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Wow, just waking up after a very late night last night and seeing the incredible response to Ace’s announcement on my show last night that he and Peter are not being allowed to play with the original band being inducted by Gene and Paul. I was aware this was coming and have been a sounding board in many conversations with many different parties ever since the HOF was announced for Kiss. Nobody was going to say anything publicly because everyone had hoped an announcement like Ace made could be avoided and at least the original band could do a song or two. The news had to come from Ace or Peter when they were ready and Ace asked me last night if he could come on because he needed to let the fans know what they were dealing with before they purchased tickets to attend (they go on sale Monday). That’s why this happened somewhat last minute on my show late last night. Tons of fans were going to come from all over and pay God knows what to see the original band, the band being inducted. Now there is transparency as to what is going on and that there are no plans for a reunion that night. As a fellow Kiss fan and someone who has been extremely vocal about them getting into the HOF for years, I join the MANY really disappointed today. The comments section of my site has blown up about this as well as my social media. Everyone has their view here and all opinions welcome as always. My understanding is Peter will also be posting a statement soon on his site if not already and is in the same position as Ace.


A few things now that this news is out:


Gene and Paul had to know this was coming at some point. What is strange however is that Gene in his initial RS interview seemed open to playing. It was Paul who had a different take via Twitter. The word out there for a while now is Paul is calling the shots in Kiss world. Wonder how much internally they are on the same page on this? Especially with the fallout so far from fans?


Does Kiss play at all? Could be one solution to all of this. That nobody plays. That would likely maybe get Ace and Peter to at least attend. Would the HOF accept a tribute vs a Kiss performance? If current Kiss plays, as it looks now, this also puts Tommy and Eric in quite a spot. They take their orders from above but hard to imagine they would want to be in that spot. But who knows? They did it during VH1 Rock Honors, but this is much bigger and only original band going in.


I was contacted last night by the HOF producer Joel Gallen. He may come on the air with me at some point. He said the HOF position is that they are inducting the original 4 and that is who they would like to play. But the HOF will not dictate Kiss can not play if they are only willing to do it with the current band. Meaning they will accept current Kiss if that is all the owners of Kiss (Gene & Paul) are willing to do, but it is not their preference. He also said nothing was decided as to what will now happen with the Kiss performance and he was hoping maybe something could still be worked out. Seems unlikely at this point since this event is rapidly approaching, Ace and Peter would need time to reconnect and rehearse with Gene and Paul, and needless to say feelings are very bruised at the moment. My take is you will either see the current band or no version of Kiss play. Also will be interesting to see if the massive backlash from fans about no original performance pressures what happens now in some way.


I have read many comments saying Gene & Paul’s decision is ego driven. While that may play some role if you read previous posts here about this I have written I truly think it is more BUSINESS driven. When you spend over ten years selling the “it doesn’t matter who is in the band” concept, and rebranding Kiss to be a franchise where they say members don’t matter, this is not good for that master plan. Why? Because it wipes all that work away and shows it DOES matter! Look no further for proof than the MTV unplugged taping. When Ace & Peter walked out for 2 songs at the end they saw how huge it was and had to do a reunion in ’96. In other words it’s a big can of worms to open and hurts their ultimate plan to sell Kiss as a franchise where members are interchangeable. No matter what, unlike ’96 there would never be a reunion tour no matter what happened. As a fan honestly I wouldn’t even want to see it. In your 40’s possible, 60’s now, no way. A show? A few songs? Sure. But fans thinking there could be a full reunion tour? Never saw that remotely possible.


Do Ace & Peter go now? I feel this is a personal decision that only they can make. There is no right or wrong answer. It is their honor and up to how they feel if they want to stand up there even for 3 minutes. Time will tell as we get closer what they do. With performance off the table as of now they can make a decision I would think right up to a day or two before. I see both sides of it and the feelings involved and really think it is all up to how they feel.


Do Gene and Paul go? Sounds crazy but who knows? Paul clearly has no love for this process from his recent interview in RS. Do they send a statement and just check out of the whole thing? Unlikely but who knows?


Much of the blame here is being pointed toward Gene and Paul. And rightfully so in the sense that according to Ace and all sources they are the ones saying they won’t play with the original band, but the HOF has plenty of blame here also. Why? BECAUSE THEY WAITED 15 YEARS TO PUT KISS IN! Think about this; if they put Kiss in in 1999 when they first became eligible (and SHOULD have gone in), this would be a non issue! Because the original band was together then! The HOF can also be blamed for just caving to what Gene & Paul want and not considering Ace and Peter in this. If they said to Kiss (G&P) only band being inducted or nobody plays at least it would have been a level playing field. But as the HOF told me they will not do that because whoever controls the name is who they ultimately leave the performance parameters up to.


Much can still happen here. Remember although we are focused on Kiss as Kiss fans, there are 7 other bands going in that have to play as well. Although Kiss fans may dominate this event (how much so now with no reunion I don’t know), the other inductees need their moment and performance too. So who knows when it gets to budgets and stage specs what whatever version of Kiss plays agrees to and if it all works out.


