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Been doing press all day for That Metal Show and almost everyone is bringing up the Kiss HOF stuff with me. It is no doubt the story of the week and since it broke on my show last Friday when Ace called in many are discussing it with me. It’s interesting to hear everyone’s take on all of this. It’s also been interesting reading everyone’s comments here on this site and the loads of email about it. I get and understand ALL sides of this. People who actually take the time to fully listen to and read what I say realize there is no agenda here but being a fan and giving MY opinion when asked. I respect yours even if it differs from mine. Just like I respect your decision to go see the current version of Kiss, even if I decided a while ago it’s not for me. There is SO much misinformation out there. Not only about what I say and feel (anything positive doesn’t make a good headline) but about the whole HOF process to begin with. In a nutshell I think this whole thing again comes down to Gene and Paul not wanting to go down reunion road with Ace and Peter at all, and not wanting to open a huge can of worms like the MTV Unplugged. Again, I was there, once Ace and Peter came out for two songs it was a reunion avalanche they could not go away from. When you spend 12 years telling people (believe it or not) it doesn’t matter who is behind the makeup, you can’t bring Ace and Peter out and get a huge reaction and remind everyone it does matter! Eventually Kiss wil be a franchise with no original members in those personas. That is where this is all heading. Going back to the original band hurts selling that concept and is bad for the current Kiss business model. I don’t believe it is any real hate against Ace and Peter, it is just a bad business decision and we all know Kiss knows business! I don’t agree with this decision, but get it from a marketing standpoint.


There has also been a familiar cry from Ace and Peter detractors that “they had their chance, they fucked it up”. True, they will be the first to tell you they are far from innocent in their conduct at times while a member of the band. But what exactly does that have to do with now? NOBODY wants a reunion tour again. I sure don’t! Nobody can go forever. But it seems the past keeps getting thrown out there as a reason for the HOF issue. Why? It has nothing to do with the fact that the original four guys are the ones being inducted and a song or two is all anyone is looking for one night only. Nobody is also mentioning that these guys have been clean and sober for many years now. People change with time. A couple songs would have only damaged one thing, the current Kiss marketing plans. And I GET THAT. If I was trying to sell what was coming and owned the business of Kiss like Gene and Paul do I can’t say I would feel different from a BUSINESS angle. But we were always told the fans were the boss with Kiss. And no denying the MAJORITY of the fans who fought so long and hard to see this day are upset. But I still feel no performance in this instance (because the HOF decided only the original four are going in) is better than a current band performance which you can see any time you want pretty much.


I am curious if they all show up. To me it’s clear if you read the recent interview that Paul is annoyed with the whole process (rightfully so), the fact they were snubbed for 15 years, and the fact the HOF is ignoring other members for induction (again, the case can be made rightfully so). But most artists who complain about it still end up showing up. Axl Rose didn’t. he knew it was all a play for a reunion if even for a photo op and stayed away. I honestly don’t think the HOF cares that much if Kiss plays. Getting them in the same room together is a victory enough for them. Now we wait and see what happens next. Do all four guys show? What does the HOF put on since there is no performance from the band? Is there so much fan pressure that a last minute performance gets pulled together? One more thing; fans did not get Kiss in the HOF through voting. It’s a nice thought and the fans being so vocal about it helped sway voters, but the actual fan vote is minimal and can not alone get a band in. If it did bands like Kiss, Rush and Alice Cooper would not have been snubbed over a decade! If the HOF would have put Kiss in when they were first eligible in 1999 none of this would be happening, because the original band was still together then from the reunion! And we all know the fact that Kiss, like them or not, should have gone in first time eligible, NOT 15 years later! More soon no doubt.. Again, ALL opinions welcome here as always.


  1. I think that – to end B-S – pick the two songs EVERYONE knows Rock n Roll all night and Detroit Rock City and have the past and present line ups do those two. I think any knowledgable fan realizes there wil be no reunion after the HOF! In MY opinion it’ll be good for the collective beast known as KISS and the fans deserve a performance! as do Ace and Peter,

  2. I was hoping for a few songs from the original four without makeup. That would alleviate the ‘who’s gonna were the make up” question and it would be nice to see them throw down one last time the way they started….naked faced. It would also be cool to show the HOF that they can kick ass without costumes and such.

  3. I was under the impression that when a band was inducted into the Hall of Fame, all members were inducted. Ernest Boom Carter played on 1 Springsteen track, Born to Run, and he’s in. When I bitch about Deep Purple not being in the HOF, wait til you hear me if they exclude Glenn Hughes, Tommy Bolin, David Coverdale and Steve Morse! Bruce Kulick, Vinnie Vincent, Eric Singer and above all, the late Eric Carr should be represented and i was a hardcore “original 4” KISS fan. The controversy over this could not be more perfect if Gene, Paul, Peter & Ace sat around a table and thought “How can we overshadow all the other inductees?” …. Hey, wait a minute!

  4. Well said Ed. I would love nothing more than just to see the 4 of them bask in the applause of a New York crowd just accepting the award. Playing a song or two never mattered to me, it’s about them being celebrated by the fans in their hometown. Still crossing fingers, but like Ed said, it would not fit the template. Understandable, but it wouldn’t kill them for a night. Shock everyone and bring ALL the members up and show everyone just how awesome the KISS Army really is!!

