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Huge thanks to Marty Friedman, Kip Winger and Michael Schenker who were my guests last night on my SiriusXM show. You can hear these interviews again on the SiriusXM app. Just search my name and or the channel (Hair Nation). Should be posted soon. Great to meet Marty for the first time as well and play some of his new music. FYI Marty was scheduled to also be on TMS but had to cancel. Hope to have him another time. He lives in Japan but plans to work the US more soon.


Off to NYC to tape episode 3 of TMS which you will see premiere this Saturday night. Show will include David Ellefson, Frank Bello, Halestorm and Bumblefoot. As always photos and updates via Twitter and my FB for all.


  1. Eddie, Have you had a chance to speak with Tom Morello about his touring and recording with Springsteen. I would love to hear a interview about his experience. Thanks for what you do!

  2. The new Michael Schenker album is awesome. I would have never checked it out if he wasn’t calling in last night.

    The new season of TMS is great. I like the new format. New episodes are current from when they are taped.

  3. Sucks Friedman bailed out on TMS, especially with news coming out that he tried to reconnect with Dave Mustaine at NAMN and instead got chased away by Dave’s bodyguard. That would had been a hell of a conversation on the show.

  4. I got to see the 20th anniversary tour of MSG. It must have been about 2007. Yeah him and his band were in fine form that evening. The Schenker is the best. It is all there. Style. Chops. Phrasing. It’s hard to describe. He just sounds the best. Tasty. I go all the way back to the “Force It” LP by UFO. Strangers in the Night. You are so correct Eddie. Those axe wielders in New Jersey knew what they were hearing the other night. The MSG Live in Japan was good stuff, too. To here Michael speak for the first time last night on Satellite creates an even more indelible impression about his music. Thank you. BTW special request for next Monday: “Reason’s Love.”

    1. Have asked, not yet. Seriously doubt he will be there. Question is does he get mentioned? I think ALL members should get a mention even though only original 4 being inducted. We shall see.

  5. Did anyone hear anything about the news of the Queensryche court decision?

    It had been postponed until the 27th of this month.

    Presumably, the court hearing occurred this time and I have heard nothing contrary to that. Problem is, I have heard nothing at all. I have been searching for hours. If Eddie doesn’t know, then I guess I will have to go and try to get court records from the clerk if this is available to the public. It should be public news by now.

    Naturally, should anyone hear of what happened with this case. please post it (or a link to the article). Thank you in advance.

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