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Hope you all enjoyed the debut of the new season of TMS. Thanks for all the great response, great to be back!

We tape this Saturday’s new episode tomorrow with Living Colour, Morgan from Sevendust and some surprises. You will see it this Saturday.


Busy times, off to SiriusXM now. Live 6-10P ET on channel 39 with guests Michael Schenker, Lita Ford & Scott Ian. TRUNKNation, Music & Talk That Rocks!


More soon..


  1. As always, great show Sat. Night. One burning question to which I’ve never seen the answer: after David Lee Roth left VH, he offered Steve Stevens the gig in his solo band. He turned Roth down, and then Vai got the offer, according to “The Van Halen Saga”. Have you asked Stevens for any background on his decision? Both obviously great players, but would love to know more on this.

  2. The other day I seem to recall reading that Al Jourgenson was going to be on the show soon. Then yesterday I read he’s going to rehab. I’m sure you don’t know a whole lot about it at this point either but was he scheduled for later in the season? Not sure how long people tend to spend in those places.

  3. It was really great seeing all of you again. Love this set. It feels so much better. Love the show. I always feel that in addition to having fun, I’m always learning something more I didn’t know. My husband and I are looking forward to 2/8 and seeing you in our neck of the woods. It will really be nice just hearing you talk because honestly you are every bit as interesting as the guests you bring on the show. One last thing: You mentioned your son and playing Deep Purple for him. Our son is so entrenched in older rock; nothing modern really, that he most admires Ozzy, the Big Four (most especially Metallica) , the Beatles, to name a few. So much fun!

  4. Eddie,

    My wife & I love TMS & we thank you for being THE GUY who has always publicly waved the flag of rock/metal for decades! No matter what fad or trend was happening you along with millions of other true rock/metal fans always stuck to our guns! We can see the true love & respect your guests have for you on TMS! YOU should be in the R&R HOF!

    TMS has inspired us to create our own rock/metal room with our personal wall of fame featuring framed posters of our favorite bands along with an iPod filled with thousands of songs from these artists playing 24/7. I will send you pics when it’s completed!

  5. Eddie,
    Can you ask Living Colour why they’re not playing on any US festivals? Such an influential band yet there’s no festival appearances… Not even during their Vivid anniversary tour…

      1. Shiprocked isn’t a festival, and Soundwave is In Australia. It’s just odd that there are the US Coachella, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, OzzFests, Austin City Limits, etc, they don’t get an invite it seems…

  6. Didnt Stevens have a really sweet gig with Billy Idol at the time? Maybe he didnt wanna jump ship.
    Great season opener, Eddie.Zakk is a riot, as always.
    I like the new set, reminds me of the old one. Who are those paintings of? I couldnt catch a good shot of them. Also, what became of Dime’s guitar?

  7. Eddie….
    What about Wolfgang Van Halen….. I am sure he has some good stories about his dad and how it was growing up as a young van Halen and now a great bass player.

  8. Just gotta say, I love the guest guitarist segment. They have to play something off the cuff, that is not covered under copyright stuff….and they have 20 secs to do it. Fun to see what they come up with! John 5 was my favorite by far!

    I also love when the artist gives away a guitar to an audience member. I’m a life-long guitarist and my jaw dropped when the gentleman got the signature Gibson Explorer this week! Just too cool! Keep it up!

  9. Just throwing my two cents in…I really enjoy ‘put it on the table’ and the guest arranging favorite albums. This offers some cool insight that you can’t normally get through the typical Q & A sessions.
    Great show and keep up the good work! \m/

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