  5. You wanted the best! Well, you’re not gonna get it.

    I grew up in the 70s. When I first discovered rock music, Led Zeppelin immediately became my heroes. Some of my friends had older brothers and sisters and we were influenced by their taste in music. We listened to Johnny Winter, Hendrix, Allman Bros Band, Rick Derringer, Humble Pie, Faces, Who, Beatles, etc…

    One day I walked into my house and my dad was watching The Mike Douglas Show. It was 1974 and I was 14 years old. Gene Simmons was sitting next to Totie Fields. He was in full make-up. Her facial expressions are worth the You Tube search. It was surreal. He caught my attention. I learned he was in a band called KISS. Their first album was just released. After the break, I saw KISS for the very 1st time. They performed Firehouse. My immediate reaction was an Alice Cooper connection due to the make-up. I liked the song. They had smoke, red lights, sirens and Gene blew fire. What’s not to like?

    I soon learned how music not only brings people together, but it can tear them apart. When I tried to turn my friends on to this band, you’d think I was listening to The King Family. None of the older crew took them seriously. I was told they were a joke. They suck. They’re for kids. What? It’s rock n roll. Loud drums. Cool lead guitar solos. It looked like a good show. What’s with the hating?!

    Anyway, I continued to listen to what they were listening to. KISS Alive came out in October of 1975. So, for Christmas, I shamefully added that album to my wish list. Well, Santa must have been a fan because I got it. Throughout 1976, that album made KISS bigger and bigger. I kept trying to get my friends to like KISS. They wouldn’t even listen. Frampton Comes Alive was the biggest album in the world at the time. Boston’s first album as well. When I had friends over the house, I used to trick them. I’d play all the usual hard rock from back then and then I’d slip on KISS Alive.

    “Hey Cords, like this tune?” I’d ask Anthony Cordiello. “Yeah. Sounds cool.” “Know who it is?” “No, who?” “KISS!” “Well, it’s not that good…blah blah blah…”

    In 1977 I went to my first rock concerts. Number one was Led Zeppelin in June. Number 2 was Queen in December and number 3 was KISS, also in December. Not bad for the first three. All three shows were mind blowing. All three shows were in Madison Square Garden. I was spoiled.

    In the 80s, I almost didn’t listen to hard rock or heavy metal at all. I was hooked on punk and new wave. Guns n Roses brought me back. KISS wasn’t what it used to be so I didn’t really pay much attention. I was still going to see Van Halen, Aerosmith, and Guns n Roses, along with Billy Idol, The Cure, Depeche Mode and more. Damn… I loved the 80s.

    On August 9, 1995, KISS was on MTV Unplugged. A lot of bands were doing that show. I watched. By this time, Gene and Paul Stanley worked hard to get this new version of KISS popular with fans. As a surprise, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss joined the current 4 members of the band and played a few tunes. Well, the reaction was over the top. Gene and Paul knew right then that it was possible to recapture lightning in the bottle. Say goodbye to Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer. I can’t imagine how they must have felt. Oh well. That’s show biz!

    In 1996 you had to buy tickets at Ticketmaster locations which were usually in record stores. The demand for tickets for this tour was huge. The day the KISS Reunion Tour tickets went on sale a bunch of us went to a small record store on Rutland Rd in Brooklyn. It was a black neighborhood. We figured KISS didn’t have many black fans so our chances of scoring tickets was greater. We weren’t alone. It was a very happy, festive atmosphere. They added dates and we got our tickets.

    That was one of the greatest concerts I was ever at. The original 4 members of KISS in their make-up for the first time in many years. A glorious night it was. After the show we went to a bar. While reminiscing, I looked at the TV to see that a bomb went off at the Olympics in Atlanta. That was weird…

    I saw KISS a few more times. The Psycho Circus Tour, The Farewell Tour and then I went to a couple of shows and there was no Ace or Peter. I vowed to never go again unless it was the original 4.

    I was very happy to see they were inducted. I was going to have to get tickets. The original four. Their hometown. This should be great.

    In the last 13 years Gene and Paul have been working hard, once again, to get this version of KISS as much respect as the original. It just can’t happen. They do know one thing. If the original four perform, once again, the reaction would be so huge that KISS: The Hall of Fame Tour would have to be seriously considered. For Eric Singer, that would be like getting divorced from your wife, taking her back and she leaves you again. For Tommy Thayer, I really don’t see a down side. He had a good run. The current brand of KISS would be ruined.

    As it stands, there will be no version of KISS playing at the Barclay Center that night. I guess that’s what’s best for all. It must kill Gene and Paul that amongst their peers, Ace gets the most props. He was just a kid from the Bronx. He has problems. He can be a dick as well. The Ace Frehley signature Les Paul is Gibson’s biggest seller ever. More current guitar slingers credit Ace as their main influence to play. Gene and Paul are looked at like opportunists. Money is bigger than the music. Peter scored their biggest hit with Beth. It really must kill them.

    I predict that other musicians will play KISS songs. They will play New York Groove and Ace will get on stage. That would be his perfect fuck you to Gene. You’ll see…

    1. I think the current line-up would be a lot more accepted if Tommy and Eric had their own make-up personas instead of using Ace and Peter’s look. Eric Carr was pretty welcomed when he came in with his own look.

