As I have said consistently since the announcement that Kiss will be going into the HOF, now is when much of the discussion and negotiation on what goes down starts to happen. You have what Ace and Peter want, what Gene & Paul want, and what the HOF itself wants to happen, and somewhere it all needs to be worked out. With the holidays behind us expect info to come out as we get closer to the date and the various parties talk. There is already some very differing information coming out now as a matter of fact. If you listen to my interview with Ace (now on my home page for all to hear), it is clear he would like the original band to be featured since they are the members actually being inducted. Speaking of that, there has been much debate since the announcement on even this topic. The HOF makes that call and they decided the founding members only. That’s what I was told by several people who actually have votes. That could also be an issue on how this goes down and something being discussed internally. My view on it personally is if it isn’t just the original band, then it should be ALL the people that have been a part of it. But everyone has consistently told me, including voters, it is only the original four actually being inducted. That does not mean however that others from the bands history won’t be there and won’t even potentially be involved as was the case with Heart and others. Ace also stated in the interview with me the HOF wanted the band in makeup which he was open to. Both Peter and Ace said they spoke with Gene and Paul and vibes were good before the holidays. Ace expressed concern in my interview about how the current band would be represented vs him and Peter who are actually being honored. Ace’s concern is also likely fueled by a VH1 Rock Honors event in 2006 where he was in the strange position of not being allowed to play with Kiss, while Tommy did dressed as him. Ace played with the tribute band that night to Kiss.


Last night Paul Stanley’s twitter account showed a glimpse into the very different views about what will and won’t go down and the issues that still need to be worked through. You can check the feed for yourself @paulstanleylive When asked last night if the original band would play together at the HOF his response is “seems unlikely”. When asked if he thinks working with Ace & Peter would be better now that both are sober he responded “No”. When asked if he would wear makeup with Ace & Peter he responded “No way”.


This is clearly a shift in what fans thought and were hoping for and what Ace and Peter mentioned. It also points to the various egos, posturing and control issues that could turn something the fans have wanted for 15 years into a train wreck! Paul’s answers do not surprise me at all. For Gene and Paul this puts them in a tough spot having to reconnect with members they’d prefer not to deal with no doubt, and who they have spent the last 10 years trying to recreate in the current band. Quite frankly coming out with the original band once again in makeup opens up a huge can of worms with fans that they have been trying to keep a lid on for a decade. It does not work with what they are currently trying to sell so well. And make no mistake, like it or not, they know seeing the original four in makeup again would be HUGE for fans and put a dent in what they have been selling to fans; that it doesn’t matter so much who’s behind the makeup. So you can already see how some of this is playing out. Gene & Paul on one side trying to protect the current Kiss and not go down reunion road again, and Ace & Peter wanting to be sure their night being inducted pays tribute to them, and not other versions of the band not being inducted. Nobody wearing makeup would take away some of the confusion as to who is who, but as per Ace the HOF really wanted the band in costume.


I understand Gene & Paul wanting to protect their current business model. Trust me, they know and have seen first hand the avalanche a reunion, even for a few hours, with Ace & Peter will cause (MTV Unplugged). It would be nice to think for one night the fans could celebrate the original bands induction with all of them working together for a few hours. Then bring up everyone from KISStory at the end for a jam or something. But I suspect this has many twists and turns still to come and Paul’s tweets last night give just a little peak into how this could unfortunately get very messy. If you are planning on buying tickets to this to see a Kiss reunion even for a couple songs as many have told me, I would seriously hold off. Looks like much still to be decided and as per Paul’s verified Twitter account it doesn’t sound promising at the moment. Listen to the interview with Ace I did a couple weeks ago, then read Paul’s tweets last night. This isn’t me stirring the pot or with any inside information. Just doesn’t take a genius to see there are some very different opinions as to how this should go down already. We shall see…I’m sure much more as we go.

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  • Ken on

    To me, Paul’s comments are just intended to misdirect fans. As you mentioned, the coming weeks will be filled with discussion and negotiation. I’m sure the original four will share the stage to be inducted, but they may or may not want to perform together again as KISS. We shall see. It’s their band, but certainly it would be a nice gesture and show of respect to the fans to at least play one tune. The most important part to me is KISS are finally IN.

    • Eddie on

      I seriously do not think it has anything to do with misdirection..

    • Ken on

      Just a guess on my part, but Gene’s ego is too big to not want to be on stage at the RRHOF. He’d much rather perform with Ace and Peter than not perform at all. There’s no reason for KISS to make a full announcement today on what they’ll do in April, so I say Paul is bluffing to a certain extent. Like I said, we shall see…

    • Joe P on

      You are right I think. And that would be the reason Gene isn’t taking as hard a line about it in the press as Paul is.

    • Patrick Kennison on

      I actually can see Paul misdirecting fans. That way if it pans out it’s a “big surprise”. But if it doesn’t, he can save face by implying “I told you so”…..

