TMS a very popular show, so all good by me. But what Paul doesn’t realize is he is only insulting his fans trying to take a shot at a show THEY watch and most of them love. Maybe more Kiss shirts in our audience on a regular basis than anything else! So if we are Wayne’s World, or whatever else he thinks is a knock at the show, we are certainly proud to be good enough for most Kiss fans, not to mention legendary acts like Sabbath, AC/DC, Rush, Axl Rose, Motley Crue, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and many more who all appear and appreciate what we do. Paul can continue to be very comfortable going on channels like CNN where maybe 2% of the viewers care about rock and his band and he can get the usual cookie cutter liners from the anchor that just read the one sheet. Or maybe go on Howard Stern again, who just called Kiss the most irrelevant band ever on his radio show? We have plenty of artists that get and appreciate what we do, have a sense of humor, enjoy the debate, and acknowledge as fans we have opinions. Unfortunate that in Kiss land many times the decades of positives are never acknowledged and the few things you don’t like are blown up. But it’s all good by me. I thank all the amazing artists we have and will have on and most of all the fans around the world that support TMS and have made it VH1’s longest running show. Guess we are doing something right…Party on!


  1. Eddie, this thing with Paul and you. The argument you had at the mall signing, mostly one sided, but one never the less. ALL the sarcasm and little jabs..ect…. Are they all because of your opinion about the make-up and he didn’t like your stance on it OR is their more to it ??????

        1. He doesn’t have to do anything. But call me crazy, I think when you KNOW somebody for decades and they KNOW you, and there is some issue that you don’t get what’s in their head, maybe it’s worth discussing for 2 minutes? Especially when you do things like call me out in front of fans at a public event (his art show) then duck out the back door, confusing everyone. Maybe that sort of behavior is worth a minute? But it’s all good by me. HIS fans ask to see HIS band on my show. We are just doing fine without Gene and Paul and honestly do not lose sleep over what they do or don’t. PLENTY of iconic bands that love and support what I do.

          1. Rob, go to Paul’s live Twitter account and read how he acknowledges people who taunt him like you’re doing here with Eddie. Paul dismisses them only as “morons” or “idiots” and moves on. Eddie took the high road and acknowledged you with a dignified response. That’s the difference between Paul and Eddie. Who is Eddie to Paul? A more respectful and adult person, that’s who.

          2. Well said Eddie. It just does not make sense for you and Paul to not be on good terms, or any terms at all. It’s really too bad, since you have been there for decades of support, interviews, etc. Everybody has opinions and a simple back and forth banter for a couple of minutes can easily resolve things. Maybe at the hall of fame ceremony you guys can patch it up or at least be civil? You never know. I respect what you do and am a fan of the show, love TMS.

          3. Thanks Carlos. My door is always open as I told him many times, but also can’t lose sleep over it and won’t compromise my opinions. I do my job and he does his, but it is tough to make headway when you can’t figure out what’s what.

          1. Your making sense Eddie, that’s all you can do. Thanks for keeping this music alive through tv and radio, true music fans appreciate it. Oh yeah Jim, I have every Kiss album on cd and have seen the band live with the current lineup. So I enjoy all eras of Kiss, therefore that does not make me a sheep. Real easy to sit in front of a screen and insult people especially this day and age where people feel entitled to do so. Eddie actually comes on here and gives his time to fans. I love Paul Stanley as a writer, singer and performer but have you seen his twitter? Not always the nicest guy.

  2. To be fair, TMS has taken many shots at Gene and Paul, so to get mad over a tweet with a very mild jab is a little silly IMO.

    The Rock Hall thing is a silly as well, who cares??? Kiss should not even show up, none of them. It’s an insult that it took so long and on top of that they’re telling Kiss who is and is not included? Um no.

  3. Eddie,
    You continually have the only two relevant members of KISS on your show. Paul was always # 4 of the four in my book, anyway. And you are right, it is a complete slam to the fans to poke fun at the things THAT ARE rock n roll. Paul seems to be pretty bitter. Goes to prove, money can’t buy happiness. TMS rocks. I really like it. And as you stated in your article, if Paul thinks KISS is above, RUSH, Iron Maiden, or Priest, then he doesn’t understand where KISS falls in line. Maybe that’s his problem, he believes that KISS is more than what it is, and that he and Gene did it.

  4. The funny thing that Eddie keeps bringing up is that HE PLAYS THEIR MUSIC. He is the only one on terrestrial radio who not only plays them, but waxes philosophical about how good they are. I am not a major KISS fan but I have been turned on to a bunch of their stuff from Eddie. I bought KISS songs because Eddie pointed out some good ones to me. I mean, that says it all. Why should Eddie be hated on? He’s done more for them than alot of people. At least for people like me (early 30’s) who missed the whole KISS phenomenon when it was at its hugest. Paul is mental lol.

