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The last 24 hours or so have been pretty cool following the announcement Kiss has finally made the R&R Hall. I want to thank the many fans that have reached out to me and said thanks for pushing for this so many years. I’m not for a minute taking credit for it, but it is nice to see progress being made after so many years of disrespect and ignoring not only Kiss, but Alice and Rush who also recently finally went in. If my ranting on TV and radio for the last decade has helped push this along it’s nice to know many feel it had an impact. For those that don’t know the back story, the president of the Hall became so aware of how outspoken I had been about these bands he actually came on my radio show a couple years ago to discuss it all. I was even thrown directly into the discussion yesterday when Andy Greene from Rolling Stone brought my name up to Gene in an interview with him (link in my news section). It’s nice to know so many have associated my voice with this happening and I appreciate it and I’m just glad for all the fellow Kiss fans it’s now a reality. We have waited far too long and if it all indeed did play a role and help, great! Most important 15 years of injustice will come to an end (even though it will always bother me how they made bands like Kiss, Alice and Rush wait, while Nirvana and Guns go first time!). One other thing about the RS story, Gene must have been clearly caught off guard when the writer asked him about me and why he won’t come on TMS, because it was an absurd explanation that barely made sense! Hand gestures? Not heavy metal? (we are rock and metal, didn’t bother Heart, Paul Rodgers, Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, etc). As always my door remains open to Gene and Paul. Their FANS want to see and hear them on my shows, because they want informed objective discussion on platforms with people who truly know the band and history. Paul plays a much larger role in Gene not coming on than anyone thinks. He of course is also more than welcome and I congratulate them both on the induction. Being a fan of anything should allow you to discuss what you like and don’t like in a bands history. I have and always will do that and respect other views as well.


Now that Kiss is in my comments section on my site, twitter and email have exploded with questions and comments. It’s been all good stuff and appreciate all opinions. What’s important to note is that many of the questions people are asking are simply not decided yet. Only yesterday did the band learn they were in. The Hall selected only the original band to be inducted. That does not mean however that other members may not be involved or represented on stage. But Ace, Peter, Gene and Paul are the ones actually being inducted. I would fully expect some acknowledgment (as there should be) and maybe even some performance that includes others. Again, this is where the negotiations come in over the next couple months, and honestly where things can get nasty with bands and the Hall and how things go down. But at the very least the original 4 will be there by all indications and all seem open to a song or two, at least as of now. I fully expect Gene and Paul to push for Eric & Tommy to be involved somehow. If that’s the case I surely hope Bruce and Vinnie are offered a role and proper acknowledgement of Eric Carr and Mark St. John are presented. Which leads me to my point about all or none. To me the Hall would have had to induct everyone from Kiss. Or just the originals which they have decided. So since this night is about the four guys that started it all I would keep it at just that. Of course Gene and Paul can mention the others by name, even have them there. But once the playing starts getting mixed in then it could get weird and hard feelings can come into play. Especially if makeup is involved, which we do not know yet. So there is still much to be worked out. You have three separate camps here; Peter, Ace, Gene/Paul. And no doubt 3 different views on what should happen. More info as it comes available, but let’s hope it all plays out in the best and most respectful way possible for the band and the fans. We have all waited too long for this!

My annual KISSmas special is this Friday 11P-2A ET on Q104.3 NYC. You can listen outside NYC area via the iHeartradio app or at www.q1043.com Rules of streaming and it’s access controlled by the station not me. This show also airs the following weekend on all affiliates. Ace Frehley will call in live! All Kiss music, all eras as usual.


  1. Eddie,
    What ever happened to the KISS tribute band featuring Brian Tichy. Are they still planning on jamming or did this project dissolve? I was hoping to catch footage of them on You Tube but can’t find any. Thought you might know something about this. Thanks.

  2. Eddie, i just want to say that down here in Australia you have lot’s of fans of that TMS and we admire how passionate you are about how iconic bands are being ignored by the Grammys and R’n’R Hall of Fame. Finally these dummies have woken up and are inducting KISS! I like to think that your outspoken passion has a lot to do with KISS being inducted. P.s I own a ‘That Metal Show’ T-shirt and wear it proudly all the time!

