Great news today as VH1 Classic has officially ordered another season of That Metal Show! Many have asked about when new shows would be coming and to be honest we were wondering soon. As I have said many times, VH1 owns and controls the show and makes all decisions as to when, where and how we do it. Got the notice today and we will be doing all new episodes sometime in April that I imagine will start airing shortly after. Very early in the process and no details yet, but will keep you all posted as to where and when the shows tape, guests, and how to get tickets when I know. Appreciate all your support and good to know more TMS is on the way! More when I know and can share.

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  • Jeremy Rindahl on

    That is Badass! Only show on TV I must watch. Metal music is forgotten by corporate world. Eddie is the reason I watch. Wish his radio show was in the Billings MT market. Maybe soon?

    • Eddie on

      Thanks, tell your local stations!

  • Heidi Poppy on

    Get Newsted on the show this season! I know you don’t have the budget to go to his studio, but maybe he can bring some of his paintings, or footage of the paintings, with him to your set.

    • Eddie on

      Jason has been asked, up to him

    • thevault on

      He was scheduled to appear with Lemmy a few seasons back but had a family matter then and had to cancel. His new EP is great~!

  • Mookie Dykstra on

    Hey Eddie….love the site upgrade! I’ve only been able to catch a few episodes of TMS, but I’ve really liked all of them. I know you are a huge UFO fan, as am I. You had Michael Schenker on some time in the past, so how about having Phil Mogg as a guest? Would he qualify? I think I remember you saying that to get on the show certain criteria had to be met…..don’t remember what that was, though. Anyway, just a thought!


  • David Hail on

    Awesome news and I look forward to another season and I am sure my 2 teenage sons will also be thrilled.

  • Ffej Herb on

    Awesome news! Looking forward to the new season, guys!

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