Just back from my first visit to Houston this past Saturday night and really my first ever ticketed live speaking engagement. It went down at Concert Pub North and I had no idea what to expect going in. So needless to say I was BLOWN AWAY that nearly 500 people came out to hang with me, hear me tell some stories and do some Q&A. It was a GREAT audience and a true honor for sure. Still amazed to be honest and grateful for the support. After I did about 90 minutes on stage I sat and signed and took photos with everyone in the place for at least another 2 hours. Can not thank you all enough for the incredible support for what I do. Also thanks to John and JD at Concert Pub and the local bands who also played that night, including a killer UFO tribute called Lights Out. It was a great night and I hope to book more Eddie Trunk Live dates soon! Keep an eye on the home page. This Saturday I am at Starland in NJ with my TMS partners Don & Jim for a night of comedy and more. The show is almost sold out so get your tix now if you want to come out. Please note. NO live club gigs by any of us are filmed or used for TMS. They are either speaking dates or comedy shows only. TMS is only done on the set in NYC with VH1C. Thanks.


Speaking of TMS, HUGE response to the Ted Nugent show this week! I’d say 80% very positive and people loved we kept it all about music. There are some of course that are anti Ted and I respect your positions but don’t agree. From a TV/interview perspective I love people that let it fly. We are in a day and age that everyone is SO PC, so afraid to say anything the least bit different than the norm. Everyone is just ready to pounce at anything anyone says that is different from their view. So it is refreshing as heck to have a guy like Ted who just says what he thinks. Do I agree with everything he has done and said? No. But I respect his right to say it. I have said this many times; I watch Bill OReilly and Bill Maher, and love both equally. I sure don’t agree with all they both say, but I love they have the balls to say it, especially in this hyper sensitive world of social media we are in today. I also grew up loving Howard Stern, having strong opinions sure as hell didn’t hurt him. But TMS is a music show, and Ted talked and played all music, and most loved it! It also got many talking about TMS and debating his appearance and that sure doesn’t suck either. I thought it was a great show about music, which as I say in my second book in the chapter on Ted, he is often sadly overlooked for at times. This episode repeats all week on VH1C.


Back live on SiriusXM 39 TRUNKNation tonight 6-10P ET. Myles Kennedy & Mark Tremonti of Alter Bridge in studio. They will also be this weeks TMS guests that we tape tomorrow night in NYC.


Both of my books available signed from me on this site as well as all new Merch including hats and shirts. Please see the respective tabs for info. Books under Media tab for order info. Thanks.

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  • Sam Jones on

    Ed, you can hide behind your “anti-PC” stance all you want. It doesn’t wash. Even Maher and O’Reilly don’t say “Obama, he’s a piece of sh-t, and I told him to suck on my machine gun” like Nugent. There is a different between having an opinion and being an embarrassment.

    • Eddie on

      Do I agree with Ted saying that if he did? No. Would that prevent me from having a great guest on a TV show that inspires controversy, debate and people talking, AND is a legendary classic hard rock musician? Hell no! I’ll take that any day over the usual safe here’s what I am selling this week approach I love everybody approach.

    • Sam Jones on

      Now you are desperately trying to justify your mistake. Notice how you never really answer any point I bring up. This is not about disagreeing with someone’s opinion. Down deep you know that, but continue to skirt the issue. I honestly thought you were above such tactics.

    • Eddie on

      I honestly don’t even know what you are talking about. People get WAY too crazy about some things in my view…

    • nbisanz on

      Ed—You are very apologetic and forgiving of Uncle Ted. Guess you can excuse hate barbarism, huh? And Ed, The Nuge is a glorified bar band hack.Really. Wayne Kramer will still make him crap his pants. You got duped by a raging extremist and bar band leader.

    • ? on

      It is amazing that when people make a good point and call trunk out on something, his reply is always, “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” or “you are clueless” or “people get way too crazy.”. Apparently Trunk is never wrong. A legend in his own mind!

    • Eddie on

      I don’t know what you’re talking about, you are clueless, you are way too crazy, I am a legend… See, you do have it all figured out! Thanks for being such a fan!

    • Beth Milligan on

      Obama is the embarrassment! My God, he’s just doing whatever he wants; no three branches of govt.anymore. Wake the Hell up.

    • ? on

      Ahhh yes. Another well-thought-out, educated post by a conservative. Before you turn in, Beth, make sure both doors on your double-wide are secure. You don’t want any of them minorities tryin to break in and steal your guns.

  • Raymond Carver on

    I loved seeing Ted on the show. He’s got a ton of energy and kicks ass on the guitar!! I’ll definitely watch if he comes on the show again at some point.

  • Joe on

    Excellent interview and show with Uncle Ted! He has brought us great music for decades and frankly i’m glad he says what he thinks. Does anybody give Jon Bon Jovi shit for his left leaning views? Ted supports the military and loves his country. Bring us some more great music Ted!!

  • Melissa Dwire on

    Thanks for coming down, Texas luvs u!!
    So happy the turn out was great too!! U r the best!!:)

  • Mike on

    Ted was a good guest. Living Colour are a great band, but why did Vernon Reid seem unhappy when he was on TMS?

    • Eddie on

      He wasn’t, just how he is

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