All of this can be debated and discussed forever but those are some of my thoughts. As always my doors remains open to ALL to discuss and debate and members of the HOF may very well come on the air with me as they have in the past when I was screaming to get Kiss in the damn thing! Ace and Peter are scheduled to come on TMS together next month. More on that when we get closer. For most Kiss fans this news sucks big time, but there’s still about 7 weeks left to see what unfolds.. All we know as of now is that their is no performance for the original band planned or being allowed by Gene and Paul. We have been told for decades that the FANS are the boss of Kiss. Judging from the reaction to this news this is one instance that clearly does not apply..


Sorry for any typos, been a long late night last night. All comments welcome and being posted ASAP.


  1. For the people who say what Gene and Paul are doing isn’t fair I have to say this: Why should they be? Peter and Ace had the world in their hands back in the 70’s and screwed it up by abusing drugs and alcohol and they almost ruined Kiss in the process. Then they had a second chance to make things right for the reunion and Psycho Circus tours but did it again the exact same way.

    I love Kiss, especially the original lineup but it’s Peter and Ace who owe an apology to Kiss fans for being self-centered. I’m tired of listening to them play up to the fans whenever Gene and Paul do something the fans don’t like. They’ve been playing this game for years. And when I say ‘fans” I really mean fans of Peter and Ace since they’re really the only ones who are upset at this story.

    1. please explain to me all this bullshit that Ace screwed his chances up?…..he left the band both times of his own accord….were they good decisions….to most of us no…but only he can say what his reasons were…..he has never been thrown out or sacked from KISS…..Ace owes none of us an Apology……what part of this RRHOF induction do people not get…..they are inducting the original 4…..whether they play or not together i couldnt give a fuck……i dont want a reunion tour thats gone….but the 4 guys that started this should have the decency to at least show up together on the stage and except the award ……as for your statement that Ace and Peter almost ruined KISS…….heres what nearly ruined KISS….Unmasked, The Elder…….and trying to keep up with what was popular in music….instead of doing what they did best ……all 4 had EGO,S out of control……..

    1. Well thanks for reading so closely with whatever agenda YOU have. Since it is about MY thoughts on MY site who should I be mentioning and crediting those to exactly to make you comfortable??? What sites out there from a personality isn’t about that person and the news they are sharing? Strange to be so consumed with a site and person you have some issue with..

      1. Eddie, this guy seems to be nothing but a tool. Of course when you are relating something and giving your opinion you have to use the word “I”. It’s a non issue for those of us who know how to speak. Shit stirrer …..that’s all.

  2. Eddie,

    Curious if you think Gene and Paul’s decision has a little bit to do with the payback for Ace and Peter’s books. Not trying to rationalize their decision but knowing how Gene and Paul are, it seems they would relish an opportunity like this to poke ’em both right back in the eye and have the last word/laugh. I mean, Paul isn’t the most secure guy I have ever come across and it seems he especially is one to harbor resentment and bitterness even though he tries so hard to come across like he is a reasonable man. Still, if Peter and Ace were being honest in their books, I am glad they said what they said if it is true.

    1. doubt it. This it is about control, business, branding and not wanting to open a can of worms in my view. Remember, they would need to spend time together to rehearse as well. Not just jumping on stage and seeing each other for 10 minutes.

  3. I think the whole interchangeable members thing is bullshit, everyone knows that if either paul or gene left then its all over, if either tommy or eric left people would hate even more them sticking someone else in the makeup again and they would lose more fans, id still go see them cause they do still put on a great show, even tho i seriously hate seeing thayer in Ace’s makeup.

    Maybe the 4 of them should just play a few songs with no makeup on, that way fans get to see original band togethor and paul and gene dont screw with their plans for kiss in makeup.

  4. Analogies to GnR don’t work. Myles Kennedy didn’t dress like Axl and wear his headband when he sang. The replacement players in KISS are performing as Ace and Peter. It’s dishonest, at best. If Ace and Peter don’t want to wear the makeup, then I can see Gene and Paul not playing with them-KISS is about image, after all. But, if Ace and Peter are open to performing in costume, then anything else on stage is a slap to the fans.

    1. Dishonest? I literally laughed out loud.

      Ace and Peter sold their rights to the make up and Gene and Paul can do with that image as they wish.

      Ace and Peter cared so much for the fans that they screwed up opportunity #2. They cared so much. They love the fans so much.

      Take off the blinders.

      1. Donovan…i think you need to take off the blinders……if you think that Gene and Paul care about the fans …..they couldnt give a fuck about you or i …….if bands cared so much for the fans they would be doing free shows all over the world…….All they care about is your money…..wake up

  5. If you induct the original members OF ANY BAND and they are all present and accounted for, then they should be expected to play…..together. Only in cases of death should substitutes be allowed. I say Ace and Peter should stay home. If a performance after induction would commence without the original members, everyone should turn their backs when they take the stage.

  6. My opinion of suitable options:
    1- Quit being childish to each other and play with orig. 4
    2- Do what they did with Unplugged and have everyone (no make up)
    3- Orig. 4 accept and no performance.
    I dont see what else can be done and keep most fans happy. Most seem
    to say we dont want a tour or a cd…we want 15 minutes of your time to
    get along. After that, who cares what you do.