    2. Well said.

      For years they try to subtly pass off Eric and Tommy as Ace and Peter- Eric even wears Peter’s hair!

      As another poster here said, Tommy and Eric having their own makeup would’ve been best and maybe some newer songs on their repertoire instead of mostly their 70’s stuff.

      That right there, says it all.

  6. I recently watched a “where are they now” show about the Village People, (yes, I’m ashamed, but I was curious). When they did a spotlight on each member, they showed them in full costume and displayed their character’s name with the year they joined. Some joined in the 70’s, but others had joined as recently has 2012. All I could think was, this is what KISS has become; A brand where the members are interchangeable and it’s all about the makeup and the costumes. It’s sad for those of use who have been defending the band for decades as more than just the characters they created.

  7. I’ve been a Kiss fan for the past 30 plus years if my life. For Christmas as kid, I asked for Kiss records instead of stretch Armstrong or a big wheel, and that’s what I received. I understand there have been problems amongst the original four members for years now. I get it, Ace and Peter made mistakes, everyone does, we are only human. I’ve tried to understand and look at the situation from both sides. And when I did, this is what I came up with. 2/3 of the set list that “Kiss” still uses are songs that the original 4, wrote and perfected. Without Ace and Peter we may not have R&R all night, or cold gin, or Detroit rock city, and I could go on and on. My point is, biggest majority of their show today is of songs written, played and mastered by the original 4. For the FANS, all four of them need to suck it up, smile all together for the cameras and say thank you!!

  8. I have always been a KISS fan.
    I am fine w/ Gene’s & Paul’s (mostly Paul, since I think HE actually runs the KISS machine) decision of not performing. Let some other band , probably the Foo Fighters (altho I am really tired of Dave Grohl, that guy pops up everywhere) play a 3-4 song tribute. I actually think the FF would do a decent job.
    But, when KISS is brought up to speak about being inducted, the 4 originals should give a shout out to ALL the past members. Invite any who are there to come up onstage and join them. Maybe even forwarn those past members, so they know to attend. Give props to the past members who are no longer with us. Acknowledge the entire KISSTORY, HOF be damned. What are they gonna do, kick them off the stage, rescind the induction. It would actually be better if the HOF did do something like that. It would give KISS a certain amount of respect that they surely have been lacking.
    KISS getting into the RRHOF is because of all it’s past & present members no matter what anyone says.

  9. Him,I just don’t understand why the book nothing to loose about the original 4,,the clothing line in forever 21 using the original 4,images,,also endless
    lines of merchandise using the original 4,s images,,I brought ticket to the rrhof,, I don’t understand why they can’t mix,play with the other musicians?,,why Ace can’t do New York grove? Or the best ,,, Peter singing Beth,,it would bother me to see them sitting when we all know they can rule the show,,anyway I’m a huge fan and will be there,,kiss getting inducted is like the fans Super Bowl

  10. Eddie,

    You are in a unique postion where you will be the host of the upcoming Hell & Heaven Metal Fest introducing KISS. The news broke on your show about KISS not playing with Ace & Peter and one would like to think that KISS ( Gene & Paul ) have an opportunity to speak with you off camera or not as you will already have taped the Ace & Peter episode or will be doing so very soon.
    Maybe not the role you want to be cast in but you are potentially the peace broker if Gene & Paul want to give you the time of day.

    1. I will talk to Gene and Paul any time and my door has always been 100% open to them on all my shows for an honest and objective discussion on Kiss and music if they choose. As for the festival I doubt I will be introducing Kiss, but if they and the promoter want to me I will. I am there working for the promoter so take my direction from him for the event and will go where I am welcome.

  11. I got into the band in 91-92 during the Revenge era. That will always be my personal favorite line up of the band. Bruce, Eric, Gene, & Paul. From there it was all about discovering the back catalog. For me, I was hoping for a few songs from the original line up. There are always 3 sides to every story, and my fingers are crossed that something comes together and allows Ace, Peter, Gene, & Paul one last time on stage together. I saw the original line up together during the farewell tour and honestly they all seemed tired. Ace was kind of sloppy, & Peters tempo was very slow. Now, even Paul is having trouble singing his songs. That’s what happens after 40 years. I think having Eric back and Tommy on guitar is great for the band. They really do play awesome an catch a lot of crap from people. Let me ask this tho. If Gene and Paul asked you to join KISS and sign what was probably a million dollar contract but you have to wear Peter and Ace’s makeup who would really say no to that? I mean honestly who would say no? I don’t think it’s right, and in my opinion it would have been a lot cooler and justifiable if they came up with their own identities but again, it’s not their choice. People need to get off their nuts. I do think the night of the induction should be the original 4 and if anything maybe the originals in make up, Bruce, Tommy and Eric unmasked. I’m only leaving Vinnie out because I think we have a better chance at another reunion tour lol.

  12. Eddie,
    I believe this whole fiasco is just another classic example of the HOF showing its disrespect to the genre they supposedly honor. They set Gene and Paul up for failure by only inducting the original members of the band, and I think they did it on purpose. Gene and Paul don’t want to disappoint the fans by refusing to accept induction, and they don’t want to disrespect Eric and Tommy by playing with Ace and Peter, because the HOF’s decision was a direct snub to the current members, as well as Eric Carr, Bruce Kulick, Mark St. John, and Vinnie Vincent. There is no decision that Kiss can make that’s favorable, so they have to pick the least of all evils. I used to think that induction to the HOF would be the ultimate honor, but the Hall has consistently proven that it knows nothing about music or musical talent, and continues to disrespect the bands that gave it its name. Such a sad joke.

