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As I have said consistently since the announcement that Kiss will be going into the HOF, now is when much of the discussion and negotiation on what goes down starts to happen. You have what Ace and Peter want, what Gene & Paul want, and what the HOF itself wants to happen, and somewhere it all needs to be worked out. With the holidays behind us expect info to come out as we get closer to the date and the various parties talk. There is already some very differing information coming out now as a matter of fact. If you listen to my interview with Ace (now on my home page for all to hear), it is clear he would like the original band to be featured since they are the members actually being inducted. Speaking of that, there has been much debate since the announcement on even this topic. The HOF makes that call and they decided the founding members only. That’s what I was told by several people who actually have votes. That could also be an issue on how this goes down and something being discussed internally. My view on it personally is if it isn’t just the original band, then it should be ALL the people that have been a part of it. But everyone has consistently told me, including voters, it is only the original four actually being inducted. That does not mean however that others from the bands history won’t be there and won’t even potentially be involved as was the case with Heart and others. Ace also stated in the interview with me the HOF wanted the band in makeup which he was open to. Both Peter and Ace said they spoke with Gene and Paul and vibes were good before the holidays. Ace expressed concern in my interview about how the current band would be represented vs him and Peter who are actually being honored. Ace’s concern is also likely fueled by a VH1 Rock Honors event in 2006 where he was in the strange position of not being allowed to play with Kiss, while Tommy did dressed as him. Ace played with the tribute band that night to Kiss.


Last night Paul Stanley’s twitter account showed a glimpse into the very different views about what will and won’t go down and the issues that still need to be worked through. You can check the feed for yourself @paulstanleylive When asked last night if the original band would play together at the HOF his response is “seems unlikely”. When asked if he thinks working with Ace & Peter would be better now that both are sober he responded “No”. When asked if he would wear makeup with Ace & Peter he responded “No way”.


This is clearly a shift in what fans thought and were hoping for and what Ace and Peter mentioned. It also points to the various egos, posturing and control issues that could turn something the fans have wanted for 15 years into a train wreck! Paul’s answers do not surprise me at all. For Gene and Paul this puts them in a tough spot having to reconnect with members they’d prefer not to deal with no doubt, and who they have spent the last 10 years trying to recreate in the current band. Quite frankly coming out with the original band once again in makeup opens up a huge can of worms with fans that they have been trying to keep a lid on for a decade. It does not work with what they are currently trying to sell so well. And make no mistake, like it or not, they know seeing the original four in makeup again would be HUGE for fans and put a dent in what they have been selling to fans; that it doesn’t matter so much who’s behind the makeup. So you can already see how some of this is playing out. Gene & Paul on one side trying to protect the current Kiss and not go down reunion road again, and Ace & Peter wanting to be sure their night being inducted pays tribute to them, and not other versions of the band not being inducted. Nobody wearing makeup would take away some of the confusion as to who is who, but as per Ace the HOF really wanted the band in costume.


I understand Gene & Paul wanting to protect their current business model. Trust me, they know and have seen first hand the avalanche a reunion, even for a few hours, with Ace & Peter will cause (MTV Unplugged). It would be nice to think for one night the fans could celebrate the original bands induction with all of them working together for a few hours. Then bring up everyone from KISStory at the end for a jam or something. But I suspect this has many twists and turns still to come and Paul’s tweets last night give just a little peak into how this could unfortunately get very messy. If you are planning on buying tickets to this to see a Kiss reunion even for a couple songs as many have told me, I would seriously hold off. Looks like much still to be decided and as per Paul’s verified Twitter account it doesn’t sound promising at the moment. Listen to the interview with Ace I did a couple weeks ago, then read Paul’s tweets last night. This isn’t me stirring the pot or with any inside information. Just doesn’t take a genius to see there are some very different opinions as to how this should go down already. We shall see…I’m sure much more as we go.


  1. I hate to think this way because I’ve been a fan since I was a kid, but after reading Paul’s comments this has got a disaster of Axl proportions feeling to it. He’s making off like doesn’ t care a bit about what the fans want or say because his ego is bruised. Everyone (including the RnR hall) still prefers the past and he hates it. I betcha Gene really doesn’t mind because there’s definetly a buck or two million to be made by all this, but he’ll publicly side with his partner.

    Paul is fustrated already and as much as I hope not, this could get pretty ugly. It’s become apparent that this Hall of Fame induction means more to the Kiss Army than it does to Paul.

  2. If the band can’t play nice I’d really rather not see any of them inducted into the Hall of Fame… without a Ace and Peter the band would not have it sound or the character that fans know today. along the way other members “replaced” them and contributed to what Kiss is today. Frankly I wish that they would go on the Dr Phil show and work out the issues. As much as I love these guys and their work today I can’t listen to a Kiss album without thinking about all the drama going on in the background and as a result I’ve pretty much tune the band out.