  7. I see this as Gene and Paul saying screw you to the RnR HoF for ignoring them for so long … and not caving into what they want (the original four only).

    personally I’m kinda torn, because as a life long fan it would be nice to see the classic line up play together one more time (or one last time as it would be).
    That being said, Gene and Paul have put a lot of time into rebuilding Kiss w/ Eric and Tommy in make up. Their work ethic and dedication to the band have kept Kiss alive and well all these years … on tour, in the studio and in the media.
    I can understand why Gene and Paul are not willing to throw that away even for one nite.
    I also understand Ace and Peter not wanting to be on stage with Tommy and Eric wearing the make up.

    There has been a lot of personal digs in the press between past and present members in recent years (and especially in Peter’s book) and I’m sure that is part of Gene and Paul’s decision too.

    Paul recently pointed out in a ClassicRock mag interview, the RnR HoF inductee criteria is a joke and I agree … It should apply to everyone or no one. It has always bothered me that CJ Ramone was not inducted when the rest of the Ramones were years ago … he was vital to the last decade of the band.

    I can’t understand how the RnR HoF can over look Eric Carr & Bruce Kulick contributions to the Kiss thru the 80’s …. Lick It Up, Heavens on Fire, Crazy Nights, Forever … huge songs and platinum albums.

    I was really hoping members from all eras would be inducted and they could have a big jam like the MTV Unplugged set with two drummers and everyone there playing.

    When a band has been around for forty years there are bound to be member changes. When the RnR HoF wants to induct them, they should acknowledge everyone and celebrate the bands entire history not just the beginning of it.

    Sadly Kiss’ induction will turn out like so many other bands (Blondie, Van Halen, GnR) … not as special as it should have and could have been.

  8. If its about Paul not happy with all members not being inducted
    then he should just say to the Hall…All inducted, or we dont play.
    But it doesnt seem like thats the case. Still waiting on an “official”
    word from Paul and Gene.

  9. This drama started a couple of years ago when they were nominated but didn’t make the final list. One would think that the band would have had plenty of time to sort through this scenario over the years and come to an amicable soloution when the day comes so it wouldn’t turn into a huge disappointment ( Van Halen, Guns N’ Roses ) or have the potential to play out like the awkward Blondie moment . Before yesterday I was fully prepared to purchase tickets on Monday morning with there being a small chance the original 4 members could play a few songs, call it good and all parties move on with Ace & Peter not being put back in KISS and KISS moving on without them.
    Display the performance however you want, makeup, no makeup, all 8 surviving members, just the 4 original members, the current lineup with Ace & Peter… surprise us.. your’e KISS .
    I don’t think anyone was having any realistic expectations of a reunion … just one night for 15 minutes. KISS want to protect their current lineup and brand. How much longer can KISS continue has little to do with who’s in the band but more to do with the musical and vocal abilities of those in the band to continue . Now I’m left with the feeling of ” I wanted the best and I got depressed .”

  10. I have a great idea. Gene seemed like he was open to playing with Ace and Peter, right? He is part owner of Kiss. Maybe the 3 of them could play together with a guy dressed as Paul. Someone who still has a singing voice left. Just a thought.

  11. Eddie,

    A follow up. Are you kinda saying that you are relatively ok with Gene and Paul decision since their decision, in your view, is about the things you just mentioned – control, branding, not opening a can of worms, etc? Just curious. As much as Kiss has meant to you, has being in the music business this long sort of made even a decision this unbelievable palatable in some way? I thought you might be a little more outraged but you seem to be taking it in stride almost too well. 🙂 What’s going on? You seem to be quite understanding of the other sides possible positions on not playing with Ace and Peter. On a scale of ten, how ticked off are you and do you think any less respect of Gene and Paul for their decsion?

  12. Well, now that this new information is out, I’m disappointed. I was taking a wait and see approach because there was too much unofficial opinion, speculation, etc. flying around and it didn’t seem worth adding to it – much better to simply stick with the facts. At this point, it still sounds like a Paul decision (being that Gene sounded fine with performing with Ace and Peter in print), and it’s a bad one. Period. When there was doubt about what the HOF was allowing, not allowing, who had control over who performed, was there smoke on the grassy knoll, and all that other nonsense, it was premature to be pointing fingers. But now it’s pretty clear where the accountability for this decision rests. Sucks. Completely. I will say also (without meaning to disrespect), that I’m getting a little tired of the ‘well there’s still time and we don’t really know what might happen after all this backlash’… Look, this isn’t professional wrestling or a soap opera, though it might as well be at this point. Let’s just try to put this all to bed and keep intact whatever fan tolerance we can reasonably muster at this point. I’ve also said this before – retirement – REAL good time for G+P to both seriously consider it. After this debacle, there’s really nothing of merit left for them. End it – the sooner the better.

