Hope you guys are all doing well. Been busy on several fronts. We tape the two final episodes of the current TMS season this Tuesday in NYC. The guests will include The Winery Dogs, Vinnie Paul, Joe Satriani, Artie Lange and Jim Breuer. Plus on guitar in both shows will be Yngwie Malmsteen! And of course don’t forget this Saturday at 11P ET the latest new episode premiers featuring an hour with Peter Criss and Richard Christy on drums.

Peter talks about the first 6 Kiss studio albums and gives us his Rank of them, does our Put It On The Table segment, and of course talks about the RRHOF. For those expecting some sort of slam fest from him you will be disappointed. Obviously he wishes he would have been allowed to play one song with the original band, but now that nobody is playing he seems real happy to go up and accept the award and just thank the fans.

I’ll be in Largo this Friday hosting the Jake E Lee show. Meet & Greet and signing in the lobby before the show and books for sale. Then to MOR Cruise the next day. Honored to host MOR every year, can’t wait to see you if going!

Thanks to M Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold for rocking a TMS shirt on stage at festivals in Brazil and Australia! Saw the photos and tweeted one. I have a brand new That Eddie Trunk / Stump This T Shirt just released! Check it out in the merch store on this site (please note I can not sell TMS shirts in my store, but check out the other designs).


Live on Q104.3 NYC tomorrow 11P-2A ET. Listen via free stream at www.q1043.com or use the free iheartradio app. Live also Monday 6-10P ET on SiriusXM 39 TRUNKNation. Vinnie Paul and Joe Satriani will be in studio!


There has been SO much debate and discussion on Kiss on this site, and as usual all respectful opinions are welcome. As it stands now the original 4 will go up, each say a few words, and that’s it. Doubtful anything will change as it is now too late likely with production of the show and so many other acts involved. I also heard from everyone that Paul Stanley called TMS Wayne’s World on his Twitter. I myself have called it that jokingly in interviews. That was a super popular movie, and TMS a very popular show, so all good by me. But what Paul doesn’t realize is he is only insulting his fans trying to take a shot at a show THEY watch and most of them love. Maybe more Kiss shirts in our audience on a regular basis than anything else! So if we are Wayne’s World, or whatever else he thinks is a knock at the show, we are certainly proud to be good enough for most Kiss fans, not to mention legendary acts like Sabbath, AC/DC, Rush, Axl Rose, Motley Crue, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and many more who all appear and appreciate what we do. Paul can continue to be very comfortable going on channels like CNN where maybe 2% of the viewers care about rock and his band and he can get the usual cookie cutter liners from the anchor that just read the one sheet. Or maybe go on Howard Stern again, who just called Kiss the most irrelevant band ever on his radio show? We have plenty of artists that get and appreciate what we do, have a sense of humor, enjoy the debate, and acknowledge as fans we have opinions. Unfortunate that in Kiss land many times the decades of positives are never acknowledged and the few things you don’t like are blown up. But it’s all good by me. I thank all the amazing artists we have and will have on and most of all the fans around the world that support TMS and have made it VH1’s longest running show. Guess we are doing something right…Party on!

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    1. Awesome Eddie. Thanks!! This band needs a well deserved push in the States. I was hoping you can get Rob Caggiano on the set and pick his brain. Plus he is a NY guy.
      Thanks man and keep up the great job!!!

