Well we have been having the “polar vortex” Winter here on the E Coast (more snow today!) and yesterday at TMS we had the Ted Vortex! Yes Nugent paid a visit for the first time to our show and spent the entire hour with us and was great! We even got him up to jam a little at the end of the show! As I have said many times, I love outspoken personalities even if I don’t agree with all they say, and Ted is that and more. The focus of the visit is 100% music based which is what we and Ted wanted to do. As I say in my new book I think people forget the great songs and great playing this guy has done. He has been making music since the 60s! So that is the focus for me, politics and hunting were back burner. Also thanks to Gary Hoey who played guitar and Biff from Saxon who checked in via Skype. See it all premiere this Saturday 11/10C on VH1 Classic!


The poll on this site had to be removed temporarily because it caused a tech problem that actually took the site down for a bit yesterday. Webmaster David is exploring this and will return the poll once we know the program is secure for the site.


Hearing from many coming to my live appearance in Houston this Saturday at Concert Pub North. This should be a good time. The night will consist of me doing Q&A and telling some stories and a little live trivia as well. Then I will sell and sign both of my books. The venue will also have live bands after my time on stage. Tons of appearances being added for the Summer so be sure to keep an eye on the home page listings.


All new show this Friday on Q104.3 NYC 11P-2A loaded with new and classic rock and metal. Live show this Monday on SiriusXM 39 TRUNKNation 6-10P ET. Mark Tremonti and Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge sit in with me!

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  • Sam Jones on

    It’s not a matter of agreeing with Nugent. We all have disagreements. Nugent goes way beyond having an opinion. Disappointed that you chose to have him on.

    • Eddie on

      I understand some people have issues with the guy, but our show is about music and that’s what we discussed. Again I do not agree with all he says by any stretch, but in this super PC world at least he stands and speaks for what he believes.

    • Sam Jones on

      Lots of people stand and speak what they believe, but do it in civilized manner.

    • Ryan B. on

      I will watch solely because I know he is only going to talk about music. It has nothing to do with listening to other’s opinions if even you were to talk to Ted about politics, but it is the fact he never offers anything new. I enjoy hearing differing political opinions when I feel like something new is being offered up. It is the same rant. The same Ted enjoying listening to himself schtick he has perfected in front of the camera.
      Anyways, any thoughts on the Howard Birthday Bash musical moments that went down, Eddie, or have you had a chance to catch the replay? The Slash/Steven Tyler doing Dream On was a highlight.

    • Eddie on

      Have not heard much of it and was out of town when it happened

    • $ on

      I agree with you Sam. Nugent is a closed-minded conservative bigot who has no compassion for anyone. And I guess if you intentionally throw up on yourself and crap your pants, so the military doesn’t draft you, that’s being patriotic and American. Talk about irony.

    • SJT on


    • ? on

      Now there’s a cerebral quote that everyone can be proud of.

    • Mike on

      Because you don’t agree with Ted Nugent’s opinions, Eddie shouldn’t have him on his show? This is a typical leftist view point. You have zero tolerance for view points of the other side. You act like this guy’s view points are of a few people. Tens of millions of americans have similar views. Maybe you should read the Constitution and focus on the first Bill of Rights.

      Eddie thanks for having Ted Nugent on. I dislike how you have to preface your introduction with I don’t agree with everything he says. There have been guests on your show who are on the other side of the spectrum where you haven’t had to mention that.

      I hope you feel better Ed.

    • Peter on

      Exactly. For Nugent there’s a disclaimer ….. would Tom Morello get the same treatment?

    • Eddie on

      What treatment exactly? Tom is a friend and been on TMS many times and is free to say what he wants and I respect his right to do it. Don’t really get what people are grasping for with all of this. I don’t play sides in politics, especially on a music show, which is why we talked about MUSIC for an hour.

    • Charles DeWeese on

      Right on to Eddie Trunk!! The people who do not believe as he does(liberals) are trying to hurt Ted. That is just plain nasty. They are shallow to do that. They reveal their own lack of character and are against free speech.

  • DannyBayRidge on

    Feel better Ed!

    • Eddie on


  • XTiN@ on

    Really glad yr feelin’ better, Ed. I hate the flu! Haven’t suffered from it since I was, like, 6. Anyway, are you still gonna be live on q104 this Friday?

    • Eddie on

      It was a stomach virus, but thanks. I will be traveling this weekend. All new show just pre recorded. Q104 is live when my schedule permits.

  • Mike Jones on

    Eddie, Since Ritchie Blackmore made it known that he would not appear at the RHOF induction ceremony if and when Deep Purple ever get in, I think you should start campaigning for Rainbow to get inducted. Blackmore would have to show up at the induction ceremony for that since it was his band, and a really great one. Just a crazy thought even though it would probably never happen.

    • Eddie on

      Not going to happen. Blackmore will not even discuss Rainbow or Purple. The issues stems from a falling out over catalog control and business with the manager of both bands. And if the HOF still hasn’t put in Purple NO SHOT for Rainbow!

    • Todd on

      I’ve always been a huge fan of Purple and Rainbow, and always wondered what the behind the scenes issues were with Blackmore and Purple. Is there anywhere I can find additional info on the catalog and business issues? I’ve always wondered exactly what those issues were. Thanks Eddie.

  • David C on

    I’m glad you had Nugent on…his place in rock and roll history is secure, and he is an interesting and compelling guest. I appreciate you seeing beyond the politics, whether or not any of us agree and disagree.

    We all need to remember it’s about the MUSIC. Thanks Eddie, good job as usual.

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