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The last 24 hours or so have been pretty cool following the announcement Kiss has finally made the R&R Hall. I want to thank the many fans that have reached out to me and said thanks for pushing for this so many years. I’m not for a minute taking credit for it, but it is nice to see progress being made after so many years of disrespect and ignoring not only Kiss, but Alice and Rush who also recently finally went in. If my ranting on TV and radio for the last decade has helped push this along it’s nice to know many feel it had an impact. For those that don’t know the back story, the president of the Hall became so aware of how outspoken I had been about these bands he actually came on my radio show a couple years ago to discuss it all. I was even thrown directly into the discussion yesterday when Andy Greene from Rolling Stone brought my name up to Gene in an interview with him (link in my news section). It’s nice to know so many have associated my voice with this happening and I appreciate it and I’m just glad for all the fellow Kiss fans it’s now a reality. We have waited far too long and if it all indeed did play a role and help, great! Most important 15 years of injustice will come to an end (even though it will always bother me how they made bands like Kiss, Alice and Rush wait, while Nirvana and Guns go first time!). One other thing about the RS story, Gene must have been clearly caught off guard when the writer asked him about me and why he won’t come on TMS, because it was an absurd explanation that barely made sense! Hand gestures? Not heavy metal? (we are rock and metal, didn’t bother Heart, Paul Rodgers, Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, etc). As always my door remains open to Gene and Paul. Their FANS want to see and hear them on my shows, because they want informed objective discussion on platforms with people who truly know the band and history. Paul plays a much larger role in Gene not coming on than anyone thinks. He of course is also more than welcome and I congratulate them both on the induction. Being a fan of anything should allow you to discuss what you like and don’t like in a bands history. I have and always will do that and respect other views as well.


Now that Kiss is in my comments section on my site, twitter and email have exploded with questions and comments. It’s been all good stuff and appreciate all opinions. What’s important to note is that many of the questions people are asking are simply not decided yet. Only yesterday did the band learn they were in. The Hall selected only the original band to be inducted. That does not mean however that other members may not be involved or represented on stage. But Ace, Peter, Gene and Paul are the ones actually being inducted. I would fully expect some acknowledgment (as there should be) and maybe even some performance that includes others. Again, this is where the negotiations come in over the next couple months, and honestly where things can get nasty with bands and the Hall and how things go down. But at the very least the original 4 will be there by all indications and all seem open to a song or two, at least as of now. I fully expect Gene and Paul to push for Eric & Tommy to be involved somehow. If that’s the case I surely hope Bruce and Vinnie are offered a role and proper acknowledgement of Eric Carr and Mark St. John are presented. Which leads me to my point about all or none. To me the Hall would have had to induct everyone from Kiss. Or just the originals which they have decided. So since this night is about the four guys that started it all I would keep it at just that. Of course Gene and Paul can mention the others by name, even have them there. But once the playing starts getting mixed in then it could get weird and hard feelings can come into play. Especially if makeup is involved, which we do not know yet. So there is still much to be worked out. You have three separate camps here; Peter, Ace, Gene/Paul. And no doubt 3 different views on what should happen. More info as it comes available, but let’s hope it all plays out in the best and most respectful way possible for the band and the fans. We have all waited too long for this!

My annual KISSmas special is this Friday 11P-2A ET on Q104.3 NYC. You can listen outside NYC area via the iHeartradio app or at www.q1043.com Rules of streaming and it’s access controlled by the station not me. This show also airs the following weekend on all affiliates. Ace Frehley will call in live! All Kiss music, all eras as usual.


  1. Clearly the only way to get Gene and Paul on TMS would be to offer them a “That KISS Show” VH1 Classic special. Gene, Paul, Eric and Tommy on the set for a full hour, but also have Bruce Kulick playing guitar into breaks. Maybe leave Ace and Peter home for this episode since they’ve both been on TMS before. Stroke Gene’s ego and you can get that done with no problem…

    1. Anything and everything has been offered. NEVER told them in the past that Tommy and Eric would not also be welcome. Again, this is important because FANS ask about it. I’d love to do it but it’s the fans that ask why..