  3. Hell if Eddie and Lex Van Halen can bury the hatchet with DLR, then Gene and Paul can suck up 2 hrs of there life for all the “true” KISS fans, and play with 2 guys who actually help them become who they are today. If not, I will be done for life with Gene & Paul !

  4. KISS’ s best years are behind them, and musically and commercially they haven’t contributed anything noteworthy in a really long time. Manipulating media dollars to promote their ‘ubiquitous’ business model cheapens the award of being honored for their contributions to the rock music legacy that is rightfully theirs to claim. The chemistry is the legacy, and it starts (and remains) with the founders. If the controlling parties can’t figure out how to be humble and work without gain to ensure that the celebration of their success is honored appropriately, then they should decline the nomination and allow another band to be inducted so that those fans can celebrate the tradition and influence that the music and performance have had on their lives. This isn’t about commercial viability or artist preferences, and these guys are supposed to be old enough, mature enough and BIG enough to not let this come between the fans and the music.

  5. Back in ’74 I worked in this small music store that also had a pinball game section in the back, the first night the owner of the store played their first album the store went crazy, many of the people present would go onto follow KISS for years, tour after tour, year after year. I followed them until Bruce left the band and then lost track of them, until the unplugged show. I was so glad to see the originals back together I didn’t care what happened after that, life was complete, the originals had played together one more time. My friends who were present that fatefull night some who are now in their early 60’s late 50’s never thought that the Hall of Shame would ever let them in so they don’t care if they are in make-up or not, the only thing they care about is the originals getting in. I for one would like to see at least Bruce & Eric get in as well. Man those 80’s albums with those two smoked, made all the people who used to laugh at me for being a fan shut up and take notice. But being a realist I know it’s the 4 and no one else, I just hope that two 60+ guys can see that no one person in the history of the band is more important than anyone else. Lighten up Paul & Gene, you only (in most cases) get to the Hall for that dance just once, and no one wants to be like Van Halen sitting at home while the rest of the world goes WTF is wrong with those guys.

  6. I for one would LOVE to see Vinnie RIP it up. But, at the same time, Ace IS THE reason I picked up a guitar and have had a BLAST of a life with it… Just think about it… Vinnie, Ace, Bruce… RIPPING it on,,,, say,,, Cold Gin,,,Black Diamond… GUITARGASM !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hi, Eddie. Your post didn’t in any way sound like you were stirring the pot. It came across as balanced to me, so thanks. I’m near convinced you could publish something like ‘Gene and Paul pet kittens and paint children’s faces for charity’ and there will still be 30+ comments about how it’s all G&P promoting the current group and how A&P were the real talent in the band (which is simply not true, though what they brought to the table was undeniably a part of the whole).

    The only thing that bothers me a little is how quickly people lumped Gene with Paul on this latest news. The headline was about Paul’s tweets and suddenly it becomes this whole divisional camp debate yet again. Gene was absolutely fine having the original four perform – this seems to have been overlooked by the majority of comments. Now, he’s faced with a balancing act between his own feelings (which ALIGNS with the fans – another point missed by many) and keeping the peace with his long-time band mate.

    1. Great point about this being Paul’s message, which is clearly very different than Gene’s in RS and elsewhere about his willingness to reunite. Bad news is that means 4 people now with 4 likely different views.. Much still to be worked out I suspect. Now with holidays over it will no doubt go high gear. And don’t forget the HOF still is running this as far as an event, and dealing with all the other politics of the other bands going in that night. Yes there are others, haha

      1. I for one am thrilled about Nirvana. Dave Grohl is a true music fan, and one of the most versatile musicians in the biz. I imagine he’ll get in a 2nd time shortly for Foo Fighters too. Maybe he’ll talk some sense into Paul regarding the OG4, since they are apparently very chummy.

    2. Actually . Correct me if i’m wrong Eddie.
      It was not ok with Gene back in late summer or early fall when interviewed about playing with Ace & Peter at the ceremony BEFORE he knew they got in . This is documented in interview/interview’s

  8. Both Paul and Gene are Greedy Aholes. They couldn’t care less about the fans. Paul comments are proof. Gene just cares about money and Paul is just not a nice person, a HUGE PHONY. Sure ace and Peter had issues but the real kiss is the original 4, anything other was just a ripoff and disgrace. My god, kiss was my favorite band but paying good money since 96 and hearing 95% of the SAME SETLIST over and over again is BORING. Paul and Gene just care about selling thousand dollar meet n greets. I was done with kiss when they agreed to be an OPENING ACT for Aerosmith. Again, the meet n greets were the priority. In my opinion Kiss open up for NOBODY. PLUS, the opening song being Love Gun???? PLEASE. Ace and Peter are my favorites hands down

    1. Funny story about meet and greets….

      Everyone who knows my username on these kiss threads knows I am on the exact same page as Eddie about the makeup now . I’ve seen Kiss since 77 . I would never go see the Gene and Paul show with the makeup but……. in 04 on the ” rock the empty seats tour ” w/ posion , I went !!!!
      My buddy was doing security and my best friend and fellow kiss fan from way back ( and supports the current version) was in town visiting me . My security buddy said he would get us in and seat us .
      As we watched the concert from about 20 rows back these two good looking girls decided to go to the front and stand in the isle. So my buddy who’s working from the front row removes the girls from the floor as they didnt have floor tickets…. Gene see’s this as he’s playing and goes over to” his people ” and they come down and kick my security buddie ( who’s one of the head security guys ) out of his front section and off the floor completely !!

