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Great news today as VH1 Classic has officially ordered another season of That Metal Show! Many have asked about when new shows would be coming and to be honest we were wondering soon. As I have said many times, VH1 owns and controls the show and makes all decisions as to when, where and how we do it. Got the notice today and we will be doing all new episodes sometime in April that I imagine will start airing shortly after. Very early in the process and no details yet, but will keep you all posted as to where and when the shows tape, guests, and how to get tickets when I know. Appreciate all your support and good to know more TMS is on the way! More when I know and can share.

329 thoughts on “1/18: THAT METAL SHOW 2013 UPDATE

  1. Eddie,
    After reading all these 2013 messages and replies, it’s clear that you get frustrated at times over what the fans post and maybe you’ve even destroyed a few keyboards in the process. I think it’s time for you to be a special guest on Florentine’s podcast. Yeah, I def think that would be a nice outlet where you can just let it all out. ( hopefully you don’t have a man-cave… ) Nice.
    Thanks for hosting a great show.

  2. …was never much a John5 fan til i saw him on your show-now i even check out his lessons on youtube! i think he owes you a dinner…howza bout Buckethead as guest GTR? as a regular guest, i don’t think you’d get a word outta him…hope you can find more for the Blonde to do if you’re cutting back on Top5! …

  3. Eddie… who would your dream guest be? I am thinking Robert Plant or Jimmy Page.. How freakin incredible would that be? I know you interviewed Robert before, but to have him on the show would be amazing!

  4. Hey Eddie
    i just love the show and also your book.ive always been a hude fan of music. and thanks to you i have listened to alot of new music. music has always been my saving grace along with books. and i thank you for turning me on to books about bands and also your book.now that im sick and pretty much stuck at home i just cant get enough of your show and comments. and yes i agree it should be called the rock and roll hall of shame. thanks for turning a old rocker back on to the mucis as i need all ican get. and keep up the great work

  5. i also want to say that its too bad some people wont do the show. you would think that with a show like TMS that all rockers would want to be on to talk about their goings on and talk about how the music scene has changed. the show always has great people on, but the ones that refuse to do the show need to wake up and see that being on the show could get them new fans. but what do i know. maybe they have to big a ego to do a show that would promote them.they should be thankful for a show that promotes them and for a guy like eddie.
    keep up the great work eddie.

    1. I agree. I think Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley ought to man up an do the show. Ozzy too. Although, Paul and Gene are probably afraid they will be uncomfortable knowing how Eddie feels about other members wearing Ace and Peter’s make-up. And, I would love hear Ozzy discuss how he agreed or was coerced into removing Bob Daisley and Lee Keepsake’s tracks from the first two albums. Bob and Lee were so solid on those two albums. The remasters sound sloppy without them. I’m glad that they continued to work together in Uriah Heep.

  6. I have an idea for the show.How about having up and coming bands play a live song on the show? You already do your “pics of the week”,so why not have them play live? I doubt you would run into problems with them appearing on the show,as opposed to the egos you MUST deal with.

  7. hay Eddie im from NW, IN and love TMS has to be the best show on MTV since headbangers ball!! I was really starting to freak out that the show was cancelled! Iv been waiting every Sat. for the new episodes. would love to see Motley on the show an yes i did see the episode with vince from vegas u did. but love the show an have seen every show since day one. Long Live Metal.

  8. Hi Eddie,

    I was listening to an old Opie and Anthony show. It was not long after your book. Jay Mohr was heckling you for your top song picks. It was very entertaining and you were a good sport.
    I’m glad you reminded Jay that “Romeo’s Delight” is one of VH’s best songs (WACF is my favorite VH album).
    PS It seems like you get pretty frustrated on this forum from answering the same questions over and over and reminding everyone that you don’t get to hand pick all of the guests. I understand your frustration, but keep in mind that we are you biggest fans Eddie. your show is our only outlet for seeing people from the groups that we love and idolized growing up. Sometimes it seems like your responses can have an arrogant tone. I hope I don’t get booted for saying that. Please try to have some patience with your posters. We all love the show and we all love the same music.

    Joe Marmo

  9. hey seems to me vh1 need to pull there heads out of there $%.it you that makes the show work,thay need to work a lot more with u guy to move the show to a higher level!!!!!!!!!.you guys rock.dan.k

  10. Instead of the defensive, “we asked them” response, just realize that people are passionate about the show. Compile the requests in order of frequency and present the results to VH1 and/or the artists to show what the people want. Begin worrying when people stop requesting guests.