    1. Because Paul is way more sensitive and he is the only one I have had any personal direct weird exchanges with. None of this is Gene’s style. He just knows his partner would rather have him stay away and doesn’t want to rock the boat. MANY inside have told me that. Strange since Paul was always my favorite member, but he is WAY more sensitive to any criticism not 100% in line with the current plan. As always my door is open. Told him that last time we spoke.

    1. Knows who I am? Would you like me to produce the hours of audio and video interviews I have done with him and Paul over the past decades? Or the photos of me and him sitting and talking in LA a few months ago…?

  2. Eddie I saw a post on Paul Stanley’s Facebook page stating he had just got off the phone with Peter and everything is good and everyone would be getting along! Paul was really positive and said that this was such a special time and everyone should be included! Oh well, we will see?

  3. Eddie.
    Great stuff. Thank you for being a voice for KISS and all the hard rock and metal bands. As a lifelong KISS fan of the band in all incarnations, while I do not always agree with your opinion it is nice to have a forum here. The passion of the KISS fan is what drives us all and what has helped get them in the hall.
    Hopefully this is done right as you say above. No need for the in fighting anymore, I really hope it all stops – although it is publicity right? Time to bury the hatchet and move forward and embrace what this band has accomplished from the beginning till now.
    Take some credit here, you had a MAJOR voice in making this happen. Keep up the great work!

  4. Tommy and Eric shoudn’t play. Alice Cooper didn’t play with his current band when he was inducted. He played with the original Alice Cooper band. As far as Vinnie being offered a role, the maker of their new documentary didn’t even ask Vinnie to be a part of that.

      1. They didn’t ask Vinnie to be part of the documentary? That’s lame. Dude was a major part of the rebuilding program. If they don’t talk about that time period in depth then it’s not really a documentary. Sort of like the Ozzy doc his son did. Two hours of Ozzy history and no mention of Randy Castillo?? Does anyone know if Anton Fig was asked to be part of the documentary?

  5. Edwardo…Do you think this will finally get Vinnie out of hiding if asked for a song or two? Guy has been MIA and has only been heard from since that wife abuse/Dog incident. Which BTW…did anything ever come out of that? Thanks Brotha.

  6. Eddie you ROCK!

    Can’t wait to see KISS get inducted. I’m sure the KISS Army will be in full force at the Barclay Center. I’m not sure if there is a Hall and Oats army, but I bet they’re a bunch of pussies.

    Long live KISS and EDDIE!

  7. The Fans want the Originals ! The Only thing Gene & Paul Care about is if it puts Money in their Bank Accounts, That is why they had the reunion & they only reason

  8. Eddie:

    First off I want to sayThank You for that 3 sides of the coin podcast. Everything you said was how I feel!!!! Being that Tommy and Eric are dressing like Peter and Ace now a days they should have enough dignity and respect to let the original 4 have their day in the spotlight one last time…..DRESSED TO KILL style

  9. First of all thank you for being the voice of the KISS Army in the media! You spoke loudly and the Rock Hall listened. I know at this point it’s all speculation but if you had to wager a guess….. Who are some of the choices you think will induct them?

  10. i agree kiss deserves to be in but slighting nirvana is crap.come on eddie , nevermind one of the greatest records created. dave grohl one of the new rock gods.all the nominees should get there due respect. even though i believe they screwed deep purple once again

  11. Thanks Eddie for being so vocal about the Hall and it’s inductees. I don’t think Ace and Peter would mind jamming with the current lineup. It worked out great at the Unplugged show, and as a long time KISS fan and drummer, I just don’t think Peter’s chops are up to snuff. I also doubt we’ll be seeing any make up that night. Either way, I’ve been waiting 15 years for this night. Can’t wait!

