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Great news today as VH1 Classic has officially ordered another season of That Metal Show! Many have asked about when new shows would be coming and to be honest we were wondering soon. As I have said many times, VH1 owns and controls the show and makes all decisions as to when, where and how we do it. Got the notice today and we will be doing all new episodes sometime in April that I imagine will start airing shortly after. Very early in the process and no details yet, but will keep you all posted as to where and when the shows tape, guests, and how to get tickets when I know. Appreciate all your support and good to know more TMS is on the way! More when I know and can share.

329 thoughts on “1/18: THAT METAL SHOW 2013 UPDATE

  1. EDDIE !!!!!!! In latín América we’re 1000’s TMS fans,
    Why? Can’t see the nEw seasons, es el único programa
    Que existe de nuestra música y queremos “that metal
    Show” actualizado no los pinches programas atrasados
    Que pasan en Vh1 en español. Up the irons!!!
    Long live TMS!!!

  2. Eddie, love the show and looking forward to another season. Would you or the network ever consider having any producers as guests? Kevin Shirley, Bob Rock, Bob Ezrin, Rick Rubin, Martin Birch, etc. Keep up the great work!

  3. Hey Eddie,
    Do you know if there are any plans to tape TMS in New York again, I ‘d love to attend? Any chance of getting a grunge band on this season?

    Thanks and keep up the great work.

        1. So 8 episodes with Kix? And we have them on here in LA. Hardly any musicians live on the E Coast. We do the show for the audience that watches around the world where we can get the most guests. Thanks

  4. Great to hear!!! Love TMS!!! Would really love to see D.D. Verni on as a guest bassist as I’m sure you’ll agree Eddie , D.D. is an insane bassist!!! Doug Blair on guitar would be sweet but W.A.S.P. is always sooo busy.

  5. Eddie, I just have to tell you that TMS and your book are the reason I got back into the music. I had given up on hard rock and metal when grunge came out. Was VERY dissappointed in what was going on at that time. Years later, I find the show called “That Metal Show”. Here are three regular guys discussing my favorite music and interviewing awesome musicians. TMS has ignited a fire in me to search out more music and discover albums and aritists I didn’t know exsisted. I thank you for that! My CD collection has doubled in the past few years because of TMS. Also, thank you for introducing me to UFO. Listening to “Strangers” right now. Freakin’ Awesome. Keep Calm and Rock On!

  6. Eddie!!!!! I fuckin love you, man!!!! I love the show!!! So glad that you, Don, and Jim are coming back.
    All the bands you mention on the show are amazing. You are the only reason I watch VH1 Classic. I’m so thankful for you keeping hard rock and metal alive. We need more fans! I’ve been a devoted metal head since I was 6 years old, man and I’m 21 now. My brother played me the song “Black Sabbath” from Sabbath’s 1st album at 6 and I instantly fell in love with metal. You’re amazing, man! Thank you for keeping metal alive! Braveheart, baby!!!!! Keep carrying the flag!!!! Anyways, just wanted to say I’m a huge fan of yours and the show and would love autographs from you, Jim, and Don! Love you guys!!! Long live metal!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!\m/!!!!!!!!

  7. VERY happy to hear about a new season. I was starting to get worried. I’m 48 years old, but your show makes me feel like I’m 18 again.
    I know you don’t get to hand pick your guests, but I’m hoping to see John Arch and Jim Matheos on TMS someday. I don’t know if you’ve heard “Sympathetic Resonance”, it’s amazing!

  8. Eddie,
    What are your thoughts on the remaining Dio members touring together as “the Last in line”, do you think its a cash grab or a true tribute to Ronnie?
    Have you guys ever looked into doing a “TMS presents….(insert band names) ” tour?


  10. Hi Eddie, Best show ever. Cant. Wait for viv cambell to be on. Would love to hear why him and Ronnie didn’t get along. Also want to know what he thinks about Blackmore who was greatest ever. Love that u mentioned Vain last season saw them in Boston 1990.Davey Vain unbeatable fro.t man.. keep up good work.

      1. Classic artists like foo fighters….haha. TMS is ALL things hard rock and heavy metal, right? So push some newer bands and by newer I mean bands that have been around for 10 years or so and would actually benefit from your show. Everyone knows about acdc, sabbath etc. yer show is an hour long, so you can spend 45 mins sucking up to the “pioneers” of the genre and letting them plug their latest pile of crap solo album. But let’s show some love for the “newer” bands that actually keep the scene alive. Also, your show is very fan driven, how about involving them in the top 5 list. I know I get pissed off every time that list gets finalized. Again it seems like “newer” artists/bands get snubbed on that segment too. Try having a show where acdc, kiss and priest doesn’t get mentioned. Don’t get me wrong I love me some priest but I think we can all go on living if the usual bands don’t make it onto the list or doesn’t even get mentioned on one of the shows.