    1. Being fan does not mean you have to agree with everything a band or team does. Eddie has soap box to stand on that all of us can hear and for some that is tough to take. Paul has thin skin so be it but its funny sometimes how offended some of the fans get when you say there childhood icons are not only mortal but flawed.

  5. Ppl should not be slamming eddie trunk for nothing .he is just expressing his points in matters his opinion and facts . We should be thanking the guy . Without his show n tms theres very few left that support this genere of music at this level so i say keep the non sense to yourself and let the guy do what he does best.. anyways i am a supporter of original kiss. No singer r thayer. No way

  6. Let’s get this straight. Bruce Kulick is only good enough to be at the pre-party in Miami for the Kiss Kruise, but Paul wants him in the RRHOF to help the current lineup take away attention from Ace and Peter.

  7. Hi Eddie,
    I’ve been lurking and reading comments on your site and reading the Trunk Report for a few years now. I normally don’t post in areas like this, but I just feel like I have to say something about this whole debacle that KISS is/has creating/created. I was a fan from the mid 70’s until the early 80’s.

    My thoughts are Paul and Gene are trying to sell a product. And, they are trying to sell the product as it exists today. So, I totally get them not wanting to play with Ace and Peter at the induction. And, I’m totally fine with it. I think what pleased me the most in all of this was Paul and Gene deciding not to play in any form at the induction. To me, that was the best decision they could have made. I really see and understand both sides of this. The Hall is inducting the only four guys who were truly members of the band. Not just employees of the corporation. I do see Paul and Gene’s side too. It should be “all or none” like with many other bands that have had revolving doors in certain aspects who are in the Hall of Fame. They aren’t playing at all. I understand and completely respect that decision.

    Now, what I don’t understand is why they feel they have to be-little Ace and Peter and sort of sweep their contributions under the rug, so to speak. Aren’t they really only hurting the brand they are trying to sell by saying these types of things? I know I will not purchase anything with the KISS brand name on it in the future. And, the reason is their lack of respect for the legacy of the very brand they are trying to sell!!! We all know why Ace and Peter are no longer in the band. We get it!!!! Paul and Gene can stop beating the horse now. It’s been dead for almost 20 years! We know they won’t be coming back, we know you don’t want to work with them. Like I said, the horse is dead!!!! And honestly, I understand! Ace and Peter didn’t have themselves all together. They, at times, were a detriment to the corporation/band. But, why, after all this time, do they continue to try and re-write the history and legacy of the band? It has caused me to lose all respect for Paul and Gene. Would it really be all that difficult for them to simply say “Ace and Peter did great things for the band while they were in it with us. We are thankful for their contributions. Just as we are thankful for the contributions of Eric Carr, Vinnie Vincent, Mark St. John, Bruce Kulick, Eric Singer, and Tommy Thayer. They are no longer in the band and we’ve spoken enough as to why. Let’s have the next question please.”????? Wouldn’t that be a bit easier and make them look better than how their current methodology is making them look? I know that answer isn’t a”sexy”, head line grabbing statement. But, I believe I would have a lot more respect for them if they answered this way instead of having to be-little two people who they themselves thought were the best thing for the band when they started!

    I know they don’t care how they look. The fact is they are who they are and have been successful at what they do. However, I think the only way they will ever get the message is if consumers stop purchasing the products they are producing. And, this is why they keep doing what they have been. They are still making money. As soon as their new music stops selling, and their shows are less than half full, will they realize “Oh, maybe we should have handled things differently.”

    I don’t like what they’ve done, but I can think of guys who have acted worse. Geoff Tate immediately comes to mind! 🙂

    1. It is all about what they are selling NOW, and a reunion opens a can of worms and shows it DOES matter who is behind the makeup and undermines what they now sell. Said that from day 1

      1. Disagree. It undermines nothing.
        Why do people want to see 4 guys who don’t like each other fake it through a couple songs? For what? There will be no reunion tour. They did that in 1996, enough already. Its over

        1. NOBODY wants a reunion tour! But when you tell everyone it doesn’t matter who is in the band, then come out with Ace and Peter for even one song and the crowd goes INSANE and people come from around the world to see (what would have happened, see MTV Unplugged in ’95!), kind of blows holes in the theory “it doesn’t matter who’s in the makeup.

          1. Paul recently said in a interview that it does matter he does not want to confuse what he has built with putting the other two in make up again. it’s about MONEY! IF ACE and Peter get in Make up and the People decide they want Classic Coke and Not New Coke they have to change or they really have to deal with the whole Tribute band rather than Just being KISS.

