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Happy 2014 to all! Holidays seemed to just blow by for me. Now right back into it with a busy start to the new year. We start taping new TMS 1/14. This is an entirely new schedule, location and studio for us. As a result I have very little information as to how things will roll into we get up and going in our new NYC spot. The shows will tape Tuesday nights and you will see them that Saturday at 11P ET on VH1 Classic. We will do new shows through the end of March. 12 new in a row as of now. Many asking me about audience tickets. Again, I do not control them, but the info and links have been posted many times on my various online outlets. Hope to see you there if you get in. I am also asked about who the guests are. Some shows are booked, some are not. Because for the first time ever we are doing a show a week for 12 weeks we likely will not release a complete season list. I will let you know soon who the first couple shows will be. As usual guests are booked based on who’s available, who wants to do the show, who VH1C approves to be on. The new season will as always feature first time and returning guests in rock and metal. More when I can share. Excited to FINALLY have new shows on!


One more thing as far as guests; OF COURSE we ask any major rock and metal artist to be on the show EVERY season! If they choose to make the time and be on the show or not it’s 100% up to them. If you want to see Eddie Van Halen as an example, guess what, SO DO WE! All we can do is ask! But if you want to help tell the artist you want to see on TMS through social media, etc, I encourage it! Maybe if they hear from the fans it will push them. We HAVE had tons of major acts on the show over the more than 100 episode history, but for the few hold outs our door is open as always. Maybe if they hear it from you and other fans it will help. Thanks!

Don’t miss me, Don & Jim in a live stand up show 1/18 at Mexicali Live in Teaneck NJ. Also I’ll be doing a solo live show 2/8 at Concert Pub North in Houston. More live appearances TBA.

The 2014 Monsters Of Rock cruise is near! Been an honor to host this event since the beginning and I will again this year. The contest to win a balcony cabin for 2 ends at the end of this month so be sure to enter now and see you on board!

I’ll be live on Q104.3 NYC tomorrow night 11P-2A ET as my usual format shows return for year 31 of the syndicated FM show. Listen online using the free iheartradio app. Don’t forget the rest of the network gets the 2013 Year In Review show this weekend.


Snow storm here in NJ now. Be safe everyone and happy new year to all!


  1. Can’t wait for the new season! Glad that it is gonna be more current, Metal is not covered enough IMO by other media. Would love you guys to have Bruce Kulick on, any plans for that?


  3. Will you let us know which tms show will feature the anniversary footage from the hard rock. I was one of the lucky (and I mean LUCKY) that got tickets to the show and I want to make sure I record it. Thx Eddie

  4. Eddie, what’s up buddy…….I know Eddie Van halen has been rumoured as a guest……That would be excellent if it comes to be……Maybe David Lee Roth is a possibility also as he loves the press AND lives p/t in NY(he’s always here)…….With the KISS RNRHOF thing finalized, maybe now is the time for both of you to make “peace”(even though it’s not really a war……….Hope to get tix for one of these tapings for me and my wife…Happy New Year….Rock on!!!!

    1. If you can get EVH or DLR on the show we would love to have them! I ask EVERY season! Rumor you speak of comes from my co-hosts, who you must remember are professional ball busters for a living. As for Kiss there is no war. I think it should be okay to have differing opinions on parts of a bands history. Kiss seems to be the one band some feel you must be all in on everything or are the enemy, forgetting the MANY positives and dwelling on a few negative comments. As always my doors are wide open. Thanks

      1. Right on Eddie! I think the same way. No one has to love every single piece of KISS history or “Kisstory” as has been said. We all love the band and should just continue to enjoy it for what it is, whatever incarnation!

      2. Thanks for responding…..I was always under the impression that since you are so close to Peter and Ace, that either Paul or Gene(or both) has some sort of resentment against you for it….lol…..My bad…..As for VH, I wish I could pull some strings but not THAT close to them, even though I kinda know them(when they are in the NY area) after 35 years of seeing them in concert……Happy New Years to you and hope to get in on one of the tapings w/ my wife…….BTW, The Winery Dogs cd is so great!!!…..5 months’s later and still not sick of it, in fact I just went a month without listening to it and heard it over New years again and damn, it is so great!!!……I saw them every show in NJ/NY since August and can’t wait again at BB’s hopefully a few new songs…..These guys are the perfect mix as a band, both vocally and musically, and thanks for doing your part in their formation and promoting them…..The new George Lynch/Dug Pinnick sounds pretty damn good also….can’t wait for that….See you soon!!!!

        1. Paul has issues with me, Gene said he didn’t to my face but apparently does also. I can’t lose sleep over it. When people don’t communicate directly it’s impossible to figure out. The friends with Ace and Peter thing always blows my mind since I have played and supported EVERY version of Kiss for 30 plus years. Just see my recent Kissmas playlist on my site. Zero substance to that but convenient for some.. Thanks

  5. Hey Eddie, awhile back I sent you a comment on Twitter asking why TMS isn’t done on the east coast and your response was “@Helldorado1972 the show is done in LA because the musicians all live there! We can do it East if you want to see no guests!” … So what’s changed?

    1. The way we are now doing the show as a weekly. Never done before. And the hope that now that it is bigger bands will make the trip to be on. This is an experiment to try and do more new shows and stretch our budget. LA way easier, but hope this works for more new shows.

      1. I’d think logistically NY would be better for you as you have family and other interests in NY. Plus, you always have great guest’s in NY on your radio shows. I remember listening in, one cold night, and George Lynch WALKED to your station. It really would seem to help a lot of “our” bands with publicity,etc. it’s good for the guests too. My burning question right now is why would slipnot shit can Joey Jordison? I’m sure you’ll have that story covered first. Keep up the fine work. All 3 of you guys work so well together on TMS. Long Live TMS!

  6. I would like to see Bobby Liebling on the show. His movie is awesome. Here is more:
    Vinnie Vincent
    Randy Piper (WASP)
    Chris Holmes (WASP)—— I would love original WASP reunion.
    Mick Marrs— very underated
    UDO from Accept.
    Tom Araya
    Max Cavelera

  7. Hey Eddie. I think Lars has been the best all around guest on the show the few times he was on. I’m sure you have invited James. Would love to see him. Has he turned you down? Ever a shot at getting Ozzy yet? Or is he still on the decline list? Thanks in advance for all you time and efforts! I’m also a Morris County Jersey , life long metal head! 🙂

  8. I worry that not having TMS is LA will reduce the amount of suprise guests and reduce the amount of 80’s rock guests like Def Leppard, Ratt, LA Guns etc. Seems like so many of them still hang out in LA and at the Rainbow. Should I be worried?

  9. Hey Eddie!!

    Can’t wait for the new season of TMS!! I was just wondering if Bruce , Eric Carr , Mark St. John and Vinnie will be mentioned when Kiss is inducted in the HOF? I saw that Paul & Gene were recently at Bruces wedding . I was born in the mid seventies so the kiss I really got to know and dig on my own was Lick it up thru Revenge. I had an older brother who of course got me “rockin out” to Rock n Roll over , Alive 2 etc when I was a toddler ..Anyway just wanted to know.. Love ur show !!!

  10. Hey Eddie: Some guests I would like to see: Robert Plant, (I am sure that has never been asked), Klaus, Neil Peart. What about Chris Cornell, Ediie Vedder or any of the many “Seattle Sound” guys. (Yes I live in Seattle)
    Also some top 5’s to consider: Live albums, lead singers and Led Zep Albums. Thanks for keeping us informed about the greatest music ever!

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