      Now the pathetic thing is this . These girls had ” lawn seat tickets ” and the first 5 rows were $1000 meet and greets. rows 6- 10 ? were $500 meet and greets . And up to row 15 were $250.
      So Gene didn’t care that the die hards, the one’s who’ve supported kiss forever, bought everything, and now paid 1000, 500, or 250 for these seats should be the only ones in that area .
      He only cared about the pussy

  9. I agree this KISS stuff is silly, but I’m going to hold off judgment until the HOF ceremony happens and I see how it goes down. Paul has a book coming out, so there will be a million interviews before then. I have to think that Gene and Paul understand that in Eric and Tommy show up there and get on stage they will be booed out of the NEW YORK arena. IF they EVER had the balls to put them in makeup, there would be a riot.

    I have no desire for a reunion, and I don’t think any of 4 of them even want one. Just play nice for one night and give the fans what they want. I just think the current situation of them dressing 2 guys in Ace and Peters make up is embarrassing. They also copied their backstory’s, and Tommy now writes songs about being from outer space and Eric sings about growing up in the streets. Boo.

    1. Gosh Dr,
      I dont know what you were on when you wrote this but, I agree with you . This is so unlike you !

      …..And thanks for not bashing Peter and Ace …………for once lol

  10. I was a big kiss fan in the 70’s, I still love Kiss from the beginning to 1978. Does any other era really matter? No, it really can’t be mentioned in the same breath, that why that’s the era the current line up is emulating. No disrespect to the other members like Eric Carr who certainly recharged the kiss batteries, but the indelible images are gene,Paul, peter and ace. That’s who the hall is finally recognizing. Paul and gene need to put their egos in check and be smart about this, screw the brand nonsense, the Beatles without the original four, ain’t the Beatles. I bet gene wouldn’t deny that, not that he’d allow that too be mentioned. I never knew how much I loved ace and peter until the got screwed,. For the hall ,no make up, no clones, just the originals, playing Detroit rock city, rock and roll all night. I think that’s all the fans want anyways, then dare I say it, make that the last kiss performance ever.

  11. My 2 cents:

    Original Members are inducted by Rush/BonJovi/Bob Seger (others who Kiss had as supporting acts)
    No make up
    All four Originals re allowed to give speeches.
    All members of Kiss are asked to join in the music segment.
    They should play acoustic at first (my vote – “Beth”) and then electric with “Deuce” and “RNRAN”
    Then blow up the stage.

  12. My 2 cents: All comments by Paul and gene moving forward will be to throw us all of the trail. Original 4 with make up and re constructed Alive II stage that was used in Detroit Rock City will be the stage they use. You watch. ….and where’s Drago? [ die hards will get that ]

  13. Being a KISS fan since 1978, I love all that contributed to keep KISS ALIVE for over 40 years now. The thing is for the HOF to induct a group, they have to exist for at least 25 years plus but if you look at KISS, Peter and Ace were not part of KISS for 25 years because other members became part of the family. When you look at it this way, it is clear that all member should be included, not just the original members so, all guys should play together!

  14. Dear Gene and Paul,
    If the past is so damn painful then eliminate everything from 1979 on in you current set list. Since your are so damn afraid to play with the the 2 guys that helped you CREATE IT, then remove all of your association with them. The original band is who you are, why your are, and why you still continue to exist to this day. I have been a fan since 1976 and I am disgusted by your treatment of the MY Kiss Army. This should be our greatest day as a group and fan base and your greed and stupidity is going to ruin ruin it. Do the letter FO mean anything to you. COWARDS your egos just will not allow you to admit that the original 4 in make up has been and always will be your cash cow.

  15. Kiss squabbles are what make people not detest arrogant musicians. Worried about their business plan. How much money is enough ? Do what the people who GAVE you more money than you can spend on hair plugs and bad plastic surgery want. This band is way more full of themselves then they have any right to be. They make money, have a visual gimmick that sells. Doesn’t make them a great or influential band and hardly makes them great musicians. Music goes in my ears, not my eyes. When they came out we were listening to Rainbow (with Dio) and Montrose (1st album). Kiss was a joke, all show with no go. The Hall of Shame putting them in is same as rappers and other prior stupidity, while not having Deep Purple and piles of others more worthy.