    1. Okay, when I’m done hosting and producing 2 radio shows and a TV show, and writing my book, I’ll also start running petitions for bands to be on TMS that don’t respond when asked.. No problem.

  11. Eddie, you do a great job and get the best guests. Sure there are a lot of people I’d like to see, and I figure they’ll be on sooner or later. I just want to see more TMS for ever! Keep rockin’ and long live Eddie Trunk and TMS!

  12. Hello Eddie, I am a 52 yr. Old Metal Head and proud of it. Born in 1960, I have Matured with Rock-n-Roll. I use to listen to Early Beatles, Stones and Elvis on 45’s at a very young age but for some reason always gravitated to the harder more radical music and went to School in the 70’s, was head on into the NWOBHM and love Death Metal to this day….I have been into Motorhead since 1980. I think its fantastic that you pay respects to all the Early Rockers from the past but, Death Metal is a HUGE part of “Everything Hard Rock & Metal” and because you have you have stated that you “Don’t Get It” with Death Metal you totally ignore the great Bands. There are a lot of Artist that are busting thier ass flying the Metal flag and they deserve recognition. Arch Enemy, Amon Amarth, Arsis, & even Carcass is back out touring. Well, thats my rant, Thanks for the great show…B.T.W, “Force It” is my favorite UFO album…

    1. I can not and will not pretend to like things I don’t. Have PLENTY on my plate with rock, hard rock and metal I do deal with. I respect all genres but can not fake it that I like something. ALL music I like must have vocals that appeal to me, that genre does not

  13. Hey Eddie , great show , great hosts , great music and talent . I used to watch Virgil Donati play drums here in local pubs ( melbourne Australia ) just wondering if you know if he is still playing with bands over in the States?? Also when can we see you guys ( TMS) back on our screens Downunder 2013????? THANKYOU FOR THE BEST SHOW ON THE PLANET !!!!!

  14. Awesome! Another season of TMS! How about Frank Marino of Mahogany Rush? Very little was known of him and this great band……..had a huge fan base too!

  15. Eddie, I love your show and look forward to each show every week. I saw Foxy Shazam open for Slash and bought all there CDs within a month. Can you get them on the show or at least give a little mention on the show? Thx bro and keep on doing what you’re doing.

  16. Hey Eddie , you personally commenting to your fans is really admirable. And pretty cool. I was wondering about Chris Robinson or rich of black crowes? Have they ever done tms? They are one of . no.. They are my favorite band. And I was wondering if they could ever do tms. Even though their southern rock and not fully just a pure metal band. They are awesome. Have they been asked? I know they are currently on tour. Just curious. Keep up the good work. Your truly a nice person for personally replying…

  17. Mahogany Rush? With Frank Marino? Can you please, please have him on the show? Great overlooked and underrated guitar player………what’s your thoughts Eddie? Keep up the great work! Love watching the show from St. Lucia!!!!

  18. Eddie,

    I think it is AWESOME that you actually respond to people’s posts and questions. I love TMS and have been a HUGE FAN for years. Is it true that Neal Fallon from Clutch is going to be on the show? If so, that is AWESOME as I and many of my friends are tremendous fans. Look Forward to the new season. ROCK ON!!!

      1. THANK YOU EDDIE. Again I think it is awesome that you actually respond to questions from fans and viewers. I look forward to the new season and won’t miss an episode. Again, THANK YOU.

  19. Cant waite for the new season! hay eddie what ever happen to Steven Adler’s golden album from appeite that he gave you to put on the wall? i cant ever see it. You guys rock and hope the show never gets canceld!!! i have to give a big shout out to Don and Jim! you three guys Make TMS what it is. So a big thanks to all 3 of you guys that make all our Sat. nights a lil better for a hour.

  20. Great show and awesome guests! I really dug the Danzig episode. The misfits, samhain, and danzig are some of my all time favorites and I’m glad to see him recognized on a show like this. I would have liked to see a little more from him but I can’t complain. Just wanna know if there is any chance of seeing other misfits members (Jerry or Doyle) on a different note I love your interviews with Peter criss. I’d love to see him too.

