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Great news today as VH1 Classic has officially ordered another season of That Metal Show! Many have asked about when new shows would be coming and to be honest we were wondering soon. As I have said many times, VH1 owns and controls the show and makes all decisions as to when, where and how we do it. Got the notice today and we will be doing all new episodes sometime in April that I imagine will start airing shortly after. Very early in the process and no details yet, but will keep you all posted as to where and when the shows tape, guests, and how to get tickets when I know. Appreciate all your support and good to know more TMS is on the way! More when I know and can share.

329 thoughts on “1/18: THAT METAL SHOW 2013 UPDATE

  1. You should get Gwar on That Metal Show, the new album they came out with is really awesome and with all that’s goin on with them I think it would be the perfect time to have them on the show! \m/

  2. Dear Eddie,
    Both my husband and I love TMS, and look forward to every new episode, and re-watching some of our favorites. So far we have been desperately searching the internet trying to see if there is any news coming, or when season 13 may start. Any news yet? Thanks for doing what you, Don, and Jim do. Keep it rockin’!

    Much love,
    Lisa & Kurt Pijanowski

  3. NYC!! Glad to see all of you back on the East Coast.. I would love to see you live since I live in NJ… I need to get tixs to the show!! How do we get them? Been through so much this last year, this would be so awesome !! \m/ good luck and can’t wait to watch!!

  4. Hello Eddie
    Great to see the show is going strong & hope to see many more years of TMS.
    Do you guys ever plan on getting Neil Peart on TMS? That is the guy I would love to see.

  5. Would be great to catch up with the former members of Type O: Johnny, Kenny, and Sal as well as Josh even though he went on to be an EMT and appears to have left the music scene completely.
    We love the show-keep up the good work!

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