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Hope you guys all enjoyed the all new That Metal Show last night. It’s been great to be able to feature such a wide variety of rock, hard rock and metal in the shows evolution. Guys like Mick Jones and Leslie West have so much history it’s hard to even scratch the surface on TV with the time we have. Was cool seeing Marty Friedman geek out over Mick Jones “Hot Blooded” solo! Huge thanks to Leslie West for the amazing guitar. Had no idea that was coming! One day I MUST learn to play! Was also cool to have Lita jam. She is a big part of our shows history as the first ever guest, and now the first ever woman to perform for us. I did talk with Leslie about the loss of his leg and I did talk with Mick about Lou Gramm and the recent performance at the songwriters HOF but it was cut for time. Some will likely end up as online extras. I’ll post links when I can or visit www.thatmetalshow.vh1.com for more. Show replays all week. Next taping is this Tuesday in NYC with Mick Mars! So cool to have the unsung hero of Motley on our show for the hour. Truly underrated player too! Mick will also be in studio with me tomorrow for a LIVE TRUNKNation 6-10P ET on SiriusXM channel 39. Don’t miss it! More soon.


Quick update on the Kiss R&R HOF drama. My sources telling me that as of now, unless Gene and Paul change their mind and decide to play with the original band, there will be no performance of any kind for the bands induction. Common thought was that perhaps an all star band would be assembled to tribute Kiss since there is no performance from them now with any version of the band. But there will be no tribute either. Likely just a video package on the screens. So where we stand now is no performance at all of any kind related to Kiss, or the original band does a song or two in or out of makeup. And we all no as of now that ain’t happening. Still time for things to change but very reliable sources telling me that’s the HOF position as of now. Also each of the four original members get 3 minutes each for their speeches during the induction and only those inducted are at the podium for those speeches.

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  1. Saw KISS for the first time at eleven years old on 8/13/77 here in Portland, OR.
    High energy, bright lights, and they were so fuckin’ LOUD!!

    That’s the KISS I’ll never forget Eddie!

  2. I think of if Tom and Eric have been in for 10yrs now, they’ve at least earned their own “character ” as far as makeup goes. I mean how hard is it to tweak the current makeup they have on? Just don’t get that….

  3. Super stoked TMS is having Mick Mars on the show. He has played a HUGE role in The Crue’s sound and hasn’t got the recognition he’s deserved. Looking forward to what the quiet one has to say. How does the booking process work? Do you have to occasionally turn down big name acts? Seems most hard rock/heavy metal bands would be beating down the door to be on the show. Also, why the switch back to New York besides the obvious reasons of the travel for you and the rest of the crew? Thank you for your time.

  4. Hey Eddie
    Lets delete the last paragraph of my post above thats waiting to go live about devoting a hour of TMS to insulting the current version . You could never do that from a professional standpoint .
    Sometimes I feel like i’m sitting around talking to my fellow Kiss friends when i’m on these boards .

    Plus , i’m insulted by how Simmons and Stanley speak about Ace and Peter ( and i’m not talking about their substance comments)


    1. Good blog post. I think Paul’s comments are dead on and while I respect his wish to not play with Ace and Peter any longer, that doesn’t mean I disagree with his comments, which I think are dead on about the hypocrisy of the Rock and Roll “HOF.”

      Induction at this point is really more of the fans embarrassing the HOF and forcing them to do something they really don’t want to do than it is about being all that “proud” of the institution.

  5. Eddie, I saw Kiss in full make up on the Dynasty tour. I was in 4th grade. It made such an impression on me and to be honest, probably changed my life. When the original band split, it was major as I’m sure you remember. The school yard was literally full of this situation. I mean, we had Kiss lunchboxes, kiss pencils, backpacks, portable AM/FM radios….everything a kid could ask for. I think this is lost on so many people these days. Bands are big these days to be sure but what Kiss was then is not even comprehend by people today who didn’t live it. My question is: do you think Kiss will recover from this HOF crap. One could argue that even though Gene and Paul have a band called Kiss, Ace and Peter were Kiss. I have 44 years to look back on and I’m not sure this black eye will ever leave. Its too bad. I remember defending them when the adults said they were a gimmick. Now, people see Ace as one on the greatest guitar players ever and they all could sing, play and hold their own. They overcame all that and here this train wreck still happens. Makes me aad Eddie. Your show is a must see in my house and thanks for keeping me young.

