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As I have said consistently since the announcement that Kiss will be going into the HOF, now is when much of the discussion and negotiation on what goes down starts to happen. You have what Ace and Peter want, what Gene & Paul want, and what the HOF itself wants to happen, and somewhere it all needs to be worked out. With the holidays behind us expect info to come out as we get closer to the date and the various parties talk. There is already some very differing information coming out now as a matter of fact. If you listen to my interview with Ace (now on my home page for all to hear), it is clear he would like the original band to be featured since they are the members actually being inducted. Speaking of that, there has been much debate since the announcement on even this topic. The HOF makes that call and they decided the founding members only. That’s what I was told by several people who actually have votes. That could also be an issue on how this goes down and something being discussed internally. My view on it personally is if it isn’t just the original band, then it should be ALL the people that have been a part of it. But everyone has consistently told me, including voters, it is only the original four actually being inducted. That does not mean however that others from the bands history won’t be there and won’t even potentially be involved as was the case with Heart and others. Ace also stated in the interview with me the HOF wanted the band in makeup which he was open to. Both Peter and Ace said they spoke with Gene and Paul and vibes were good before the holidays. Ace expressed concern in my interview about how the current band would be represented vs him and Peter who are actually being honored. Ace’s concern is also likely fueled by a VH1 Rock Honors event in 2006 where he was in the strange position of not being allowed to play with Kiss, while Tommy did dressed as him. Ace played with the tribute band that night to Kiss.


Last night Paul Stanley’s twitter account showed a glimpse into the very different views about what will and won’t go down and the issues that still need to be worked through. You can check the feed for yourself @paulstanleylive When asked last night if the original band would play together at the HOF his response is “seems unlikely”. When asked if he thinks working with Ace & Peter would be better now that both are sober he responded “No”. When asked if he would wear makeup with Ace & Peter he responded “No way”.


This is clearly a shift in what fans thought and were hoping for and what Ace and Peter mentioned. It also points to the various egos, posturing and control issues that could turn something the fans have wanted for 15 years into a train wreck! Paul’s answers do not surprise me at all. For Gene and Paul this puts them in a tough spot having to reconnect with members they’d prefer not to deal with no doubt, and who they have spent the last 10 years trying to recreate in the current band. Quite frankly coming out with the original band once again in makeup opens up a huge can of worms with fans that they have been trying to keep a lid on for a decade. It does not work with what they are currently trying to sell so well. And make no mistake, like it or not, they know seeing the original four in makeup again would be HUGE for fans and put a dent in what they have been selling to fans; that it doesn’t matter so much who’s behind the makeup. So you can already see how some of this is playing out. Gene & Paul on one side trying to protect the current Kiss and not go down reunion road again, and Ace & Peter wanting to be sure their night being inducted pays tribute to them, and not other versions of the band not being inducted. Nobody wearing makeup would take away some of the confusion as to who is who, but as per Ace the HOF really wanted the band in costume.


I understand Gene & Paul wanting to protect their current business model. Trust me, they know and have seen first hand the avalanche a reunion, even for a few hours, with Ace & Peter will cause (MTV Unplugged). It would be nice to think for one night the fans could celebrate the original bands induction with all of them working together for a few hours. Then bring up everyone from KISStory at the end for a jam or something. But I suspect this has many twists and turns still to come and Paul’s tweets last night give just a little peak into how this could unfortunately get very messy. If you are planning on buying tickets to this to see a Kiss reunion even for a couple songs as many have told me, I would seriously hold off. Looks like much still to be decided and as per Paul’s verified Twitter account it doesn’t sound promising at the moment. Listen to the interview with Ace I did a couple weeks ago, then read Paul’s tweets last night. This isn’t me stirring the pot or with any inside information. Just doesn’t take a genius to see there are some very different opinions as to how this should go down already. We shall see…I’m sure much more as we go.


  1. To me, Paul’s comments are just intended to misdirect fans. As you mentioned, the coming weeks will be filled with discussion and negotiation. I’m sure the original four will share the stage to be inducted, but they may or may not want to perform together again as KISS. We shall see. It’s their band, but certainly it would be a nice gesture and show of respect to the fans to at least play one tune. The most important part to me is KISS are finally IN.

      1. Just a guess on my part, but Gene’s ego is too big to not want to be on stage at the RRHOF. He’d much rather perform with Ace and Peter than not perform at all. There’s no reason for KISS to make a full announcement today on what they’ll do in April, so I say Paul is bluffing to a certain extent. Like I said, we shall see…

        1. So maybe Paul’s Pulling an Al Gore……IF global warming happen he can say I told you so, if it doesn’t or isn’t really happening, he can say he fixed it………win win……

        2. As a fan of the original KISS since 1975 and still a fan, I’m not sure how to handle it. The reunion of 1996 had me so excited. Finally KISS back in make up and, I’m sure Ace and Peter won’t blow it. From reading the first 3 autobiographies, these guys had an opportunity to redeem themselves and make a boat load of money but Peter wasn’t happy and Ace quit again. There’s no way Gene and Paul were gonna split the KISS empire into 4 equal pieces. I say play together one more time and let it go. It’s one night at the RRHOF. Eric and Tommy will understand, I’m sure. Bruce should be there too.

      2. Thanks for your openness on the ace and Peter issue. Do you think then that Paul and gene recognise that you do have a degree of media Power and influence over a key hard rock /kiss audience and can alter or subjugate the current kiss model?
        Since they refuse to address you or your audience and Paul’s recent tweet about “people outside of the band” was I believe directed at your media voice, I think they believe you have the potential to circumvent the current business model and offer a traditional/true version of kiss not the half a cover band model

      3. I agree, this isn’t misdirection. I can see it now, Gene and Paul accepting in make up and Ace and Peter accepting in street clothes. The current line up will take the stage and Ace and Peter will only play at the end of the night. Fans=disappointed. Hopefully they at least acknowledge Eric Carr during their speeches.

    1. I don’t think it has anything to do with misdirection. As Eddie said, I believe that the HOF will have moresay than we’d all like to think. Most KISS Army members, including myself, believe that ALL members should be inducted…because without each one, KISS would not be where they are today. Irregardless of how it plays out, the jam session at the end, with everyone, would be awesome!!

    2. Eddie’s comments regarding the HOF itself are probably spot on. Idk what they arw willing to do or allow. When Creedence Clearwater Revival was indicted, John Fogerty refused to appear onstage with Stu Cook and Doug Clifford. Even to accept the induction. The HOF allowed Fogerty to go on and accept and perform without them.They sat in the audience, humiliated. So who knows.

