Hope everyone is well and staying warm, especially in my area of NY/NJ where it’s been and will be below freezing for weeks. Looking forward to the MOR Cruise this year for sure after this weather! Final days to enter for the free cabin on this site. Just hit the banner.

Warm up with some hard rock and metal for 3 hours tonight live on Q104.3 NYC from 11P-2A ET. Joey DeMaio from Manowar will call in live and I will premiere a brand new track from their upcoming new album as well. You can listen live outside the NYC area with the free IHeartradio app or the free live stream at www.q1043.com as well. Tons of free tickets as well including M3.


Live this Monday on SiriusXM channel 39 TRUNKNation (Hair Nation) 6-10P ET for live music and talk that rocks! Guests will include Michael Schenker (rescheduled from last week), Marty Friedman in studio, and Kip Winger. Remember if you are a subscriber you can catch my interview on the SiriusXM app as well after they air live.


ALL NEW TMS tomorrow night with Living Colour (Corey and Vernon), Sevendust (Morgan) and Joey DeMaio (on Metal Modem). Joel Hoekstra on guitar. Premieres tomorrow night 11/10C on VH1 Classic.


Next appearance for me is next Thursday and Friday in Milwaukee at Northern Lights Theater hosting Winger. Show starts at 8, meet me in the lobby each night at 7 selling and signing both of my books. Speaking of, you can order signed personalized books directly from me on this site. Just hit the Books tab for more info to order and be sure to specify VOL 1 or 2 with each order.


Thanks and have a great weekend all!


  1. Eddie, would love to catch that interview with Marty Friedman. Any chance you’ll be doing it after 5:00pm West Coast time?

  2. Rock on, Eddie. Question for ya, you mentioned in the past that you have tried to get Ritchie Blackmore to come on. What’s the closest you’ve gotten to achieving that? Has the ship sailed? Thanks for doing what you do , bro.

  3. randy fron newton nj says:

    Hey eddie i started reading your first book.Sussex county needs you to come hear for a book sighning.if your interested ill find the store for you.turn out might not be great but.anything i can do for you let me know.kings x is coming to to newton.newton theater,its a movie theater turned into music venue.check it out..

  4. Hey Eddie , any chance of having Dee Snider on the show or ever been asked ? He would make a great guest.

  5. randy fron newton nj says:

    Love manowar..they live the true metal life ,as i do myself.!

  6. Steve Manry says:

    So the Michael Schenker interview can only be listen to if you pay for SiriusXM What about the poor people who want TRUNKNation! I work 2 jobs my wife works one and we both are students So I’m poor but We work our ass off. Just can’t afford yet… Love you anyways Eddie & Michael Schenker is God

  7. Ok so on your show you mentioned how musicians sometimes give PC answers when asked to rate other people’s work. And you specifically mentioned Zakk and how he rated the Van Halen albums in chronological order on that metal show.

    So my question is… Why wasnt he asked to rate his own albums with Ozzy instead of another band’s? I think he might have been more honest in his assessment since he was rating himself.

  8. Eddie, Have you had a chance to speak with Tom Morello about his touring and recording with Springsteen. I would love to hear a interview about his experience. Thanks for what you do!

  9. vito bratta says:

    Hey Ed, who is the guests filming next weeks TMS

  10. hi eddie. i live in Rio and i am a big that metal show & manowar fan. Where can i find out the eric adams interview to listen to? thanks in advance.

  11. rodrick Dimech says:

    Hi eddie,

    I would like to listen Joey’s Demaio interview of last Friday, can you help me to do so?

    thansk from MALTA

  12. Hey Eddie, I had the opportunity to meet you at a Rocklahoma a few years back and I just wanted to say it was an honor to meet somebody that busts his ass to get us the info we want to know! Thank you for giving Winger the exposure they need! I’m a huge Winger fan and I feel like they don’t get enough coverage for what they do. Any idea on when the Winger 25th anniversary dvd/cd is coming out? I thought it was supposed to be recorded in New Mexico because I traveled 12 hours to be a part of it and haven’t heard anything. Thankful for you and THAT METAL SHOW!

  13. Jesus Acevedo says:

    Eddie, hope you can get Adrian Vandenberg and his new band MoonKings on the show. Thank you

  14. Hey Eddie
    Love TMS! Question will you have Winger back on as a guest? We love them! And all you guys!

  15. How I can hear the interview with Joey DeMaio ?

  16. Russell Utegg says:

    I am going to be at the WINGER show on Friday and look forward to seeing you there!!!
    I already own a copy of each of your books,which are Awesome,will I still need to purchase a copy that night to get it signed? If that’s the case,no worries,just wanted to know in advance.

    Oh…and do I get to “Stump The Trunk” while you’re there?


  17. Kirk Sims says:

    Thanks for Manowar!

  18. eddie, any ideal of what punky meadows is up too these days? also any ideal where I could purchase an *ANGEL t shirt they were the first band I saw at a concert ’78(I think maybe ’77) opened for Nugent…

  19. John Casix says:

    Hey eddie, would you please invite marty friedman to that metal show ? it’s better than interview him on the radio. And I’m sure that a lot of people will love his appear on the show.

  20. Eddie, I just talked to Ron Freschi from Babylon A.D. Looks they are working on a possible new record. Any chance of getting them on That Metal Show?

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