    1. I’m not happy with how the HOF went down but I’ve never or ever would thinkt of Kiss as just Ace and Peter. To me, early Kiss was a special band…period. 4 guys battling the odds. But things are rarely what they seem. I’ll always appreciate the fact that Gene and Paul…well, mainly Paul kept it going for 40 years. There was some good stuff in the 80’s…IMO their very best album, COTN was made without Pete and Ace. And while they never attained the height of their 70’s popularity in the 80’s…it was still a good time with some good music. Music that could have NEVER been made with Pete and Ace. Fact is Kiss would have destroyed itself had they stayed around because they could have never evolved. Well Ace could have had he cared. So while the originals will always be the best, 40 years is almost unheard of in music. Fans can thank Gene and Paul for that. For me it all ended after the Farewell tour but hey…if people wanna continue to buy it, more power to them. I may not like it but they can do whatever they want. And…the HOF stuff will blow over afterall, it’s really only the diehards that even take the time to post something that care about it.

    2. In my opinion Kiss is such a joke now ….and nobody was a bigger KISS fan than I . They have become a joke to me esp. after hearing the H.OF. drama . To me WITHOUT ACE & PETER IT IS NOT KISS.. lame cover band . To see others in Ace & Peter s make up always made me sick .

      1. I think this a moot point. No one is playing. It sucks, but there is nothing that can be done. Maybe if they had been inducted earlier the bad blood between them might not have been so bad. They all said things about each other. This one was one was a drunk, the other one was an ego maniac, this one was a control freak, so on and so on. I saw the episode when Ace was on TMS and Eddie asked him if he would go to the induction if and when it happened. Ace’s reply was “If I get invited”. Eddie in shock responded ” What do you mean if you get invited?!” Looking back I think the clue was there that there not much love left between the original four. I highly doubt that Petre and Ace will show. How awkward would that be? For them and the fans. Are the four going to just stand there and do what? It’s not like they are going to high five or hugh each other after the speaches are done. I think all of us fans wished it would be different, but this is the reality of things. Also, I for one will ALL respect for them if they were to reverse their decision becasue of the fans backlash. Just my too cents. Looking for ward tohearing Eddie in about 28 minutes on XM.

  6. What really bothers me, besides kiss not getting along, is the politics behind the hall of fame itself. It really feels condescending that they’re finally inducting kiss because of fan demand, not because they want them in, almost like, “well ok then, we don’t get it, but the fans want it, so I guess we have to let them in.” Jann wenner’s popularity club, that’s all this hall is. Remember his crap magazine put the Boston bomber on the cover, and referred to kiss’ first album as “buffalo Farts”. Extreme left thinking.

  7. Eddie, why would you or any other longtime KISS fan want them to reunite at the HOF if their hearts were not into it. As a lifetime fan I would hate to see my rock heros play together because of fan pressure and not because they wanted to. It would be a terrible thing to see them come out and fake it. That is not the way I want my last memory of the original band playing together to be.It seems as if they almost hate each other at this point. The autobiographies have ruined any reconciliation. They should have kept their problems within the band private. They all sold out each other to make a buck on their books. I don’t think any of them should show up to the HOF. Like you said, they should have gone in back in 1999 when they were still together. Then and only then could they have gone in with dignity.

      1. Exactly! Each member get up, and say their piece with some class, and dignity. OR All 4 of them get up, and flip the HOF the bird! Either way, but no way Ace, and Pete should ever be subjected to watching Tom, and Eric pretend to be them.

  8. I cannot express my disappointment enough. I hope Gene and Paul come to their senses. They minimize Ace and Peter. Really??? Whose make up does Eric and Tommy wear and why?? Enough said! With respect to the RRHF all Paul and Gene keep saying is they are going in for the fans! Really! Then why not perform with Ace and Peter, even an acoustic set! I never held the merchandising against them but I am very sad to say that Paul and Gene are not about the fans, they are about themselves. In the mid 90’s P n G were not swiming in cash . ( it has been written that much of their money was in Tax shelters that were done away with in the 1986 Tax Reform Bill). They certainly weren’t on breadlines either but the reunion tour made G n P mega rich. They were quick at that time to cast aside BK and ES. Let me be clear I like the current lineup and although the shows have become rote I still enjoy the experience. But now I must rethink it. I am extremely disappointed with G n P. It is no slight to Tommy and Eric to play with Ace and Peter. If it is then Tommy n Eric need to look in the mirror in make up and get a grip. But I doubt it is them. This is all G n P who used Ace n Peter during Reunion Tour to line their pockets and no longer need them. ( nobody is crying for Ace n Peter either) I am saddened to say the RRHOF is not about the fans it is about G n P. As I said I hope they come to their senses because what is a lifetime of incredible memories may unfortunately be cheapened beyond repair.

