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Had a great TMS taping last night in NYC. We went classic rock this week with two legendary artists on set. Leslie West of Mountain and Mick Jones of Foreigner. Two artists it is also INSANE have never been considered for the R&R HOF (and trust me I make that known in the show!). Both have decades of amazing stories and we were able to get a few in the time we had. Leslie is in a wheelchair now but still in great spirits and with a great sense of humor. I last interviewed him around 2007 for VH1C for Dean guitars. He surprised the heck out of me when he gave me a custom Mississippi Queen model guitar on the show (picture on my twitter). He has a great new album called Still Climbing featuring Dee Snider, Mark Tremonti and Zakk Wylde. Foreigner has made some of the greatest classic rock in history and it was cool to have Mick on as well for the first time. Mick said he would be returning to the stage with the band after a break to recover from some illness when they go out this Summer. We also had Marty Friedman on from Japan via Metal Modem (who as you will see is a big Mick Jones fan!). And for the first time we had a female musician play in the show. Lita Ford plays into the breaks. She was our first ever guest and now the first ever female player in TMS! See it all this Saturday at 11P ET on VH1C. Thanks for all the great response to this current season. It’s been awesome to do the show weekly.

Also some new additions to our remaining schedule. Dee Snider now joins us in studio soon and Yngwie Malmsteen will join us playing in two shows! Korn and Al Jourgensen had to cancel. Hope to have them in future seasons.

More soon.


SO many comments about the Kiss HOF stuff on the site. I said my peace and also comment in this weeks TMS. But as usual ALL are welcome on this site to post their thoughts as long as it’s done in a respectful manner. Any new credible news or developments I’ll let you know.


  1. With all due respect, not EVERY band is worthy of the RRHOF. Certainly Mountain aren’t in the same class as Foreigner in terms of longevity, hits or album sales. Not taking anything away from Leslie West, just keeping it real. I’m sure the RRHOF doesn’t give two craps about the likes of Foreigner, Styx, Journey, Boston, etc… – all of whom have had big changes at lead vocals through the years. Probably why Heart was the first of that batch of commercial 70’s/80’s rock bands to get in.

      1. Leslie West may be influential as a player, but the band just doesn’t have the catalog IMO to seriously consider them for RRHOF. They are known for “Mississippi Queen” and that’s it. (The first time I heard the song was when W.A.S.P. covered it for a 12″ single b-side!) If this were baseball, you would say Mountain just doesn’t have the stats.

          1. No disagreement with you there. It’s been very annoying to see the likes of Laura Nyro and Patti Smith get in before KISS, Rush, etc…

          1. But Leslie only influenced a ton of players like Satriani, Zakk, Randy, Tremonti and countless others, oh and played with Hendrix..oh and his latest album went to #1 on the rock blues charts..

          1. i bet none of you even know mountain had felix papalardi as a bass player… the man that produced creams disrali gears!!! lets also note that just because you haven’t even listened to there musical catalog docent mean its not great. it is great mountain climbing, lesi’s solo record b4 the band there both classic records. records that get no respect!

        1. The man and his band tore it up at every festival I’ve ever seen them at! At the time an AM
          hit was not what it was all about. Listen to “Theme from an Imaginary Western”, “Nantucket
          Sleighride”, “Yasgurs Farm” or anything from Mountain Climbing or Flowers of Evil albums and see the genius. His tone was brilliant. They lost a lot when Felix left the planet, and didn’t last out the 70’s decade, but their contribtuion was huge. I wasn’t even sure Kiss was
          a rock band, more of a show for kidees.

    1. I agree with Ken. Mountain does not have the catalogue to make them worthy of the hall. I love Foreigner, but that band to me was really about Lou Gramm’s vocals. Once he left it was over for me. That is what will likely keep them out of the hall. To me, the legendary groups worthy of the hall have to have some longevity. 11 years was the main run for Foreigner. Not long enough.

  2. Thanks for all the great TMS shows like the idea of having some classic rockers on show. Maybe a future show could feature a prog rock / metal show with bands like Porcupine Tree, Airbag(Norway) , Soundtrack of our Lives, Dream Theater and other bands of that genre. PS is their chance of having the makers of the Alice Cooper movie on (Adam Dunn).

  3. Hey Eddie, I’m not sure you know what the Hall of Fame means when it comes to influence. They mean, did they have influence outside of music. Were they a game changer,like U2 of Madonna? One more thing, now that Jeter is retiring after this year, down the road when the Yankees retire his number, do you think anybody will be mad if he’s not in that days starting lineup? Will it taint it for the fans?

  4. Foreigner- has some great tunes- If Hot Blooded or Juke- Box Hero don’t get you moving-something is completely wrong. As a fan, I can only say that the proof is in the music. Who The RRHOF deems worthy of induction is irregardless. Many of the bands I love probably wouldn’t pass the sniff test at the door. I get what the induction means to the bands- to be acknowledged by ones peers is satisfying. Also- if you lobby hard for your band to get in- Please don’t shit the bed when you get in. Represent well, so Hard-Rock / Metal has better chance in the future……

  5. If you count the global sales of The Cars, Cheap Trick, Yes, The Moody Blues, Bryan Adams, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Foreigner, Chicago, Styx, Boston, and Journey on their own it would be more than 80% of the current members combined. The staples of rock radio are a total shut out.