        1. Perhaps we should just rewrite history and pretend MAJOR bands don’t play a role in almost every band that does come on? Wow, amazing. When you have a TV show and WORK FOR A NETWORK, then have whoever you want on. Oh, and in case you didn’t notice the network the show is on is called VH1 CLASSIC. Get it, CLASSIC? Do you go to ESPN Classic to see new games? Always amazes me how people think they have it all figured out when they have NO CLUE how it really works. We’ve been on 5 years and 100 episodes, someone likes it I’d say. Sorry it doesn’t fit your perfect mold. And we promote plenty of new bands when and how we can! In case you haven’t noticed classic bands also have nowhere to go on TV either.

          1. I get the whole classic thing Eddie. But it’s irrelevant. TMS is a new show, it exists right now. Unlike the games on espn classic or whatever you’re comparing your show to. And if VH1classic is purely classic why am I watching a commercial for their roc doc weekend that features the foo fighters, didn’t know they were classic rock already. So you’re saying if TMS was on VH1 or some other non “classic” channel then you wouldnt mention the older bands as much? Listen I’m not trying to turn this into some lame war of words on your website, I actually appreciate you reading and responding to my post. I’ll have my tix for the new season, maybe we can continue this in person or at the rainbow. Take care, KISS sucks!!!!

  11. So glad to see that the show will be back for at least one more season. I sure hope that you can get someone from the Slayer camp back on the show…getting worried about what their future is in light of Jeff’s ongoing health issues and the recent issues involving Dave Lombardo and the business side of things.

  12. While we wait for new shows 2013 April + ,,,,,,,,,, arrghhhh ,,,,,,,, taking forever !!! Why can’t they (VH1) air shows prior to 2010 ????? I’ve seen ’11-’12 three hundred million times each ,,,,,,,,, arrrghhhhhh 🙂

  13. Hi Eddie!. thanks for TMS! and for this season hope to see Gene and Paul!..I know the facts that lead you to do a statement about the masked band .. but I wish the things get better in the name of rock and roll..

  14. Yay!! Another season:) This is the best show on TV hands down! Phil Mogg. Paul Raymond. Andy Parker of UFO !! You know you want em Eddie!! Would love to see Pete Way to but unfortunately that may be a stretch~ Also another idea Fast Eddie Clark or Tony Moore from Riot to talk about life after Riot and the unfortunate death of the very missed Mark Reale. You guys can only do what you can I understand that Us fans are lucky to have you guys Rock on~!!!

  15. Hey Eddie, big fan of TMS. No requests here to drive you nuts, just a statement. Until you guys had him on, I never noticed what an accomplished and talented guitarist John 5 is. This guy is UN-FRICKIN-REAL! He is not bound by one style, or sound or type of music. He can play with Manson this morning, Skynyrd for lunch, and then (with his “chicken picking” skills) I wouldn’t be surprised at all to hear him on a Vince Gill recording. An amazing talent, yet he seems like the best of guys! Hopefully he will be back in the near future. Until then , I guess I’ll just have to check out some more of his body of work. You guys have made me a forever fan of John 5! See you in the Summer!

  16. Outstanding show! When will ticket information be forthcoming? And where will we be able to find said info? My hubby knows almost as much as you do about the classic heavy metal bands and I’d love to be able to take him and our daughter (who grew up listening to it too) to a taping. Have a great year!

  17. Great to see that Amon Amarth mention last season in one of you guy’s top fives. I like seeing bands like that get some love on a show geared to , in my opinion, nostalgia/legacy acts. Hope to see more of that this season. And hopefully some Turbonegro dudes someday.

  18. I’m wearing a black TMS t-shirt as I’m typing, and I love to “geek out” with That Metal Show along with everyone else who’s posted here! Eddie, what are your thoughts as to why Aerosmith’s MFAD didn’t make much of a dent on the charts (and do you think the album stands a chance at being resuscitated?) “Street Jesus” MAKES that record!! Also, check out Chris Kopchak’s AeroFANatic fan page on Facebook if you haven’t already! Looking forward to the new season, man!