  13. Would I want a Reunion Tour? Yes and No. In a Dream State of Mind that would be Cool but in Reality No! I would just like to see the original Band playing at the Induction 3 songs then bring other members out for RnR all Nite. Not the other way around as one of the facebook pages is putting out there and blaming Ace and Peter for declining. To me KISS is Done already. It’s Gene and Paul’s right to go out there and tour with other members but It’s just not for me and I’m ok with anyone else liking that. I just thought it would be proper to get the originals all together for just one night and celebrate what they had created and then it’s all done!

  14. We live in a time of nothing sacred..everything from our Favorite AFI films to childhood classics being constantly remade. Bands with maybe one or two original members in it, still using the original band name to sell tickets. I have been a KISS fan since I was five. I am a Ace fan. Now I have read every book there is about each of them and I’m talking about the ones that bring out the skeletons. I realize I liked the persona put out and did not know them personally or all the baggage,egos, and self destruction that each brought. With all that creative chaos, it did create a incredible band when all cylinders were firing. A band that I feel were overlooked for actually how talented they were because of theatrics. I saw the reunions and actually got to meet the original four during the Pyscho Circus Tour. Ace was really nice for which was a relief depending on who you ask when they met him. I always wished they would go back to a old rehearsal space like the cool footage of them rehearsing in the second coming ( I would have a bought a DVD of just that) and hash it out Metallica style. It would be cool to see all the makeup gone and no hair extensions and etc.. Just the four members remembering their first love and just being about the music at this point…That will not happen…but for us fans that have spent $$$$$$ over the years. Come together for 3 songs whether your fat,skinny bald,blue jeans etc! Just play one last time and show the other bands how the big boys do it as Gene likes to say…(gene) I’m more inclined to spend $$$$ on the new KISS if you will stop telling me Santa clause was never real and my childhood was a lie(metaphor)

  15. I agree 100% Eddie. All bands are a business to sell their music, concert tickets, and other merchandise. I think if Gene and Paul want to continue to upsell the KISS brand they haved to be good to their fans. There is undoubtably going to be fans who after the RRHOF issues won’t want to go see or have much or anything to do with the current version of KISS. How much of a backlash will there be? We don’t know yet. I think if Gene and Paul were to play with Ace and Peter for a couple songs, not many people would expect a reunion and I think. Most KISS fans understand there won’t be a reunion and/or don’t want a reunion. But playing with Ace and Peter for just 2 songs would make fans happy and could help even more to upsell the current version of KISS because of the fact that it would rekindle the fire and passion the fans have for the music. The fans then would want to see the music live and have new music and buy the merchaandise.

  16. I think it irks Gene and Paul to no end that in the eyes of the HOF, Ace and Peter are on equal ground as they are. With the exception of the reunion years, Gene and Paul have made it their mission to discredit the contributions of Ace and Peter to Kiss time and time again. To me this is less about “all members should be inducted” as it is Gene and Paul pissed off that Ace and Peter are considered equal to them. Real petty shit but not surprising.

    I also don’t like how the Kiss statement appears friendly to Ace and Peter, but Gene has been retweeting all week negative posts about them. Why does he have to do that? Insecure much?

    Finally, I think Ace and Peter will be up there on the stage during the jam at the end smiling and having the time of their lives. Gene and Paul, never big fans of jamming (because they can’t control it) will be long gone on their way back home. Kinda sad when you think about it.

  17. I think you nailed it Eddie! This is all about Paul and Gene afraid they’ll destroy the current KISS brand (Tommy/Eric) by playing with Peter and Ace. I would also say Paul’s voice has some influence on this decision as Eric sings so much backup vocal and basically carries the choruses, now. Doubt Paul would have that safety net with Ace and Peter. Irony is Gene has been saying “the fans are our bosses and we listen to them” forever…not anymore, I guess. Keep up the good work Eddie!

  18. Can’t believe I’m defending Gene Simmons, but I think this is Paul’s doing. He does seem to get butt hurt easily. KI$$’ highest charting single sang by Peter, not Paul. Best selling and most successful ’78 solo album Ace, not Paul. Not that Ace and Peter didn’t do things to strain the relationship, but come on, this is the last time they are going to get a chance to play together. As four two other guys wearing Gene and Paul’s makeup, I can’t believe even the most diehard fan is going to except that.

  19. H.O. F. should now stand for Hall of *ucktards. Bunch of overrated pompous douchebags. I’m so done with the committee and such. Who tours the hall- fans. Who buys the music- fans. Who should be heard- fans. Gene and Paul should hook up with Geddy, etc and start/open a real venue that does what this joke was intended to do: acknowledge music/artists/bands for the what… who… FANS! Financial Ascension of Note-players Society!