  12. But Eddie, I think I am right in saying that you also have gone on record as saying that they shouldn’t have Tommy and Eric in makeup, so that could be a point of contention as well, don’t you agree?

    1. Of course, and I did say that and believe that. The fact that my opinion, which MANY share, throws out 30 years of support speaks to the hyper sensitive thing I talked about. And not in Makeup, in ACE and PETER makeup!

  13. What’s interesting about Kiss is that even if they’re not heavy metal per se’, Gene did miss the point that your show features quite a few rock, but not metal (Cheap Trick, Heart, Aerosmith, etc…). So as you are one Kiss’ biggest champions in spite of the attitudes you’ve received from Gene and Paul (but not Ace and Peter who have been on your show), it would be nice if Gene and Paul did show some gratitude for taking a very public platform (it’s is possible that the HOF listened to you when you had Alice and Rush on in past years) to promote them on TV and radio. I’m not asking for all 4 of the original lineup (that would be asking a lot I guess) to appear on your show, but we all know what the fans want and Gene and Paul are pretty aware of that too. It’s a fact, the reunions that took place had a lot to do with the business (Gene’s favorite area) end of things, and caving in to the fans’ demands. Ace says there’s no “bad blood”, so it’ll be intriguing to see how things play out both during the ceremony and beyond. To close out, the HOF, and lots of people who don’t like Kiss, I bet haven’t really heard their best work, which in my book, as well as yours and others of the Kiss Army stands up with some of the best rock, melody and song structurally of all time even if it hasn’t been as intricate or musically eclectic as Genesis or Rush. Bottom line: their image made Kiss very popular, but unfortunately many didn’t give them enough credit for their musicianship and songwriting chops in their heyday. It’s about time. God bless!

  14. I’m glad the original 4 are the ones going in….the others should be mentioned but that’s all. Now Eddie, let’s get Cheap Trick in there ok?
    P.S. I love That Metal Show even if the name bugs people. I like the name, it’s short and sweet. Plus we all know that all types of rock is covered on the show.

  15. Eddie, I agree with the others who’ve said you played a significant role in Kiss’s induction. Frankly, I think you’re responsible for how much light has been shed on the Hall’s ridiculous exclusions in general (as you’ve pointed out, a lot of people probably weren’t even aware Kiss wasn’t already in there.) I agree with you about the frustration of about some bands get in right away while others that are arguably more deserving have had to wait (and too many are still waiting), but I think there’s a more positive way to look at it: the ones that have waited are getting in, I believe, more because of tremendous fan demand, than because the Hall likes them. In a way, I think that makes it more meaningful and more rewarding.

  16. Eddie,

    The only thing I would add to the chat is I hope you put as much energy (through your blog, radio, etc) into making the induction and evening as much about the original 4 as possible – same as you did in voicing your opinion so strongly about Kiss getting into the Hall. I know its too much to ask Paul and Gene, but if only the original 4 are getting inducted and given it is a once in a lifetime event (and none of the other Kiss members will ever get inducted), why can’t the original 4 just say to each other – hey, its about us tonight, let’s leave it at that. I agree with you, this once in a lifetime evening should focus its celebration on the original 4 – anything less in my opinion will water it down and it shouldn’t be, not this night. I bugs me that we have to be politically correct instead of just honoring the Hall’s decision to induct the original 4. Tommy and Eric are in today’s Kiss band, they weren’t inducted so they should more or less be left out AND it shouldn’t bother them if they are. I really hope the evening is drenched in celebration just for the guys who started it. That is how it should be. To Ace and Peter: don’t negotiate anything less with the other two. They have ruled the roost for too long and this event should not be compromised for you because they still want to market who is in the band today or dis you guys is a passive aggressive way. Stand Tall. It’s your evening.