  13. As I said in my prior post, I think one of the biggest issues to seeing the original line-up perform is that it would require quite a bit of rehearsal time, and I just don’t think the guys can stand to be around each other long enough to do that after everything that has been said and done by each of them over the past several years. Just too much venom back and forth and too many bridges burned. Maybe the best we can hope for is that an all-star tribute band can perform in honor of KISS and that way Gene, Paul, Peter and Ace can at least appear on stage together and accept the honor they ALL deserve. I agree it would be very bizarre and ridiculous to have the original band inducted together and then watch Gene and Paul play with Tommy and Eric. No disrespect to Tommy and Eric – I have supported all variations of KISS – but I agree this night really needs to be about the original band. As Paul and Gene have both said, the band could not have made it without the contributions of all four original members and without them, Tommy and Eric would not have any place in the band today. I think there is plenty of blame to go around for why KISS is in this mess today, but as a huge fan, I at least hope we can see them being honored together.

  14. I think what everyone is forgetting is that Paul and Gene were open to playing with Ace and Peter a few weeks back..until Ace opened his mouth. If you remember he said it would be in make up and there couldn’t be two Spacemen. After he said that, the tone changed.

    Again, Ace has created drama and most likely ended a two song set.

    Also, keep in mind, this is Ace’s perspective and he has been wrong countless times. Until Gene and Paul make a statement, I would calm down and see how it plays out.

    Another item, for all we know, Ace and Peter could have been demanding a pay day. Ace is in bankruptcy…..again. Who knows? We are getting one side of the story.


    1. Well problem is the Hall Of Fame confirmed to me last night that this is where things stand now and Gene and Paul have told them current band or nothing. So can it change? Sure. Is it where it is now, yes.

  15. I was hoping Kiss would bury the past for just one night at least. The fact that they are finally being inducted after all of these years should be enough. It’s a night to celebrate their contributions to the music world and how far they’ve come. Hopefully things clear up some. The back-lash to Gene and Paul is much deserving. We’ll see if it has any influence on them. As a Van Halen fan myself, I sympathize with all the Kiss fans out there. Van Halen completely dropped the ball at their HOF induction. I think Metallica has done it best. Not only did Robert and Jason play together, they had Cliff’s parents speak. I guess we’ll all see in seven weeks.

  16. I knew this shit would happen. I was just hoping they could have some kind of decent tribute to them, and have kulick and all the living members come up and say hello. And then for fucks sake, retire and disappear. No real Kiss fan wants to hear anything after Alive 2 anyway, at least I don’t. I’ve been a Kiss fan since I was 8, almost 36 years. They ruined it years ago, and they just need to let it die, amen.

  17. Based on some of the post on this site, I really hope none of you are in a leadership role at your company or own your own business. it is apparent that many of you have no clue how to run a company, brand, or the decisions one has to make in a leadership role to ensure the business makes money and that the brand is not damaged. smh

  18. I toured as a signed musician from 1989 to 2001, and know a host of these individuals on different levels, having had time to work with and just be around them.

    Okay, I understand the re-branding of KISS as a franchise, and if that’s the business decision, I can honestly respect that. At some point Gene and Paul can bow out and be replaced while their estates still continue to pull the business strings. I think that’s an innovative concept, and really forward thinking. Bands have been getting fucked by the industry for years and it’s nice to see someone take the reins and forge a different trail…

    It is no mystery to most people that I loathe Ace Frehley as a human, and a musician, with Peter being just a notch above him. There is no way that anyone can say that Peter and Ace really added anything more musical to the band than maybe a combined 10%…

    The band was always Gene and Paul driving the car…Session musicians filled in for Ace and Peter way before the Dynasty record, and with meritorious reason too. To have lost Ace’s sloppy playing, sophomoric song writing and droning monotone vocals is in reality no loss at all. Losing Peter’s raspy barely in tune vocal, non existent songwriting abilities, and swing drum style is also no loss.

    I get that it was the original 4 that everyone had the magical love affair with as kids, but it was like the wizard of Oz behind the curtain. We didn’t know it was Bob Kulick, Steve Hunter, Rick Derringer, Anton Fig, and a host of others actually playing those songs until it was too late. Our minds had been made up due to the illusion.

    The only thing I can say is I understand how despicable Ace and Peter were and to harbor that grudge for this long is painful for everyone. If it truly is a re-branding of the band, and the business decision is “members don’t matter”, then it wouldn’t hurt for Ace and Peter to play at least one or two songs. I understand the pain musicians go through and the anger built up after 40 years, so for me, I actually don’t want to see them play with KISS. Fuck them. They left KISS high and dry and didn’t give a fuck about the fans when they did. So for me to give a fuck now is ridiculous!! I hope they both rot in hell!

    Playing both sides of it though, I think the right business decision would be to either allow them to play, not play at all, or have guest players take the place of Tommy and Eric as in a tribute with only Gene and Paul. They after all have put the most time and effort into KISS. They should be the two standing in the winners circle!

