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Great news today as VH1 Classic has officially ordered another season of That Metal Show! Many have asked about when new shows would be coming and to be honest we were wondering soon. As I have said many times, VH1 owns and controls the show and makes all decisions as to when, where and how we do it. Got the notice today and we will be doing all new episodes sometime in April that I imagine will start airing shortly after. Very early in the process and no details yet, but will keep you all posted as to where and when the shows tape, guests, and how to get tickets when I know. Appreciate all your support and good to know more TMS is on the way! More when I know and can share.

329 thoughts on “1/18: THAT METAL SHOW 2013 UPDATE

  1. since we know the rock and roll hall of fame is a complete disgrace, why dont you start a that metal show hall of fame? you could start by inducting black sabbath as they are the godfathers of heavy metal as we know it and then go from there. for a statue you can use a replica of ronnie james dios’ hand giving the sign of the horns. just thought i would throw it out there. your show is the best. thanks for everything you do for rock and roll and heavy metal.

      1. Make it like a small thing with guests on the show once every season. There doesn’t have to be an actual “HOF”, just a HOF on the show. Print out the certificates, and present them at the end of every season. Sure, it sounds a little corny, but it still beats one of those overrated gold Grammy thingies!

        And then there would be a cool jam in the studio (kinda like when Anvil played)!

  2. hey everybody,
    leave it up to eddie! he has proven time and time again that he knows his shit! I have yet to see a guest im unhappy with! im more than sure it will be more of the great guests and features it has always been!!!

  3. The show could go on forever like your radio broadcast?…Need to start introducing new bands? I mean newer bands opeth’ kamalot’Nightwish’Ghost’triptykon…The new generation of metal!!!!……………………………….Metal needs to be reawakend in AMERICA START IT HERE!!!

  4. Just want to say thanks for the show and all the guests making my life a little more enjoyable since this stupid battle with cancer. Everyone on seems like guys a regular person could hang out with. Once again, thanks and someday hope to see a taping.

  5. Love TMS but I must say, Ed. When you tell us not to post that we would like to see certain people on the show, it DOES serve a purpose. We may be stumping you with a guest that you never thought of. We know it’s up to you & VH1. But why would you not want to hear our opinions? THAT serves no purpose. It actually comes across douchey and arrogant and that our opinions don’t matter. We are your fans and viewers who make your show stay on the air. Remember that. Peace!

    1. Unless VH1 is reading it and you have a line to the execs there it does not serve a purpose because THEY approve the artists. Post what you want, just trying to save you the effort. After 11 season we know who hasn’t been on, many HAVE been asked. I appreciate everyone who watches but most have no idea how the process works and point fingers about artists being on when they have no idea of the process. For this just to become a forum for artist requests for a TV show that the network controls just becomes bogged down in my view, but do what you will.

  6. Hey Eddie I don’t know if this would work or not, but I thought I’d ask anyway. Do you think for the new seasons some of the “Stump the Trunk” questions could be sent either via twitter, or Video questions, sort of like how the “What are they up to?” are sent to the show? Anyway love the show, can’t wait till the next season.

  7. Hi Eddie, love the show. Have you ever thought about having a young and upcoming band play a song of theirs at the very end of each show on the set. What great exposure it would be for them. Take care

  8. Hey Eddie,
    Love the show and can’t wait for the new season! As a fellow Rush fan (cool girls do like Rush) I was as passionate as you about their being snubbed by the RRHF. I look forward to watching the show and being able to hear you finally say they are getting the honor they so rightly deserve. Wish the show was on the east coast cuz this Jersey girl would love to be an audience member. Rock on!

  9. I’ve been enjoying the reruns of past shows waiting for the new season and I was wondering if there were any plans to involve the guest artist more in the general conversation or do they just come to play.
    Thanks for being the flagship for all things metal and hard rock…..

  10. I can’t believe Eddie Trunk (the real Eddie Trunk) responds to the fans personally. Wow.
    You F&%cking rock! I love your book. Maybe I should go buy some TMS merchandise. Do you get any dough from the sales of that stuff? If so, I’m buying it. Thanks Eddie! Can’t wait for the new season.

  11. Hi Eddie
    With new showes comming up and Def Leppard doing a stay at the Hard Rock in Vegas. Only
    A few hours away (if you are still taping on the west coast) Any chance of doing a show on
    the Event?