  16. It’s obvious they don’t want to do it. Best thing they can do, have Gene & Paul and then Ace & Peter on two separate video screens thanking everyone and the HOF for putting them into the HOF and say goodbye after. Then have some of their musical peers go out and perform a tribute to them covering their songs then end it that way. Everyone gets along, no one fights and both sides are happy!

  17. the current model- who cares, Thought Gene and Paul was retiring and the band would go on as KISS II so how does that affect the current model? As I always say KISS is not kiss without the 4 originals and if they don’t go in the HOF that way it’s not KISS. As I recall the ‘fans’ want to hear the old songs not the ‘new’ stuff that don’t sound good at all. I find I funny that Gene and Paul got mad at Ace and Peter for drugs but no one ever says crap about the 2 and their ‘sins’ I am glad that they finally got over their addictions. Fame and egos.. need I say more.

  18. Gene and Paul have always been egotistic, controlling jerks and it only has gotten worse over the years. Maybe we just see it more now because of the internet instead of 3 month old interview’s in Circus magazine like back in the 70’s and 80’s lol
    Put aside the addiction issues for a minute . A band consists of at least 4 members . Gene and Paul started Kiss and think they get to run every aspect of the band . You cannot run a band like that without the other members finally getting fed up with it. I think Ace and Peter were equally popular in the 70’s and again from 96 -00 in the eye’s of the fans as Paul and Gene .
    You cant pay two equally popular members less , not let them contribute on the first release w/ them in 17 years ( which is a shame as , personally, I think Ace can write and replicate makeup Kiss better than any of them ; Anomaly !! and 80’s releases) , and expect it to work PERIOD

    So . No matter what Gene and Paul say in interviews ( NO MATTER WHAT ) its all about the Gene and Paul show and not about being a band.
    And they just dont, and have never , gotten that !
    Now they have what they have is two ” yes sir puppets ” and will never give that up . And they will copy the 70’s era as thats where the most money can be made.
    Sad as a fan for 37 years . Well 25 years as I was done in 2000 ….

      1. Brian
        I’m not saying they should have let Ace and Peter run the band . That wouldn’t have worked.. Hell,they had managers doing everything. I’m saying when you’re in a band all four guys contribute unless your Trent Reznor from 9 ” Nails.
        And when all four guys are equally popular you all get paid the same Period !
        Eddie can account for this ; Gene went from filling half full arena’s in the 80’s and 90’s to sell outs everywhere when Ace and Peter came back . That warrants EQUAL PAY .
        When you sit down with your band, you shouldn’t have to hand your songs over to Paul and Gene for approval like on PC release .
        Paul even went so far as to hand Pete’s songs back and give him a song he wrote and said this will be your Beth .
        How do you expect people to work together like that . Unless they are a hired muscian like Thayer and Singer . Thats when the magic and chemistry is gone

        1. Oh stop. That does NOT warrant equal pay. Paul and Gene founded the band, and kept it going ergo they should make the most money. I saw Ace Frehley play a bar called Billy Goat’s Bar in Maryland back in 1993/1994. There were approximately 20 -30 people there… no joke. There was no stage – just a designated area in the bar. Ace went from that, to making 10-15 thousand a show during the Reunion Tour. That is more than adequate.

  19. Is it just me or is this whole thing overblown. IT’S JUST TWO SONGS ON ONE NIGHT!!! And chances are the RnRHOF will want Detroit Rock City and Rock N Roll All Night.

    It’s not a whole tour or album. A 2 hour rehearsal and a 10 minute performance. That is what we’re debating. If these guys are still only friendly terms why is this going down the road of VH / GnR where we’ll get Paul Shaffer doing Beth or something horrible like that.

    Real debate should be who gets to induct (and perform before) the band.


  21. I think the Hall allowing Robert Trujillo to be inducted with Metallica sets a precedent that would allow KISS to have any members besides the original four inducted. It would be up to Gene and Paul. I think they will induct all members except for Mark St John and Vinnie Vincent. Mark was only on album and they just don’t like Vinnie.

  22. Imo
    These are the two most likely scenarios that Paul will decide on and that the Hall will agree to :

    1) Paul plays in full makeup with Ace and Peter thinking it isnt gonna effect current makeup Kiss because the people watching the ceromony that will go to a Kiss concert nowadays may not even know who Ace & Peter are and to them it dosent matter. They just see four makeup guys on stage thus not risking tarnishing his current fake makeup brand ………..
    So many in attendence these days at Kiss concerts are just ” fair weather concert goers” that go to see Kiss for the first time just to see what all the hype is about and the attitude is ” hey we have to see Kiss live once ” …. Just like a Stones concert for alot of people. I’ve run into so many people like this over the last 12 years and they usually go see them at our state fair. They dont know any members names except Gene.
    I truly believe that alot of fans like myself , left in 2001. And Kiss has been promoting themselves to the fair weather fans with Lane Bryant fashion shows, dr. pepper commercials, grand marshals at racing events , reality shows, ever since, knowing that alot of their once loyal army has left ……

    2) Paul agree’s to play only with no makeup knowing that alot of future kiss concert attendee’s dont watch the rrhof and if they did they dont know what catman and spaceman look like without makeup when they see Ace and Peter thus not risking tarnishing the current Kiss brand .