  19. The key word here is ” play.” That’s how childish this shit is. Grown ass men saying ” I won’t play with that guy.” Not work. Far from work. They won’t play with the other two. G&P have their reasons. I get it. I know they bleed KISS and always have. But protecting your new KISS this much to where you’re afraid to jam with the other two , makes it look like you have reason to be afraid of people seeing KISS in its original form over your new one. The one I feel off the most in all this is Eric Singer. He’s been in that band a very long time and he’s stuck playing Peter. Tommy was already in a KISS cover band so I’m sorry, that’s sad. He’s a good guitar player. Just sac watching him trying to be ace.

  20. I own KISS….as do millions of others out there that spent billions of dollars on kiss albums and merch…if it wasnt for us, there would be no kiss….we want the original kiss to sing a song or 2…8 minutes of time sacrificed by gene and paul for the fans….not for the funds…I get it…its tough to get together with people u hate….but I can do it with my ex wife for the kids sake…u can do it for the luxury lives and fame u have been given by us…the fans…its all about the fans Ive heard u say…now show it

  21. Eddie, I do think it’s a stretch to blame the Hall for any internal turmoil in KISS. Their internal problems predate the EXISTENCE of the Rock Hall. I personally think it would be a great detriment to KISS if the original line-up is not respected by Gene and Paul. Still, Gene and Paul (by the admission of all 4 original members) were burned by the substance abuse problems of Ace and Peter many times. It’s a fact. Look no further than Ace’s book. You have to consider that maybe Gene and Paul have just finally had it with those two. My favorite line-up is the original 4 BY FAR, but there’s a lot of bad blood there. MY HOPE is that the original 4 all show up and all play. I’ve been to 2 inductions so far and I can say first hand that those inductees that attend are always humbled and awed by how they are treated. AND those that SHOW UP always come off looking better than those who stay home with scowls on their faces (Van Halen and Guns). I think Paul has always been intimidated by the fact that Ace and Peter STILL get tons of love, despite the constant complaining about them from Gene and Paul. I’m sure Paul thinks he’s forgiven them enough times, but I think Ace and Peter are definitely and sincerely clean and they just want to be acknowledged for the legacy that they co-created. Life is short. It’s time to forgive them, Paul.

  22. WOW Shannon Tweed just posted this on Facebook a bit ago

    Shannon Tweed
    I am only going to say this Once, If you have something to say about KISS, Paul, Gene and RRHOF address it to THEM! This is MY fb NOT theirs. I am NOT relaying your ignorant and uncalled for messages to anyone! If you don’t like them that is your problem not mine Keep me out of it. My opinion on this matter; Don’t believe anything you hear and half of what you see!

  23. All 4 need to put the ego’s aside. Grow up!!! Play a few classic song together. Receive your well deserved honors and go your separate ways. If Tommy and Eric are going to be there so should Eric Carr’s family , Bruce & Vinny. Seems like Paul and/or Gene are controlling things. Who are they to say Ace and Peter can not play.

  24. This is such sad news for the FANS. As you said, Gene and Paul have always trumpeted the fans for putting them where they are(including the HOF). But, here they have proved that wrong because what the fans want is to see that original lineup and foursome to play. This could have been a triumphant event for the fans like Rush last year or Metallica with Jason Newsted. But, instead it has become a very lackluster event like when Van Halen was inducted. Now, let’s continue to shoot for Deep Purple in 2015!

  25. Paul acts like a little sissy, or should I say he should come out the closet and be iver with it, just a couple songs for the fans with Ace and Peter, with that said he needs to do what’s right for the fans who suppoeted KISS all these years, afterwards he can go back being the gay bitch he is.

  26. Hey ed, do you think ace and peter declining contributions to the upcoming documentary may have had something to do with this decision? I havent read every single comment, but I don’t believe this has been brought up yet. Don’t get me wrong if that’s the reason, that’s complete and utter BS! I just don’t understand how two egos could be that big. Usually members of current bands would welcome former (original) members to play with them for the ocassion. Usually its the members who have been long gone who wish not to be involved. Complete opposite here. I also don’t believe Gene had anything to do with the decision. Paul is the BS artist of the group. He took a hissy fit when Ace came on your show and stated he would be willing to play with them at the event. I’m through with the current lineup, one more concert to attend and I’m done. I did not purchase the last two albums. I listened to them on youtube. So Gene and Paul can keep complaining about bootleggers and illegal downloading all they want. Put something out there worth my $. I don’t even care about their stupid football team or any other garbage they put out there. I don’t even play with the mini kiss pinball machine I got last christmas, I listen to their classic albums. This is just a terrible situation for every fan. They say they are accepting this honor on behalf of the fans. Again, Paul being the bs artist he is goes and makes this decision.