  21. Eddie, a few random thoughts…
    Glad to hear TMS is on for another season. You usually start off the first episode each season with one of your famous rants against the RRHOShame as they deserve. I am glad they finally got their heads out of their a**es and let Rush in. I know that was one of your main bands you rallied for but don’t stop the rant. As you have mentioned there are so many others deserving to be recognized.

    Rock N Roll heaven just got a little louder with the passing this year of Clive Burr, Alvin Lee, Jeff Hanneman and Dani Crivelli. I’m sure your show will no doubt pay homage.

    Suggested top 5 list. Top 5 underrated/overlooked metal/hard rock vocalist. When it comes to vocals and who is top dog you always get the same group, Bruce, Rob, Dio, Plant, etc. Not to take away from them ’cause they are all great. But there are some guys with as much talent that get passed over when this subject is brought up. Now, most of these guys I am not a big fan of but I do recognize the talent. My list in no particular order…Paul Stanley, Sebastian Bach, Dee Snyder, Sammy Hagar, Ozzy.

    1. Ed, thanks and be sure to watch to see what we do. Please note the shows were already shot when some of the guys you mentioned passed. They air different times around the world..

  22. Eddie TMS its Our Favorite show. Every saturday here in the island of PR. We will gathered 20 metal heads buy a keg of beer with some BBQ and will watch your show. We are more old metal school we love to listen Fastway,Riot,Angel witch,Gream Reaper,Rail,Exciter,Y&T,Hendrix Band of Gypsys etc Were big fans of Thin Lizzy also love new stuff like BCC, Buckcherry.Mastodon and more. I will love to see in your show members of The Rods. And ask them what was like to record that Dio song (The Code) on there latest Album . Almost forget to tell you I also have the original LP strangers in the night bought it at a Barkers Store 1980 jaja

  23. I have a question about Ronnie james Dio! Do u know Eddie if he knew that his wife was seeing anouther man? this mite seem, like a weired question but i couldnt belive it when i heard that she had married her boyfriend of 20yrs, im from nw IN an get all the chicago stations. was just curious if Ronnie knew she had a man on the side. And god bless Ronnie james Dio for all the great music he gave us. HOLY DIVER!!!! has to be one of the best albums from start to finish of all time!!

  24. Hay Eddie it really amaize’s me that all these people on here just so happens to get these bright idea;s about getting these major metal gods like EVH!! to come on the show! after 10 seasions i think with all the connections u have they would have already been on there!..wow. there are alot of musicans id love to see on the show like Motley with Nikki or the rest since u already had vince on. and like uv said a millon times the door is always open an u even went to LA just to shoot so you could get more guests to come on. you will never ever hear me bitch about TMS!!!!!! my god its the only thing on tv to where we can catch up on our metal music and get the low down on whats going on with our favorite artiste!! if it wasnt for TMS and METAL MANIA we wouldnt have anything from our good ol days of music! so EDDIE just keep doin what ur doing and THANK YOU for making my Sat. night a hell of alot better for an hour. wish it was 2hrs! but by far best show on tv since headbangers ball! which i find TMS even better!!!!! Thanks again edie an to don an jim. LONG LIVE METAL!!!!!!!!

  25. Ed,
    Love your work man. Its cool that your so in touch with the fans, answering so many questions on your board. It astonishes me that people say “you come off like a dick”. its called brevity people. Busy man, want to reply to as many posts as possible, gotta be quick! We appreciate what you do and thanks for answering questions on the site. Glad to hear TMS is coming back as well. Very cool.

  26. I know ur a busy busy man Eddie an sorry if i left a message u didnt want to reply to. Im with Steve i do love how you reply with ur fans, and im one of ur biggest fans and was just hopeing to get a reply from you on a few questions i had asked but i realize u cant reply to every Q, and i know you have a lot of respect for wendy so thats why i didnt really expect a reply to that Q. Ur a man with a hell of alot of knowledge tho i used to love and read who produced the albums and who did back ups on songs and all those kinds of things but id never come close to having the knowledge you have! You blow me away with the music insight you have!! cant waite for the new episodes love TMS!!!! Sorry if i affended you in any way shape or form.

  27. Eddie with your 2011 I think it was interview with axl. In Miami. Was axle
    A dick? He seems to have that reputation over the past 25 years. But he was always
    A favorite vocalist of mine.

  28. A metal talk show that hasn’t had Burton or Dino on are you kidding me?the influence of FF is unmeasurable ! The douches you have on this show are unreal. VH1 is calling the shots? What do they know? The industrialist was arguably the best album of 2012! I hope you ask them and they give you the finger. The middle one!