    Ed…was really hoping for some kind of mention of Rush this season and their 40th Anniversary and the Clockwork Angels Live Dvd and Cd. Sonce Al and Korn cancelled any chance getting any of them on?

  6. Eddie. if you and HOF if you think influence is the number one issue, then do you think the misfits should be in the hall of fame ? their influence on harder styles of metal is also HUGE! They and others like black flag brought the real life anger to metal from a music and attitude standpoint. . I think you forget to tell your audience that hardcore punk and punk in the first place is very influential on metal. When joey ramone died I know you paid tribute to him by mentioning what that band means to your world. even if your not a punk guy. That was great. Do you agree that hardcore punk is important to metals evolution ? If I put a guy like west in the the HOF based solely on influence , then I have to put the misfits in too . thank you.

      1. Any back story on how he went weird? Was it a Yoko thing? The current DP seems to want nothing to do with him. Saw the Perfect Strangers tour and they were great but miserable behind the scenes. Maybe the greatest guitar player to just go AWOL. Loved both bands. Love the show.

  7. Well for the record what do you think should be the criteria ? influence, sales, ,longevity , ? how long can a band stay revelant? I have to respectfully disagree on west. Nothing against him at all but I don’t think he did enough. I mean you can sell me on the thin lizzy going in based on influence before west. Thin lizzy is better then west by light years. You can hear thin lizzy’s sound in other people far more then west,.

  8. Eddie, are you MCing the Heaven and Hell Metal Fest? If so, will you be introducing KISS? I was just listening to an interview you had with Gene Simmons back in 2001 or 2002 on your radio program and things there sounded like you guys were great pals. Its a shame things went the way they did because all you did was voice your opinion. I personally take your side but I guess it is what it is. Keep doing what you do brother!

  9. Wonder if it will take Motley Crue 15 years to get in. If influence is there #1 priority to get in, then they are a shoe in. They pretty much take over the strip.

  10. I think one thing that is a real problem with the hall and why they are so clueless is, maybe they aren’t die hard music fans. maybe when they think of Leslie West all they think is fat guy played Mississippi Queen. Maybe they don’t even know that much. I wish instead of ridiculous Suits running it, there should be a board that know different genres of Rock and do know the lineage. I think TMS should have an annual ward ceremony like Guitar World does with its readers poll let the fans vote.

  11. I wouldn’t have a issue with the HOF if they would change the name from Rock ‘n’ Roll to Pop music or just the music HOF. I don’t consider Donna Summer or Isaac Hayes to be rock. Many others as well. If you bill yourself as a R & R Hall then the bands or artists represented should be of the category, not Rap, or disco or soul. The early blues guys that were the influence on it when it began is understandable ,but how they include some artists and not others that have been bigger commercially, influences or longevity is dumbfounding.

  12. Eddie, even though they canceled, thanks for booking Korn. I love Priest, Kiss etc (we seem to like the same stuff) I know theyre kind of a new generation thing, took me a bit to get into them but now Im a huge fan!!! They’re incredible!! Also thanks for having on John 5 a while back. Cant wait for Rob Halford to come back! Thanks again for all of your hard work. Simply amazing. You have a great team around you as well. We LOVE tms in St. Louis!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Hey Eddie – Just wanted to thank you for all you do to keep hard rock and metal alive. I look forward to seeing you, Don and Jim every Saturday night. I use your information so much during discussions with my musician friends that they always ask “So, what does your friend Eddie say about this?” I threw my hat into the ring for tickets since you are in NY this year but I’m thinking there are thousands just like me out there that would sacrifice a body part or family member to see a TMS taping. Keep up the great work on TV and radio. Hope TMS is around for a long time to come.

  14. Ed,
    You seriously need to learn how to play guitar. The collection you are amassing from all these legends is too insane to just leave lying around collecting dust or hanging on a wall.

  15. isn’t it about time to recognize the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for what it is and stop talking about what they’re doing? why should we even care when artists who deserve to be recognized by them, are finally recognized by an institution that we don’t believe in. why give so much power to an organization who created itself.

    Rock n Roll is everything about going against establishment, and not seeking its approval, and doing what you believe in.

    I stopped seeking approval from my parents for Black Sabbath a long time ago.

    for the artists who play rock n roll and the fans of these artists, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, essentially is our parents, except I love my parents even if they are ignorant to rock n roll.

    as I see it, on this most recent episode, the only conversation referencing the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame worthy of being discussed, is the inability of the four founding kiss members, to reunite for the good of rock n roll, so many artists influenced by them, and the fans.

    Eddie, I hope you and others in your position, who earned being in the positions you are, can’t begin to form the unofficial Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which by the values vested in rock n roll, is the only way to describe what would constitute the ‘official’ tribute to rock and roll music.

    Rock’N’roll immortality has nothing to do with record sales, and everything to do with emotions, good or bad, so let’s not use record sales to defend our heroes, whether they are artists such as Leslie West, who inspired so many of our favorite artists, and Foreigner who’s music is essentially the soundtrack of so many qualities which make rock n roll prevalent in our everyday lives.

    someone mentioned cheap trick, does that even need to be said, I don’t know let me go find my mom and see what she thinks…come on people open your ears and shut your mouths. either you don’t need to tell me or anyone else that cheap trick belongs, and if I or others didn’t think they belonged, don’t waste your energy on us…you can’t help some people. Let’s let the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame focus on what’s wrong with the music industry, and let the real artists and fans of real artists focus on the rock n roll will never die.

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