      1. Yeah I had forgotten what his reasoning was. Thanks for clarification. More bs out of gene and paul. This just sucks big time. Very interested to hear what paul and gene say in response to this . It will be complete bs as usual. It’s just interesting to see what big words will come out of their mouths to justify such a decision

  27. I have been a fan since I was 7 (1977) and I have on DVD at least 1 show of every tour up to the farewell. I will admit that I am a huge Ace fan and he was always my favorite member. His 1977 solo album sold the most out of all 4 proving he was not only the fan favorite but also the better musician. The only one who came close to his album was Paul and I think Paul and Gene considered him a threat after that. I never really cared for Peter and loved when Eric Carr replaced him. I thought he was a better drummer and gave KISS a heavier sound/feel which I loved (can’t beat that double bass that Peter never had). I met KISS back in 92 on the Revenge tour thanks to Eric Singer getting me and a friend back stage just because I was a cop. He is an incredible person and overall great guy just as Bruce was. Gene is the most egotistical asshole I have ever met. He thinks he walks on water and Paul never even came out to greet the fans. I had no issues with them in the 80’s because they removed the make up and continued on. Tho I loved the “Fox” make up and Eric, I despised Vinnie who I felt never fit in the band and his make up was awful. When the 96 reunion happened, P&G screwed Eric and Bruce by not releasing Carnival of Souls. Bruce basically finished that album and got it released and it was a pretty decent album, but again they threw Eric and Bruce aside and didn’t care. I haven’t followed KISS since the farewell tour. I stood out back of one of the facilities they played on the Psycho Circus tour and waited for them to come out and had my video cam and that wanna be Tommy Thayer came running over and told me to put it away. I told him to fuck off and flashed my badge at him (since I was a cop) and told him there was nothing he could do to prevent me from recording. He went running back to sucking Genes ass. He was and always will be a lap dog for Gene and Paul. He wanted nothing more than to be like Ace and now lives out his little fantasy wearing Ace’s make up singing Ace’s songs. You can tell who the newer fans are on here when they defend Genes and Pauls BS. They actually have some newer fans believing that the cover band now is the real KISS. It disappoints me that Eric Singer goes along with this. He is a great musician and drummer and could play in any band but it’s money. I don’t care about the HOF. I don’t care to see the original KISS ever again. P&G never respected Ace or Peter even in the early days regardless of the things they did and tho as I said before I wasn’t a big Peter fan, he gained a lot of my respect in 96 on the reunion and when he dealt with his breast cancer and all he has done for that cause.

    I would rather see Ace by himself where we can just accept Ace for who he is and how he is. His solo band back in 08 was awesome and saw them tour. But I would rather see a Frehleys Comet reunion with Ace, Tod Holworth, John Reagen, and Anton Fig. We just have to face the facts that KISS is done and have been since the Farewell Tour. People need to stop feeding the cover band they are promoting as KISS and if the fans stop spending money they will go away. Tho I have to admit when I heard that KISS was going into the HOF, I told my 11 yr old son that he might actually get to see the real KISS with a real guitar player. Guess I was wrong. I’ll just listen to the old tunes and wait for Aces new CD. Hell, even Van Halen mended fences with Dave to give their fans something and doing another album and tour. I’ll wait for that!!!

  28. It fails because Ace and Peter have little respect and understanding for the current version of Kiss. For whatever reason they left the party – twice. Coming back in for one night does not mean they are calling the shots. Thinking they can, Ace and Peter bring this onto themselves and the fans.

      1. I can understand Ace being disappointed. I hope he has friends and family encouraging him to stay positive, focusing on the recording of his new album. «Anomaly» is bursting with strong tracks and Ace should be proud. He can’t make it work with Kiss, but still make great music that fans will listen to.

  29. I am going to go out on a limb here in regards to this whole mess. First off Eddie I love TMS and watch it every season. Sorry had to share that and back to what matters, my point. I grew up listening to Kiss and was one of my favorite bands up until Creatures of the Night which was released in 1982 I believe. I was a fan but not a hardcore fan. I appreciate Shock Rock and good music in general. The first member to get kicked out of the band was Peter which is why Creatures featured Ace and the introduction to the new drummer Eric Carr. My personal feeling may not be completely focused on just Gene and Paul or Ace and Peter and the openly exploitation of the grudge match between the two clicks, however one thing that catches my attention is that they won’t perform together. We heard Gene, Paul and Ace’s input on the RRHOF induction, but not much from Peter to this point and I would think that maybe Gene and Paul have more of an issue underlying with Peter that we may not know nearly as much about than with Ace. I know it was always said about Ace’s drinking and drug abuse and Peter’s drug use, but honestly if you look at what Bill Ward, Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler were able to put up with as far as drugs and alcohol with Ozzy, maybe Kiss could reconcile for at least 1 night. I know that drugs and alcohol can pay a huge toll on bands, but we aren’t talking about guys who were making Christian music and were born again Christians. I would have to think that there is something more unforgivable going on there than drugs, alcohol, business and money. Thoughts? I hope this didn’t come off too scrambled and the facts were correct. Like I said before I was a fan but not a diehard fan of the band.

  30. Eddie:

    If nothing else, I’m VERY happy that Ace and Peter will be appearing on ‘TMS’ together! Thanks for making that happen! That’ll take SOME of the sting out of the pain from this TERRIBLE news! That said, I don’t blame the Hall for this, I blame ALL FOUR ORIGINAL MEMBERS of Kiss ONLY! Their dysfunction is beyond pathetic, it’s absolutely SHAMEFUL! In my opinion, this makes them appear very ungrateful after YEARS of complaining about being “snubbed”. Understand, I don’t say that proudly, I say it with complete apathy.