  20. I agree 100% Eddie. All bands are a business to sell their music, concert tickets, and other merchandise. I think if Gene and Paul want to continue to upsell the KISS brand they haved to be good to their fans. There is undoubtably going to be fans who after the RRHOF issues won’t want to go see or have much or anything to do with the current version of KISS. How much of a backlash will there be? We don’t know yet. I think if Gene and Paul were to play with Ace and Peter for a couple songs, not many people would expect a reunion and I think most KISS fans understand there won’t be a reunion and/or don’t want a reunion. But playing with Ace and Peter for just 2 songs would make fans happy and could help even more to upsell the current version of KISS because of the fact that it would rekindle the fire and passion the fans have for the music. The fans then would want to see the music live, have new music, and buy the merchandise. Especially the new and younger fans who really don’t know a lot about the history of KISS but love the music or those who just care about the music and not really the players. But at this point in the game, a no performance is better than all of this drama which hurts the business of KISS.

  21. this is my opinion and im sticking to it.. Gene Simmons has the biggest ego in rock. ANd i think the HOF is a joke that they put non metal/rock acts in. I mean WTF.. LL COOL J? I agree with Eddie.. ROCK N ROLL HALL OF SHAME!

    i hope the original 4 show up but they should induct every member thats been in the band

  22. Eddie thanks for the open and honest reporting. Ive been a KISS fan since I was 8, when the older kids up the street played Destroyer for me. I saw them on the love gun, had the dolls, posters and even the Kiss radio. I remember Peter leaving then Ace and I hated it. It was like your friends getting divorced. I still followed Kiss into the 80s and 90s, but it wasnt the same. I saw the Animalize tour and left feeling cheated. That wasnt a Kiss concert. My last Kiss concert was the reunion tour. Ace and Peter didnt paly the same way when I first saw them but it was still my heroes on stage and a flood of good memories. The fact Gene and Paul think they are all replaceable and Kiss will live on is a F**KING insult to me!!! I lost alot of respect for them when when they put Eric and Tommy in Ace andPeters makeup, thinkng it was ok. There is a reason only the original 4 are being inducted. How many KISS tribute bands do you see for any of the other lineups? Because they became just another hard rock band. And now talking about Kiss being a business model completely ruins any respect I have for Paul or Gene as rock stars or musicians. Its not about the music anymore, just $$$. So sad. Paul and Gene have lost me as a fan of theirs. I agree its best that no one performs.

  23. I’m just totally pissed that Gene and Paul cant have a little more humility and respect the fans who don’t agree with this decision. Instead they block them or say goodbye to them as fans. This to me is totally unacceptable. These guys have forgotten where they came from. Eric has always been a better drummer than Peter but hell never have the soul Peter has and Tommy couldn’t hold Ace’s jockstrap as far as I’m concerned. KISS has become a parity of what they were it’s sad. I like Eddie decided when Tommy put on Ace’s makeup I was done with this crap. These idiots cant see that this is a great moment in their history instead they will throw this away.

  24. Very well stated, Eddie….I think you hit every point on the head….as for their business model, this is rock and roll….why does it have to have a business model? Maybe they should do the Menudo business model and have each guy retire when they get to a certain age….bunch of crap….if they let anyone wear the makeup, let Ace and Peter wear it or one last night!

  25. Am I the only one that thinks this whole drama is part of Gene’s master plan to cause buzz and publicity. Even Michael Strahan was talking about it! In the end, Gene and Paul are too smart to not seize this opportunity to cement the band as R&R icons and have one of the most memorable and talked about RRHOF induction ceremonies ever. If the four of them play together (and I really think they will), no one will remember the drama leading up to it. Do they need time to rehearse? Sure, but they don’t need a month. If all we get at the ceremony is a video montage, then I will be extremely disappointed and I’d be truly convinced that the only thing bigger than Gene’s wallet is his ego.

      1. That’s part of his master plan. They know if Ace and Peter are in on it, it will be all over your show and other media outlets. I can see Gene calling A & P a week or so prior and crediting the outpouring of the fans and the entire premise of the band being all about the fans. He knows A & P will say yes and so Kiss looks like conquering heroes instead of an overdue band that had to wait 15 years. Maybe just wishful thinking on my part but I have a strong hunch about this one.

  26. Let’s look at this for what it REALLY is – this will be the LAST chance to get the original guys together. Or should I say, this will be the last official reason to get the original guys back. After the HOF induction, we will never see these guys again in the same room (provided they all show). I understand there’s lots of politics and reasons why KISS wants to protect their image, whatever. But they can’t even agree on ONE final performance with the original band for the fans? What are Gene and Paul really worried about, that another Kiss reunion will be inevitable? We know that won’t happen… if they can barely get one performance together, there will never be a tour. And sadly, KISS fans have proven they will stick with and lap up whatever drivel the band dishes out. KISS fans will support two guys wearing Ace’s and Peter’s makeup and spend money on all sorts of crap they put out.

    They can’t even give one last performance… they can even bill it as that and leave it there, but no. KISS really doesn’t care about their fans, they care about themselves. You can’t honestly look at Paul and Gene and not see their massive egos at work, it’s quite obvious. KISS is long past their expiration date yet they keep pumping the band like we’re still back in the 70’s. KISS has sucked for MANY years and all their running on now is their legend and marketing, little else.

    Ace and Peter have a right to go out and play KISS material just as much as Gene and Paul. Why not have Ace and Peter play together and give the fans more of a real rock and roll show without all the EGO and pomp that comes with the KISS brand. Instead of Ace and Peter feeling like they’re on the losing end, they should do their own thing and realize it’s Gene and Paul who are on the losing end. They’re losing (or have lost) the respect of many longtime fans.