  17. I always thought that it was foolish for Kiss to downplay the importance of getting into the RNRHOF. Too many times, I’ve heard them express that it just doesn’t matter. Maybe not, but everyone, including myself are certainly thrilled that it has finally happened. I know it will be a great event, and hopefully it can all be pulled off without any hard feelings coming up.
    As for Kiss not coming on TMS, I don’t get it. You’re always fair, and ask great questions. Actually, I think it would be great to have an entire hour devoted to KISS, if you can get them to play along.
    Lastly, I think you played a major role in making this happen, and I’m hopeful that you are included in the long list of ‘Thank Yous’ that night!
    Long live the “Hottest Band In the Land”.

  18. Thanks Eddie. Been a fan since 77 and was a wanna be Paul. Funny thing because of my age I saw them twice with Bruce and Eric in 85 and 88, great times with ryche and Anthrax respectively. Saw current line up in 2000. Rock and Roll Over forever. Thanks again.

  19. Eddie I am a big fan of both music and baseball. One thing that seems difficult for fans is separating the love of the music or playing ability from the person. Meeting the person can be disappointing if they are a jerk. I have been fortunate to meet a many “rock stars” and “all stars”. Just because some of the encounters have been unpleasant. This has not detracted from my enjoyment of their craft. I think your passion has allowed you to separate the person from the music. An attitude that makes a positive encounter even better.

  20. This is a great time for All involved in KISS. I hope that everyone involved will realize that all things must come to an end. I agree with you Eddie, this would be the greatest farewell of all and it’s time to hang up the “boots”! Go out with dignity and sit back and enjoy the rest of the ride. I want to remember KISS on top, like winning the Super Bowl and calling it quits. Hats off to you, Eddie for exposing the Rock and Roll hall of Shame! Rock and Roll All night, and TMS everyday!

  21. Eddie,
    I love the work you do on TV and radio. I believe you did have a role in this happening. I read Gene’s interview. How demeaning! What an arrogant jerk. I loved Kiss for many years. Now they are a joke. Paul can barely sing and they have done exactly what the swore they would not. Stayed too long way past their prime. How much money do you need to be happy? It is good that they are in the Hall but beyond that I could care less. Keep up the awesome work that you do.

  22. Hopefully, Alice will offer the guys some advice on this, whether they request it or not. 🙂 Alice certainly did it right. Alice Cooper was once a band, not a solo act, and it was great to see that original lineup (albeit without Glen-RIP) and ONLY that original lineup.

    I was pretty disappointed last year when Heart only did one song with the original lineup, and then proceeded to do another song with their current band and assorted special guests. Talk about anticlimactic!

  23. It’s very sad that a band as great as the origional 4. Has to let money and egos get in the way. All the “I’ll have my lawyer call your lawyer” is Bullshit! What happened the the four guys from NY that loved to make music?

  24. Here’s what should happen with the performance part. Original 4 come out with no makeup and play a couple songs. Then for the Rock & Roll All Night grand finale performance of the evening, current KISS walks out in full makeup. Then Ace walks out in Peter’s makeup, then Peter walks out in Ace’s makeup. Then Bruce walks out in Vinnie’s Egyptian makeup, and Vinnie walks out in Eric Carr’s Fox makeup.

    And they all jam.

  25. Eddy

    Don’t understand how Gene can say they are not metal when you think of songs like heaven’s on fire,all hell is breaking loose seems metal to me,even though they started in the 70’s as a rock band.Second i agree have the 4 original, Third Gene claims he is the one who began of the Horns up not sure since i would think it was dio,oh i wish we had TMS in Canada ,AWESOME show.\m/

  26. Eddie, Love TMS and your passion for OUR favorite band. If you could please put all your energy and resources into getting the four original members on stage together, so WE can celebrate this long overdue award . Please don’t make this about any other agenda then what is best for all four and the Fans that enjoy all 40 years of OUR BAND…

          1. And once again, you prove you are biased. God forbid you say something derogatory about your friends, Ace and Peter.

          2. And what derogatory would you like me to say? Should I make things up? Or should I just keep calling them drunks, cancers and drug addicts even though they have been sober for years? Yeah, that’s the ticket!