    ***Thayer and Singer will be no where in site of the original 4

    What I really hope for is Peter ( Ace wont) will say something about the current makeup Kiss . Something like ” Ace and I are flattered that Paul and Gene are trying to honor what a great band we were by recreating the 70’s with their band now ”
    That would be fucking awesome !!
    What a subtle jab . And why not . Gene and Paul are never gonna play or maybe not even talk to them again anyway . Thats a fact.
    In fact, I’m sure they will continue to bash them for years to come anyway .
    I know Ace and Peter want to be classy and they can but please, please just do a subtle jab or two in your speech . This is their only chance. When everyone is watching . Paul and Gene have been trashing them for years

  23. Hello, Mr. Trunk. This is my first time writing and I am pleased to say I am a still good looking fifty four year old old school metal fan. Have a comment about what you stated about the HOF wielding a lot of influence about what happens at the ceremony. If you recall your metal history, years ago Tollingk Stone ran an interview with Mr.Hetfield who told the interviewer when asked why Mr. Mustaine was left out of the induction despite having been a member of Metallica albeit he wasin the band short period of time, he was a member of said band whether people like it or not, said Mustaine was left out because he was not in the band long enough. To this day, I think that was a hateful thing to do, and my p9oint to you is, that iit goes to show you that certain band members have a lot more say in who is or who is not inducted and who is not. By the way, love your show for what your’re doing for metal.

  24. I think Eddie spends entirely too much time ‘stirring the pot’ at the expense of those whom he can not gets favors from. Not everyone desires your company Eddie. Nobody cares whether you agree with KISS’ business model. And if the band EVER thought you were a friend to them, they certainly know better now. Having a difference of opinion is one thing, but you’ve been on nothing short of a campaign to discredit Paul and Gene because, for some reason, you think they owe you something. Every nuance of a discussion from Paul or Gene is being hyped by YOU to keep this tension alive and thus keep YOU in the spotlight while we wait for the band’s induction. Once again, you’re riding off their coat tails by creating conflict where there isn’t any. Quit playing naive to your audience and act like you understand these four men know how to play the media. It’s the last time all four will be together and it will be for a career award. They will be there and Gene will do everything he can to profit from it afterwards. There’s no mystery to any of this. And I’m sure someone gave YOU free tickets to the event, while everyone else has to shell out the big money. That’s not a fan, that’s an opportunist kissing butt to promote himself. So quit acting innocent in all this. You’re benefiting as much as you can from discussing this. And do so after you cried you would never talk about them again. My how things change.

    1. I benefit from this huh? AMAZING! Kind of like saying sports talk is benefiting from NFL playoffs happening. I mean I am rock media and have been screaming for Kiss TO BE in the HOF for decades. But you just choose to drum up some negative baseless angle that makes zero factual sense. It takes a warped person to attack me for DISCUSSING and covering this when I was one of the few vocal in the media that Kiss SHOULD GET IN! Pathetic intelligent debate and discussion about what is of interest to my audience is considered “stirring the pot”, but when you are drinking the Kool Aid so be it…

      1. ‘Pathetic intelligent debate’? Let’s drop the theatrics Eddie. EVERYBODY knows this move is financially motivated by the HOF. Nobody held them at gun point and put KISS in. If getting into the Hall was easy, no one would care about the induction and this institution would have dried up years ago. They make it hard to build demand so people will watch and come to the center to celebrate when these bands finally get in. Are there people on the board who hate KISS? Probably so. They probably have some people on the board that hate the Beatles too. Personal bias is not how any successful business makes money. They go where it’s green… just like you. Case in point – These guys have flipped you off so many times, I’ve lost count. Would I feel like you? Probably so. But you’re also going to keep doing what’s good for business, which means you’re going to keep talking about them, even if in private you call them SOB’s. HOF works like that too. So KISS is hardly the first or the last band that will appear to be ‘rejected’ for their contributions. That’s why I roll my eyes when you pretend to be some “passionate fan” crying for their ‘right’ to be inducted. That’s so naive. You’ve been around the block in this business. You know how it works. They were getting with or without your commentary. When you make those impassioned pleas, you’re just singing to the choir. You’re not walking out on a limb. You’re pouring the Kool-aid they all drink from and trying to paint yourself as some kind of “rebel” for stating the obvious. NO ONE in the media is raising an eyebrow over KISS being inducted. It’s an obvious choice. It’s just a news maker because they finally got in. Good for the HOF. They did their marketing well. They made some headlines. Nothing warped in that assessment whatsoever. And if you think Paul doesn’t play the media, then where the hell have you been as a supposed KISS fan? Him being at odds with Ace and Peter is as predictable a script as comparing each new KISS record with Destroyer. So yes, you take those media nuggets and stir the pot. If you really dislike how these guys treat you, quit playing their stooge every time they throw out a one-liner. They absolutely know how to get the most out of you without coming anywhere near you.