  3. Eddie – you are too modest. It is because of YOU that KISS is finally going into the hall of fame. You painted the President of the Hall of Shame into a corner when he was on your radio show back when. He tried to say that some of these bands (RUSH, KISS, etc…) will be inducted some day. Then they actually listened to the fans and let them vote on a website and look how that “no talent” band KISS ran away with the votes. Everyone here in the Cleveland area is tired of Rolling Stone picking all of “Politically Correct” inductees. I mean Flavor Flav (with Public Enemy) got in before KISS let alone Deep Purple, Bon Jovi, Thin Lizzy, etc, etc, etc…what a joke. Then you have someone like Nirvana and Guns and Roses who get in on their first nomination…neither had much longevity like KISS. And if your going to put Rap “Artists” in the place of achievement, the where do bands like Def Leppard, Journey, STYX, Bad Company, Night Ranger, REO Speedwagon go? Those guys are all still playing gigs today and actually doing quite well. It’s just funny to see a true fan’s opinion and the opinion of a magazine that people cared about 30 years ago. That is why your show Eddie is so loved and watched by everyone. You are one of us and you had the balls to call them out! I don’t think the HOF realized how many people would actually go on their website and vote for KISS. They had no choice but induct them after that – whether they liked it or not. I’m sure next year Deep Purple will get the nod and so on. I just think it is ridiculous that these great bands have to wait until they are old men to be recognized. i know I am just repeating everything you have said in the past Eddie, but I want everyone to know that YOU ARE THE REASON that KISS is finally in the hall. As far as Gene and Paul are concerned, they should be begging you to put them on your show. They both watch That Metal Show and know what you are about. They should give you the proper respect and thank you for waving their flag all of these years. Heaven forbit you guys disagree on a few issues. Instead they continue to try to ignore you or keep you away from KISS promotional events (like the miniture golf course opening in Vegas that they dicked you over on). They need to realize that the best way to talk to the KISS fans throughout the world thru one media outlet is through your show. KISS should take a page out of the Metallica handbook and bring up everyone. However we all know that’s not going to happen. Oh well – Eddie, keep up the great work. True rock fans know who is worthy and who are not. It’s just funny when you prove the assholes wrong. You da man!

  4. eddie i told you this on twitter i can give you reason paul doesn’t like you. he would go out way for you do interviews and you betrayed him in his eyes. you had sebastian bach on radio about 6 years ago during metal summit and he ripped paul saying that paul had a vagina and you all laughed. if you look at timeline of when things went bad with you and paul i gurantee this is reason

    1. So what Sebastian says is my problem… amazing..but you are on to something. Somehow everything said on my show comes back to me saying it! And here’s a news flash, you better have a thick skin if any level of public personality. Why can Craig Gass do effeminate impressions of Paul on every radio show and then get invited to perform on a Kiss cruise? Double standard much?

      1. I agree. not saying what you did is wrong im looking at it from pauls point of view. you said he very sensitive. just saying he might think I did favors this guy been on radio show,back stage passes etc. difference between you craig gass is he comedian so something like that might be expected and its done in joking way. Sebastian did it a somewhat viscious way. like I said I agree with you just trying to look at it his point of view and maybe help give you answer you been looking for

        1. Thanks but it is a simple issue of these guys reading completely baseless posts online and out of context quotes and not coming direct to the source for clarity. It’s silly and I can’t help what they think. Gone on for a long time. NEVER a comment on the positives, always dwell on one or two things I’m not into. But I feel it’s important to call it as I see it for ALL bands I love.

      2. There are some old Kiss photos out there, circa 1977, where Gene does the devil horn/spider man thing. I remember seeing that back in 1977 when I was 11 years old. He did do that before Dio.

  5. Why do you people, including Eddie, CRAVE the attention and acceptance of the establishment? The HOF defines establishment. You sound like a bunch of whiners and geeks desperate to be part of the cool crowd. Pathetic.

    1. Not sure what you mean? Doesn’t make sense at all. Like it or not the Hall is a prestigious thing when a band makes it, proven by the fact they ALL go in when finally called (almost all!). So why the issue with discussing a LONG overlooked band and fan base like Kiss? It’s what being a fan is!

  6. I would love to see the Original 4 do a couple of songs. I will be disappointed if the other players who played in the band, at some point, are not mentioned (especially Eric Carr for what he did with the band when they needed a jumpstart), and even allowed to come on stage. I have no issue with the current lineup doing a couple songs as well. I would love it if there was an “all star” group thrown together, with some huge Kiss fans that are in other bands, such as a Scott Ian or Rob Zombie, etc.