  9. So the last times Paul,Gene dealt with an Ace performance were the 2002 winter Olympics; Ace missed his limo 3 times missed his flight and had to charter a helicopter to the venue.Once there he had 30 minuets to do make-up Tommy Thayer was ready to substitute in Spaceman costume makeup.He quite before the private show in Jamaica because according to Ace “Gene,Paul were going to kill him”.Then we have Rock Honors 2008.Ace played in an All star line up and was drunk.One of the most important shows in his career and he can’t be sober. Yet you wonder why Gene,Paul have reservations about jeopardizing a KISS performance with someone who may not be stable. Peter’s performance has been lacking for years I won’t add on with details.If you really want to compare look at the Eddie Trunk Birthday Bash vs the KISS kruize 2013 all on youtube taken around the same time.

    1. Good god, the apologists get so old.

      Why do so many contemporary musicians respect Ace as a guitar player while so few respect Paul and Gene for what they do? Kudos to them for keeping the band alive, but inasmuch as Ace and Peter have been their own worst enemies in the past, they’re still the members of the only truly relvant moment in the band’s history. Nobody cares about Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer in KISS except their family and friends, Gene, Paul, and the few apologists who still lap up whatever Gene says.

    2. He was also late to the opening night of the Reunion Tour in Detroit because he missed his flight. Seriously…arguably the biggest show of his or Kiss’s career in front of 40k+ and he nearly misses the gig. What the so-called fans seem to forget is…how would you have felt if you were one of those fans and the band had to cancel the gig last minute.

  10. Eddie,
    I still don’t quite understand this from Paul and Gene’s perspective. How is this going to hurt the “KISS Business” for years to come? What do Paul and Gene have in mind that is going to make them so much money the next few years, which they wouldn’t otherwise make, if they play a few songs with Ace and Peter? Maybe they don’t want to hurt the 40th anniversary tour? Other than that, I don’t get it. I suppose Paul and Gene have nothing to gain from playing with Ace and Peter either.

    1. When you tell fans it doesn’t matter who’s in the band, then reunite with the originals and people come from around the globe and go crazy, it proves it DOES matter to many..

      1. I think there is a big difference now. In 2104 only a few of the 70’s fans really care about Ace,Peter in KISS .Most fair weather KISS fans don’t know or care that they are no longer in KISS. Tommy,Erik now have there own following, fans.It means far less then at the time of the re-union.

      2. Eddie, I see what you’re saying, but Gene and Paul are just over the top about all of this. Even from a marketing standpoint, they are being over the top. As few years as KISS has remaining, and as much money as Gene and Paul already have, their business stance is over the top. That’s what I’m trying to say.

    2. Because having conclusive evidence that people only care about KISS when Ace and Peter are playing (which has been true for the entire history of the band) only serves to hurt the false message they have been sending. They are entitled to have anyone they want in their band, just as we are entitled not to care when Ace and Peter aren’t playing with them.

  11. As i see it the four orginal members are the reason they are getting inducted. All the classic music that they still play live today is from the original four. Also if they never reunited in 96 who knows where the band would be today. They difinately would not be wearing makeup or have had the resergence that they have had if not for the 96 reunion.

  12. Hey Eddie,

    It seems to me that you are a Kiss hater. Always sucking up with Ace, and talking bad About Gene and Paul. If Acw and Peter would be the chiefs, Kiss wouldnt exist anymore since 1981 ! Thanx to Paul and Gene the band still exists ! Peter is a worthless artist, his solorecords are horribele. And Ace ? One solo album on 25 years. I played it two times, now it is dusting away. Last year i saw a great kiss show in Europese, for 30.000 people, two years ago a saw a horribele ace concert in Holland for 300 people ,after one hout hè stopped. I hot a Message for you Eddie: stop insulting gene , Paul , Eric and Tom, and all the real kiss fans. Get a LIFE!