          2. If it truly “doesn’t matter” who is in make up, then it shouldn’t be a big deal to let the originators of the characters put it back on for a short set, right? So, obviously it DOES matter – to G&P. And, another overlooked example of how it could easily be done with the original guys is how Alice Cooper seamlessly worked the original bandmembers who were still with us perform, along with Dick Wagner, who played on the ‘Welcome to My Nightmare” record. That was a classy move. And, when it was over, the current band was back in place, no harm, no foul. It is only the stubborn refusal of Paul, particularly, that prevents the OG 4 from having one last go ’round. And, that’s a goddamn shame.

          3. It’s pretty clear Ace and Peter want a reunion tour and I don’t blame them, it’s a lotof money.
            And all of the selfish fans crying about this HOF nonsense want it too because IF they did a song or two at the HOF ceremony, then the next thing people would be wanting is a tour. Just like when Zep did that one show in 2007. It’s over people, enjoy the memories.

  8. I take it that it sounds like Peter is happy with KISS’ decision of no one performing at all, whether it’s the original or current lineup. Can’t wait to hear Peter’s acceptance speech at the HoF.

  9. Love Eddie; Love TMS (flew on my own nickel to attend in L.A. from New Orleans!); and love KISS- sometimes, I feel, in spite of its members. Never thought the day would come when I would be made to feel guilty as a consumer by the person I’m giving money to for showing my preference for how I choose to consume THEIR product (i.e., “Ace/Peter” merch vs. “Thayer/Singer”). I’m a musician and I’m grateful for any attention, let alone money I make from a project. Weird times.

  10. All you people guessing about Paul and Ed situation. It very simple. Paul is insecure and insecure people don’t like people like Ed who don’t bow down and kiss their asses and not be star struck by them. Paul thinking is you should be honored that I allow you in my presence and to ask me questions. And Eddie doesn’t kiss peoples asses

    1. Just heard another story of Paul being super sensitive about something on my TV show that actually had nothing to do with me. If people only knew the half of it and how much I DON’T say… Thanks

    2. Paul insecure? No way, not possible….here’s a very secure response from Paul to someone who dared to challenged him and didn’t want to kiss ass.
      Someone’s tweet: Fans and money synonomous to you and Gene.

  11. Let’s face it, Paul will never allow himself to be interviewed by Eddie. He knows he would have to answer some tuff, fair and honest questions about the Band. Looking forward to TMS with Peter tomorrow.

  12. Hey eddie my daughter and myself had the pleasure of meeting you at the buckcherry show at the starland ballroom a few weeks back you were kind enough to pose for pics etc when I flashed my kiss shirt fan to you,you just shook your head in disgust which was confusing to me knowing what a big kiss fan you are,its only after I found out about paul and genes decision not to perform with ace and peter did I realize why you acted the way you did,anyway I notice upon reading letters sent to you by fans that some are derogatory towards you and the show,but you have the class to let people air their opinions even if don’t agree with your own,i bring this up because I sent a couple letters to kissonline.com to air my opinions abouth the hall of fame and the disrespect of peter and ace,i thought they would publish the letters but instead I received an return email stating that kissonline was a fan site and that it was not for fans who want to degrade the band,so I sent them another letter (that again they didn’t publish)saying how dare they implied that I wasn’t a fan I am 52 yrs old and have been there from the beginning I have the all the vinyl casettes cds box sets the busts every ticket stub from the 152 shows I have been to jhave a kiss tattoo,so I said to them that the fans who helped make them millionaires should have the right to be heard but again another return email saying my letter was unpublishable maybe gene and paul are starting to show signs of dementia cause my mother in law has that disease and she is starting to forget the past,just like gene and paul,anyway keep up the good work on tms and your radio program and thanks for a kickass website to keep up music fans updated

  13. Eddie,

    I love TMS! Love the fact that you have always been supportive of KISS over the years. I am a old school KISS fan like you. I don’t get Paul’s snobbish remarks about you or TMS. KISS fans are behind you, Ed. Their audiences in the US seem to be dwindling. Another co-headling tour?

    Cannot wait for Pete to be on the show this Saturday! Did you guys talk about him recording new music? I believe that was a topic of discussion last time he was on the show a few years ago.

    Keep up the great work, Eddie! YOU ROCK! Love Don and Jim too. “Eddie, I don’t know how this one got in here…” LOL

  14. BTW, Waynes World? LOL Awesome! You should get Mike Myers on TMS or your radio show and ask him his opinion of the whole “Waynes World” comparison.

    1. As an aside – anyone else want to see a Wayne’s World III? I for one wonder what Wayne’s up to now in later life, if Garth managed to do a David Coverdale and keep the hair, and if Cassandra can still wail…

  15. Eddie … maybe off topic, sorry … but I know that you’ll know the answer.
    When Black Sabbath was inducted into the Hall, did they induct Ronnie, Vinnie, Ian (etc) ?
    Or did they induct only original four? I’m truly asking because I don’t know. Seems relative to this, but NO I am not equating the two bands. Curious as to the answer. Thanks

      1. Eddie, hello and respectful greetings.

        What a great point, about BLACK SABBATH being inducted. That they did that for the original 4 and not everyone else, well…I guess that is that. Still, I think SO MUCH of Sabbath’s catalog is amazing and it has nothing to do except for Tony Iommi keeping that band going. I know how a LOT of people feel about that, but I acknowledge all of them for their own reasons. They are just that great of a band to me.