  27. Eddie please mention this on that metal show.when was the last good rocking kiss song?like a instant classic like back when ace and Peter were in the band I wont waste my money on any new kiss shit..you guys rock!

  28. Gene and Paul are wrong ! It’s just one night ! If you are a true fan like myself , you know who the originals are and it’s not Tommy and Eric . Something tells me this isn’t over yet . Stay tuned . Eddie are you going to the rrhof ceremony regardless ?

  29. KISS was formed by PAUL, GENE, PETER, and ACE. They always claimed that everything they do is for “the fans”. Well, the fans are the ones who supported KISS, some fans kept KISS alive, and this act of selfishness on the part of GENE and PAUL is un-believable. To continually praise their fans for almost 40 years, and thank them for the support “we” gave them, (not to mentioned, filled their bank accounts), and turn around and slap them in the face in un-forgivable!!!!!!! GENE and PAUL need to put their pride aside, and play a few songs and THANK the HOF for giving them this honor and respect the wishes of the HOF to have all four “originals” play. If this isn’t good enough, then KISS needs to decline the award that’s been offered to them! It’s time that PAUL and GENE prove that KISS does stuff for the “fans”.

  30. As for me, I see the BAND known as KISS being inducted. This means Gene, Paul, Ace, Peter, Tommy, Vinnie, Eric, and all the members over the years. Have all the members that wish to be there to be inducted, The Foo Fighters or someone similar to play a couple of tunes and we all go home happy!

    1. But that is NOT who is being inducted! Kiss is used to running the show but they do not run this. The HOF told me the only people on stage at the podium for induction are the original four. You can’t just make it up as you go..

  31. Eddie,

    When I first heard about the HOF, I thought this is a great opportunity to have the guys together. Just a song, maybe two. I didn’t expect an entire concert nor did I want a reunion tour. Things aren’t going to go back to the 70’s when it was MAGICAL. Then I read all the different interviews. Gene saying it would happen, then it wouldn’t. The name calling was in terrible taste, although some of it he denies. And then Paul saying NO WAY.

    I guess it just breaks my heart to know that it isn’t the FANS that KI$$ listens too. Maybe KISS did… But they are long gone and we have this other band in their place. The ones who are out for the buck and to just keep cashing in on the fans.

    I was born in Brooklyn, but grew up in NJ and Pa. I thought it would have been great to go and see this SPECIAL EVENT! Even if ALL the members of KISS aren’t happy about it, the fans got them there and we wanted it, ya know? I don’t think I have ever been so disappointed in a band.

    Can you do me a favor? When you talk to Ace again ask him to do all us fans a favor…
    Tell him we would love for him to schedule his new tour in line with KI$$’s 40th Anniversary tour. I know MANY that would GLADLY love to be part of making his tour a COMPLETE SELL OUT!!!


  32. I have seen 3 different version of kiss in concert. All three were incredible. With all due respect to Peter and Ace, KISS is Gene Paul Tommy and Eric. Tommy and Eric has been around just as long and needs recognized.

      1. Eddie… this is and has always been a bullshit argument of yours. Eric Singer dresses like “The Catman” he does not dress like Peter Criss and Tommy dresses like “A Spaceman” he does NOT dress like Ace Frehley. Unless Peter and Ace have that make-up tattooed on their faces Eric and Tommy are NOT portraying Criss and Frehley. They are portraying characters that Criss and Frehley have also portrayed at one time or another just like their have been 4 actors playing Batman since Adam West. As far as musical ability goes… Singer and Thayer can out play Peter and Ace anyway of the week. Peter didn’t even play on all the KISS albums and I’m not even sure he is worthy of the HOF. As solo artists those 2 guys are zeroes. If they weren’t then they would put a band together and tour together. Are Gene and Paul dicks… YES but Eric and Tommy are not great guys and great players.

        1. Well Pat, you are falling right in line with the Kiss mandate of the day! When did I ever say Tommy and Eric aren’t good people or players? But PLEASE don’t give me the utter BS that all of a sudden it’s Catman and Spaceman! NOTHING makes me sicker than that!! Ace and Peter DEVELOPED those characters! They were extensions of them!! Did one album ever credit the performers as their personas? On the live albums did Paul intro Shock Me by saying “let’s turn the mic over the Spaceman”. Give me a break! Was Dime buried with Ace on his chest, his greatest influence, or Spaceman? This revisionist history to suit what is happening now is sickening to hear. As for what any of them do now what exactly does that have to do with anything? You think at 68 Peter wants to tour??

          1. Dime being buried with a “Spaceman” tattoo is just a bad mistake on Dime’s part. It’s just like having a giant Mickey Mouse tattoo… bad idea. It is a character not the man. How did they “develop” these characters because Tommy definitely doesn’t portray his “Spaceman” as a drunken idiot and Eric doesn’t portray his “Catman” as an inadequate time keeper. They might have created the “make-up” but then they sold the rights to it so they have no claim on it… that was a poor decision on Peter and Ace’s part. I have NOT displayed any revisionist history in any of my posts.