    1. Insulting? This is a perfect post from someone who has NO CLUE of what I really say and makes statements based on nothing. Sad you can’t handle objective discussion. I am the hater that has played Kiss for 30 years on the radio, does a yearly special, and plays ALL lineups. Continue your clueless baseless rant and enjoy the kool aid. Amazing..

    2. wow….. this guy has not heard a thing that mr trunk has said over the years or is just mentally challenged.talks about hate …… his comment is full of hate. thank you ace and peter for the music my friends. ps …thanks eddie for keeping UFO alive in the rock world.now thats a band that should be in the hall of fame.

  13. Eddie,
    I still say that you use your contacts to organize a separate show where Ace and Peter can play together with whoever else wants to pay tribute to the band and any former members that can be persuaded to turn up. Set the date for the day after, or at least within a week of the Hall Of Fame Induction. Film it and stream it via YouTube or even make a DVD of it and sell it with some of the money going to a worthy charity. It won’t be a full scale KISS reunion, but it’d be the 2 most talented members of the band with an all star line up, that would beat any performance involving Gene or Paul at this stage.

      1. Cool. I’m really looking forward to Ace and Peter’s new solo records. I think Anomaly was some of Ace’s best work ever so I’m very excited to hear how he follows it up. Maybe the big concert could happen once both albums are out which would probably make more sense for both of them as it would also give them a chance to promote their new music.

  14. Dear Gene, Paul, Peter, and Ace…Whatever differences you have, performing at HOF IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO COMPLETELY UPSTAGE ALL THE OTHER INDUCTEES AND THOSE ARE SOME MARQUEE NAMES…I mean how can you guys pass THAT up? It would seem to me that this would be another feather in Gene’s cap, and a way for them to say to us mangy mutts that we were right and the establishment was wrong. Bring the other guys along too to cheer them on, you’re telling me that Bruce, Tommy and Eric wouldn’t be down for this? That’s what I’m saying, all of this divisiveness should be put aside for this one night. But I know that no way does anybody dictate to Gene and Paul and that’s why they’ve dug in their heels….sigh.. like I don’t have enough in my life to worry about.

  15. Ed, any word on how Uncle Al Jourgensen is doing? I hope there’s a chance he can make up his cancelled appearence if everything goes well in rehab. Ministry has so many killer tracks!

  16. Question for Eddie?
    What musician has been chosen to actually induct KISS that night? My guess would have been Lenny Kravitz? Do you know? That’s a question I’ve been curious about from the start?

  17. Come on Paul & Gene give us fans what we really want & deserve Ace & Peter deserve better & so do the fans the way it”s heading this whole saga will make Paul & Gene end up with eggs on there faces …. Hope common sense prevails & the original 4 get up on stage one more time & show the R.H.O. F & universe who the hottest band in the world really is …….. & was

  18. I said it before and ill say it again if Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley if they refuse to play with ace and peter then they don’t deserve to be inducted at all gene and Paul are not about the fans like they claim its all about the mighty$$$$$$ its ashame they cant get it together just for one night

  19. Vinny Vincent deserves to be mentioned at the RRHOF. His songs and guitar work on Creatures and Lick it up saved Kiss from death since they were heading in that direction after the Elder record and Ace’s departure.

    1. Creatures was one of their poorest selling records and Lick It Up, they took their masks off. …Kiss made Vinnie Vincent, not the other way around. Man, the crazy stories I’ve heard about that dude..from people who know…but yeah, if you are going to talk about all of the members he should be there.