        KISS is the same way. I can understand various sides of the argument. The one thought I have, since I read that article on Huff Post today, is that the most KISS thing to do would have been to be the FIRST band to decline inclusion to the Hall of Shame. Even the SEX PISTOLS wrote them a nasty letter. Even better, it would have been nice if they just did one massive jam with all living members the SAME DAY as the HALL OF SHAME inductions. …just to show them.

        Anyways, I love so much about so many bands, I will often take what I can get.

        By and by, I would LOVE to see Gene and Paul on TMS, but they would have to swallow their pride, admit things that would take them out of their comfort zone and face the music, so to speak…and somehow I think their egos will never allow that.

        And THAT is one of the many reasons I LOVE THAT METAL SHOW.

        Thanks for letting me share.


        1. Everyone is forgetting the HOF is Privately ran if they want to change rules or limit members it is there choice. I agree with them only the 4 should go all others are Paid employees not equal members. I like Eric Carr and Bruce and Vinnie but they were contract employees just like other bands. Dio is sort of Different and similar to Hagar in VH.

  16. With the co-headlining tour this summer, I wonder if Def Leppard are hoping all this KISS RRHOF will blow over and just result in “good” publicity for ticket sales – or are they bracing themselves for some feedback from the fans keeping their concert $’s elsewhere?

  17. Hey Eddie, ‘Greetings from Vancouver Island,B.C. …Im a fan of “T.M.S.”It Rocks” !! It keeps me informed & updated on current ‘Rock News & Events’ …great guests too !! Ive been labled by many friends as an ’80’s guy’ because of the music I never grow tired of listening to(you shouls see my iPod index “LoL” ya I’ve seen over 160 Concerts, 95% “ROCK”!! I used to go to about 10 concerts a year on average back then (the 80’s) when I was in my teens and it was FUN !! …we would leave those concerts cheering & yelling at the top of our lungs but we’re (P)a(u)ll getting older & just cant ‘headbang’ like I used to do up front in the ol”moshpits’ anymore to due a few accidents & injuries over the years …but I still like to relive the experience as alot of people my age do ,thats why we go , its fun to see everyone(the women) dressed up in all the latest & old style ‘rock fashion’ ,the guys wearing old concert shirts, the leather & studded wristbands, getting yur gf to back’comb & spike your hair for you and Ive even been caught wearing my old snakeskin boots to a few shows on top of squeezing into a pair of jeans I have no more business wearing at all “LoL” I remember back in the day seeing “KISS” ‘Animalize” Tour’ ..that was around my 10th concert ,also The Scorpions’ ‘Love at First Sting’ one nite & seeing Van Halen’s ‘1984’ Show the next nite >back2back concerts, that was so kool as my ears hadn’t stopped ringing from the nite before “LoL’ …saw Ratt,Fastway & Bronze , Judas Priest ‘Defenders of the Faith concert, Iron Maiden’s ‘Piece Of Mind’ Tour, think the ‘OZZY & Motley Crue’ concert was in early 84′ if I remember corectly or was that late 83′ ? …and many, many more …havn’t looked at my album of tickets for a longtime but I do have to add my last 5+yrs of concert tickets soon. I remember being turned on to Motley Crue’s ‘To fast For Love’ back in1982-3 (which I purchased shortly after) I can still remember the 1st pics I saw ,one of the group & one of Nikki Sixx ,black spiked hair,white face with black lines under his eyes,the leather & studs, the bloody knife he was holding …instantly liked them cuz #1) I wazza ‘KISS’ fan #2) liked there tunes &#3) they were badass ! Around the same time ‘KISS’ had just removed there make’up & came out with ‘Lick It Up’ . I used to stare at my cassette cover ‘lol’ up to this pont in time all I had & seen was those teaser pics of Ace,Peter,Gene & Paul, hands covering their faces ,napkins, etc. Oh then those not so nice black & white Cream Magazine photos ) “KISS” was still mysterious …MTV wasw hat I watched if I hoped to see ‘KISS’s videos Vinnie Vincent didn’t fit in…) I liked ‘All Hells Breaking Loose’&’Lick it Up’ I bought every rock magazine I could that had “KISS” on the cover, for the pics n’ posters to hang on my bdrm walls ,articles, song lyrics or justa blurb on them ,it didnt matter ,I had to own it ! …they were :Circus ,Hit Parader ,Rock Scene ,Tiger Beat ,Teen Beat ,Grooves ,etc. unlike today group members used to say nice things about each other ,Nikki Sixx got that tattoo of Mick Mars on his leg & loves him like a brother & praises him & his underrated talent as a musician & what he brings to MotleyCrue …Paul Stanley is just a bitter-resentful ” _ _ _ _ _ ” but smarter than you think all at the same time ! …when he bashes,insults & belittles Ace or Peter it say’s more about him anyways ,theres a motive or a reason for every word that comes out of Pauls mouth, he’s either boasting , bragging or selling something …All of us older ‘KISS’ fans, we already had our time a s the ‘KISS’ ‘Cosumer’ for the most part , The ‘KISS Corp’ (Gene,Paul & Co.) are targetting the newer generation who dont have every album, cassette,cd, comic, pencil.puzzle,figuring.poster,card,belt buckle,pin.ornament,etc.. …the future ‘KISS’ Fans (the ones they are targetting (like the ones before them(us) will want to aquire all the newly released merch. & music in its remastered bs form …ahhhh !! ok I need therapy because of Gene & Paul !! A wiseman once said ‘To have power is to abuse power’ ..well,G&P have the power as they own ‘KISS’ but they choose not to perform with Ace n’ Peter and decieve the fans in the process & deflect the real truth as to why they wont play .I truly believe that Paul(maybe Gene too?) are actually glad & happy that no one except the original 4 members. past or present(hired hands) were inducted as they see it as there band which it really is (in name only) …to me ‘Ace & Peter..Gene & Paul’ were “KISS” and will always be “KISS” just like thats not ‘Guns n Roses’ ,thats ‘Axl Rose & a Group’ whatever .justa continuation of what once was . PS: I cant wait to read Bruce Kuilick’s book in the near future & hope Eric Singer writes one too down the road (I would bet he’s under contract where he cant talk truth about KISS or Gene or Paul for like maybe 10 yrs after they’re done …? time wll tell ..tick”tock” as the ‘KISS-World’ turns in the daze of our lives “LoL” …anways , time for a movie % popcorn !!or maybe I’ll start to re-read my “Into The Void …with Ace Frehley” book by Wendy Wh(M)oore ? OMG ! Eddie , have you read this book ? if so , do you rememeber what Wendy says she was told by Ace n’ Peter and what they saw Paul & KISS fan doing in a bathroom backstage if I remember correctly OMFG !!!! anyways ,dont kill the messenger “LoL” Oh ya Paul(Stanley)as I too believe you read everything here on Eddie’s site …as a longtime KISS Fan Im so pissed off at you & Ive lost all respect for you as a person (not a musician) being a KISS Fan ,well ,you control alot of things but you cant take what I cherish most ,all my wonderful memeories of the one and only “KISS” (1973-1982 >1996-2001) ((R.I.P.)) “Back when it was real !! “KISS” Loves you ‘Rock n’ Roll’ and ‘goodnite’ !! “KarL S.”