    Honestly, at this point, I’d prefer that Kiss simply accept their WELL DESERVED award and forget about performing! It’s a shame it’s come to this! A sad day for the KISS Army indeed!

  31. I first really started listening to KISS during the Kulick / Carr years,when I was a teenager. I didn’t have the attachment to the original lineup that fans do today,and I remember interviews from around the late 80’s. When I found out who Ace,Gene, Paul and Peter were, I knew them as Ace,Gene, Paul, and Peter, not as “Space Ace ,Demon, Star Child,and Cat Man” , although I got the message the make up was trying to come across ( I thought it was ridiculous to call a grown man a “Star Child”,too). To that end, although I’ve been a KISS fan actively or retroactively of more than one line up and still bought Sonic Boom and Monster, I think the ones on the stage should be Gene, Ace, Peter and Paul. We don’t know all that happens between the guys and their lawyers, and to be fair, they’ve all been somewhat transparent for us when they didn’t have to, but like Ace said “It is, what it is.”

  32. I believe you are right, Eddie, that this is a business decision. But Paul should be careful what he wishes for. I seriously think this will backfire on him pretty substantially. He may be able to still go out with Gene and the other two, but this will be the beginning of the final curtain coming down. Yes, the Hall of Shame deserves a cut of the blame as well. They have dropped the ball so many times there’s no real point in that place anymore and that’s real sad because it’s all about something we all love.
    In the end this decision is so very selfish and no band makes it on their own without their fans.

  33. I have been a kiss fan for 40 years and i am now 51. Most of my life i have loved this band.i always here kiss is about their fans. How is this about the fan? This is turning into a van halen induction embarassment. It sucks that ego’s cant be put aside for one short moment. I am so tired of paul stanley and gene simmons they have ruined what has been a big part of my music life. I can honestly say i am done with anything going forward that has kiss associated with it. They finally get into the hall and it is nothing more than a clown show! I am just really dissappointed!

  34. Ridiculous and wrong !..Can’t Gene and Paul for this one moment , grow up and respect the fact that the era of KISS that made them legendary was with Ace and Peter ?…enough is enough , This is so disrespectful to the fans and to Ace and Peter . I know they have had their problems with those two , but you have to honor what they helped build this band into , and playing a song or two together as Paul , Gene , Ace and Peter at the induction would be the right thing to do .

  35. Between the four of them going up onstage to accept the award (assuming ace and peter go) and courtney love going onstage to accept on behalf of kurt with dave and krist, this whole night’s gonna turn into one big shitshow.

  36. Ed,
    Can you let Ace know….I want to say thank you Ace. No matter what Gene and Paul say, the only times I remember when you were in Kiss were the good times. You have come a long way, and I speak for many that we’re all very proud of you and Pete. My father recently passed away and he was an alcoholic. I know what its like coping with substance abuse, Personally dealt with it because of my father. We were very bitter but I at least connected before he died. I wanted to say stay positive Ace and I know this is a bummer. Much love and respect for you Ace. Can’t wait to hear new music,etc..Much respect and a lifelong fan no matter what negative comments Gene and Paul Inc. have to say.

  37. If Ace and Peter bow out of the ceremony, you should put on a show somewhere in NYC the same night as the RnRHoF induction. You should even have an open invitation to Bruce Kulick and Vinnie Vincent and have a true Kiss celebration for the fans, by the fans.

  38. I don’t thing Paul and Gene own Peter and Ace anything else. They gave them both chances to get their act together and each time it failed. They kept KISS going when the other two bailed out, so why blame them for this clusterfuck. Besides, we haven’t even heard their side of the story yet about the HOF induction program.

  39. I don’t have a problem with the current KISS, they can do whatever they want, if it’s good I will buy it, if it is not I will not, recently I have chosen not to as the product just doesnot hold up.
    Mt problem lies with the original band members being te only ones inducted but not the original band playing even just a couple if tunes for the fans that have made this band and screamed fir this band fir 40 years. Not allowing peter and ace to take they final how and wave good bye is flat out mean spirited and selfish for whatever business reason Stanley has. And yes I believe it’s Stanely that has the problem, Gene seems to have been open to the idea, Paul has not since day 1. Very sad and pitiful way for the band to end and end it has for me after nearly 40 years. Sad day.

  40. Hey Eddie, long time no see or talk! I remember the WDHA days in the little house near CCM. Anyway, I am a lifetime KISS fan and a huge Ace fan. Never liked Peter when I met him at DHA, either you or Tony Allesandra tipped me off about his arrival and it was just one friend and me in the little parking lot and he couldnt have been a bigger dick. Sorry, back to my opinion. I am definately going to Brooklyn on 4/10/14 and this is what I hope I’ll see: The original guys accepting, the current band performing with a change of heart and an impromptu invite to Ace and Peter to join them on stage for a song. I know there wouldnt be time to rehearse but im pretty sure Ace and Pete could remember Rock And Roll All Nite. Any way,,,,,you’ve done Jersey proud…keep up the great work! Does Mike Piazza have an opinion on this?

