Great news today as VH1 Classic has officially ordered another season of That Metal Show! Many have asked about when new shows would be coming and to be honest we were wondering soon. As I have said many times, VH1 owns and controls the show and makes all decisions as to when, where and how we do it. Got the notice today and we will be doing all new episodes sometime in April that I imagine will start airing shortly after. Very early in the process and no details yet, but will keep you all posted as to where and when the shows tape, guests, and how to get tickets when I know. Appreciate all your support and good to know more TMS is on the way! More when I know and can share.

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  • Kris Augustin on

    Great news for TMS! Can’t wait for new shows to start! Get the DVR rolling!

  • Brian Bulakites on

    Why wont vh1 classic get that metal show out on dvd? Or atleast make for download other than doing it through torrent sites? There all these seasons of it and I know people would buy the dvd if it came out.

    • jackson hantzsche on

      YEAH!!! C’mon VH1 classic!! put out the complete seasons on dvd. i would buy every season, and they would be as sacred as every cd in my massive collection!!!! you’ve got nothing to lose but potential income vh1!? so how bout it huh???

  • Brian M. on

    Great news! Can’t wait till the new season starts! John Bush and James Hetfield would make cool guests!

    • Rockmonster on

      Congrats on the new season of TMS…..one of the best shows on TV….If VH1 is so controlling why don’t you shop it to other networks….just a thought…you might get enough revenue from another network to have full scale live performances……try to get GENE and PAUL to stop ducking you….Rock on !

  • Bill on

    WooHoo!! More TMS! I still think Wolfgang is the guy to ask to get the Mighty VH to come on the show. Love the guest musicians too – congrats Eddie T

    • Eddie on

      HAS been asked several times

  • Victor A on

    Eddie, what’s up with the Jake E Lee sighting on the show?.. I was soo disappointed that you didn’t do an interview.

    • Eddie on

      HE didn’t want to yet!

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