  18. Hey Eddie, I came to you as a person sincerely apologizing to you for my harsh approach and comments to you from the last time. And after apologizing I expressed from my heart very valid points and views that were either deleted or not printed like they weren’t valid or good enough. I never miss your Friday radio shows,tms shows, and purchased both your books. Why isn’t it possible for a man who in his youth in the 70s found and loved a band called Kiss that helped me escape burdens and stay positive and to love them as much still today? Man I love and support to this day all Ace and Peter do and release and I ALSO love Sonic Boom and MONSTER and the fantastic stage show of the MONSTER spider rig for lights and risers,pyro. I loved Carr,Kulick, and I also love Thayer and Singer. 23 yrs Eric has been with kiss and 16 of those yrs as drummer..I love Pete but my personal fave drummer is Singer,and my favorite guitarists all time is Ace and tommy second. But what hurts me is I DON’T Drink some delusional “koolaid” or go live in “kiss land” to feel this way. I’m a fan that enjoy the 40yrs of KISS and I stay neutral not believing all hurtful things Paul/gene might say or believing all hurtful things Ace/Peter say. There are Kiss fans Ed like me that appreciate all members and still find much enjoyment from Kiss and their work today that don’t drink koolaid. Just fairness and that it’s ok to celebrate Kiss without shots at gene and Paul so much. Please try to remain true to all the members when speaking of them. I know you get called the “Ace/Peter guy” and yes you did support all eras, dedicated your book to Carr,etc but I’m just saying you are not so open to praise some stellar performance s of tommy and Eric,Gene,and Paul. This era is active,making MUSIC which should be respected for something. Yes Kiss is a brand but what I love since the 70s to today is the band and I personally find the tours,performance on kruises, and 2 studio albums to be work of my favorite BAND not only a brand. Would be wonderful to have this valid view of me respected as genuine enjoyment of today’s and the 40years of Kiss as my passion and not because of some “delusional Kool Aid” because that sounds unfair and disrespectful to me. Thank you for being also someone I’m a big fan of Eddie and it would be wonderful to have my view given a fair shot as well. Thank you and congrats to KISS on 40 plus years and on long overdue HALL Induction. Thank you sincerely Eddie