  7. This is a truly great moment for all who followed KISS throughout the years, and I think that this is going to have a special place in Peter Criss’s heart most of all due to his health scare a few years back. The ceremony will also be in Brooklyn, where he was born and raised. Through all the ups and downs of his life – this one event – may erase all the down times, and he will get the respect and recognition that he deserves. As for Ace Frehley – I don’t think anyone influenced a generation of guitar players in the 70’s more than he did, and when he accepts that award on April 10th he will be holding it on behalf of all his fans who stood by him and studied his leads inside and out. We – the Kiss Fans – knew something was special all along, and took that ride with them. To all the critics and nay-sayers : I could only feel sorry for them, as they missed out on one of the Gretest Rides in Rock and Roll – KISS !

  8. Eddie

    You have been a very personal advocate of Frehley over the years. Do you think Paul was just a little sick of the bashing and your personal connection to Ace to not be bothered with this show? It alaways seemed like the show was a platform for Frehley more than anything and for you two to rip into Gene and Paul at varying stages. He might just think “ahh he’s Ace;s fucking mate…why bother”.

    I would imagine he’s a fairly stubborn guy and doesnt really need to do your show I guess. Also, I read somewhere that “That Metal Show” did not have a very large viewership ( I watch it online myself of course) and this might not interest Gene and Paul in terms of media coverage for that simple reason as there is no real gain for them to do it and more for “your” show to put them in the hot seat over all the personal inner workings you might know about from your friendship with Ace??

    1. SO dumb the whole “friendship with Ace” rap! It is SO baseless as my history supporting ALL versions of Kiss proves the last 30 years. But it’s the convenient tag line. Didn’t bother Bruce Kulick when we had him on the show! Why would I do that if I was such an Ace guy and so against all the other versions? As for “low viewership”. You don’t stay on TV more than 5 years and do over 100 episodes of a show with low viewers. It certainly isn’t American Idol or regular network numbers by any stretch! But it IS a global show that ROCK MUSIC FANS respond to and support. As a result bands see a direct impact on sales when they appear. Unlike a mainstream show when a small portion of the viewers may care about a rock act being on, all the people that watch TMS live rock and we are proud to be an avenue for the many that choose to come on. I can’t help if viewers only hear from Ace or Peter if the others choose not to be on.

      1. Well, let’s be clear. We are talking about VH-1 Classic viewership, not major network viewership. If you had your viewership numbers on a major network, the show would have been cancelled after one season.

  9. Paul just tweeted today and it’s on KISS FB

    Gotta laugh. Some people want to seem important by talking like they know what we’ll be doing at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. THEY KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! – Paul Stanley

    We’ll see who gets inducted……………………………………………… I’ll guess it’s what the Peppers did and everyone goes.

    1. Who goes and who gets inducted two different things. Gilby played with Guns but was not inducted. And if Paul was referring to me clearly he hasn’t been reading my posts too completely. Seems to be confused between “knows what’s going on” and fans having fun discussing and speculating on scenarios. Not to mention what I say in my latest post. But I appreciate him as always reading my site, as I know for a fact he has in the past. And I congratulate him on the long overdue induction.

        1. Hysterical you call me a pompous ass but then defend Gene and Paul? And when did i EVER say I was more important than anyone?? You seem to be formulating opinions based on no knowledge whatsoever. And if Paul doesn’t like me that’s fine, but the real reason is because I have an OPINION and don’t buy every single thing hook line and sinker and ask relevant questions. Oh, and thank you for being so engaged in my world and website. Clearly you love this “pompous ass” enough to be on my site.

  10. Eddie – you were instrumental in getting KISS and Rush into thd hall…Be sure to keep th fight going strong for Deep Purple. They should have been inducted years ago and keeping them out is a travesty. Im sure with your help they stand a good chance on being voted in next year. And while on the topic of DP – any chance of getting Blackmore and other band members on the show? THAT WOULD BE INCREDIBLE…Anyway, thanks for all you do and if u need another cohost shoot me an email….

    1. Thanks for your comments. I have no idea if I played a role in any band going into the HOF, just happy I have a platform to expose the injustice. Purple should have been in 20 years ago and move into the #1 snub spot for sure! Blackmore won’t do interviews that discuss Rainbow or Purple sadly.