          2. Man this is so offensive on so many levels I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Scary… these “characters” that Ace and Peter CREATED are so meaningless and insignificant that Kiss feels it is important to have new people impersonate them in every way right down to the style of playing instead of be their own people. But it all meant nothing, just a makeup design, that’s it. I truly hope you are a young person because if you had any clue about the impact and history of Kiss and what these people really meant to SO many in the 70’s before it was sold as just “characters” you would realize how offensive what you are saying is. Hope AC/DC one day puts a new guy in the Angus schoolboy outfit. I mean that’s just a character too by your logic, not Angus? Wow..

          3. Style of playing??? Eric Singer does not play live the way Peter Criss did in the 70’s because let’s be “honest” Peter Criss has never been a good drummer. Adequate at best! How can you even comment on their style of playing when you yourself have admitted that you won’t go see this incarnation LIVE. You are now talking out of your ass. AC/DC would never put someone in Angus’ schoolboy outfit because… Angus Young is a REAL person NOT a made up character like “Catman” and “Spaceman.” I own every KISS album and have seen them countless times live so I do know the impact and significance the band has on people just as much as you do.

          4. Trunk, there are two different perspectives on this. And you really need to respect the other side here. Go back and look up any old interview of Ace or Peter back from the 70s. (16 Magazine, Circus, Hit Parader, etc..) When they were asked, “Who are you supposed to be?” They would reply, “Catman and Spaceman or Space Ace.” They did NOT reply, “I’m portraying Ace Frehley and Peter Criss.” Yes, they came up with the characters, but THEY ARE CHARACTERS! I get that you’re old school and you started liking Kiss in the 70s, as did I. But what you’re saying is equivalent to saying, “Anyone that played James Bond after the first movie, is not James Bond. They should change the name to something like, Fred Bind, or Tom Boond, and he shouldn’t be considered OO7. Perhaps OO8, OO9” You really need to get over this. Now, I do agree with you that Paul and Gene should play with Ace and Peter one last time at the RRHOF. After that I think they should put Kiss to rest. Everyone’s getting a bit “long in the tooth.”

          5. Get over this? No thanks. When a band crosses a line impersonating other members that’s when I’m out. You enjoy it all you want. I don’t need to do anything as a fan. I mean the comparisons you arr making are just nuts to me, but believe what you want. Gene and Paul LOVE fans like you and will soon be selling you a Kiss without them. Get ready for “Starchild” and “Demon” coming soon.. Hope you love that too

        2. Um Pat, have you see their costumes as of late? The Catman and Spaceman were developed by Peter and Ace. Even their current costumes are complete mock ups of Ace and Peter’s.

          Eric Singer even wears Peter’s hair!!!

          1. That’s because they are portraying the characters of the Catman and the Spaceman, and how they originally looked. It’s not rocket science….try to keep up, Skippy.

        3. Catman? Spaceman? I had KISS Alive , and in the booklet there was a picture of each member with their name signed below it. Not “Catman”, “Spaceman”, Demon”, or “Starchild”. Aside from Kiss Meets the Phantom in The Park, when have we heard them being referred to like that? Maybe the Unmasked cartoon on the album cover? I never hear Paul say “Spaceman (pronounced Thpayth Man), lead guitar, Shock Me, Whoooooo!” And by the way, the very few occasions where I ever saw the character names, it was Space ACE, not Space Man.

  33. I can not stand the HOF anyway. It’s sort of a joke. If they’re going to induct KISS, then KISS should have to show up. Do you think the band would be as popular today as they are if Peter and Ace were NEVER members. What is KISS without them? The guys now are very good musicians, but I think there’s something to say for the Magic of Rock-n-Roll. It doesn’t strike very often and it struck KISS in the 70s and 80s. It not magic anymore, it’s show; now don’t get me wrong it’s good show, but I see no Party Anthem coming from them anytime soon. Make no mistake Peter and Ace WERE part of the magic, and we should honor them appropriately. Start the Eddie Trunk Hall of Rock and we’ll vote the crap out of that thing!

  34. I’m Switzerland in all of this…I respect all incarnations (except the horrible hair-metal non-makeup version) but I think the degeneration of Ace and Peter’s playing is also a major factor. They were struggling 13 years ago, I can only imagine the trainwreck it would be now. God bless Peter and Ace but by the end of the reunion days Ace couldn’t play one solo without serious flubs and Peter with his drum triggers was barely even hitting them. I think the right decision was made.

  35. Paul says that everyone who played with KISS is responsible for their success. WRONG! Face it, KISS is going into the HOF because of what they did in the 70’s. If KISS first appearance to the music scene would have been the 80’s unmasked KISS, they never would have gotten a record deal. KISS was huge until Peter and then Ace left. KISS revived again after Peter and Ace returned in 96′ twenty years later. The only reason they blew up in 96 was because everyone that was a kid in 76 now had disposable incomes in 96, and Mom can’t say “NO KISS CONCERTS!!!” anymore. Peter and Ace leave again and KISS becomes irrelevant again.

  36. Gene and Paul are NOT class acts. Ann and Nancy Wilson went through some very tough times with their original band members and yet they mended fences and played with them at the induction ceremony and it was fantastic! One thing is for sure… all the original members are being inducted and have been invited to accept their award on stage I really hope that they all show and give a nice heated acceptance speech. Van Halen absolutely botched their induction I hope KISS does not.