      1. If KISS does not play with Peter and Ace??? Fuck them!!! The fake guys are lame and real KISS fans are not into those dudes..the music has went down hill and it is horrible that they have the fake guys with Ace and Peter’s make up on…How retarded is that? Vinnie had his own and Eric had his own..Paul and Gene!!! Wake the fuck up man!!! Your killing real KISS fans!! Lost my respect.

        1. KISS is the original four. Anyone else definitely is keeping some part of KISS alive, but Ace and Peter will ALWAYS be a integral part of this history. I grew up with them, and it is deserving only to the originals who made this band what it ever was. If it wasn’t for Ace and Peter, Eric and Tommy wouldn’t have a persona to follow. Give Gene, {aul, Ace, and Peter their night and induct them to the HOF, and allow all of the other members, current and past be present. Not in makeup.

      1. John i soo agree with you Peter was my drumming idol growing up and my son and I had the misfortune to see the current version live and they were horrible the more talented half is definitely Peter and Ace

        1. Peter can’t play a lick anymore and you and your son must be horrible drummers if you learned from him…Eric Carr and Eric Singer are real rock drummers….Peter is a novelty act…you and the moron before you saying Kiss shouldn’t be on the HOF should take your stupidity elsewhere…

          1. Hey George!! Id say you have never played in a band or play an instrument with your stupid comments about PETER CRISS. He can still play don’t fucking kid yourself man. And listen to Destroyer! Peter killed it!! I saw this version of KISS live in Dec. of “09. Not a bad show but not anywhere close to the original members live. The energy level wasn’t even close. Sorry but I don’t think Eric is a better drummer than Peter. Just don’t. different styles. Peter’s drumming defined the KISS sound and Gene said that himself more than one time. Im sure you even think his voice sucks.. LOL. Gene said it himself. “nothing campares to Ace, Peter, Paul and Gene in full makeup and bombastic stage show. everything else pales in comparison” and he is so right. Paul.. Please listen to your fans. Let the past be the past and forgive and move on and do the right thing man. Gene wants to play with Ace and Peter that’s obvious in his interviews. Gene’s a very smart business man and he knows it wont fly with the fans not playing with you original 4. IT WONT WORK PAUL TO HAVE TOMMY AND ERIC UP THERE!!!! Don’t disrespect us fans on this one Paul. Ive spent thousands of dollars on your band over the years so my input should count. not to mention standing up for KISS and taking all that shit from a lot of kids in school that hated KISS. I was there for KISS with my heart and soul (not to mention my wallet) NOW BE THERE FOR US!!!!

    1. Why can’t they both be in?? Not a joke if you
      Know musicality and specific rock arrangements
      That are well renowned. Classical musicians
      who played with KISS at the Melbourne symphony
      had utmost respect for the KISS repertoire. Ace has influenced countless musicians
      You are the joke!!!

  2. Too much politicking and it seems that there is still some unresolved crap with the original four.
    Honestly Eddie, I know you love the music but I abhor all of the stuff that your article talks about. I really have always tried to stay away from this BS, because if you know too much you could really end up hating the band. I just try to focus on the music and stay clear of the other crap. Alas, you don’t really have that luxury.

      1. Eddie, thank you so much for all you do in keeping Kiss fans informed, whether some like it or not, I’m a kiss fan for life since 1977. Although I don’t like the current direction the band is taking I still support them…just like my San Diego Chargers!! Go Bolts!

      2. I agree eddie. although we are all kiss fans through our hearts. somehow! I personally will feel cheated. if thee original four, do not get inducted. full make up required. im not on anyone’s side here, but just beign a huge fan of kiss. but it seems to me, that gene n paul. at every big opportunity, do not miss throwing jabs at ace n peter. even though ace states, he is on a somewhat friendly basis with paul n gene. if you notice with the last ten years of this form of th band. gene n paul, would at the beginning be their in interviws, always had the most to say, as usual.lol. but you could see eddie. littleby little. eric n tommy. starting to be a lot more involved in interviews, promotional appearances ect. really smart on my part. yes! im one of the ones, that will always want thee original four members. always thought,when they wer’e onstage, there was this majic about kiss. just never got that same feeling, with eric n tommy. but I guess! I agree when gene said! some people are not equipt to run marathons. its notin their dna. god bless kiss army.

    1. Unfortunately, hating the band is already a work in progress for some people. I realize I do not know these people personally but man is Paul Stanley coming across as an ego-centric, conceited…(well I’ll be nice here)…know-it-all. Over the years Paul has made some pretty disparaging remarks about “die-hard Fans”…setlists and so on and he was not remotely cool about it. With this…it’s really turning me off to the band. Even more so than anything Gene Simmons has said over the years. They are clearly NOT here for the fans (unless you are a casual fan who only likes Lick It Up) and they clearly do NOT listen to them one bit and that is a shame. I have a band called Shadow Circus and we’ve been doing this for 8 years now and ya know…if we ever had the honor of getting nominated for the Hall and I hated my original drummer (which I do btw…LOL)…I’d be able to put it behind me for ONE NIGHT. Play for the fans and then continue moving forward. End of story. Doesn’t seem that hard…

  3. I think KISS should be inducted the way Fleetwood Mac & Metallica was. Bring up past & current members. Celebrate the Kisstory of the band.

    Ditch the makeup. Let the original 4 members speak. Say something nice about the members who have passed away. Go sit down! All Jam at the end of the night!

    Just my 2 cents!


    1. On a side note, I think Eric Carr & Bruce Kulick should be inducted too. Both were instrumental (no pun intended.) in moving KISS forward. There were a lot of great tunes produced with the Simmons, Stanley, Carr, Kulick lineup! They are the classic non-makeup lineup!

      1. I agree Tim. They need to include a tribute to Mark St. John for his work on Animalize. And even though he’s a loose canon, Vinnie jumpstarted the band on Creatures & Lick It Up. I hope they acknowledge this at the ceremony in some form or other.

  4. I think with the age they’re at the makeup and wigs look plain ridiculous – and I say that as a diehard fan in the 70s all the way up until Psycho Circus came out. If anything I’d love to see the original lineup looking like the 60+ year old rockers they are in their street clothes play a few tunes like they did in Unplugged. The HOF probably wants the originals in makeup because it would be publicity for the HOF.

    1. I agree completely. Watching them play without make up in reg. cloths at Alice Coopers benefit was awesome. Paul seemed to have a little more bounce in his step and the band looked good.