    • JB on

      So maybe Paul’s Pulling an Al Gore……IF global warming happen he can say I told you so, if it doesn’t or isn’t really happening, he can say he fixed it………win win……

    • Joe P on

      You are an idiot.

    • Dwayne on

      As a fan of the original KISS since 1975 and still a fan, I’m not sure how to handle it. The reunion of 1996 had me so excited. Finally KISS back in make up and, I’m sure Ace and Peter won’t blow it. From reading the first 3 autobiographies, these guys had an opportunity to redeem themselves and make a boat load of money but Peter wasn’t happy and Ace quit again. There’s no way Gene and Paul were gonna split the KISS empire into 4 equal pieces. I say play together one more time and let it go. It’s one night at the RRHOF. Eric and Tommy will understand, I’m sure. Bruce should be there too.

    • Mark on

      Thanks for your openness on the ace and Peter issue. Do you think then that Paul and gene recognise that you do have a degree of media Power and influence over a key hard rock /kiss audience and can alter or subjugate the current kiss model?
      Since they refuse to address you or your audience and Paul’s recent tweet about “people outside of the band” was I believe directed at your media voice, I think they believe you have the potential to circumvent the current business model and offer a traditional/true version of kiss not the half a cover band model

    • oliverkicksass on

      I agree, this isn’t misdirection. I can see it now, Gene and Paul accepting in make up and Ace and Peter accepting in street clothes. The current line up will take the stage and Ace and Peter will only play at the end of the night. Fans=disappointed. Hopefully they at least acknowledge Eric Carr during their speeches.

    • MELISSA on

      I don’t think it has anything to do with misdirection. As Eddie said, I believe that the HOF will have moresay than we’d all like to think. Most KISS Army members, including myself, believe that ALL members should be inducted…because without each one, KISS would not be where they are today. Irregardless of how it plays out, the jam session at the end, with everyone, would be awesome!!

    • David on

      I agree, Ken.

    • Joe P on

      Eddie’s comments regarding the HOF itself are probably spot on. Idk what they arw willing to do or allow. When Creedence Clearwater Revival was indicted, John Fogerty refused to appear onstage with Stu Cook and Doug Clifford. Even to accept the induction. The HOF allowed Fogerty to go on and accept and perform without them.They sat in the audience, humiliated. So who knows.

  • John on

    Kiss and not Deep Purple? What a joke!

    • krippleone on

      no kidding. i love kiss BUT…

    • Ronnie Borchert on

      If KISS does not play with Peter and Ace??? Fuck them!!! The fake guys are lame and real KISS fans are not into those dudes..the music has went down hill and it is horrible that they have the fake guys with Ace and Peter’s make up on…How retarded is that? Vinnie had his own and Eric had his own..Paul and Gene!!! Wake the fuck up man!!! Your killing real KISS fans!! Lost my respect.

    • JIm Fitzsimmons on

      KISS is the original four. Anyone else definitely is keeping some part of KISS alive, but Ace and Peter will ALWAYS be a integral part of this history. I grew up with them, and it is deserving only to the originals who made this band what it ever was. If it wasn’t for Ace and Peter, Eric and Tommy wouldn’t have a persona to follow. Give Gene, {aul, Ace, and Peter their night and induct them to the HOF, and allow all of the other members, current and past be present. Not in makeup.

    • John Reynolds on

      KISS HAS NO RIGHT TO BE IN HALL OF FAME.. PERIOD and I am a HUGE ACE and Peter Fans, just HATE Stanley and $IMMONS

    • kevin cahill on

      John i soo agree with you Peter was my drumming idol growing up and my son and I had the misfortune to see the current version live and they were horrible the more talented half is definitely Peter and Ace

    • George on

      Peter can’t play a lick anymore and you and your son must be horrible drummers if you learned from him…Eric Carr and Eric Singer are real rock drummers….Peter is a novelty act…you and the moron before you saying Kiss shouldn’t be on the HOF should take your stupidity elsewhere…

    • Bryan Thompson on

      Hey George!! Id say you have never played in a band or play an instrument with your stupid comments about PETER CRISS. He can still play don’t fucking kid yourself man. And listen to Destroyer! Peter killed it!! I saw this version of KISS live in Dec. of “09. Not a bad show but not anywhere close to the original members live. The energy level wasn’t even close. Sorry but I don’t think Eric is a better drummer than Peter. Just don’t. different styles. Peter’s drumming defined the KISS sound and Gene said that himself more than one time. Im sure you even think his voice sucks.. LOL. Gene said it himself. “nothing campares to Ace, Peter, Paul and Gene in full makeup and bombastic stage show. everything else pales in comparison” and he is so right. Paul.. Please listen to your fans. Let the past be the past and forgive and move on and do the right thing man. Gene wants to play with Ace and Peter that’s obvious in his interviews. Gene’s a very smart business man and he knows it wont fly with the fans not playing with you original 4. IT WONT WORK PAUL TO HAVE TOMMY AND ERIC UP THERE!!!! Don’t disrespect us fans on this one Paul. Ive spent thousands of dollars on your band over the years so my input should count. not to mention standing up for KISS and taking all that shit from a lot of kids in school that hated KISS. I was there for KISS with my heart and soul (not to mention my wallet) NOW BE THERE FOR US!!!!

