Hope you all enjoyed the debut of the new season of TMS. Thanks for all the great response, great to be back!

We tape this Saturday’s new episode tomorrow with Living Colour, Morgan from Sevendust and some surprises. You will see it this Saturday.


Busy times, off to SiriusXM now. Live 6-10P ET on channel 39 with guests Michael Schenker, Lita Ford & Scott Ian. TRUNKNation, Music & Talk That Rocks!


More soon..

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  • Jess Tilley on

    Glad TMS is back, looking forward to seeing Living Colour on the show. Glad the top 5 and the throwdown are back!


    Great show, Eddie! Hope to see a live taping. Keep up the great work!

    • Eddie on


  • James on

    Can you ask Living Colour why they’re not playing on any US festivals? Such an influential band yet there’s no festival appearances… Not even during their Vivid anniversary tour…

    • Eddie on

      I believe they are

    • James on

      Shiprocked isn’t a festival, and Soundwave is In Australia. It’s just odd that there are the US Coachella, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, OzzFests, Austin City Limits, etc, they don’t get an invite it seems…

  • Rich on

    Didnt Stevens have a really sweet gig with Billy Idol at the time? Maybe he didnt wanna jump ship.
    Great season opener, Eddie.Zakk is a riot, as always.
    I like the new set, reminds me of the old one. Who are those paintings of? I couldnt catch a good shot of them. Also, what became of Dime’s guitar?

  • Markus Kohn on

    What about Wolfgang Van Halen….. I am sure he has some good stories about his dad and how it was growing up as a young van Halen and now a great bass player.

    • Eddie on

      ASKED EVERY SEASON AND I ASKED HIM IN PERSON. Thanks, our door is open as always and I agree

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