Sorry to have learned that the Hell & Heaven Festival in Mexico City was officially cancelled late last night. Many fans asking me what I know and the honest answer is nothing more than everyone else has heard. I am here in NJ so only getting information from the agent who booked me on it. It seems there were issues for a couple weeks on the location and with the needed clearances. I know very little on how Mexico works and never was at this festival before, so I simply don’t know anything more. Sad that the fans will not see this great event and I appreciate the promoters offering to have me. I know they did try everything before they eventually cancelled to keep it alive. Me, Don & Jim will be in Mexico City and Puebla Mexico 4/11 & 12 (dates on the home page) for live stand up shows (NOT TMS tapings!). Come out and see us then if you can. Thanks to all the great rock fans in Mexico for your support and hope to see you soon.


Since I will no longer be in Mexico this weekend I will now be doing live radio shows this Friday on Q104.3 and Monday on SiriusXM. More details soon.


ALL NEW TMS this Saturday with Dee Snider, Chris Caffery, Glenn Hughes.

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  • John G on

    Not surprised one bit re: the cancellation. I mean the logistics alone of moving a huge festival less than a week before showtime would have been nearly insurmountable.

  • Taskerofpuppets on

    This can’t be true! Paul Stanley said on twitter just yesterday that the show was not canceled!! Paul Stanley, a GOD, said so.


  • Jason on

    Damn, that’s a lot of big name bands getting screwed out of set. Was looking forward to seeing if Axl is going to mix the setlist up a bit.

  • joe on

    Eddie any truth to the rumor about Kiss touring with Def Leppard this summer?

    • Eddie on

      Yes, that’s what I hear

    • Tim on

      Eddie, what are you hearing on Night Ranger being added to KISS/Deff Leppard tour?

    • Ken on

      I’m hearing Night Ranger is the third band on the KISS / Def Leppard package since Mr. Roses and Thorns didn’t want to tour with Poison this summer. Live Nation’s press conference to announce the tour is this coming Monday at 2pm ET.

    • Ivan on

      Some dates are Night Ranger, some dates are Winger

    • Andy Gotsch on

      KISS would open for Def Leppard?

  • ACE on

    Mexico is a very complicated place, and the various jurisdictions overlap, so even if you get permits and clearances from one entity, it may not mean much. I have been part of a production in this wonderful country (love the place, and the people), and, unfortunately, I saw close up how things change very rapidly when anyone tries to put on an event there. Various governmental officials and entities all want a say, and want a little “mordido” (essentially want their palms greased).

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