  19. Lets keep asking Eddie to bring a certain guest on even after he has stated 447 times that its up to vh1 and the ARTIST. Hey Eddie, can you resurrect Dimebag and bring him on for the new season so he can sit down with Gene Simmons, Ozzy and EVH. Thanks.

  20. Eddie, how about Blackmore as a guest guitarist. I know he only wants to talk about Blackmores Night, but would he come on and just play. Then u could ask him questions. What about Jon Olivia or any of the guys from savatage. Talk about a classic underrAted band. Maybe u could get them to perform for one year the music to Streets A Rock Opera instead of Trans Siberian Orchestra for one year.

  21. Hey Eddie, looking forward to the new season. Have one question for you. (and no, nothing about guests lol) Are there any catagories you have NOT covered for the top 5 list?

    Thanks, and keep up the good work! Metal lives!

  22. Eddie:

    I know it is very hard to get guests on the show… but if the stars were to align….

    Given that you already have two clowns on the show…. It would be great to have an episode on Hard Rock / Comedy acts and get Green jello (Mr. Manspeaker) and Tenacious D as guests?


  23. Eddie, i heard that in the new seassion insted of just a guest guitar player or drummer you might have like a whole band from time to time. for some reasion i thought i heard it on the show its self. anyway just woundering thanks (now that i think of it it seems kinda impossible seeing that they only play out to the commercials) haha

      1. No money, after 12 “seasons”? There’s money, the execs just don’t want to spend it.
        You guys have a gold mine there but it seems the VH1 Classic guys are missing the boat. Big money from musical instrument makers for ads. This IS their target market. They should be selling Fender, Gibson, pedals etc. (if they start and you guys make huge $$$ all I want is 5%)
        Seriously, a show this popular should be making huge money.

  24. Awesome, I can’t wait! Each season you guys just get better and better! I was wondering though if you guys were considering having one of the original Black Sabbath members back on the show considering they have a new album scheduled to come out this June?

  25. Glad TMS is coming back! So now on to guests….. how about,
    Dave Ghrol
    Brad Wilk (talking about working with Sabbath)
    Alex Skolnick
    Gary Holt (Exodus)
    Paul Di’Anno

  26. Eddie, i’m curious to know what you think about the 1995 UFO album, Walk on Water. As many times as you talk about UFO and as much of a fan as you are you should highlight it on the show. I think it’s their best album ever. The writing, and the technical proficiency of the band was amazing on that album and Schenker TORE IT UP!

  27. Get John Myung of Dream Theater as a guest musician. Also as a what ever happened to suggestion “What ever happened to David T. Chastain?” Also get Steve Vai on as a guest. Another “what ever happened to” Fernando Von Arb of Krokus.

  28. Thank God! I’m starting to go into TMS withdraw. Rush, UFO, and Black Sabbath made up the sound track to my adolescent life and beyond. I play guitar and Schenker is always present in my playing. His phrasing is impeccable.

  29. Thank God, I was going into TMS withdraw! Rush, UFO, and Black Sabbath made up the soundtrack to my adolescent life and beyond. I play guitar and Schenker is always present in my playing. His phrasing is impeccable.

  30. Best (Rock) News of 2013: Return of THAT METAL SHOW!! Awesome! Can’t Wait!
    Worst (Rock) News of 2013: Breakup of Black Country Communion!! What Happened? Rumors about same band minus Joe B.???

  31. Hi Ed. Reading this as I Captain my ship in the Bering Sea. Does any band bring it as hard in thier live performances as Jackyl? Never was a fan til I saw them live recently.

  32. I love TMS. New music isn’t what it was the last 40 years keep up the great work keeping metal and hard rock relevant and cool like it should be. It’s shows like TMS and the fans that keep metal alive. Please try to get some newer bands if you can like avenged sevenfold, bullet for my valentine, as I lay dying, all that remains. You guys rock, keep up the great work.

  33. Hi Eddie,
    Looking forward to the new season. True joy to watch a show where the hosts know what they are talking about, have opinions and know how to defend them. Have been introduced to a whole slew of artists I was not familiar with and became more familiar with artists I had only had a passing knowledge of. I was wondering if there is a list somewhere that has all of the “Pick of the Week” suggestions you have made over the previous seasons. I made the mistake of not writing them down in the past. (Won’t make the mistake again.) So would like to know if there is somewhere I can find that information. Also, is your book available with “That Metal Show” items, or is Amazon best place to get that? Thanks and excited for the new season!

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