        1. Wow Tom, you seem to really have this all figured out. Good for you! And I’m the one being “played”. There are so many things off with this I wouldn’t know where to begin…but you have your right to an opinion… wow

          1. Please explain the innuendo that I’m being played? I’m not remotely in Paul or Gene’s camp. I thought their last two records stunk to high hell ( So Cali you can put to rest any suggestion I’m Paul Stanley). Both efforts were amateurish at best in my book. I would rather listen to the Elder backwards five times than struggle through those two records again. The Medicare boys SEEM to think writing new songs about chasing a piece of ass is something today’s kids need to hear. It’s really scary if you give it more than two minutes consideration. But as far as the KISS marketing machine goes, I don’t see the mystery here. So it seems laughable to me that someone as seasoned as you would take issue with how this model works. Lets erase for one minute you’re a fan. Let’s forget that the excitement and novelty of meeting most anyone in this business probably dimmed a long time ago.

            KISS has ALWAYS been about pushing whatever their current image is. In the beginning they wore makeup for attention. Then someone told them to stay hidden to hype it more. Then they were told to write an anthem-style song to give fans a message to rally around them. Then they had to explain why they wore the makeup, so they pushed this idea it was an “extension of their personalities”. But here’s the thing… It’s all marketing Eddie. And more importantly, it came from people other than members of the band.

            There was never a moment when any of those band members sat down on their own authority and said any of these things between themselves as a reason to be in KISS. Allot of it came from Aucoin or others in charge of promoting them. So why do you defend the messaging from that era as if it was any more legitimate than what it is today? They got rid of Criss and changed the character because they legally had to (but demanded they still be considered “KISS”). They took off the makeup entirely but demanded everyone still see them as “KISS”. Cycled through endless guitarists in the early 80’s, but said, “We’re still KISS”. And when they put the makeup back on, they tried to claim this was how they always ‘should have been’. Oh surprise, surprise. The only consistent truth in their history has been what line of bull they will say to promote their current lineup. So my question to you Eddie is pretty simple… Why does ANY OF THIS surprise you?

            They’re pushing an old image that has always made them the most money. But it’s an old image someone else fine-tuned and gave a message to that was not part of the band. So what is sacred my friend? Why not let Tommy and Eric wear that makeup? Someone told Ace and Peter what to do with it. Someone else made those outfits for them in the 70’s. Where is the crime here? It’s the same narrative. People are acting offended because they’re still wallowing in the brainwash that was sold to them decades ago. It’s a fairy tale. But more importantly, it was manufactured hype. What they’re doing today is absolutely NO DIFFERENT than what they did when they first got together. They promote and sell spectacle.

            You call yourself a journalist. Why not report on the career-long hypocrisy of KISS? Why not explain that Ace and Peter had to give up those rights to let Tommy and Eric wear the makeup today? Unfortunately, none of that sells. And unfortunately that would REALLY put you on a limb. The reality of business is not always as sexy as the marketing that, by nature, will wax-poetic. The narrative from the 70’s is the story Aucoin sold the public while he tried to keep four very confused kids together while they all crumbled under the stress of massive fame. Both Paul and Gene were epic screw ups just like Ace and Peter. Only Ace and Peter went about it in a way that made them easier targets when credit or blame was divided out by Paul and Gene.

          2. Honestly I can’t sit here and argue Kiss stuff. It is really silly at this point. Everyone has their opinions and conclusions. You clearly have no clue of my 30 year history discussing EVERY aspect of Kiss and so many other bands. Selective stuff you and a few decide to dissect and pounce on, forgetting 30 years of positives, support, and screaming to get them in the HOF for so long the President of it came on my radio show. But you don’t get that. Just the little you truly know about what goes on. Believe what you want about me and Kiss. I have WAY too much to do and too many other bands to deal with that have fans that can deal with opinions and debate.. I’m done with how absurd this all is.

