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Hope everyone had a great Christmas! Just a reminder my Merry Kissmas radio special featuring a brand new interview with Ace Frehley about the HOF and more airs on all my affiliate stations and online outlets this weekend. It will be available shortly after that On Demand for members of my site. To find the stations running it this weekend just go to my site and hit the “Eddie Trunk Rock FM” tab under Live & On The Air. Link here for all affiliates as well: http://eddietrunk.com/live-and-on-the-air/eddie-trunk-rocks/

For the Q104.3 NYC audience you will get my annual Year In Review show tomorrow night 11p-2a ET featuring all 2013 hard rock and metal. As usual this show also can be heard via the free stream using iheartradio app.


Live SiriusXM shows return 1/6/14.


Listening to a pro audio recording of all the jams from my 30th anniversary radio party. Just amazing all the great performances and people that turned up to celebrate with me. So grateful and easily a highlight of 2013 for me. There will also be a video package from the party you will see in new TMS soon! New shows start 1/18! Guests TBA soon.


Cool to see so many photos from people who got my books for Christmas. Both still available signed from me direct (hit Books on the site) or in stores or online. Also don’t forget the sale in my merch store goes a few more days till end of the year!


Lot’s of response to my upcoming gig in Houston 2/8 at Concert Pub North. SO many requests to come there and I’m glad an opportunity came up. This will be a fun night of stories, Q&A, prizes and live music. See you all soon!


Finally don’t forget to join me and my TMS partners Don & Jim this Saturday night at Dingbatz in Clifton NJ for our annual Holiday party. This Saturday is the rescheduled date from 2 weeks ago that was postponed due to weather. Lots of live music and I’ll have free Schenker tix to Starland while supplies last! It all gets started around 9 in Dingbatz this Saturday! If you’d like to grab a signed copy of either of my books catch me across the street at Dingos Den (no admission) from around 8:15-9 before I head into the party. Both volumes signed and sold. Hope to see you all this Saturday for what is always a fun time!


      1. Thanks for the clarification on the order of your favorite songs, or lack thereof…….it goes without saying my brother and I spent a few minutes dissecting how you could have came to that tune as your number one, but now I know the truth!

        One more question about your books, specifically Vol 2 as I start to read it, and that is why are the photos used in that book only accompanied with who is in the picture and not the info of where and when the photo was taken like in the first volume?

  1. Happy New Year Eddie…looking forward to getting a chance to meet you on the MOR cruise. If I bring my two books that you wrote, will you sign? Don’t want to bother you if that isn’t part of what you have planned.

  2. Loved the show last night Eddie, great way to cap off the new year! Keep making noise about Black Star Riders so maybe they’ll come here. Easily the band of the year for me.

  3. Tried to listen to replay if show on Madison affiliate but it did not work. Checked their site and they had you listed as On Air live then and there but they were doing what I assume is their regular rotation.

    Seems to me that iheartradio either is not sure if a replayed show like yours is within their legal rights or perhaps they want money out of somebody to have your show in addition to regular station content.

    Unless… Gasp… Paul Stanley and Sharon Ozz joined forces to get you kicked off air lol!

  4. Hey, Ed
    I’m a recent transplant to Madison, WI, from NJ and a longtime listener. Out here, WIBA FM carries your show Saturdays at 9 pm, except sometimes they don’t for seemingly inexplicable reasons. So instead of the KISSMAS Special tonight, I got to hear REO Speedwagon and Styx (they’re fixated on those bands out here) for the thousandth time this week. Also, when they do run the show, they almost always cut the final segment. Is this a common practice with affiliates? Do they just dump in and out whenever they feel like it? It’s annoying as hell, man.

  5. Purchased several volume twos for our libraries (guess who is in charge of book ordering??) It was a blast to see some staff sit in the break room thumbing through it and crying, laughing or saying “ya see this tattoo?? I got it after the monsters of rock show in ’89.”

    Awwwwww, memories! A fight damn near broke out after one staffer said Roth was better than Hagar. We almost had to file an incident report…….

    1. I like that Eddie at least gives the Hagar era its due. The Roth era produces many classics we all know, and it’s unfortunate radio blew of ADKOT largely after the indifferent reaction to “Tattoo” which though not a classic, was OK, and the rest of the album was damn good. More to the point, it seems as if radio is doing the listener a favor when they actually play a Hagar era song, whereas the balance is tipped way too far in the favor of playing Roth stuff even though Hagar’s era produced quite a few radio classics, and at least as many chart hits as the Roth era. I guess VH fans are divided into 3 camps, those who only like Roth’s stuff, fewer I imagine who prefer Hagar’s era, and then a 3rd contingent that actually appreciate what both lead singers brought to the table. Oh well, I guess it’s only apropos that the fan base of a band that’s had so many ins and outs, and periods of friction, would also be divided into separate camps!

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