  20. Eddie, a few days ago you were having a discussion about how “BIG” Kiss is now compared to the 70’s . I thought about it and it is true they can not sell out arenas like they did in their ” Hey Day “, Back then, it was us against them. Most people HATED KISS. Right in the middle of Disco, soft Rock controlling radio. Today the Kiss name [ Brand if you prefer } is so much more recognized and accepted by the masses a round the world that they can do things now that they never could before. How many movies back then would put a kiss song on their sound track. Never. Now , a lot of movies include a kiss song. Gene has a TV show??? in the Seventies??? Never happening. Merchandising…They sell so much more now its not even close…. Now what the hell does this have
    to do with music???? NOTHING. But to consider HOW BIG THEY ARE its just not ticket sales. A Football Team, A new reality show, Restaurants, Prime time TV appearances, HOF, Books ECT, ECT…. There KiSS fan fathers buying baby clothes for there kids, buying the books, watching them on their TV and maybe not going to a concert. Gene and Paul are making so much more money now than ever.. ITS NOT EVEN CLOSE. For the hall.. It was never going to work unless you kept the makeup off. Ace and Peter watch Tommy and Eric with makeup Not happening. Tommy and Eric watch Ace and Peter while being IN the band , then go on tour. Not happening. All in makeup… Ace said NO WAY and it would look idiotic. We all worked so hard to get them in and if they did it years , WHEN THEY SHOULD HAVE, it would have worked. I HATE THAT HALL. Lets go back to the VH1 HALL. PS Thanks for the coverage. Would be in the dark without you. And PAUL ,, if you read this, Eddie can have an opinion… GET OVER IT.

    1. Freedom of speech only applies to the government restricting your speech. Being Emperor of Hard Rock is an important title, but not a government position.

  21. Maybe KISS would have played with Ace and Peter but made them play without make-up and had Tommy and Eric in make-up. Which would be an insult.

    One question, does this say that Tommy and Eric will not be allowed at the podium or allowed to speak?

  22. This consistant barrage of comments coming from Gene & Paul, and SOME fans about the substance abuse by Ace and Peter is really tired. Enough already!
    Seriously, the old saying, SEX, DRUGS, & ROCK AND ROLL didn’t happen by accident. So many artists have carried on well mind you while abusing some sort of substance at one time or another. Hard for me to believe Gene doesn’t have more than a few other kids out there or a long list of std’s he contracted over the years. Everyone is human and everyone has or had their own vices.
    We’re talking one FREAKING night…Gene and Paul are always blowin’ smoke up our collective asses how KISS IS ALL ABOUT THEIR FANS, than just suck it up for one night and play with Ace & Peter, hell I bet both Ace & Peter would submit to a breathalizer or substance test before they too the stage. lol.

    As for the RNRHOF, it should be called the Music Hall Of Fame and artists should be put in different groupings……nothing rock and roll about more than a few artists already in there.

    Hey Eddie, how bout getting the guys from Coney Hatch on? Carl’s got one helluva story.

    1. When you listen to Paul and Gene talk about Ace and Peter, well, there is no way they could have accomplished what they did in 5 years: 7 studio albums, 4 solo albums, 2 blockbuster live albums; now factor in all of the promotion, photo shoots, touring,, there is no way humanly possible Ace and Peter could have been as messed up as Paul and Gene keep saying. Ace flaked on a few sessions, but that is hardly sufficient to label him this screwup when you account for all the times he did show up. That reunion schedule was no cake walk either. (Now Ace and Peter solo..that’s a different story 🙂 )

  23. All this nonsense about which line-up is right or wrong is getting old. Like KISS is the only band to change members! If you don’t like the music their making today or the show simply don’t listen! But to say what their doing today is “So Wrong” is ridiculous, this coming from a fan of 37 years. Yes I prefer the classic era better and like the 80s & 90s stuff too. I saw them twice on the reunion tour and must day Peter was less then impressive. I would love to see the four of them perform at the induction but face it, the classic line-up died out years ago. Personally I would love to see them ditch the make-up and stage show and just go out as a great classic rock band. When they played Coopers benefit in reg. cloths they seemed so comfortable and more energetic. That’s my take, the nonsense has to stop about KISS not being KISS. Like it or not Gene and. Paul have kept the fire burning, even if it’s not quite as bright.

  24. Some thoughts on who should induct KISS into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:

    If they want a peer and fellow Hall of Famer to do it, I’d like it to be Joe Perry or Jimmy Page. Perry has always said great things about KISS and somehow, in recent years, it seems Page has developed a friendship with Paul.

    If they want someone that they influenced to do it and someone that is not yet in the Hall, I’d go with Nikki Sixx, Bret Michaels or Sebastian Bach. Sebastian would speak wildly and passionately, but Sixx or Michaels would speak more eloquently.

    Eddie? Thoughts?