  5. This doesn’t have to be a long term reunion by any means. I know the HOF wants them in makeup for the reunion. But, that just seems silly considering that the individual personalities don’t seem to matter to the “business” model in place now. They played a few songs together without makeup on Unplugged almost 20 years ago. Celebrate the four guys that got together (before they were in makeup) and made this big influence. The play together as musicians being honored. Shake hands, smile and make nice for the fans who wanted this and made it happen. Gene and Paul can go back to their business arrangement and Peter and Ace can go back to their careers.
    Leave the egos at the door for one night and move on.

  6. This a very EGO driven thing. For me, The origional lineup was the driving force behind me wanting to play. So for Gene and Paul to be so self centered and non-humble their beginings and not take the stage with the OG crew is a shame.

  7. Eddie,
    You think that this has something to do with the fact that Gene and Paul cannot make any money from this mini and possibly final reunion of the founding 4 members?

  8. Gene & Paul are just dicks no other way to put it.
    If they are so confident in the disney version of kiss then it shouldn’t be a big deal for the originals to play a few songs.

  9. If indeedGene and Paul end up doing the induction and show sans Ace and Peter, I hope the fas revolt by throwing rotten fruit at them. ( Just my opinion. Gene and Paul have been on this power trip too long. Hell I met them back on the Creatures tour and they were all too cool for school. ) They’ve got to be reminded that they are who they are because of us.. the fans who buy their albums, and tickets to their shows. The fans want the original four there, and if the rest of the KISS members come out and jam, hell that’d be cool too. but the original four are being inducted, not the logo and make-up designs that are owned by Gene and Paul.

    1. Love the suggestion for the fans when Gene and Paul take the stage

      Doesn’t it almost feel like the fans wanted this induction more so than those two? Almost as if they would have preferred never being inducted in the first place. But yet they’ll attend and benefit from the ceremony.

      1. You know I’m glad you mention that. Because to me it seems like Paul and Gene don’t want anything to do with KISS fans unless the fans are paying. Take the meet and greets for example,
        people were paying $1000 dollars to have a picture made with them. The reason Paul and Gene won’t go on That Metal Show is because It’s a intimate setting and KISS won’t be able to charge a $1000 dollars to each studio audience member. I wish Gene Simmons would rear end my car. I would own the KISS name when all was said and done.

        1. Other well known celebs are the same way. I paid a LOT to meet a very well known ’70’s sensation back in 2010 and it wasn’t worth the money. There was no personal warmth to it at all. It’s just a money grab. I don’t regret it, but it wasn’t worth the cash.

          I’ve met Criss recently and though he charges for autographs, meeting him was well worth the small price. I understand they make money off of signings and thats fine, he was reasonable and a joy to meet.

          Somehow though Gene says ‘if you see me somewhere, don’t be shy, come up and say hi’ I am wondering if he would be as gracious if someone really did…

          1. Yes I walked up to him at the reopening of planet Hollywood in Vegas a few years ago and he was nice as always, I have met him and Paul at least 4 times, really nice guys.
            I hope this HOF stuff doesn’t get out hand and make the band look like another enterprise and not as a rock and roll band.

  10. When the HOF inductions were announced Gene seemed OK with performing with Peter and Ace for that night. He gave a handful of interviews where when asked, his reply was ‘Sure, why not?’

    He seemed OK with it, as Gene is very well aware of the what the ‘fans’ want. So I am wondering if Paul is REALLY the puppet master behind KISS. After the induction announcement Paul actually posted a photo of Peter on his Twitter feed and said they had just spoken with Peter and everything was all warm and fuzzy. So now I wonder why the big chill?

    Gene has always come across as the heavy, yet deep down I think Gene appreciates the fans and seems encouraging when talking and interacting with them.

    Paul seems like HE is the one who doesn’t want Ace and Peter to contribute. I really hope that he and Gene doesn’t ruin it for everyone.

      1. I agree. For the most part Gene tries to come across as gruff and tough but deep down he knows what the fans want and they want the original four at the HOF. Gene makes it a point to be ‘Mr. Look At ME, I’m SOOO Successful’ but he deep down knows the original four together would be a goldmine. Wouldn’t shock me that an unplugged type of mini tour might even pop up some day in the near future.

        If Paul doesn’t get his knickers twisted up over it.

      2. According to liner notes in the boxed set, it was Paul who wanted the reunion tour after unplugged, and Gene was totally against it. Paul really had to twist Gene’s arm, and he relented. Gene then felt vindicated when things fell apart near the end of the tour.

  11. I have been a KISS fan for so many years I can’t count. Understand the need to go on, this actually could backfire in a real bad way for Paul and Gene. For years the fans for the most part enjoy the product now and accept it, being that what it is, Kiss now is better than no Kiss at all. However with the HOF around the corner, if Paul and Gene are going to do makeup without Peter and Ace or if all 4 are without makeup then this might be the straw that breaks the Kiss back. The integrity of the makeup has taken a slight hit with Eric and Tommy, but if Paul and Gene refuse to do the right thing with the HOF, I don’t think the product will recover. This isn’t just saying a couple of bad quotes in the press about each other, this is a direct hit to the fans. This is an extremely dangerous integrity move on the part of the band. Paul and Gene need to do the right thing, if not, this might indeed be the end of Kiss

  12. I can’t blame Paul and Gene. Peter and Ace have had their issues for years and caused problems in the band. Peter is an ass and not a very good drummer. Paul and Gene just want the band to succeed for the future and not go backwards. Yes it would be nice to see the original members in makeup play but I can’t blame them for not wanting to go there.

    1. Can’t understand why everyone likes to point out various performance problems with Ace or Peter but just looks the other way at the fact that Paul has not been able to sing now for a couple years at all and is croaking up there! Not taking sides as many will say, just calling it as I see it.

      1. Can’t sing AT ALL? That’s silly and overstated. He can still handle a lot of the material. Is he struggling however? Absolutely. Some nights are dreadful. But to say he can’t sing at all puts total lie to the “not taking sides” remark. Best wishes.

          1. Fair enough, I wouldn’t argue that Paul doesn’t sing consistently well anymore. But that wasn’t what Eddie said and I can’t infer his meaning. I took him literally and, as a factual statement, “can’t sing at all” is demonstrably false.

      2. I saw KISS last year for the first and last time with this lineup and Ed is right Paul’s voice is shot I thought Gene actually sounded better.
        As for Ace and Peter I think they can both pull it off Ace has been doing club tours for years and still sounds good and Peter looks healthy prob just needs to get the cob webs out from not playing .

        If Gene & Paul dont let the 4 originals play this is just the last slap in the face for fans like myself who has been a fan since the 70s.

