Well now Peter Criss has weighed in with his statement on the Hall Of Fame. So we now have Peter, Ace and the Hall itself saying as of now no original Kiss performance being allowed. Hearing Gene and Paul may issue their statement very soon. When and if they do will be very interested to see their approach. Do they try and back off all of this with the level of outrage there has been last 24 hours? And if they do that then they kind of have to cave and play with Ace and Peter. And who knows now if Ace and Peter still want to? Do they stand their ground and justify their position in some way? It’s Kiss so anything can happen. But by making the statements Ace and Peter have it has no doubt put the pressure on Gene and Paul to address this one way or the other and explain why they have taken this position. What comes next? We shall see..


Thanks to all who watched the new TMS tonight. I was out but will check it out soon. Good seeing the guys in Buckcherry tonight at Starland in NJ. Always a fun hang and kick ass band! Also met the guys in Monster Truck. Like the band very much but sadly missed their performance. They have dates coming with Alter Bridge and AIC so hopefully a gig soon.

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  • Auzzie on

    Disgusting, but COMPLETELY EXPECTED and predictable. I’m going to openly express my opinion, which I believe is based upon 99.9% fact:

    I have, like many on here, been a Kiss fan and follower for MANY years, even done TONS of their material in various cover bands. That being said, here’s MY take on this. It seems Gene and Paul are just being their typical douchebag selves, being power and money hungry as they’ve always been. I’m sure they’ll try justifying this by saying it wouldn’t be fair to Tommy and Eric by having Ace and Peter play, as well as dragging them further through the dirt, likely claiming they’d be showing up drunk and high, or some other bogus nonsense. Did Ace and Peter f#@K up at times in the band – yes. Did they deserve to get booted – more than likely. Are the current “replacement” players in Kiss “better” players – without a doubt. Were Peter and Ace “intermediate” players at best – absolutely. Should they still be allowed to play the HOF ceremony as the original members of Kiss – YES!

    The fact is, f#@k ups or not, inferior players or not, there is a LONG history with these players, and are original members of a band that had a huge influence on music today. Tommy and Eric were no part of it, so they deserve to be present and even play as well, but should definitely have to take a back seat to Ace and Peter. I also think even with all the drug/alcohol and possibly mental issues Peter and Ace may have or had, they STILL deserve their due, AND are more classy individuals than Gene and Paul put together.

    Oh, just for the record as well, neither Gene nor Paul have any real musical talent on their instruments either, and are pretty limited vocally as well, although both very unique in their own rights. The whole thing about Kiss was the magical combination of 4 guys that just worked. Mediocre musicians and vocalists that found a way to collectively be great. THAT’S the REAL reason anything other than the original 4 would just be a complete f#@king joke! My 2 cents worth……..

    • Bob Greer on

      How much money does Gene Simmons need? The fans made the band. The Fans want to see Ace and Peter period.

  • Travis Murray on

    Such a shame that the original lineup can’t put aside their differences for the hall. I wasn’t around to see them in the ’70s, but saw the “new band in makeup, & they were awesome!! Even if a few years later a5 year old who went with us got mad because we didn’t tell her ace & peter weren’t there!!

  • Rich on

    My take is that in no way should Ace or Peter even THINK about not attending the ceremony. If they do not attend, Gene and Paul win. And if Ace and Peter do not attend, they will regret it that much more not long after the ceremony. And the fans will have gotten screwed twice – by Gene and Paul’s decsion and Ace and Peter being absent and not accepting their award in person. Might be easy for me to say they should attend, but if they don’t go, they’ll only feel worse than if they did attend – much worse. Ace, Peter, hold your head high and go. Gene and Paul made their decision. You can’t change what they want, but you can choose how you respond to their decision. The fans voted you in, so at the very least, think about them before you make your final decision. Take the high road as adult men and dismiss them as a couple of kids. Go and have a great time.

  • ken on

    I hope this 40th anniversary tour is an epic failure.

  • Todd Fagan on

    KISS released their statement, no performance at all. Take your head out of your fandom of A&P and realize they are right about this Ed. KISS deserve to be treated like every other band inducted, yet are getting treated like a second class act. The next move is now the hall’s induct all 8 that they wanted and get a performance. It’ll be a non make up performance. The hall was never getting that for free when KISS could always do that on their own and charge admission at a later date.

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