  19. I would bet that Paul & Gene already knew how this would play out for the most part, one step ahead or maybe 2 ? …I believe there true intentions were to never play from the start ..even with continuing backroom discussions with Hall members etc…even before we got the ‘NO Performance at all’ news …even before the backlash from the fans on this site after Ace & Peter gave us that update last week …I think Gene & Paul saw this as an oppertunity to be the ‘Larry Flynts’ the Rock Stars who eXposed the R&R HOF’s history of inconsistancies & their history of ‘different rules’ for different groups & then theres the Donna Summer, Rapper’s etc type of acts in there already …there just a made-up name ,they came up with it first, yadda’ yadda’… … … in reality I think Paul & Gene feared & believed that if any “KISS” line-up played at all they would have gotten bad reviews & writeups from anyone who is associated with HOF members . Remember the HOF wanted the makeup , the stage show , the fireworks , the whole production with the original members rite …?
    They wanted all of that for ratings , publicity, etc. -$BiG BuX$ …if I heard correctly ,that performace would have been owned by the HOF …rite ? Well that would have been a ‘win’win’ for all the HOF’ame people/memebers who dislike ‘KISS’ and never wanted them in there in the first place & dont believe theres any talent behind the eXplosions & maKeup . Even with Tommy ‘FakeAce’ & Eric ‘Stinker’ who have played 100’s of KISS shows by now and who could probabaly play the music in there sleep by now and who can probably play it better than Ace & Peter too …reguardless Pauls raspery voice is shot , he cannot sing well do to imo over touring & over doing it , then we have The Demon , well, Gene doesnt sound all the good either depending on what song they’re playing ? …this all is common knowledge and the HOF knows it …as well as Gene & Paul …if they did play with either line-up (doesnt matter) they sound terrible (vocally) 2) 62+yr old men in makeup & costumes !! Bottom line in my opinion …they would look silly playing in front of there peers . Look whose in the HOF already !! Led Zeppelin , The Beatles , etc …I think Gene & Paul would feel silly playing live at this event i the 1st place and never wanted to & never were going to from the start …Also with E, Street Band , 2/3 Nirvana , Hall & Oats , etc …all or some probably performing , who knows maybe Paul McCartney playing with Nirvana …? Gene & Paul didnt want to get laughed at by everyone else as those groups are good musicians and there music speaks for it self and doesnt require gimmicks (Aerosmith “Let the Music do the Talking”)
    I strongly believe that if Gene & Paul had played with TOmMy aNd eRiC as “KISS” for this upcoming R&R HOF induction ceremony which was to honour & celebrate what the original 4 created together ,etc …and with almost everyone knowing that Ace & Peter were wanted , invited ,willing & able to play & were shot down by G&P for bs reasons we all know …well I STRONGLY believe that they would have gotten ‘BOOOED’ Non-Stop thru whatever they decided to play and the complete opposite if Ace & Peter were to play …probably would have been a continuous standing ovation with non stop cheers & clapping , etc, etc …and Gene(y) & Paul(a) know that … as well as you Eddie & countless fans …I used to defend “KISS” but with the internet & the media & donr forget the attention seeking entertainers , especially “KISS” “Loved or Hated but never Ignored” yadda’yadda’yadda’ ….I just feel so let down by my childhood heroes …I guess I was pulling the wool over my own eyes for many years …well , maybe ite times to grow up , sell my guitars & amps , stop womanizing ,no more being a Larger than Life Dr.Love , No more pullin out the LuvGun & sticken my tongue out & tryin to put the X in seX …maybe become a teacher … a grade 6 teacher , maybe become a cab driver …”Ack” “LoL” …maybe I could get together with TommyThayer after KISS is done ? … maybe I could manage a kickass band like ‘BlacknBlue ? …gettem back together for a long awaited & overdue reunion (Black & Who????) I couldnt name a single song they ever did “LoL” )
    Gene & Paul used to inspire me but I found out ‘what makes the world go round’ & realised that nothing lasts ‘forever’ in a ‘world without heroes’ !!
    All joking aside “NOT” !! …’Waynes World’ …’Waynes World’ party time excellent …party on Eddie !!
    “KarL” S.

  20. Hi Eddie
    Love TMS Wayne’s World. You guys rock.
    Paul is internet Paranoid and out of touch with the fans. Remember KISS now has interchangeable members (Spaceman Starchild Demon and Catman) so who cares who is in the makeup then? as for the music I would prefer the original band out of tune than the cover band we have now, going through the motions and out of ideas. Pauls voice is gone so the days are now numbered.