        1. What a croc of crap…”Paul can’t sing.” His voice is aging the same way all our other rock heroes voices are aging. Robert Plant can’t sing the same notes he could in his twenties, Years of abuse have certainly affected Ozzy’s vocal ability and the list goes on. Paul can still sing very well and owes none of us an apology for what he presents to us (his fans) on recordings or live performances. Now on to my next point, Ace is surely a great guitar player and I love his style of playing. Had it not been for the demons he’s battled all these years, in my opinion he might have been held in the highest regards, like many other guitar heroes. But he has battled these demons and it has affected his performances. Same thing with Peter. His drumming was not the greatest in his youth, but it has really been crappy as he’s aged. On the Unplugged concert and the Reunion Tour that followed, its documented that Peter had a great deal of problems keeping up with the tempos and that it was a constant struggle. It’s funny that Eddie doesn’t mind calling out Paul for a biological change in his voice but thinks Ace and Peter’s inadequate performances should be accepted. I don’t get it…. I certainly love the original 4. They are my heroes. I realized a long time ago that that part of my musical life had ended and it wouldn’t ever be the same. I choose to keep supporting my heroes and their products that they produce. I love Ace’s recent Anomoly album, but I also love the latest KISS albums Sonic Boom and Monster. What’s wrong with that? I would love to see the original 4 recognized in the HOF ceremony and they should all have a chance to have their time to speak and thank their many friends, family and fans. But I also believe that we shouldn’t consider these “new members” who’ve actually been in the band longer than some of the originals, as outsiders or enemies. They are just doing what they love, playing rock music and trying to please the fans. So as fans of Ace, Peter, Paul and Gene, lets quit all the infighting and name calling. Lets accept them, faults and all. I sure continue to accept Ace and Peter with all their faults. I feel like Paul and Gene deserve that same level of respect and devotion.

          1. You have lost your mind. I have seen KISS 41 times and on the last tour with Motley Crue, Paul’s voice was in tune but an octive below what it should be. HE DOESNT HAVE THE HIgh range anymore at all. The other stuff sounds great but Paul Stanley was one of the greatest Rock vocalist and simply cant do it any more. Watched the Monster tour on access TV and it was the same old story. NOT EVEN CLOSE. The vocal surgery just did him in.

          2. No. I think Eddie is stating that Paul had a physical problem with his throat, due to years of singing the way he does. As a result he had to have surgery on his vocal cords less than 2 years ago and currently cannot sing. If you doubt it, take a look and listen to the AXStv Monster World Tour concert filmed last may. Whether that ever changes , whether his voice improves? Who knows? But right now? I am a die hard KISS fan since 76. I think Paul Stanley is the greatest frontman of all time. As a singer I have been influenced greatly by him. Having said that, Eddie’s right .Paul can’t sing anymore.

      3. If we may punctuate inconveniences about KISS performing we should not put aside that Gene has been forgetting the lyrics way back from the seventies. Everyone have had this kind of issues across KISStory and that’s why fans thinks G&P are forcing things for bad while keeping Paul groaning on stage. I have always thought they should have quitted right after Farewell Tour with dignity,

        1. I agree, Gene at 63 or 4 in all that makeup flicking his tongue is laughable. I wonder how many years they will keep up with the façade.

          Paul is still in pretty good shape for 61 and of course Tommy and Eric are a decade younger so they’ve got some more time. Gene and Paul should think of retiring KISS period. It should go out gracefully. But they won’t let that happen. Paul and Gene will both be onstage when they’re in a wheelchair and a walker.

      4. Do we really need to see four men 60+ years old in the makeup? Simmons is already starting to look long in the tooth onstage in the Demon getup. Like you said Eddie, Paul’s voice isnt what it used to be. I bet if Gene & Paul had their way they would send out other people in their place and just collect the money. Franchise the KISS show!

      5. To criticize Peter and Ace makes me feel that guy wasn’t a true fan. Ace influenced so many guitarists and Peter was a remarkable drummer. But the best drummer was Eric Carr and I hope he is included in someway. Bruce Kulick too.

      6. OMG!!! I fully agree with you. Peter and Ace sounded really great at your shindig and that was with only one rehearsal. Slamming Ace and Peter without giving them credit for their sobriety and current performance is a slam to the fans as well. God, I was completely turned off by Paul’s Tweets today that I had to start thinking about giving up my Kiss Army membership card that I’ve been carrying for the better part of 37 years…and that’s not easy for me to say.

        1. I agree. Paul’s tweets have been offensive to me too- he is so flip about the two other guys that made KISS what they are today. If not for Peter Criss and Ace Frehley they may have remained an underground rock and roll circus like Gawr.

          On the other hand to give fair credit they may have made it farther faster without Ace and Peter. Who knows? But for the most part, the fans speak all the time. KISS is and always will be for most: Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, Paul Stanley and Peter Criss.

          The raw desire of all FOUR drove them to the top. That was back in a time when hard ass work paid off. Nowadays if you’re cute and can wield a guitar and the right person manages you, you can be a star in six months, talent notwithstanding.

          If Gene and Paul had chosen other founding members, KISS might not even be relevant today. Gene and Paul should NEVER forget that. But somehow I think they have.

      7. Eddie here’s the difference…Paul never left the band and I agree his voice is terrible today, but only for the last 2-3 tours…before that he was one of the best…Peter never was anything more than a mediocre time keeper….Paul’s voice along with Gene has kept the Kiss thing alive since the 80’s which is the ONLY reason the HOF is finally letting them in..40 years in the HOF can’t ignore them anymore. If the band stopped back in the 80’s with no Eric Carr, Vinnie Vincent, etc, there would be no HOF. They would’ve been viewed as a fad for a few years, but 40 years and sill going, not a fad..

        1. So if time is the only reason explain Deep Purple still ignored and older than Kiss? You overestimate the 80’s greatly. The two biggest eras of Kiss were the 70’s and the ’96 reunion, fact regardless of what era you liked. If the HOF had any view on the 80’s they would be inducting those guys. Which by the way I am not against. Just ALL or only the original 4.

    2. I’m going to stick up for Ace and Peter here. Yes they were out of control for years. They both admitted it many times, never in what I’ve read or heard have they tried to downplay their years of abuse and stupidity. I think they both own up to it.

      In reading Peter’s book, I never walked away with the impression that he ‘blamed’ everyone else for his problems. I think people who dislike Ace or Peter will always find the negative or the hidden meaning between the lines. Point is, THEY were KISS. Whether they were good or bad musicians they were KISS.

      Ace is a great guitarist, I never thought Peter was a bad drum player. If they were both that bad I don’t think they would’ve lasted for 7 years in the original incarnation, nor would they have been invited back for two more reunions- or Peter anyways. Yes their talents degraded as they fell down the slippery slope of drug and alcohol addiction, however I do believe both have gotten themselves clean. Peter especially since his battle and scare with cancer.