          3. Tom you just dont get it do you .
            Eddie is first and foremost a fan just like all of us . We devoted alot of our time , money, and most importantly, our passion, for this band over most of our lives and received so much enjoyment from Kiss over all these years .I’m a 46 year old man who lives in st.paul, mn and who has loved being a Kiss fan from 76 to 01 . My Dad took me to my first Kiss concert in 79 and so did many parents around our neighborhood .
            What Gene and Paul have done to this version, the makeup version ,to try and make the most money with ticket sales is a big “fuck you” to so many fans. Not to mention Pete and Ace . Especially now as they have more than enough money ( its actually pretty pathetic) . That makeup belongs to real people that fans fell in love with . Not some fucking character . What does that say about what Gene and Paul think about the fans that MADE them in the 70’s and LET THEM survive the 80’s ? They dont even have much of a real army now . Just a bunch of Joe Blows who own their greatist hits release going to the shows.
            I think you are reading way to much into why you think Eddie is doing things . Eddie is just a passionate, die hard fan like all of us ( except you ) talking about our opinions . Thats another reason why , I think, people like TMS . They are just like my friends and I , and talk just like we talk to each other about a big part of our life ; Metal . Why does Eddie have to remain neutral on this ? This is how he feels . What does he gain finacially by not liking what Gene and Paul have done now . He just happens to feel the way thousands and thousands of fans feel There is no underlying motive .

            And Peter selling their makeup design is non topic starter . Who knows
            what happened during the ending of their ties w/ Paul and Gene . Who knows how much they spent to buy it. Who knows how broke Ace and Peter might have been when it went down. I , in no way, care ,or think ,it must mean that Ace and Peter didn’t care about their personas or fans.
            Kiss fans from the 70’s and 80’s are in a league of their own . So when you have Gene and Paul so blatantly say ” fuck you ” to their fans and members of the band with their comment’s and actions you are going to see this kind of backlash and debate . Eddie just happens to be one of us only in the media.
            The way you talk make’s me honestly believe you are not a fan but, in fact , working in the Kiss camp . And it seems as though you feel Eddie has all this pull with the thoughts and opinion’s of Kiss fans which , quite frankly , is insulting !

      2. Haha, ‘Tom’ is probably Paul Stanley…. make you wonder, huh?

        BTW, Tom, Eddie isn’t creating conflict, he is reporting the ‘news and information’. The conflict is being started by Paul- NOT Gene. Paul posting various snarply tweets- yes I made that word up- has gotten fans into an uproar and they have come here to vent and voice their opinion.

        Paul has got this volcano riled up, not Eddie. He just reports on it.

  25. you know what i find funny is in 2001 ace frehley had no problem playing with eric singer in the cat makeup and in 2003 peter criss had no problem playing with tommy thayer in the space makeup. why?? cause they were getting paid. dont let ace and peter bullshit you there just as greedy and money hungry as gene and paul and as far as ed trunk goes he is a jilted ex lover. paul stanley threw him out of the kiss camp and ed cant deal with that. ed all his life has tried to play both sides of the fence with kiss. also notice that ed goes on and on talking about kiss but gene and paul say nothing!! ed thinks he is an important person and that kiss should need him but guess what ed they dont!!

    1. When did I ever say they needed me?? Where does this stuff come from? It is AMAZING the things people conjure up! Truly stunning conclusions some reach based on nothing! Why the hell would they talk about me??? I am in the MEDIA! It’s my job to talk about this and all other major rock stories! NEVER saw people behave like this for a band I screamed about being in the HOF for decades while others called them a joke! It is madness! And I have done just fine thank you without Kiss doing my shows. TMS is over 100 episodes and counting without G&P. It’s the FANS that ask them about it. If you had a clue you’d know that.

      1. you are always saying how paul and gene should come on your show and discuss your issues.
        my question is why? who are you to them? they prob think your a pion but yet you think they should come on your show. why would paul stanley care about you or wanna make up with you?? your not that important and by you keep running your mouth about kiss and the hall of fame you are ruining it for us die hard fans with you going on and on about what you think kiss should do for the hall of fame. thats why paul stanley put out those tweets cause people like you run your mouth and paul says oh yeah ill show you. please keep quiet and talk about ufo thanks!

        1. Wow, thanks for giving me so much power and influence. To be able to ruin the HOF?!? To get Paul to tweet about what you suspect is ME? I guess I have a ton of juice in this world! Scary, truly scary the conclusions people reach. And sorry for doing my job covering a story in rock. Please if you don’t like it why are you constantly on here? Had no idea I had all this power, flattering indeed, so thanks.
          PS: Stunning no acknowledgement of all the positives I say. Just find the 1% negative and pounce! Amazing..

          1. ed, i have been listening to you since the wdha days. i actually enjoyed your shows. my only problem and why i now hate listening to your shows is all you do is talk about kiss. everything leads to a kiss comment. how many times do we have to hear about poor ed being kicked out of the kiss camp and how you have no idea why and how your the only new york area radio guy to support them and how you started the merry kiss special yes we know all this ed. thank you for that but enough already.

          2. Really Rob? Strange assesment by you? Not sure exactly what you are listening too but just did several shows and didn’t discuss Kiss at all… Maybe I should stop covering major stories in rock? And maybe I should also just stop doing that annual all Kiss show. Seems like it is bothering you hearing all their music from all their eras? I’m sure Z100 or some other station will support the bands music when I’m done…

          3. This schlep is some pimple faced bored teenager egging you on. Or some old, 400 lb man in Toad Suck, Arkansas who missed out on the ’70’s and is trying to relive it here.