    I cant wait for Aces new album and I hope he comes back to Australia soon
    Steve B (Fan since 75)

    1. I am shocked at how Paul has been responding to people on Twitter.. Many have pointed it out to me. Probably not the best idea for a guy that sensitive to have that kind of exposure. But to each his own.

      1. Eddie, Have you always known Paul to be that way? I don’t know when you were first introduced to him exactly or had maybe regular or in depth discussions with him one on one. Seems to me by his derogatory comments on Twitter to even remotely challenging fans that he’s really unraveling but his dust up with you at his painting show in NJ was awhile back so he’s been overly sensitive even to you for sometime. Seems to me of late he’s on quite a mean streak even though there are so many good things going on in his life (wife, kids, band members he’d rather be with playing, painting, book, another big tour, etc) these days to be happy about. Did you know Paul to be a more congenial and even keeled person in the 70’s or 80’s? Ever ask yourself why he’s being the way he is?

  21. Hey, Eddie,
    Paul should not be on twitter, if he’s that hypsersensitive. You are exactly right. I saw him rip someone , because the poor soul thought that Keith Moon was the best drummer ever in response to Paul tweeting that John Bonham was the best. Paul said, ” I saw them both. Did you?” I was like, “Really, Paul?” The reason Paul won’t talk to you is like others said, Paul won’t get snowball questions. I think the RNRHOF put in the right lineup, if you ask me. Keep supporting metal.


  22. Ahhh…as I am writing this, I am watching the 2nd night of the 96 reunion tour from pittsburgh (I went both nights)…what a great cure for the bullshit kiss is nowadays….they were spot on just a great couple of nights for RnR!…Youtube…just what the doctor ordered..lol

      1. Awesome Eddie. Thanks!! This band needs a well deserved push in the States. I was hoping you can get Rob Caggiano on the set and pick his brain. Plus he is a NY guy.
        Thanks man and keep up the great job!!!