  27. Eddie, I’m from Brazil and I simply love TMS! Unfortunately VH1 Brazil exhibits past seasons of your show, instead of the current one! Anyway it’s been a pleasure to watch all the attractions and even get to know some bands I haven’t heard of before. With regards to Gene and Paul not coming to TMS, be sure that it won’t make it less important to Hard Rock and Heavy Metal than it has always been. Congratulations!

  28. As much as I hope for it, Gene and Paul will never ever ONLY play with Peter and Ace… I think they will offer them a spot like they did on the MTV unplugged show… but they will not celebrate the induction with Tommy and Eric watching them from the sideline. This brings me to the thought that it might be cool to play a couple songs with ALL living Ex-Kiss Members… That’s still kind of messy, but I think in this way everyone is treated fairly.

    1. The band being inducted is the original 4, that’s who I think should only play. Then jam with the other inductees at the end. Other members can be acknowledged in speeches and by being at a table. That’s how I think it goes down respectfully. Honestly, Gene, Paul, Ace & Peter on stage together again? Who would want to stick their nose in that avalanche of fan response?

      1. I totally agree, Eddie… I just don’t think that Gene and Paul are of the same opinion, they always made it clear that KISS today is Gene, Paul, Eric and Tommy 🙁 It’s a good idea to have the jam with all the members at the end though!

  29. Ego’s are a wonderful thing. Give the fans what they want. Suck it up and be professionals. We the fans, largely have put them where they are today. If not then the fans will find other bands to spend their money on. KISS is not KISS w/o Ace and Peter.

  30. I just want to say thanx Eddie for putting your voice out there in support of KISS all these years. I have no respect for the RRHOF and with them inducting KISS I still won’t change my mind. But I am glad to finally see them get this. They definitely deserve this. I have been a HUGE KISS fan for nearly 30 years. I have known so many people who have bashed KISS for their commercialism and marketing. They say that’s what has kept tehm around all this time. Last time I checked people aren’t cranking Rock N Roll All Nite in their cars because of how much toilet paper KISS sold and the hundreds to thousands of people at their concerts aren’t there to buy KISS bears and potato heads. So I hope this induction shuts all the haters up even though I’m sure it won’t. Once again, thanx Eddie for what you’ve done. You have made a difference. Keep up the good work. BTW, I love the That Metal Show! \m/

  31. Eddie, one of my biggest concerns with this, is Paul Stanley’s completely shot voice. I’m sure you’ve seen recent live footage of them, and Paul sounds like he just ran around the block 50 times before he got onstage. Now, we have these assholes at Rolling Stone magazine, who have always thought KISS were a bunch of no talents, and guys like Dave Marsh on the panel who personally has had a mission statement of keeping KISS out of the Hall, these guys are going to see what I’m afraid will be a train wreck onstage mainly because of Paul. I, like you, grew up a fan during the heyday(1976-79), and had to put up with the “KISS sucks” bullshit all throughout the Dynasty-Creatures years, and having defended these guys to the end, here we are, they are getting in the Hall and getting some over due respect, and my nightmare is that they will suck and be an embarrassment. Your thoughts????

      1. Odd thing about Paul’s voice is it is spotty at times. Seen some shows where he was on and some not so much.
        Then saw kiss kruise footage and he was amazing. See the oath.