      Even Gene admits he’s not that great a bass player or singer and Paul’s voice isn’t as good as it used to be.

      But together in the ’70’s despite the problems, they were pure rock and roll magic and paved the way for many, many musicians and bands.

      1. You obviously didn’t read the same Peter Criss book everyone else did…the entire book is about him whining and blaming everyone else except himself….he was always my least favorite but after that book I think he is pathetic as a man….and you, WOW….

        1. You know George, that’s why we live in a free country. We’re entitled to our opinions.

          On the other hand, my opinion is Peter didn’t whine his way through his book and I get really tired of hearing that from KISS fans who probably really aren’t fans, or who joined the fray in the late 90’s.

          Peter wrote a brutally honest book, though I’m guessing some of the ‘parts’ were a bit embellished for the sake of rock and roll excitement, and what finger pointing he did do was pretty justified from everything that has been said over the years. He is the one who lived the life, and he is the one who knew what went down- whether he is exaggerating on those accounts or not, no one but him can be certain.

          However knowing how Gene and Paul are greedy, soul sucking money machines, they deserved to have a few fingers pointed at them. I don’t dislike Paul or Gene, but they are both nose to the grindstone BRANDING machines. Ace and Peter wanted to be in a BAND not a BRAND.

          Peter and Ace were motivated by music, hence why it was so important to them, more so for Peter to be recognized and to be a contributor to the band. Gene and Paul liked music, sure, but they liked the MONEY and branding more. The music/talent was just something that brought in the money. Sometimes the happiest musicians are the poore$t!

          A lot of the above is why Ace and Peter fell from grace. Gene and Paul and by their OWN words admitted they ran the show, they wrote the songs, or wrote with someone else, wouldn’t let Ace or Peter use any of their material, and constantly downgraded their feelings and ultimate importance in the band. They were ‘businessmen’ they didn’t care about others careers or their feelings. That attitude would make anyone in any career angry, to be constantly ignored and belittled. Gene and Paul were good at that. It was always Gene and Paul’s band/brand, from the beginning Ace and Peter were little more than hired hands. So I can’t really be upset or put off by Peter feeling he got screwed. He ultimately did.

          The drugs and liquor and erratic behavior along the way didn’t help the cause with Peter or Ace. Had they both stayed straight they might still be in the band and they might be more accepting of the payday instead of the glory. Who knows?

          But it worked out the way it worked out.

          So at the end of the day Peter’s book was pretty clear where the final blame lay: on himself. Anyone who sees that differently probably really didn’t read his book. They went online and read a few Amazon reviews. : /

  13. It’s KISS not The Beatles so let’s not get too worked up by Paul’s tweets. Here’s what should happen… with or without make-up all 4 original members should play together. Also… I have no idea why Carr and Kulick are not also being inducted. That too me is the biggest misstep in the whole KISS HOF drama.

      1. The HOF ignored Kiss for 15 years! Do you honestly think they know or have regard for any replacement members? WE are Kiss fans, THEY have no clue. This is something they tried NOT to do for 15 years!

  14. I’ve been a KISS fan for most of my adult life. My first concert was the Asylum Tour in’85. So I have seen several different versions of KISS. (no makeup, Reunion makeup, and new group in makeup) I loved all the versions. Kiss is an institution, musically and visually, to me. Personally, I really hope the guys in the band, original and new members, work out their differences and present the fans a cooperative, unified group of musicians that we can all celebrate as KISS. I really love the original members, (Ace has always been one of my favorite musicians) but I also feel a lot of other musicians have left their mark in a positive was (Eric Carr, Bruce Kulick, etc.) So, again, I hope KISS works it out, because, as it has often been said. “You wanted the best, you got the best!!” KISS, give us, the fans, your best, as you always have! We’ll continue to love you guys for it!!

  15. Agree with everything you said, Eddie. As much as us old school fans would love to see the orig. 4 in makeup, I think the best thing would be that they play a few songs without it. Just celebrate the band with class & respect so everyone can just enjoy the night without opening up a big can of worms. The worst thing that can happen is if it all becomes a giant train wreck at the ceremony with everyone being upset or Ace & Peter feeling insulted and refusing to attend (like Van Halen). If you remember when Black Sabbath was inducted, they didn’t play, Metallica did. Sabbath just attended & had a great time. The fans deserve a celebration without egos & drama.

  16. So sad how so called grown ups act. Let the fans decide. And in my opinion Tommy and Eric are just whores out for a steady paycheck,just my opinion. Thanks for all you do,Eddie. I was a listener back when I lived in Jersey. Loved your late nite WDHA show. Even won a few goodies from calling in!!

    1. You mean if you got a call from Gene or Paul asking you to join the band, you wouldn’t do it? I’d be a whore if I had the skills to be in a band! 😉 You can’t blame Eric or Tommy for taking the gig! Blame the two guys calling the shots, Gene & Paul!

  17. In my opinion everybody should be inducted no makeup at all just do It like they did symphony gene paul ace peter act 1 gene paul to my Eric act 2 gene paul ace peter Vinnie Bruce Tommy Eric act 3 jam that way every body gets to play

  18. HUGE Kiss fan, in fact being born in 1970 and from Michigan they were the only group I knew for years and was waiting for the day they were inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame so that I could attend a ceremony as I wanted Kiss to be the first I saw live. After hearing comments from the various members of the band, and I acknowledge I don’t know all the details between each member other then what’s public but come on get over it for a few hours for us fans and to be honest if they don’t I am DONE WITH KISS FOREVER!!!! Without the Kiss ARMY the whole lot of you would be nothing more then talented musicians working real jobs dealing financial worries I’m sure none of you have had for yours. You are grown ass men and if you cant suck it up for the ARMY then I cant spend another penny nor precious second of my life on a bunch of ingrates!!!!

  19. Ed, sometimes I like sometimes you’re a joke, there’s not one hint that this has anything to do with how the originals are getting on. Probably has more to do with posturing to show the Hall that they want their demands met, then again it could be the 2 you champion so much crying because other members would be included.

      1. ed!. big question that hasn been answered yet. who do you think! ill induct kiss into the hall that special evening?. and whom! do you personality think! should induct the band in. would love to hear your views on the matter. p.s. great interview! on the three sides of the coin podcast. couple of weeks ago. god bless.