  11. I’m an odd ball KISS fan I guess.

    1. Paul is my favorite and I love his intros in guitar
    2. Ace is way better than he gets credit for to me. Rocket Ride, Shock Me, Strange Ways, and Cold Gin are in my Top 10 KISS songs. I wish I could hear Rocket Ride and Strange Ways live from KISS
    3. Gene is a better bassist/ vocalist than he’s ever got credit for. I love his tone. I love his pick style. I think his harmony is very underrated.
    4. Peter vocals are my fav and I like his style of drumming as I do Eric Carr’s in a different way. Eric Singer is one of my favorite vocalist in any band.
    5. Peter and Ace were in a bad way when they left and probably didn’t give their best to KISS. See number 11.
    6. I like Vinnie Vincent and wish he was more public
    7. I wish I’d heard more Mark St. John solos
    8. I think Bruce Kulick is awesome and love Revenge and his version of Ace’s solos.
    9. Eric Singer might be one of my favorite musicians in any band.
    10. I think Tommy Thayer is a real Gentlemen. He is a great Ace and Ace should be flattered Paul and Gene want him to be Ace. I think Ace is flattered and it doesn’t bother him like it does some.
    11. I absolutely love Eddie Trunk! You are one of Rock Music’s greatest cheerleaders. You are great for KISS and I think you needs more respect from all KISS fans. I disagree with you on your thoughts on Ace and Peter’s character being used by Tommy and Eric, but who agrees on everything? I wish that Peter and Ace could make appearances with KISS like Izzy Stradlin does with gnr. They could have two drummers like the Some of my fav 70s band.
    12. One of my favorite KISS moments is when during MTV’s unplugged, Ace told the crowd during Reunion Chants, that Bruce and Eric were part of the family. I want all things KISS to love each other because I have to defend them to people who all the time say they aren’t a good band, just a good circus who faked a live album. They only know rock n roll all night and heard that they are like milli vanilli. Any KISS fan knows this is far from the truth and they play their butts off and have a lot of great material that should’ve got radio play just as Led Zeppelin. I love when Gene says Rock is drums and guitars. When you come to see KISS, you get 4 guys playing their hearts out, nobody under the stage. When Paul has vocal issues, he still gives you Paul and I love him for it. Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill, and Chuck Berry put themselves out there like that too. The good and the not so good but its real. I hope Gene, Paul, Ace, Peter, Vinnie, Bruce, Eric, Tommy, Eddie Trunk, KISS Army, and myself put our difference aside, and celebrate all things KISS. I want Gene and Paul to go on TMS and embrace it along with their fans. Lets face it, many if the guest are huge KISS fans. Vinnie Paul, Sebastian Bach, Scott Ian, Michael Sweet, etc.

  12. I’ve seen every TMS episode and I visit 4 websites almost daily. The websites are eddietrunk, metalsludge, kissfaqs, and ultimateclassicrock.

    I don’t agree with everything you say but you’re the best guy in media for all things Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. Some things we do agree on are High n Dry, Soul Asylum, Skid Row reunion, Winery Dogs, and Jim Florentine should dig KISS more. I don’t know if you feel that way for sure on the last one. It’s just an assumption I have. Keep on rocking like a hurricane Eddie Trunk. I love your passion.

  13. I always find it interesting when people talk crap about others and then whine about those same people not liking them or doing their show. So you constantly talk crap about the current Kiss and then turn around and blame Paul for being too sensitive? Maybe he just doesn’t want to reward you for being a Dick. Your ego is amazing that you think you can talk all that garbage about them and their band yet they should do the grown-up thing and just do your show and over look what you said. When you run your mouth it comes with consequences. I for one hope they don’t do your TMS show. After all, wasn’t it you who claimed they should have retired over a decade ago? SMH

    1. Didn’t know I wasn’t able to express honest opinions? Strange no other band reacts like that? Strange 99% of 30 years support is never mentioned? Strange Paul tweeted yesterday about the Duck Dynasty issue and how people should not be penalized for their views… Didn’t know having an opinion = ego? Strange…

  14. Truthfully, what is the opinion of those who see this post about WHY they continued after the “Farewell” tour? It simply has to be about money? I’ve liked the various incarnations of KISS to one degree or another but, these, days, their show appears so listless and bored. Poor Paul is losing his vocal abilities for real and the spark that existed before is just not to be found, in my opinion.

  15. I’ve been a fan since late 75′ and am really getting tired of all this crap. I wouldn’t put it past KISS to put all of these rumors in motion (i.e. makeup, no makeup, we won’t play with Ace and Peter etc.). It’s like they are trying to drum up interest and want to create some sort of drama, therefore when the actual night comes, everyone will be “surprised” when they all play together and appear to get along. Why do that? Just tell us fans that “everyone” will be there and it will be a good time! I’ve seen KISS 20 times over the years and in most incarnations and I really don’t care who gets up there and plays, just play! Everyone beyond the original four have contributed to the longevity of the band and should be recognized though and yes, even VV.

    Ed: Love both shows!

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