  26. Paul is usually the classy one in Kiss….too bad he is acting like a total douche regarding the RRHOF.

    Get over yourself Starchild, even if it is for a few hours and enjoy the three other bands mates who made you filthy rich and famous.

  27. It’s so damn obvious.. both the fans and the hall want the original 4 only. I don’t care if they wear make-up and costumes or not. Each member gets a a little time to thank their family and friends and at the end, Paul thanks Carr, Vincent, St. John, Kulick, Delaney, Aucoin, Bogart, etc with something at the end about Thayer and Singer keeping the machine going, blah blah blah.

    Gene and Paul are just so delusional now. At this point, is Kiss anything more than the most well funded tribute band in history?

  28. I have been a life long KISS fan (of the original line up) and when Ace and Peter left the first time they gave up their shares of the KISS pie there’s no argument there, what I have a problem with is when they say something then turn around and change there words to make it seem that its someone else’s fault that they are in the predicament they are in now, an example of this for me was during the farewell tour and I have watched and listened to that announcement time and time again with Paul saying “in actuality the original line up is responsible for the whole history of this band and should be celebrated that way”
    the link above is the announcement I found on you tube just in case you wanted to listen yourself, now is Paul changing his words once again just as they did then? My point about this is for one reason only, this is why im no longer a life long KISS ARMY member or fan, because they say one thing and do another and they are taking what’s left of a once great rock band that meant something not just to me but many many others who grew up with them and standing up for listening to them and spreading the message about them all those years ago and to see them in the state they are now, I would just rather remember them the way they were and not for not being able to put aside differences for a couple of hours and just do the right thing for a change.

  29. When asked further about his stance on having recent members Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer perform at the ceremony, Frehley responded, “I don’t have a problem with Tommy and Eric being there out of makeup, if I’m in makeup, because they’re a big part of Kiss today. If those guys want to come up, out of makeup, and do “Rock And Roll All Nite” with the whole cast of the show, that would be a great thing. They deserve a little…….ACE FREHLEY WOW THEY DESERVE ALITTLE? Bruce, Vinnie Tommy and Eric can play with hall and oats, gee ace who are you to say? you were only in the band for 1/3 of their career…. No wonder Paul said no

  30. Eddie it seems like the trunkies dont agree with Aces demand everyone else should play with hall and oats, I think you need to repostion away from The Kiss Amish Army, The hall should not be about the original band, it should be about the band Kiss, all 10 members, and if Ace dont want to play with others, Well he can go play with himself, Peter said hes good at that!

  31. Just some casual observances from recent times: First, Paul Stanley should try to be a little bit more magnanimous because if you’ve actually seen or listened to recent live concerts his voice doesn’t have much left in the tank. I mean it’s sad and painful to listen to at times. Second, for all their hype and marketing, their concert attendance has been good but not great. The ‘hottest’ band in the world’ averages over 5,000 in attendance and placed 79th in concert draw? Not impressed. Third, their concerts seem listless to me- in my OPINION, they’re just seemingly going through the motions. I can view footage from the reunion, Psycho Circus and “Farewell” tours and there’s still such a magical mojo at work. There have been moments of that even with Thayer and Singer but now it just seems so predictable and boring to me. Again, in my opinion. Fourth, despite the vitriol of some of the Peter Criss haters, his recent reunion with Ace Frehley at Eddie’s birthday bash was nothing short of impressive. He can STILL sing at 68 and to come out in front of an audience after 13 years of exile and sing that well, good for him! Fifth, Ace Frehley has never been known as a fabulous singer. I believe even he acknowledges his hesitation at singing, but the man sure can still play a guitar and I his voice is perfectly appropriate and suited for the songs he does sing- like Shock Me or New York Groove. I mean honestly, can you really replace that amazing NY accent singing a song about New York with a guy from the Pacific Coast. It’s just not the same. Finally, Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer are wonderfully talented musicians and I have nothing against them being in the band per se. I believe they are good at what they do. It’s just to me, the same vibe, the same magic and dynamic is just flat and missing. It just feels like they’re (Paul and Gene) walking in their sleep sometimes. If they really want to shake it up, renew some fresh interest, and make the fans swoon they will do the right thing and play as original KISS at least for the HOF induction. The problem is they all four, despite their individual grievances and sometime pettiness, actually do seem to care about each other in a bizarre, rock and roll kind- they just often seem to have a difficult time doing the right thing. At least half of them.

  32. Gene has stated each members differences were also there strength. In the book Nothin to Lose by ken sharp Paul relates a story that he was getting pissed at Ace. He goes back to his hotel room balcony and hears some amazing guitar playing coming from another balcony and it was Ace. Gene and Paul have always said it’s the fan’s band. I know it’s a business but I think they will figure it out and yes Eric Carr and Bruce Kulick should also be honored, as well as everyone who has been in Kiss.

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