      1. Well, that’s kind of disappointing. I really thought any of those five would be a nice fit. Joe or Jimmy would bring prestige to it, and any of the other three guys would bring a fan’s perspective. Without revealing who it is, can you tell us if is a big name or not, and if you think KISS fans will be happy about the choice?

        Also, have you seen this story:

        You get a mention in the story. Though the guy seems to really like the original band, I thought it was pretty fair and made some interesting points. Do you know that Marsh guy?

  25. I am not a big Kiss fan, so it does not bother me if they get inducted or not. My issue is just the hall it self. When they talk about the Pro Football hall of fame, they always say the main reason for induction is you can not tell the history of pro football without mentioning (insert name here). If the Rock and Roll HOF did the same, a lot of the bands they have already inducted might not make the cut. Kiss included.

  26. Ed … can we clarify:
    Initially Gene said (way back) No, Won’t Play with A&P.
    Then Gene said sure, will jam with A&P, IF we get in.
    Then they get in, Ace indicates they’ve discussed and “hopes everyone does the right thing”.
    Ace also says “it would be ridiculous to have two spacemen on stage.”
    Somewhere along the line Paul says “highly unlikely … and not the original 4 in makeup …”
    Then after long wait Ace says G&P said no to me and Pete. Says the current lineup will play.
    G&P issue statement, “emotional … fine, we won’t play period, and we never said we would not perform with A&P.”
    So is it in the details? “We never said” … publicly? Or did A&P push for only original 4, and G&P wanted 6 up there?

  27. Should change the band name to “Drama Queens.”

    They’ll need a BIG stage to fit Simmons if he brings his ego, LOL

    Hopefully his hair plugs and plastic surgery hold up under the heat of the stage lights.

  28. yeah sounds to me paul and gene used ace n peter just to reuniite and line their own pocket books…and today they cant even play as a band they are so wrong for what they have done and continue to do and yeah i hope you do read this because your wrong period..

  29. There is a favor of you Eddie listed way down. I know you don’t want to be the spokes person for KISS fans but you’re accessable to your fans and it’s greatly appreciated.

    As rock fans, we all know the rnr HOF is far from perfect. Paul has it right when he said they put all the Chili Peppers in but not all of KISS. It complicated things for sure. He has something wrong too in my opinion. I’ll give one example of The rnr HOF getting it right, and one example of them getting it wrong. That’s where the band has to get it right for them, and for the fans. 

    1. They got it right when they inducted The Eagles. They inducted all 7 members. The past and present members were very gracious of each other. They all played together and the original bassist was a team player and played acoustic guitar instead if having two bassist. It was great.

    2. They got it wrong when they inducted Lynyrd Skynyrd. They didn’t induct Johnny Van Zandt and Ricky Medlocke. The band played anyway (both drummers) with Johnny and Ricky making it happen because thats what it took. They made the best out of the situation for the fans of Lynyrd Skynyrd. Some people might say Johnny shouldn’t make it in. Well that’s like saying the newest bassist from Metallica shouldn’t have made it. 

    To Paul’s point, the HOF confused the deal by inducting every member of some bands, and only some of others. So the only way to do it is to make the best of a bad situation. 

    I’m a nobody KISS fan who defends you all the time to people who say you’re music isn’t any good, or you make fake live albums, or you’re a circus. 

    I beg Gene, Paul, Ace, and Peter to not let the rnr HOF win again by turning this yet again into a negative for KISS fans who say you deserve to be in with the other greats. 

    To Gene and Paul: Perform with Ace and Peter alongside Tommy, Eric, and Bruce. 

    To Ace and Peter: Perform with Tommy, Eric, and Bruce alongside Gene and Paul. 

    To Tommy and Eric: Encourage this to happen. (look at Timothy B Schmit during Eagles induction)

    No makeup. We all know who you are and what you look like. This takes the confusion of two spacemen out of it. This way Ace doesn’t have to diet. Now this will put the ball in Ace’s court a little. He’s had a history of not wanting to do things like open for Aerosmith and not play with his replacement. Don’t let this stop you Ace. You used brilliant words during the Unplugged show about Bruce and Eric being part of the family. Bring back that same attitude. 

