Well we have been having the “polar vortex” Winter here on the E Coast (more snow today!) and yesterday at TMS we had the Ted Vortex! Yes Nugent paid a visit for the first time to our show and spent the entire hour with us and was great! We even got him up to jam a little at the end of the show! As I have said many times, I love outspoken personalities even if I don’t agree with all they say, and Ted is that and more. The focus of the visit is 100% music based which is what we and Ted wanted to do. As I say in my new book I think people forget the great songs and great playing this guy has done. He has been making music since the 60s! So that is the focus for me, politics and hunting were back burner. Also thanks to Gary Hoey who played guitar and Biff from Saxon who checked in via Skype. See it all premiere this Saturday 11/10C on VH1 Classic!


The poll on this site had to be removed temporarily because it caused a tech problem that actually took the site down for a bit yesterday. Webmaster David is exploring this and will return the poll once we know the program is secure for the site.


Hearing from many coming to my live appearance in Houston this Saturday at Concert Pub North. This should be a good time. The night will consist of me doing Q&A and telling some stories and a little live trivia as well. Then I will sell and sign both of my books. The venue will also have live bands after my time on stage. Tons of appearances being added for the Summer so be sure to keep an eye on the home page listings.


All new show this Friday on Q104.3 NYC 11P-2A loaded with new and classic rock and metal. Live show this Monday on SiriusXM 39 TRUNKNation 6-10P ET. Mark Tremonti and Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge sit in with me!

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  • Marty Connelly on

    Really enjoying the new season of TMS. Having spent my high school days in the late 70’s, I am so excited that you have Ted Nugent on the show. As you said, he is a very outspoken person but you can’t deny his contribution to the rock music industry. Didn’t have the opportunity to see him live in the 70’s but saw him on the KISS (supposed) Farewell Tour when they played in Columbia, S.C. Ted hit the stage in a Confederate Flag shirt. That was during the time here in SC when all of the politicians were involved with trying to get the Confederate flag off of the state house. I knew when he came out, it was going to be quite a show. Love his solo albums Ted Nugent, Free For All and Cat Scratch Fever. Enjoyed reading your piece on him in your second book. Thanks for giving us fans from the 70’s a blast from the past!!!

  • Dave Z on

    Looking forward to Uncle Ted on Saturday. I love to listen to him talk….may not agree with everything, but he is definitely a ball of energy!! Also, looking forward to Mick Mars upcoming. He is, by far, the least vocal of the Crue, and it will be interesting to hear what he has to say!! Cant Wait!!

  • luke on

    Great to see Dio getting a tribute album. Any particular reason they chose April Fools as release day?

    Maybe because “if you listen to fools/ the mob rules” ?

  • Joel on

    I do not like Nugent at all but I am still going to see the show.

  • Lou on

    It’s narrow minded people that don’t understand Ted Nugent . He stands for everything that makes America great and the left wing on a daily basis tear down all the things that make America great and Uncle Ted sounds off on that in volumes , god bless him ! So he hunts , whoop dee do , so do millions of americans . It’s not for me , but he / they have every right to hunt . Maybe Ted shoud kill some tofu for the animal rights groupies to make them feel better?? With all that aside , been a fan of his music since 1976 , have all classic Nuge on vinyl . Can’t wait to see TMS tonight Ed !

    • !!! on

      You actually typed, “it’s the narrow-minded that don’t understand Ted Nugent”? That is the most inane statement ever. Shall we discuss how he has had sex with under-age girls? Or perhaps how he dodged the draft by intentionally defecating in his pants and throwing up. He is soooo misunderstood. He is the epitome of a good American.

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