      2. I’ve been a KISS fan since Rock n Roll Over came out. I bought any magazine that had KISS poster and interviews, the bubblegum cards, belt buckle, necklace, etc.. As a kid I mowed a lot of yards to help support the band. That band was Ace, Peter, Paul, and Gene. The other guys are fine musicians, but they are and always will be impersonators (understanding the originals were alter egos). I have supported the new lineup by attending the shows but they do NOT hold a candle to the magic the original four produce. Maybe its the nostalgia thing. Regardless, KISS the originals are responsible for all things KISStory past and present. The replacements could have been anyone talented enough, but the catalyst that put the band on the map included Ace and Peter.

  20. Its sad that all 4 cant put aside their differences for 1 night Ive been a fan since 1974 and ill be honnest when peter left so did I even though they put out decent albums it wasnt the original KISS they went disco and commercial success which all good for them they made a ton of money but the fans wanna see the original KISS 1 night boys thats all

  21. Screw KISS! it hasnt been about the music for YEARS! If they dont care why should we? Kiss fans keep holding on and showing their love and Kiss (Gene and Paul) continue to brush it off in an attempt to “fool” us into believing it doesn’t matter whos in the band, and who wears the makeup. Well guys, thats BS! It does matter and you cant fool us otherwise. How about for once, you do whats right, and do it right! You cant avoid it or run from it Paul and Gene, we want Ace and Peter! Then we want all my the rest as well! We want it all and you should give it all! And you know thats right! Your lucky to even get any support at all these days after all the garbage and band line ups in make up and lies. Just shut up and play for the fans! And if you think original members dont matter, just ask Mötley, or Poison, or The Beatles, or Led Zeppelin. Dont wait till death do us part to get what we want and realize how important it is. Do it for History, do it for KISStory!

  22. Hey ed,
    First time commenting on one of your posts, been listening and following your site for 10 years. This whole situation has got me riled up now with Paul’s latest comments. I’ve been a kiss fan since 1996 (when i was 6 years old) so like the generation before me, I was introduced to the Kiss world through the original lineup. Ace was my favorite member (i have his doll, his 78 album, anomoly, etc). When he left in 2002 I was pretty dissappointed. The first concert I attended was in 2003 during World domination tour with Aerosmith so I got to see 3 of the 4 originals. When peter left (or was let go) I listened to the 2 hour interview you did with him and I knew right away something was fishy with Gene and Paul. It was clearly obvious (and they eventually came out and said it) that they wanted to run the kiss machine with different members and shy away from releasing new music. They put their focus on pushing the image and the product and rather than space ace and pete it was now “spaceman” and “catman”. I never really agreed with it (like you) but once they released new music (sonic boom) I kind of returned to life as a kiss fan. I have the upmost respect for Tommy and Eric, they are both extremely talented. But again, they did not create those characters. I know Ace and Peter sold their rights or whatever legal term one wants to use when dealing with that issue, but I still feel it is an injustice to Ace and Peter as well as tommy and eric to not create new characters/personas. So that’s a summary of how I feel on that issue. When Kiss FINALLY made it to the hall I immediatly was filled with excitement because I knew right away it would be THE ORIGINAL 4 MEMBERS being inducted. I’ve accepted the fact that Gene and Paul will never tour with Ace and Peter again. I’ve accepted the fact that Tommy and Eric are going to continue wearing the iconic makeup (who wouldn’t do that if given the opportunity). What I cannot and will not accept is a rock hall celebration honoring the 4 ORIGINAL MEMBERS with only half of the originals performing. I want to believe that Paul is decieving us and there may be a big surprise in the works for that night. But after listening to your opinions on the radio, your chat on the three sides of the coin podcast, and your conversations with Ace and Peter, it is clearly obvious that Paul stanley really is the captain of the Kiss ship. And Paul has some serious personal issues. Gene simmons is asked if he’d perform with Ace and peter and right away he says “no problem, of course”. Now paul sends out tweets saying “no way”. Gene has a conversation with you a few months back and says “things are fine between us Ed, you have your opinion and I have mine” then blocks you on twitter because diva starchild has a problem with Eddie trunk having an opinion. There’s a pattern here. They boast about how great america is and how they have lived the american dream, yet when you don’t agree with their vision, they (well Paul) shun you. The hall of fame ceremony isn’t for a few months so I guess we will see what road they decide to go down. Hopefully as Ace stated, everything is done right and with the best intentions. I just hope the captain of the Kiss vessel doesn’t drive it into an iceberg just to satisfy his ego, because this ship may finally sink.

  23. I’ve been a fan of Kiss since 75 and my first concert was Kiss at the Garden Feb 18 1977, the first time they played the Garden!! Seen Love Gun tour and Dynasty tour then I was done until the reunion tour. Then seen the original guys three times. I was talking about this with Jim at Dingbatz the other day, if they don’t let Peter and Ace play why even bother with the whole thing?!! The reason that they are getting inducted is because of the original guys!!! Without the original four guys there would be NO KISS and doesn’t make sense to do the whole thing if Gene and Paul aren’t going to let them play!! The RRHOF is a joke anyhow the way bands don’t get in, meanwhile Public Enemy is in?!! That was the case they should have called it The Music Hall of fame….Hall of shame…

  24. i think its either Paul trying to throw out some smoke and mirrors OR he really really dislike Peter and Ace no matter what…Eddie if thats the case why do you think he dislikes them so much, even more than Gene?
    Could it be that he’s so pissed at no matter how much he’s trying to push this new version of the group the majority of the fans don’t care and only acknowledge Peter and Ace as the only true other 2 members (and maybe Eric Carr) ?

      1. Ed,

        Both Ace and Peter did the show and they are not in any current bands. I think Vinnie, as goofy as he is, would really give people an insight as to what it was like writing songs with KISS. Vinnie is such an important part of KISStory for the mere fact he wrote most of the better songs on Lick it Up, Creatures and Revenge. He also had success with the VVI. Those 2 cps still kick ass today. I wish you would reach out to him and see if you can get him on your radio show. I bet he would provide great insight as to what is going on right now with the RRHOF.

  25. This is only my opinion and personal desire. I don’t want to be sued…lol. I have been a KISS fan since I was 13 in 1974 after looking through albums and seeing the hotter than hell LP. Bought the album because of the cover and song titles alone…not knowing what I would hear. “Got to choose” is still my favorite KISS song (funny how that works). If the music had sucked, I would’ve never bought another…but it didn’t. That is why KISS survived. There was always more than the show. That has taken a long time for some to see. It is the four original guys who built that foundation. That’s obviously how the hall feels also. I’m sure Eric and Tommy would even say O.K. and sit this one out, happy to be in KISS and now a hall of fame band. My scenario? Original four play H.O.F in makeup. Announce full show at the venue the following day or so (if available) with ACE and Peter. Watch ticket sales rise. Take money and go separate ways and call it a day, ending on a high note. ACE will get a boost for his new record deal and KISS can go on as usual, banking on the spectical and new generations of kids discovering the band. No harm done as I see it. If people don’t know who’s in the band at this point it’s there own damn fault. ALICE did it the right way. KISS should too.