    There are examples to follow and not to follow. Don’t be like David Lee Roth and Axl Rose. Treat your fans with respect like Johnny Van Zandt and Ricky Medlocke. Be humble like Gilby Clarke. 

    Gene compares the versions of the band to marriages. Gene is way smarter than me and he’s smart enough to know that a band and a marriage isn’t the same and there’s no use to compare the two. Gene and Paul also discuss the new young fans And how important they are. I completely agree but they’re here completely on the backs of the tons of long time fans you have. These old fans (older than me) are the reason you have the chance at new fans. Don’t make these old fans who have pushed and pushed for you to feel like they don’t matter. 

    I know there’s been some bad things said but that’s life. Get over it. Forgive each other. No reunions are wanted. It would be nice to welcome Bruce, Ace, or Peter on stage for a special appearance every now and then like the Scorpions do with Michael Schenker. No reunion though. Show the rnr HOF’s that you can be amazing for the fans. Don’t let them win against the fans by letting us down. 

    All 7 perform without makeup and dedicate the performance to the memory of Eric Carr and Mark. 
    Last but not least, invite Vinnie. If he’ll play, let him.

    To Eddie Trunk: Please point out that HOF allowed GNR to perform without Axl and Izzy. They got to perform with Myles and Gilby. Sam with the Van Halen deal. Don’t let the HOF dictate how KISS gets to perform without being exposed.

    The Eagles Induction

    The Eagles Performance

    Lynyrd Skynyrd Induction

    Lynyrd Skynyrd Performance

    1. Justin … HUGE thanks for the links. This is how it’s done. This is what we want. I’m sure the band would tell you that they’re not like other bands, and they’re right … they’re better. So guys – prove it.
      Show us everything that you’ve been preaching all these years, that no one does it like you do. Show us how to truly overcome. Before you totally screw up and destroy what you were to all of us, show us what you can be. Can you be bigger? In the biggest of ways? Or will KISS be the band that couldn’t get it done.
      There are players on that Skynyrd stage that are no longer with us.

  30. I seen Kiss for the first time in September of 2009 at Detroit’s Cobo Arena it was far and away the best concert ive ever seen.I personally like the current version of Kiss

  31. I personally think u have to acknowledge all the members of kiss either everyone goes in the hall of fame or none of them should but just one man’s opinion. Enjoyed eddie’s show tonight on Sirius/Xm like to listen on occasion while trucking.Trump Nation is a good show brings back rock and roll memories when I was a kid in the 80’s

  32. Im glad remembers Kiss is about standing up for what you believe in, HOF ignoring 2/3’s of the bands history. What a joke! Like they tried to forces reunion on kiss, something’s never change

  33. I hate that the HOF made the determination that only the original 4 could get in. All of the Eagles from all years got in. Ron Wood was included with the Stones even though he didn’t join until 1976. Hell Robert Trujillo was inducted with Metallica and he had been in the band for about 5 friggin minutes at the time of the band’s induction. Bottom Line, Eric Carr was in the band longer than Peter, and he should be included. I’m fine with Marc, Bruce, Vinnie, Tommy and Eric not making it based on the longevity and the fact that they weren’t on the major 70’s releases, but Eric should have been inducted, bottom line!!!

  34. Gene and Paul need to realize, WE the fans made them rich, We the fans stuck in there when they first broke up. We the fans at our age are the people who can actually afford their concert tickets. This is so disappointing to us.. the fans. Gene always said the fans are the boss..so get to work!
    If you ask me Tommy and Eric are great musicians but with them in the band wearing the makeup Kiss has become a glorified cover band. Ace Peter Gene and Paul ARE Kiss in makeup.
    Next lineup.. Eric (Carr) and Bruce without makeup.

  35. I think the HOF’s position on this is absurd. Yes, Peter and Ace were the original members, but without the contributions of Eric Carr and Bruce Kulick especially, as well as everyone else who’s been in the band, Kiss wouldn’t be getting into the Hall of Fame. I realize that the original 4 is when Kiss was at its peak, but for the Hall to say they are “only electing the original 4” is a joke and completely disrespectful to all of the great music that Kiss made in the 80’s.

  36. I’m goin to say billy joe Armstrong from green day to induct kiss… Off the wall choice… Also put the egos aside and play 2 to three songs and move on …. Kiss is a joke now… And my lastin memory was the reunion tour when they all got along

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