  41. The guys being inducted should be the guys playing. If that’s not going to be the case, then nobody should play. Gene & Paul can play with whoever they like on any other night, but it doesn’t make sense for anyone other than Ace & Peter to play at the induction.

  42. I’ve been a fan since ’76. Heard Destroyer and was hooked instantly. Peter is the reason I began playing the drums. Through the lineup changes and the deaths (R.I.P Eric and Mark), I remained a huge fan. I’ve played and sang their songs for years. Even auditioned for a tribute band myself. My loyalty is not as strong as it was now. Gene says it’s all about the fans. We’re the bosses. If that’s the case, I, as their boss, say YOU’RE FIRED!!!!! My opinion is, even though the original 4 members are to be inducted, have ALL surviving members there ( have Eric and Mark’s family there too), Honor them all, accept your award, sit down and let other artists honor you by doing 2 or 3 of your songs and then go you own ways. It would be nice to see the original 4 play one more time but I see that’s not going to happen. The band as I see it now is the ultimate KISS tribute band. I’d like to see them take the makeup off, get Bruce back and do a Revenge era tour. But that’s not going to happen either.

  43. It doesn’t matter if Peter or Ace show up to the actual ceremony. The Sex Pistols got in and basically told the RNRHOF to shove it and never bothered to send anyone to the ceremony and they still have a section in the museum. Eddie, please organize a Peter and Ace concert at a New York club that holds 2,000 the same night as the RNRHOF ceremony. It would take the spotlight away from Paul and Gene at the Barclay Centre. The Ace and Peter show would be a sell-out…They can play songs from the first 4 KISS albums and KISS fans will have an opportunity to celebrate with two equally important founding members. You could stream it around the world on the net. I think it would be a huge success. I know I would love to come down from Ottawa, Ont. if lucky enough to get tickets for such a show. This would stick a collective middle finger to Paul, Gene and the RNRHOF. Ace and Peter don’t need the RNRHOF. They have made their mark in the history of Rock n Roll. The museum in Cleveland is meaningless……

  44. I would like to share an opinion or two. First this is a huge disappointment. To deny two founding members who were very instrumental (no pun intended) in the initial success & then again the financial success and rejuvenating of the Kiss Army in the mid 90’s via the reunion is exceedingly ignorant, disgusting, rude and downright insensitive to the “boss,” the fans! How many guitarists say they were influenced by Tom Thayer? Can Paul honestly look in the mirror as a human being and say that he is not an embarrassment to himself or the legacy of Kiss by continuing to perform with that puberty crackling out of key voice he has today? Regardless of whose fault it was that Ace & Peter didn’t show up to record, was it Paul & Gene who mislead the fans into thinking that Ace & Peter performed on all the songs on Destroyer, Dynasty, Creatures or Psycho Circus (just a few examples) or was that Ace & Peter? Can you blame Ace & Peter for not wanting to partake in the silly disaster of a movie called Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park? Was it Paul & Gene who changed Kiss’ musical direction from disco to pop to concept to metal to pop metal back to metal then to alternative then psycho circus then rearranging the chords and changing the lyrics from the first three records to make sonic boom and then whatever you want to classify Munster as or was that all Ace & Peter? The magical thing is we, the Kiss Army stuck with the band through all of this even after Gene & Paul admitted lying to the fans about many things! But this is truly the final straw for me. Many fans claim the current lineup is the best Kiss has ever had. You are in denial. This is a cover band at best. You have two members of the band mimicking the antics of two founding legendary members to a tee on a nightly basis. You could save a ton of money and see an even better performance by going to see a Kiss tribute band to be quite honest. It’s a shame that Kiss has come to this.

  45. Eddie, if this ends up going down like it appears now, in my opinion you should put an end to the Merry Kissmas special. This is a huge slap in the face to the fans and Ace and Peter, and frankly Gene and certainly Paul don’t deserve you showcasing their music. If your special continues, play nothing but Ace and Peter songs, interview Ace and Peter every year, bring on guests that were influenced by Ace and Peter and want to talk about them, etc.

    Also, Ace should absolutely still attend the induction because 1) he more than deserves the honor and the recognition in person by the fans and everyone watching, and 2) it would make Paul Stanley and his china doll ego squirm and show him to be the insecure prima donna that he has apparently become. I was an early/middle teenager in the mid/late ’80’s so my formative music years were during the Carr/Kulick lineup. I still enjoy that era and all the others, but nothing obviously comes close to the originals. Maiden and Priest have already surpassed Kiss among my favorites, largely because of the farce that has been the “Imposter era” and the way Peter and especially Ace have been treated. I have refused to see the clones live and the last two albums with the karaoke band have been sheer garbage (save one or two Gene songs on each); they make the Elder look like Destroyer. This BS probably only makes several other bands pass them on my all time list and bring on a full blown boycott.

    In the soap opera that is Kiss, all four original members have plenty of faults and there are four sides to the story. But I don’t care if Ace murdered the Stanley family’s dog – for Paul to try to box Ace out of playing, attending or being recognized to the largest extent possible for this honor is absolutely disgraceful.

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