  29. Hi Eddie,
    I love the show and am looking forward to the new season. I just got Directv on demand hooked up and they have the 9/29/12 episode (Lita Ford and Heart) in HD. Will the upcoming season be available on demand in HD?
    Thanks and keep on rocking!

  30. Eddie, love the show mate!!! I was lucky to stumble across it at the beginning. I just saw Tool play twice here in Melbourne (and met Adam) All members are absolutely on top of their game – although Maynard was crook (flu) and spewing on stage. Is there a better drummer in the world than Danny Carey? Anyway, I have never heard the band mentioned once on all 100 episodes which I find surprising – is it because you guys aren’t into them? Or are you into them? Also – keep an eye on a genius App called Soundhalo – it’s artist endorsed and allows fans who can’t attend a gig to download it to their phone or by single song as its played in real time. All the best to you and the boys \../

      1. Thanks for the reply Eddie – I can’t wait for the new TMS season to show here.

        I probably should have disclosed that I am an investor in the Soundhalo App. Aside from my self interest, this is going to be seriously good for bands as it adds real value to their ‘live’ revenue streams. The bands love it as it also stops punters filming on their phones instead of taking in the gig. The footage is amazing and the sound is taken through the mixing desk, shot up to the cloud and appears immediately on the phone after the song is finished, uploading song by song. I’m looking forward to the ‘metal’ take up. Check it out – \../


  31. Hi Eddie, could you find out why TMS is not airing in Australia anymore? We got up to season 10 at the end of 2012, but it has not aired at all in 2013, it’s extremely disappointing & frustrating as it was my favourite show & the only reason I had pay subscription tv. We haven’t even got access to watch it online. : (

  32. Eddie….So glad to see your back for another season! I love the show, the new format, but not so sure I care about the new set decoration. Looks like a shaved down metal version of “The View!” So stark & bare! I liked last years set….much more relaxed. Regardless though, I’ll still be watching every week.

  33. They may not be Metal and are a Hard Rock band, but they were the first U.S. Progressive Rock Band. Who ? KANSAS ! They are celebrating their 40th Annivasary as a band. Please, get them on your show. Original drummer Phil Ehart and guitarist Richard Williams would be more than happy to attend your show and share their 40 years in the business.
    Without Kansas, there would be no Dream Theater, etc.

  34. As always its a great show and my number one stop for hard rock/metal related information and informed entertainment. And I absolutely realize that the talent is not calling the shots so much as the production team. But I would ask only if the shows talent would feel Steven Wilson and his music has reached a level of receiving some sort of recognition. Not asking if he should appear on the show , just wondering if he is considered relevant by the on screen talent? And thanks regardless of an answer , its a fantastic program even if its not in HD 🙂

  35. Hi Eddie , very very sad day , FOXTEL AUSTRALIA tell me that they are not going to air 2013 season of THAT METAL SHOW , so I think now that myself and many thousands of metalheads maybe don’t need to watch Foxtel anymore . I did look forward to watching your show , I have seen every episode prior to 2013 …… I just don’t understand networks , I know for a fact that it rated well down under ?????????

  36. Eddie,
    Great job with the show and congrats on another SEASON!!!!
    Love to see if the Network or Ice T would be down for a visit???

    Body Count Rocked the early 90’s Metal Scene with a very successful crossover for Ice T from Rap to metal. Love that Album more each time I listen to it!!!
    Ernest C rocks that Metal Guitar!!
    Would be cool to see Ice T visit you 3 Knuckleheads!!!:)

  37. Hi Eddie, not been much of a TV guy for years (if you got time, you practice playing guitar instead of watching TV) but I got turned onto the show this year and boy am I hooked. I DVR the stuff like mad and get an episode a day, so I’m happy now, (chuckle). I’m a local boy and plan on coming to a show to try for a shot to Stump the Trunk, being a rock and roll trivia kook and all meself. You are a gift to us rockers and metal heads and Don and Jim should be proud n’ pleased to be in your presence, those buttheads! Much gratitude for all the hard work and effort to produce quality programming in this modern era of crap, and you know what I mean. PS, Bon era AC/DC is better than coffee in the morning as far as I’m concerned.

  38. Hey man, love the show, but have you ever considered asking Buckethead to be the guest guitarist? You never know…he just might do it, just don’t ask him to speak.

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