  26. Eddie, please stop with these self serving blogs about Kiss and the Hall of Fame. If you really had anything to do with it wouldn’t they have gotten in last year? What changed this year? Did you get Jim Rice finally elected to the baseball Hall of Fame too? And I don’t know if you know this or not but Richie Kotzen played with Billy Sheehan in Mr Big. I don’t think he needed you to get the gig.

    1. When did I ever say I had anything to do with it??? Self serving? Uh no, I’m in the world of music media and this is what I do. Kind of like a sports host would be talking about a sports event? Oh, and Billy himself said he totally forgot about Richie and has given me credit for the idea in every interview. Didn’t ask for that, BILLY DID IT! Sorry all this doesn’t work for whatever agenda you have but if you don’t want dialogue debate and info about things going on in rock kindly stop reading, watching and listening. Its very easy…

      1. Eddie, Jesus Christ, can you stop giving yourself credit for two seconds? If someone gives you credit for something, let laying dogs lie and leave it be instead of reminding everyone someone gave you credit for something. You should be a trumpet player, you toot your own horn more than anyone I’ve ever seen in my life. I think five people should go up for the Kiss HOF induction, the four original members and you, all with a set of matching egos of monumental proportions. You’re an accomplished guy, you’ve had great success, we know. I didn’t care to hear you formed the winery dogs. Another example of blowing into the horn (I’ve been listening to you on and off for many years and enjoy your show but you are a big ego guy, always have been).

        1. Really? A big ego guy?? I know, that’s why I hung out with everyone not in the VIP at my party and countless people tell me every day of the positive experience when they meet me, or I take the time from my high up throne to actually engage with people here and other places. I am so full of myself! Sad when people are jealous and can’t be okay with someone doing well and must find ways to try and tear them down. So sorry The Winery Dogs mentioned me in interviews and I am proud of music I love and a band I have helped. What is wrong with me? I must tell all bands and artists to please stop acknowledging me immediately to make you feel better. You are the same guy that says “he’s a name dropper”. Really? Then how the hell do you relay a story without saying the person it involved! Clueless. Now let me go back to my throne and have someone feed me grapes and let my assistants take over responding to people..

          1. Good one, Ed! I know how you feel. I get this same kind of crap on occasion. As a Media person, I get to meet, interview, and sometimes befriend the artists and personalities we all see performing on the big stage. Unfortunately, some people can’t handle that. They think “what’s so special about HIM?” (meaning me), and deep down, they are just jealous. Like you, I just do my thing, and don’t lose any sleep at night because I happen to have some famous friends, and we have a good time hanging on/off camera. Essentially, the naysayer’s rants come from a place of jealousy and insecurity. Those feelings lead them to project onto you or me (and probably others like us) a lot of negativity. So be it, because, as you stated, the vast majority of our interactions with both famous artists and fans of our shows is extremely positive, and, really, that’s all that matters. If someone has positive feedback, or even constructive criticism, I welcome that. Naysayers and jealous types can go to the back of the line. For those who can’t handle others success or notoriety, please just let it go, or start your own thing. Otherwise, pipe down.

            I can truthfully testify to everyone here that Eddie is a kind and generous cat, who has worked hard in the biz for over 30 years, and so yeah, he’s got some friends and has had some influence in the Biz. Get over it. If you can’t hang, then find something else to do. We’re busy having a good time.

            Now, as far as this KISS/RRHOF thing, if G&P don’t relent, it will finally be the death-knell of KISS. I’m fine with them continuing on without ACE & Peter, but it’s time to acknowledge who made all of what KISS is now.

          2. I can attest Eddie was sitting in with the audience at the Sammy Hagar concert in South Fla when he could have been sitting on side of stage on a nice comfortable couch with Jason Bonham and Sammy’s wife along with Michael Anthony. So that should show people a side of Eddie that he is for the music first and just not trying to be Mr. Popular.

      2. IMHO. Eddie is the biggest KISS fan in the world who has an outlet to reach millions of people In a matter of moments. It is impossible to gauge how instrumental Eddie was in making this accomplishment happen for KISS, but I am sure he made a huge impact on the HOF decision. As a lifelong fan of the band who takes pride in my knowledge of all things KISS, I would have been clueless if not for Eddie.

  27. More rock stars taking themselves way too seriously. This is all about Gene and Paul spending the last 30 years trying to prove that they don’t need Ace and Peter, but the sad truth is that Kiss for the last 30+ years has lived in the shadow of the original band, regardless of which lineups were better… The original band was the biggest band in the world at one time. At least Ace and Peter can admit they were bigger with Gene and Paul, where as Gene and Paul have made a concerted effort to make fans believe Ace and Peter didn’t matter as much as they think… I’m willing to bet it still bothers Gene and Paul that Peter’s Beth is Kiss’ biggest single, and Ace’s solo album sold the most copies, while things that Ace and Peter were against, such as going Disco, recording The Elder, and filming Kiss Meets the Phantom served only to hurt the band. The HOF wanting only the original members, and personally I believe Bruce Kulick and Eric Carr deserve induction as well, it craps on 15 or 16 years of Kiss without Peter and Ace… That has to bruise their ego bad.

    1. Yup totally agree everything you mentions here…it must be highly annoying for Paul , who seems to hate Peter and Ace, to hear their names in every interview in every situation when it comes to KISS.

  28. hey EDDIe dont feel so sad Tommy may need a tech in april, and paul may need some spaghetti……….right, they can work thier way back up to the top., Thanks for advising Ace the fans thank you. that one demanding interview seems to have changed the whole thing.
    btw are you fans thinking kiss would walk around meet everyone eat a fine dinner in makeup, be respectful and watch everyont get inducted, then get up there and do their thing? 6 plus hours?????????? clueless. no makeup all members end of story. but ace seems to be scared to stand next to Tommy, let alone Bruce, and why did ace need the makeup so bad? Bruce would make him look like a beginner.

      1. Hilarious-the reason TOMMY has as job is because of the greatness of ACE. GO hump the neighbors cat. I may just go by the cheap as spaceman ephipone tommy thayer guitar and burn it now.

      2. thousands picked up the guitar because he was in a big band, dressed like a spaceman, played so fast his guitar smoked, 10 year olds are impressed by that stuff, he isnt BRIAN MAY, STEVE VAI OR EDDIE, He isnt the greatest musician, and seeing him live is like wow how sloppy can a guitarist be? overrated bruce was way more diverse then ace…..ace looked like a beginner next to him on the unplugged show, as for peter…..Eric. Words are not enough.

