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Great news today as VH1 Classic has officially ordered another season of That Metal Show! Many have asked about when new shows would be coming and to be honest we were wondering soon. As I have said many times, VH1 owns and controls the show and makes all decisions as to when, where and how we do it. Got the notice today and we will be doing all new episodes sometime in April that I imagine will start airing shortly after. Very early in the process and no details yet, but will keep you all posted as to where and when the shows tape, guests, and how to get tickets when I know. Appreciate all your support and good to know more TMS is on the way! More when I know and can share.

329 thoughts on “1/18: THAT METAL SHOW 2013 UPDATE

  1. Hi Eddie ,I love your show and the guests you bring on their are top notch. I was wondering if there is a chance of getting Bill ward back on? I am a big fan of his and would love to hear more of his side of not being on sabbaths new album and tour and when he is going to bring out another album of his own which has been in the making for a long long time.

  2. In the event this show and VH1 Classic ever do come to a parting of the ways, I would hope you would continue it on as a web broadcast on this site, or something similar. It would be great to see you do your thing without the limitations of a numbers-crunching cable network interfering for a change.

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