  1. Hey Eddie , I’ve been unable to watch TMS with Peter Criss .Episode 10 …as Im no longer on Facebook & dont care to Twitter like many others. Hopefully it will be posted on youtube soon ?
    I’ve tried for the past few hours to access it through VH1, Blabbermouth, KissFaq, Revolver,etc …No Luck ! Is there any other way to view this Episode and previous ones ?
    I would like to say that I agree with the majority of what you say …I value your opinions and you have broadened my view on things in many aspects too. I try to be opened minded but I’ll have to admit that I find countless comments & opinions just downrite disrespectful and question if some are fans at all or just troll’s looking to argue by saying the most disrespectful things , throwing insults at other posters & not to mention the comments directed at certain band members ,past & present . But I guess not everyone knows the complete KISSTORY (Im not saying I do either) It appears as some people just read a few interviews from Gen or Paul and base there whole opinion like what they say is golden & the truth . Understandable as they can be quite convincing and have a way of doing it .G & P keep saying the same things over & over, year after year …change there wording, using different anology’s …point being any new(er) fan who reads this is more likely to believe it ,how often do we even hear from Peter & Ace anyways ? we’re dealing with 2 members of a popular band they call “KISS” ,who has been active non-stop, always in the spot light, always seeking attention , media coverage, doing interviews all over the world , tv appearances, talk shows , news shows, radio shows, awards shows, reality shows, business ventures , sports teams, snack shops, stores, gift shops, book store book signings, they’re always promoting something , if theres a camera on Gene or a microphone in front of him well he cant say ‘hello’ without promoting something “LoL”
    I was re-listening to one of your past shows Eddie , the one on “KISS” doing the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ …I found myself chuckling ,tbh I almost broke out laughing listening to what you were saying …I entirely agreed with what you had to say …when that happened I wasn’t talking, telling or reminding people in my world that I was a “KISS” Fan “LoL” …bottom line ,when it comes to “Tribute KISS” (as I see them today) “LoL” …it almost reminded when I saw them at The Country Music Awards …I found that to be embarrassing to say the least ! With “KISS” anything for eXposure …you’ve said it in the past too Eddie , its what they’re selling today , thats all that matters. I have watched my old KISS VHS Videos (which I own on DVD too now) ..seen almost every commonly known & seen interview so many times dating back over 35 years that I almost know them word per word from frequent viewing back when we didnt have the Internet ..,thats all we had when we needed ourKISS fix “LoL” Gene & Paul say what ever suites them at the time …to many contridictions to count and they are so phony too ! I think they have become what they portrayed ‘characters’ …being your own ‘alter ego’ year after year and playing a role for so long without any long periods away from the spotlight , I dont think they ever discovered who they really were as people , maybe for short periods of time but as history has told us , they dont measure up as compasionate human beings at all !! I think of how they dealt with Eric Carr when he was ailing from cancer & how KISS was more important than supporting a band memeber who after 10 years you would almost think of as a brother ? Same went when Peter & Ace were crashin cars , snortin this & drinkin alot of that …What was so unusual about that ? thats what 90% of RockStars did & still do !! I never heard of anyone getting an Intervention or ‘how about we take a year off and get grounded as we’ve been touring & recording non’stop for 7 years ! Remember Ace & Peter were both married unlike Gene & Paul and the rock & roll lifestyle inevitably took its toll on both too !
    It would seem that Gene & Paul ‘say’ they care about you only when you are needed or relevent . Listen to what members of Aerosmith or Motely Crue say about Gene & Paul after touring with them !
    Paul & Gene are both very good at ‘damage control’ when it comes to the media coverage. And whose disputing what they say …again, Ace & Peter aren’t media hounds. Gene & Paul have the “KISS” name & Group to stand behind ,thats there power ,rite there !! That name “KISS” !!
    When Paul threw that statement out there >’If the HOF doesnt want to recognize all past members , then NO performance at all from any line-up’ ! How convinient for him to say that when he said it Duh !! He only wanted other members to get inducted so it marginalizes the importance of Ace & Peter !! (like gene & Paul are the core and the others are just filling in for a character ..B#LL’Sh*T !!) He knew the Hall Of Fame wasnt going to change there tune & what they wanted in reguards to who can play & most importantly “Who” and only “Who” they were going to induct (The Original 4 ONLY) …so when Paul says this, he for 1) is trying to deflect blame and distort the truth as to why they wont play 2) take the focus off his voice …’fact’ of the original 4 members he is the weakest link …and sadly from what Ive been reading , people out there are buying his bs and his devious & mallicious ways …do you ever wonder why gene & Paul have been trashing Ace & Peter constantly ? They’ve been out of “KISS” for over 10yrs rite ? Rite , but they have to continueously remind people (mostly the new koolaid drinkin fans in the making) and impresionable old fans who for ther own reasons prefer to take sides like we were back in HighSchool or something and cant think for themselves or perhaps theyre just narrow minded ? Well. Paul & Gene feel that they have to sell that story to justify dressing up to imposters to impersonate’ Ace’ & ‘Peter’ and again taking the focus off the real issues, contradictions & lies thay have both been spoon feeding you with a silverspoons (KISS Brand of course !) I used to go see KISS because they were exciting to watch & like they’ve said they’re running & jumping around on stage unlike other groups as they’ve stated time & time again ..well like I saying , I used to to feel that I was getting a 100% but that is a thing of the past and Ive only seen the $price$ getting higher & higher over the years ..going to see KISS is almost comparable to taking the family to DisneyLand now $$$ I’d have to remortgage the house if I wanted to take my 2 kids or even think about merch for them too as mine is usually well over $150. for myself and forget about an autograph anymore for free !! you would think that with all there succcess thanks to the fans $ that things may get cheaper as they dont give a 100% on stage anymore and only 2 original members too ! Well, if they only average 5000 fans a show maybe 10,000 a show next tour thanks to Co-Headliners “Def Lepard” .well. X that by $100 average ticket . maybe $100merch. per fan ? + all the stuff they go perchase after the concert down the road , etc ….as long as they got the make-up,costumes ,stage & special effects , Im guessing people will still go reguardless how awful they sound(vocally) and no matter how boring it really is & when you watch them struggle just to move and forgetting what song there singing more frequently or forgetting the lyrics too !! oh ya and forgetting what town or city they’re in …Paul: ‘Hello’ ‘Vancouver’ ‘how ya doin people?’ THIS iS VICTORIA dammitt “LoL” …I wouldnt take my kids anyways …God forbid they start to like them and let KISS in there lives ..they were a bad influence on me as I was young an very impressionable starting at 10yrs old … mostly Gene too ‘LoL’ I followed by his example , needless to say …No ..I’ll end it there , no examples …but I dont find there philosophy on life very enriching for any future or present relationship and thats what life really all about besides work …’relationships’ with family, friends & lovers’ !! But I find Gene & Paul are very self absorbed , get to know their history with people and you’ll see they are both very lonely …they’re most successful relationship is with making money and the ‘KISS Corp.’ is the fruit tree that will keep on producing the fruits of there labour for many generations to come !! I dont think I’ll ever come to accept what ‘KISS’ has become but I’ll always cherish the “KISS” I grew up with & the tunes that become part of me !! I’m a “Hooligan”Living In Sin”in”The Hard Times”(no#4) “KarL S. from ‘The Island’

  2. Paul has no right to tease anyone or make comments about their product. (Wayne’s World)
    Just look at his paintings…I know kindergarteners that shake their heads in dismay at his so-called talents…

  3. Also, perhaps Paul should revisit the “Unmasked” album and listen to “Shandi.” Now there’s a song to be proud of…

    Sorry, Eddie–can’t sit idly by and listen as someone points finger at a guy who gives as much to music as you have–

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