      2. i agree with Eddie. i went to see kiss on the monster tour when it hit the turning stone casino. Paul’s voice held out good for the first three songs then it started to crack and i noticed they’re adding more Gene, duets, and tommy and eric sing too are getting added into the set list. ( even though tommy sang shock me with a grin on his face like he wrote it irked me a bit before he cut into outer space)

  32. I read Gene’s newest interview with Rolling Stone. It’s a real shame he used Jon Stewart as his analogy to explain why he won’t do That Metal Show. I’m only 20 years old so obviously I didn’t consciously live through the era of Kiss before you were “thrown off their ship”, and I might be wrong about this but I have a feeling that you and him had a stronger bond than Jon Stewart and him did. I mean he did a LONG in-depth interview on your radio show when he was promoting the KISS box set and his auto-biography. He even was talking to you about his views on your (at the time) upcoming marriage, not exactly something you would talk about with an interviewer you only knew on the surface. I hope you don’t mind me asking was the last time you saw Kiss live in Las Vegas with Peter Criss in the band at the Palms? Anyway, I’ve watched That Metal Show vividly since Season 4 and am a big fan of the show. Looking forward to the new season in January! Peace.

    1. Last time I saw them live was in Wisconsin with current lineup maybe 5 years ago at Rockfest.
      Very true Jon Stewart does not quite have the history I have for supporting and loving Kiss, and his show is not exactly where Kiss fans go to see them and rock related talk.

  33. Edwardo T, are the “hand gestures” that Gene is referring to the devil horns? The ones that Dio’s grandmother invented? He may have saw the TMS TV ad’s. The dramatic, 5 min long, black and white close up’s, with people throwing up Genes “invention”. Maybe he feels he’s above that?

    100% behind you, just playing devils advocate. I literally wait all year for the Kissmas special.

    1. DR: Dio’s grandmother didn’t invent the devil horns. “Il Malocchio” has been used in Italy and other Mediterranean countries for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

  34. Eddie,

    Kiss is now in, if Gene and Paul decide to do the right thing is out of our hands. I am a life long Kiss fan but not a fan of Gene and Paul.
    Lets now focus on getting Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple, and others in.

  35. How about this for who will induct KISS? How about Eric, Tommy, Bruce and Vinnie with Eric and Mark on a screen behind them. Then Ace, Peter, Gene & Paul can come up…..play some songs and all the members would be there. Then they can plan a gigantic tour with all the members. The KISS carnival….a real PSYCHO CIRCUS!!!!! If no to that then how about Alice Cooper inducting them……Or maybe Van Halen….

  36. I’m a big KISS fan and I really enjoy your shows, TV and radio, but I don’t really have much of a desire to see KISS on That Metal Show. I don’t think how the TV show is formatted would allow any significant info, at least to the hard core fans. I enjoy the moments on your shows that showcase the artists that don’t get much attention. Being a KISS fan pretty much means you’re already well informed about what’s going on with the band. We’re just wired that way. Just my opinion.

  37. Good Blog Ed. Surely they’ll do something to acknowledge most members of the band. While I disagree with those that don’t like the make up. It’s not time for that now. ANY fan of the band should be happy that RARHOF finally inducted the.

  38. Eddie, I’m curious what your opinion of Nirvana is? Push aside the fact they they supposedly were responsible for the death of hard rock/heavy metal on a mainstream level. What did you think of their music?

  39. I don’t know what Gene’s talking about when he said he had no intrest in doing TMS. Gene loves to hear himself talk, but only things he wants to talk about. He can go on Kathy Lee and Hoda because he knows the both of them are clueless when it comes to the history of the band. They will ask him about the football team, his wife, stuff like that. Eddie i think he’s afraid of the questions you might ask him.

    1. You think? He’s also afraid Paul will get mad if he does it because he REALLY wants to stay away for some reason it seems.. It’s all so strange. I love Kiss, but seems like the one band you have to LOVE EVERYTHING or you are cast out. I guest on TONS of radio shows that have the same opinions as me or way more extreme, and Kiss does all these AM morning shows with no problem. It’s just weird.. But I can survive without them, just the FANS (which I am one of) don’t get to see them on the show they watch.

  40. Eddie, please continue to use your platform. KISS is long overdue but it doesn’t end with them….help lead the discussion for The Nuge, Maiden, Priest, Purple, Lizzy and soooo many more. Thank you and rock on! \m/

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