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Fun live show last night on Q104.3. Thanks to Joey DeMaio for calling in and giving me the world premiere of new Manowar music. Joey is the real deal when it comes to his belief in metal, always great to chat with him. He will also be in tonight’s all new That Metal Show!


All radio stations that carry my show this weekend and the online outlets will get a heavy dose of Zakk Wylde as he sits in with me the full 3 hours. Find a station (like WAAF/Boston this Sunday at 8P) or stream by hitting “Live & On The Air” tab on my site and then “Eddie Trunk Rocks-FM”. Show will also be On Demand for site members by next weekend.


ALL NEW That Metal Show tonight direct from a NYC snow storm! Starts 11P ET and includes Joey DeMaio, Morgan Rose (Sevendust), and Corey Glover & Vernon Reid of Living Colour. Plus Joel Hoekstra (Night Ranger, TSO) on guitar. Fun show despite the many obstacles to make it happen. Appreciate all the guests showing up in what was brutal weather last Tuesday when we shot it. Enjoy episode 2 of the all new season tonight on VH1 Classic!


Signed personalized copies of either of my books now available direct from me on this site. Just hit the “Books” tab for info. Also check out the all new merch store with cool Ts and more.


Next appearance for me is this Thursday & Friday in Milwaukee at Northern Lights Theater in Potawatomi Casino. I’ll be selling and signing my books starting around 7 in the lobby each day, Winger on at 8.


New live dates just announced for me, Don & Jim in Portland, Seattle and Mexico. They are on the home page with links for tickets. PLEASE NOTE THESE ARE NOT TMS TAPINGS. THEY ARE STAND UP COMEDY AND STORYTELLER SHOWS NOT FOR BROADCAST OF ANY KIND. Hope to see you out at these events and hope to announce more. Next one for me is a solo gig in Houston 2/8, then one with all three of us at Starland Ballroom in NJ 2/15. Come on out! Books and merch sold at all.


Final days to enter to win the cabin for two for MOR Cruise. Hit the banner on the site and good luck. Brutal Winter here in NJ, can’t wait!


  1. Are you like me and hope that it snows next weekend during the Super Bowl? I know you probably don’t want anymore snow in your hometown but, proving to the NFL what a huge mistake holding it in the cold climate will make Goodell look even worse then he already does. Did you see where he wants to eliminate the extra point after a touchdown? Saying its a waste of time, kickers rarely miss and it’s boring to watch. Wtf? The extra point can make or break the outcome of the game!

  2. VH1 site did a list of Heavy Songs by artists who are not Heavy. Great idea for a top 5! Beatles – Helter Skelter, Johnny Cash – Ghost Riders in the Sky, Fleetwood Mac – Green Manilishi…

  3. Hey Eddie, sorry about the cold back east. It’s still sunny and warm here in NorCal, but we really need the rain. Lol, can’t complain in January when it’s weather like this though.

    Looking forward to the new TMS tonight, and also getting a chance to meet with you on the MOR cruise in a couple of months. Do Don and Jim come along, or is it just you?

    Stay warm, thanks.

  4. Overall enjoyed the new TMS with Living Colour, Morgan Rose and Joel Hoekstra, but the Throwdown topic was lame. Who should have naming rights for Queensryche??! Come on Eddie, you can do better than that! Maybe you tried to throw it together last minute because of the weather? And kudos to the 33 people who made it to the show in the very tough conditions!

  5. Eddie, you should write complaint letters to the Grammy people and the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of “Shame.” Ask them why they lack the metal/rock category and why they’re more focused on typical “pop” music nowadays.

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