  29. Regarding this HOF thing, I’m getting to the point where I quite frankly don’t think they should be inducted at all. Paul has been somewhat of an ass the past couple of years. It’s sad to see a band that I have been a fan of since I was a little kid – which is … many moons ago.

    It will be one hell of an embarrassment if Paul gets up there to sing. His voice has been gone for the better part of 3-4 years now.

    Get up there (originals only) thank everyone who has been in KISS over the years. Announce the end of KISS right there and then. It’s like a bad soap opera, with botox divas and bad wigs. That’s how I feel about it right now anyways….

  30. Or maybe KISS should not perform at all, when Black Sabbath was inducted they did not perform at all. The same thing can happen here, I understand the old KISS fans wanting to see the original line up again for like the 3rd time playing live. Reality Peter Criss does not has what it takes to keep playing drums remember his arms are messed up (and I know Eddie is going to defend Peter and Ace since he is always making them feel more important than Gene & Paul, when it was Ace and Peter that screwed up more than twice in the band)…..yes KISS is a business that Gene and Paul really cared the other 2 just wanted to party and not being responsible…..remember if it wasn’t for Gene and Paul KISS would not have lasted 40 years and more to come…

    1. True, Paul and Gene have kept Kiss going, but they have the power of the Kiss brand behind them. Gene and Paull need Kiss for glory, just like Peter and Ace. If you don’t believe me, check out the sucky solo albums and sales of Paul and Genes solo ventures, in and out of the band.

      It isn’t all about musicianship mastery either. Vinnie is probably the most talented guitarist they have ever had, but his overall impact on the band pales in comparison to what Ace brought to the band. It is about chemistry, timing, creativity… Much more than who can play the fastest scale.

      1. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks. And as much as it is true that Gene and Paul want to keep this version going strong and there has been bad feelings in the past, they deep down know ACE and peters contributions are monumental….BUT, It’s just got to kill them inside that no matter how long of an absence, every time ACE and Peter come back into the fold, they steal the spotlight. Just like they did way back in ’79 on the Tom Snyder show. That’s what I think this whole mess is going to boil down to.

  31. With KISS IN, WHAT will eddie do? US fans, mostly kiss fans, have been supporting Him, TIME To Call cable remove TMS KISS will never be on their, go read eddie remarks on tweeter to pau,l eddie played a hand in this not happening, its a fact.

    1. What on earth are you talking about?? Haha! WOW, see this is where craziness happens, problems and rumors begin, and people go off on a strange trip based on nothing… Unreal, you just have to laugh sometimes!

  32. I have been a Kiss fan since 1975 when I bought Dressed to Kill. The facts as I see them are, Ace can still play excellent guitar. Peter is a competent drummer. Paul croaks. Gene is too fat for spandex and the gargoyle boots. It is also a fact the veteran Kiss fans would love to see the boys in full makeup playing together one more time. No reunion expectations. No games. No posturing. The last time I saw Kiss live was during their last reunion tour. Even though I was in my forties, for those two hours I was eighteen again. I want that feeling one more time. The Kiss brand will still be there and money can still be made by Gene and Paul. It’s my understanding Gene and Paul will eventually replace themselves and send that version of Kiss out on the road. My message to Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter would be, put everything aside for a few hours. Perform together as a tribute to yourselves and more importantly to the fans.

  33. It’s cool that Ace and Peter are sober today. Paul and Gene have been down this road before with these two. Why should this time be any different?
    I personally think the original four should be inducted in makeup. Who plays is insignificant. Life long fans know who is who. That should be all that matters.

  34. There is a larger force here than Gene and Paul. It’s the RnR HOF. if they want the original members in, they will require the original members in. The original four will sell every seat in the house. The RNRHOF has as much to lose (credibility wise ) as Gene and Paul.

  35. I was going to try to get tickets, but won’t anymore. Eddie, I know you were a part of Rock Honors, but Ace playing without the make up at that event isn’t as big of a deal compared to if it happens with him and Peter at the RRHOF. They were still trying to build the Eric/Tommy lineup in 2006.

      1. Eddie…I have busted your chops on the whole KISS with Tommy and Eric in Peter’s and Ace’s makeup opinion just because I think you are wrong on some of your points around how Paul and Gene handle the “makeup” thing , but agree with you that originals are better at the HOF and that Gene/Paul spinning the makeup into “characters” instead of Ace/Peter is ridiculous. I have also said that I do like the band now, musically at least, but I wanted to know aside from never breaking up, what would you have done if you were Paul/Gene starting from around 1982-1983 and then thru today. I ask because I have only heard your thoughts on how you don’t like the makeup on Eric and Tommy. I’m not asking for a novel, but just quick points…here are mine…
        1.keep the makeup on longer with Vinnie Vincent,don’t take it off for Lick it up.
        2. Don’t act like the 80’s and 90’s didn’t matter without makeup after Reunion in 1996..BRuce and Eric Carr had as much to do with keeping Kiss alive as Gene/Paul
        3. Once things went sour with Ace and Peter again, stop makeup and tour as Kiss…I’ve reminded you before that Ace/Peter have both performed (Peter did Symphony with Tommy in Kiss makeup) with Tommy or Eric in Ace/Peter makeup! That’s why Peter gets me so angry…he is very pompous like a gun was to his head about everything from playing disco to impersonaters in his makeup…
        Hope to hear your thoughts…

        1. I have no problem with anything Kiss has ever done with any lineup except for NOT giving Tommy & Eric their own personas. Simple as that. The truth about the 80’s and early 90’s is that Kiss were nowhere near as big as legend leads you to believe. Early 80’s a disaster. ’84 on they got back into big venues but many with soft sales or multi act openers. I know, I helped push many of those shows on my radio programs. ’96 reunion doesn’t happen if the band was anywhere near as close to the success from the original makeup days in the 80’s.

          1. Points well taken, thanks…I also agree that the 80’s weren’t great for Kiss and taking the makeup off was just about the only reason anyone cared…two albums in and the wheels came off. I love Bruce but they were a totally different band with and without the originals…they got harder yet a little cheesy…Carnival of Souls was a return to the hardness of Creatures and then the Reunion…hope for HOF IS NO MAKEUP…

  36. KISS is Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Peter Criss and Ace Frehley. Other Musician that has performed with Gene and Paul are just hired Musicians. The four original members are the only people that should perform at the HOF Induction Ceremony. This is my opinion and how I feel…..

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