  23. Hey Eddie , I’ve been unable to watch TMS with Peter Criss .Episode 10 …as Im no longer on Facebook & dont care to Twitter like many others. Hopefully it will be posted on youtube soon ?
    I’ve tried for the past few hours to access it through VH1, Blabbermouth, KissFaq, Revolver,etc …No Luck ! Is there any other way to view this Episode and previous ones ?
    I would like to say that I agree with the majority of what you say …I value your opinions and you have broadened my view on things in many aspects too. I try to be opened minded but I’ll have to admit that I find countless comments & opinions just downrite disrespectful and question if some are fans at all or just troll’s looking to argue by saying the most disrespectful things , throwing insults at other posters & not to mention the comments directed at certain band members ,past & present . But I guess not everyone knows the complete KISSTORY (Im not saying I do either) It appears as some people just read a few interviews from Gen or Paul and base there whole opinion like what they say is golden & the truth . Understandable as they can be quite convincing and have a way of doing it .G & P keep saying the same things over & over, year after year …change there wording, using different anology’s …point being any new(er) fan who reads this is more likely to believe it ,how often do we even hear from Peter & Ace anyways ? we’re dealing with 2 members of a popular band they call “KISS” ,who has been active non-stop, always in the spot light, always seeking attention , media coverage, doing interviews all over the world , tv appearances, talk shows , news shows, radio shows, awards shows, reality shows, business ventures , sports teams, snack shops, stores, gift shops, book store book signings, they’re always promoting something , if theres a camera on Gene or a microphone in front of him well he cant say ‘hello’ without promoting something “LoL”
    I was re-listening to one of your past shows Eddie , the one on “KISS” doing the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ …I found myself chuckling ,tbh I almost broke out laughing listening to what you were saying …I entirely agreed with what you had to say …when that happened I wasn’t talking, telling or reminding people in my world that I was a “KISS” Fan “LoL” …bottom line ,when it comes to “Tribute KISS” (as I see them today) “LoL” …it almost reminded when I saw them at The Country Music Awards …I found that to be embarrassing to say the least ! With “KISS” anything for eXposure …you’ve said it in the past too Eddie , its what they’re selling today , thats all that matters. I have watched my old KISS VHS Videos (which I own on DVD too now) ..seen almost every commonly known & seen interview so many times dating back over 35 years that I almost know them word per word from frequent viewing back when we didnt have the Internet ..,thats all we had when we needed ourKISS fix “LoL” Gene & Paul say what ever suites them at the time …to many contridictions to count and they are so phony too ! I think they have become what they portrayed ‘characters’ …being your own ‘alter ego’ year after year and playing a role for so long without any long periods away from the spotlight , I dont think they ever discovered who they really were as people , maybe for short periods of time but as history has told us , they dont measure up as compasionate human beings at all !! I think of how they dealt with Eric Carr when he was ailing from cancer & how KISS was more important than supporting a band memeber who after 10 years you would almost think of as a brother ? Same went when Peter & Ace were crashin cars , snortin this & drinkin alot of that …What was so unusual about that ? thats what 90% of RockStars did & still do !! I never heard of anyone getting an Intervention or ‘how about we take a year off and get grounded as we’ve been touring & recording non’stop for 7 years ! Remember Ace & Peter were both married unlike Gene & Paul and the rock & roll lifestyle inevitably took its toll on both too !
    It would seem that Gene & Paul ‘say’ they care about you only when you are needed or relevent . Listen to what members of Aerosmith or Motely Crue say about Gene & Paul after touring with them !
    Paul & Gene are both very good at ‘damage control’ when it comes to the media coverage. And whose disputing what they say …again, Ace & Peter aren’t media hounds. Gene & Paul have the “KISS” name & Group to stand behind ,thats there power ,rite there !! That name “KISS” !!
    When Paul threw that statement out there >’If the HOF doesnt want to recognize all past members , then NO performance at all from any line-up’ ! How convinient for him to say that when he said it Duh !! He only wanted other members to get inducted so it marginalizes the importance of Ace & Peter !! (like gene & Paul are the core and the others are just filling in for a character ..B#LL’Sh*T !!) He knew the Hall Of Fame wasnt going to change there tune & what they wanted in reguards to who can play & most importantly “Who” and only “Who” they were going to induct (The Original 4 ONLY) …so when Paul says this, he for 1) is trying to deflect blame and distort the truth as to why they wont play 2) take the focus off his voice …’fact’ of the original 4 members he is the weakest link …and sadly from what Ive been reading , people out there are buying his bs and his devious & mallicious ways …do you ever wonder why gene & Paul have been trashing Ace & Peter constantly ? They’ve been out of “KISS” for over 10yrs rite ? Rite , but they have to continueously remind people (mostly the new koolaid drinkin fans in the making) and impresionable old fans who for ther own reasons prefer to take sides like we were back in HighSchool or something and cant think for themselves or perhaps theyre just narrow minded ? Well. Paul & Gene feel that they have to sell that story to justify dressing up to imposters to impersonate’ Ace’ & ‘Peter’ and again taking the focus off the real issues, contradictions & lies thay have both been spoon feeding you with a silverspoons (KISS Brand of course !) I used to go see KISS because they were exciting to watch & like they’ve said they’re running & jumping around on stage unlike other groups as they’ve stated time & time again ..well like I saying , I used to to feel that I was getting a 100% but that is a thing of the past and Ive only seen the $price$ getting higher & higher over the years ..going to see KISS is almost comparable to taking the family to DisneyLand now $$$ I’d have to remortgage the house if I wanted to take my 2 kids or even think about merch for them too as mine is usually well over $150. for myself and forget about an autograph anymore for free !! you would think that with all there succcess thanks to the fans $ that things may get cheaper as they dont give a 100% on stage anymore and only 2 original members too ! Well, if they only average 5000 fans a show maybe 10,000 a show next tour thanks to Co-Headliners “Def Lepard” .well. X that by $100 average ticket . maybe $100merch. per fan ? + all the stuff they go perchase after the concert down the road , etc ….as long as they got the make-up,costumes ,stage & special effects , Im guessing people will still go reguardless how awful they sound(vocally) and no matter how boring it really is & when you watch them struggle just to move and forgetting what song there singing more frequently or forgetting the lyrics too !! oh ya and forgetting what town or city they’re in …Paul: ‘Hello’ ‘Vancouver’ ‘how ya doin people?’ THIS iS VICTORIA dammitt “LoL” …I wouldnt take my kids anyways …God forbid they start to like them and let KISS in there lives ..they were a bad influence on me as I was young an very impressionable starting at 10yrs old … mostly Gene too ‘LoL’ I followed by his example , needless to say …No ..I’ll end it there , no examples …but I dont find there philosophy on life very enriching for any future or present relationship and thats what life really all about besides work …’relationships’ with family, friends & lovers’ !! But I find Gene & Paul are very self absorbed , get to know their history with people and you’ll see they are both very lonely …they’re most successful relationship is with making money and the ‘KISS Corp.’ is the fruit tree that will keep on producing the fruits of there labour for many generations to come !! I dont think I’ll ever come to accept what ‘KISS’ has become but I’ll always cherish the “KISS” I grew up with & the tunes that become part of me !! I’m a “Hooligan”Living In Sin”in”The Hard Times”(no#4) “KarL S. from ‘The Island’

  24. Paul has no right to tease anyone or make comments about their product. (Wayne’s World)
    Just look at his paintings…I know kindergarteners that shake their heads in dismay at his so-called talents…

  25. Also, perhaps Paul should revisit the “Unmasked” album and listen to “Shandi.” Now there’s a song to be proud of…

    Sorry, Eddie–can’t sit idly by and listen as someone points finger at a guy who gives as much to music as you have–

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