Happy 2014 to all! Holidays seemed to just blow by for me. Now right back into it with a busy start to the new year. We start taping new TMS 1/14. This is an entirely new schedule, location and studio for us. As a result I have very little information as to how things will roll into we get up and going in our new NYC spot. The shows will tape Tuesday nights and you will see them that Saturday at 11P ET on VH1 Classic. We will do new shows through the end of March. 12 new in a row as of now. Many asking me about audience tickets. Again, I do not control them, but the info and links have been posted many times on my various online outlets. Hope to see you there if you get in. I am also asked about who the guests are. Some shows are booked, some are not. Because for the first time ever we are doing a show a week for 12 weeks we likely will not release a complete season list. I will let you know soon who the first couple shows will be. As usual guests are booked based on who’s available, who wants to do the show, who VH1C approves to be on. The new season will as always feature first time and returning guests in rock and metal. More when I can share. Excited to FINALLY have new shows on!


One more thing as far as guests; OF COURSE we ask any major rock and metal artist to be on the show EVERY season! If they choose to make the time and be on the show or not it’s 100% up to them. If you want to see Eddie Van Halen as an example, guess what, SO DO WE! All we can do is ask! But if you want to help tell the artist you want to see on TMS through social media, etc, I encourage it! Maybe if they hear from the fans it will push them. We HAVE had tons of major acts on the show over the more than 100 episode history, but for the few hold outs our door is open as always. Maybe if they hear it from you and other fans it will help. Thanks!

Don’t miss me, Don & Jim in a live stand up show 1/18 at Mexicali Live in Teaneck NJ. Also I’ll be doing a solo live show 2/8 at Concert Pub North in Houston. More live appearances TBA.

The 2014 Monsters Of Rock cruise is near! Been an honor to host this event since the beginning and I will again this year. The contest to win a balcony cabin for 2 ends at the end of this month so be sure to enter now and see you on board!

I’ll be live on Q104.3 NYC tomorrow night 11P-2A ET as my usual format shows return for year 31 of the syndicated FM show. Listen online using the free iheartradio app. Don’t forget the rest of the network gets the 2013 Year In Review show this weekend.


Snow storm here in NJ now. Be safe everyone and happy new year to all!

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  • Jay on

    Bring on Tommy Bolan for the guitarist special guest

  • Patrick Creeden on

    I’m hoping for the other half of Megadeth (,eg Dave E and Shawn) or Tom Araya.

  • Ed Gransell on

    Looking forward to the new TMS season. Keep up the good work !

    • Eddie on


  • Jason Worden on

    Can’t wait for the new season! Glad that it is gonna be more current, Metal is not covered enough IMO by other media. Would love you guys to have Bruce Kulick on, any plans for that?

    • Eddie on

      He was on

  • hadji on

    Just saw a brand-new commercial on VH1 Classic that mentions about a dozen guest names including Ace.

    • Eddie on

      News to me but sometimes I’m last to know

    • brooks anders on

      I saw it too, and i saw Avenged Sevenfold and Ted Nugent! sounds like an awesome season!!

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