  37. As a 15 yr old I saw Kiss w Rush as the opener. How ironic the direction of these 2 groups. RUSH became one of the greatest bands of rock musicians ever. KISS became a BRAND, really nothing more than money whores. Sure, there are a number of musicians who claim the influence but I suspect not one would speak fondly of the “Brand”.

  38. First of all KISS should of been inducted in 1999 horrible job by the rrhof.Nothing is better than the original kiss greatest live band of all time.I agree with paul the rrhof is a bunch of crap.All eras of kiss are awesome all eras should be in the hall of fame i like love gun and i also think lick it up or domino are great jams to.When they put vh in dave and sammy were honored or g and r matt sorum was inducted .Why isn’t vinnie vincent or eric carr or eric singer etc inducted. Who makes these rules what a f joke.I have seen all eras of kiss over 20 times and every show was fantastic.As for not playing withe originals nbd.Paul and gene don’t want to mess with there current kiss i do understand.AS for not playing at all i really don’t care and i am the hugest kiss fan see them this summer on there 40 anniversary tour which is a whole show and they still rock by the way.As long as they are being inducted thats cool with me .Who wants to see 3 songs anyway i want a whole show.

  39. Paul and Gene whine about the HOF shunning them for 15 years and they turn around and do the same thing to Ace and Peter who helped the become millionaires again from the reunion tour. Everything you have seen happen money wise for kiss lik football teams and so on is a direct result from the reunion tour. Ace and Peter were good enough for that.. but not the hall of fame. Good example of how money effects the brain and class status. What about the fans where the money came from?

  40. Paul and Gene whine about the HOF shunning them for 15 years and they turn around and do the same thing to Ace and Peter who helped them become millionaires again from the reunion tour. Everything you have seen happen money wise for kiss likethe tv show, football teams and so on is a direct result from the money made from the reunion tour. Ace and Peter were good enough for that.. but not the hall of fame. Good example of how money effects the brain and class status. What about the fans where the money came from?

  41. The answer to all of this is so simple. Actually its KISS simple. ( Keep It Simple Stupid ) . Gene and Paul don’t want to revisit the Reunion Drama . I get that. Ace and Peter don’t want to appear on the same stage as Tommy and Eric in their makeup. I get that also.
    So the solution is this : To my knowledge the original four have never appeared live plugged in without makeup. So have the original four appear that way. This would avoid the awkward makeup issues between Ace and Tommy and Peter and Eric. Get the original four with no makeup, no costumes ( I’m seeing a dressed to Kill kinda look) and let them play a few songs.
    If they want to include the other members of Kiss from over the years they can have them come out and play songs from their respective era’s and do a kind of Kisstory event. Taking a song or two from each lineup and really just having fun and giving the fans what they all want.
    As for the HOF only allowing the original four to be inducted. I call BS. The way to fix that problem is to put a amendment to their rules in place stating that a member of the band must have been active within the band for a minimum of 10 years. This would allow Gene and Paul to get those members inducted that they really wanted in the first place. Namely Eric Carr and Bruce . Nobody can deny the impact and influence that Eric Carr had on the Kiss world.
    This way EVERYONE walks away from the event happy. The fans get to witness a special event in Kisstory and we can finally put all this negative crap to rest. Long live the Kiss Army.

  42. I think it would be cool if bands who were influenced by Kiss and picked up instruments because of that, would play a show, it would be awesome. So many guitarists influenced by Ace! If Ace and Peter jumped in and jammed that would totally be worth it. Paul in Gene can stay home and watch it on TV, they won’t be missed, their egos will keep them company.

      1. Vinnie Vincent jumped started them as a writer for creatures of the night and wrote most of lick it up which is one of the best albums they ever did. Than jump to revenge which was a well received album, llook who wrote some of that material, vinnie did, he is very talented and at least deserves a little respect from gene and paul and a mention out of their mouths.

  43. Eddie, the only thing I disagree with is that you feel that Ace and Peter playing at the HOF would damage the new model Gene and Paul are trying to instill. I think that the reunion is more for us old guys, like you and me. We want to see those four guys play together one last time, no tour,just one more time. I’m sure that the new generation of KISS fans will continue to see the current line up without expecting anything other than that.

    Outside of that, you are the man for continuing to champion the cause of rock and metal. Can hardly wait for the reaction when DP gets in. Especially since Ritchie still lives on the Island and won’t go. He still does right? And also, have you heard any thing about him wanting to assemble a band to play the old songs one last time? I had heard he mentioned something like that to a European mag, I think I read it on the Highway Star site.

  44. As someone who has always supported Gene and Paul, I will say I was initially mad at them over this, but reading your thoughtful insight Eddie, I can see both sides and agree this is the second best scenario we as KISS fans could hope for. I too have heard that Gene and Paul want KISS to carry on after they are gone, and see where another original four would probably be a mess to that business model. I hope all four show up and we get a chance to tip our hats to them for how they shaped our lives in the late 70s, and I wonder if there was this much uproar when Eddie and Alex Van Halen didn’t show up for their induction and my two favorite members Sammy and Mike did? Glad you respect all points of view and can give someone who likes Gene and Paul a place to discuss this subject without having to worry about getting flamed (Peter and Ace fans) or getting censored (Paul and Gene).

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