    • ss on

      Inane statement.

    • paul miller on

      Fans voted Purple did not make the vote I am dis appointed

    • Mark on

      Why can’t they both be in?? Not a joke if you
      Know musicality and specific rock arrangements
      That are well renowned. Classical musicians
      who played with KISS at the Melbourne symphony
      had utmost respect for the KISS repertoire. Ace has influenced countless musicians
      You are the joke!!!

    • Rich on

      If Purple ever gets in do you think Ritchie and David would show up?

  • Larry Gambrell on

    Too much politicking and it seems that there is still some unresolved crap with the original four.
    Honestly Eddie, I know you love the music but I abhor all of the stuff that your article talks about. I really have always tried to stay away from this BS, because if you know too much you could really end up hating the band. I just try to focus on the music and stay clear of the other crap. Alas, you don’t really have that luxury.

    • Eddie on

      Good point Larry. I will always be a fan of the music, but this is also my business and my responsibility to fans of mine to keep them informed. Thanks

    • fat lando on

      Eddie, thank you so much for all you do in keeping Kiss fans informed, whether some like it or not, I’m a kiss fan for life since 1977. Although I don’t like the current direction the band is taking I still support them…just like my San Diego Chargers!! Go Bolts!

    • mark cianfarani. on

      I agree eddie. although we are all kiss fans through our hearts. somehow! I personally will feel cheated. if thee original four, do not get inducted. full make up required. im not on anyone’s side here, but just beign a huge fan of kiss. but it seems to me, that gene n paul. at every big opportunity, do not miss throwing jabs at ace n peter. even though ace states, he is on a somewhat friendly basis with paul n gene. if you notice with the last ten years of this form of th band. gene n paul, would at the beginning be their in interviws, always had the most to say, as usual.lol. but you could see eddie. littleby little. eric n tommy. starting to be a lot more involved in interviews, promotional appearances ect. really smart on my part. yes! im one of the ones, that will always want thee original four members. always thought,when they wer’e onstage, there was this majic about kiss. just never got that same feeling, with eric n tommy. but I guess! I agree when gene said! some people are not equipt to run marathons. its notin their dna. god bless kiss army.

    • David B. on

      Unfortunately, hating the band is already a work in progress for some people. I realize I do not know these people personally but man is Paul Stanley coming across as an ego-centric, conceited…(well I’ll be nice here)…know-it-all. Over the years Paul has made some pretty disparaging remarks about “die-hard Fans”…setlists and so on and he was not remotely cool about it. With this…it’s really turning me off to the band. Even more so than anything Gene Simmons has said over the years. They are clearly NOT here for the fans (unless you are a casual fan who only likes Lick It Up) and they clearly do NOT listen to them one bit and that is a shame. I have a band called Shadow Circus and we’ve been doing this for 8 years now and ya know…if we ever had the honor of getting nominated for the Hall and I hated my original drummer (which I do btw…LOL)…I’d be able to put it behind me for ONE NIGHT. Play for the fans and then continue moving forward. End of story. Doesn’t seem that hard…

  • Tim Ryan on

    I think KISS should be inducted the way Fleetwood Mac & Metallica was. Bring up past & current members. Celebrate the Kisstory of the band.

    Ditch the makeup. Let the original 4 members speak. Say something nice about the members who have passed away. Go sit down! All Jam at the end of the night!

    Just my 2 cents!


    • Tim Ryan on

      On a side note, I think Eric Carr & Bruce Kulick should be inducted too. Both were instrumental (no pun intended.) in moving KISS forward. There were a lot of great tunes produced with the Simmons, Stanley, Carr, Kulick lineup! They are the classic non-makeup lineup!

    • Patrick Kennison on

      I agree Tim. They need to include a tribute to Mark St. John for his work on Animalize. And even though he’s a loose canon, Vinnie jumpstarted the band on Creatures & Lick It Up. I hope they acknowledge this at the ceremony in some form or other.

    • J.S. Wilson on


  • EEK on

    I think with the age they’re at the makeup and wigs look plain ridiculous – and I say that as a diehard fan in the 70s all the way up until Psycho Circus came out. If anything I’d love to see the original lineup looking like the 60+ year old rockers they are in their street clothes play a few tunes like they did in Unplugged. The HOF probably wants the originals in makeup because it would be publicity for the HOF.

    • David B. on

      Dude, you hit the nail on the head!!! Exactly!!!

    • Frank on

      I agree completely. Watching them play without make up in reg. cloths at Alice Coopers benefit was awesome. Paul seemed to have a little more bounce in his step and the band looked good.

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