  12. how about some of these guests – John 5 (as guest), Les Claypool, Jeff Beck, Steve Vai, Godsmack, Mike Muir, Bruce Dickinson, Chris Goss, Queens of the Stone Age, Ted Nugent, Billy Corgan, Trapt, Jack White to name a few.

  13. Hi Eddie,
    With all this talk about the network running things, it makes me wonder who the HELL is running VH1Classic. TMS if by FAR the best thing that every happened to VH1Classic.
    What’s with the “Rock and Roll Picture Show” OMG….night after I night I turn on VH1Classic to see “Teen Wolf” or some old John Cryer movie. Really, that’s Rock and Roll? Then there is the “Married with Children” re-runs? Most of their programming, quite honestly, sucks. Are they trying to make money? I love the great concerts they do show, and the countdown type shows, like 100 hardest songs et al. and Pink Floyd weekends etc. but it seems like they are getting farther and fewer in between. By the way, has anyone from PF ever been asked? They are in most Hard Rock fans collection.
    Anyway, TMS is a STAND OUT show on VH1Classic and not letting you have more creative control seems about as bright as calling a John Cryer move “rock and Roll”.

  14. It would be great to feature David Ellefson of Megadeth. He is mentioned on the show frequently and is a fantastic human being who would be a very gracious and informative guest. Looking forward to the new 2013 edition of TMS!

      1. yea he was..n hes a guitar playn sob..love the show..an dont really care u get to come on..i will always watch…nothing else like it on tv…thanks 4 all u do 2 keep OUR rokk alive eddie n co…

  15. Hey Eddie … I’m happy to hear TMS is doing another season….RIGHT ON!!! Congratulations on you’re success with the show along with Jim and Jon. I love watching the show. I watch them over and over and then again. Personally I think TMS is the only reason VH1Classic network is still airborne. But that’s just my opinion ..Anyway I really get into the show. I like all the segments on the show though I beg to differ on a lot of you Guy’s views …..Like “Most underrated Guitarist ….Frank Marino!!! Marino was doing amazing guitar solos filled with all kinds of techniques he never got credited for. Listen to Frank Marino’s album “Juggernaut the one with Strange Dreams on it that whole recording…Fucking ROCKS!!! It’s hard rocking full of amazing guitar solos played with feel (“stories of a Hero ))

  16. eddie! thank god for you! that metal show is the greatest show ever i hate that no one reconizes great musicians and that the only metal band anyone knows is metallica and its only enter sandman , people dont understand that metal is a lifestyle not just music , so glad u finaly got maiden members on the show thanks , and if you couild also maybe get sum guys or mention hardcore bands that be cool its another genre that doesnt get as talked about, sex pistols and the misfits and bad brains snd agnostic front are just important as sabbath, maiden and metallica ,BUT THANKS FOR ALL THE GREAT SEASONS KEEP UP THE AWSOME WORK!

  17. Glad you’re Back for More. For those making requests of artists; be patient. I requested Jake E. Lee, and voila he made a brief appearance on That Metal Special. And to those who are surprised that Eddie replies personally; I thanked him for delivering Jake and lo and behold, Eddie emailed me back personally. I enjoy the guests, but truthfully I enjoy the show because it’s three normal guys talking about the music they dig. Keep on Rollin.

  18. Hey man i was just wondering when that guns n roses video marathon was earring that your supposed to host? and just a question since you work with the network at vh1 classic, why is their a behind the music for yo mtv raps and not headbangers ball, i think that would be cool, or haveing like the old headbangers ball shows from the 80s on vh1 classic, tms rules dude i hope to go to it someday but i’m in waterbury ct lol

  19. Love the show eddie! Been a viewer since day 1.would love to see mr. Izzy Sradlin on the show.im a HUGE GNR fan.u hear about slash,duff and of course axl and even steven but never hear from the reserved original member. Where’s Izzy?

  20. Hey Eddie. I know what’s all involved in getting a specific person to be a guest on the show, but I have a suggestion. What would you think about having Neil Schon? Obviously he’s known for being in Journey, but as the guitarist in Hardline and Santana, plus the inspiration if many other guitarists, I think he’d be a great asset to the show. In my opinion he’s very underrated, and I think it would be good for people to know more about him. Obviously he’s pretty much classified as Classic Rock, but by having Paul Rogers on the show, I don’t think having Neil would be crossing any boundaries. I’m looking forward to the new season of TMS reguardless of the guests you have appear, and congratulations! -Bobby G

  21. It would be amazing if Phil Mogg was on His vocals are out of this world but I’m pretty sure he’s already been asked to do it. Eddie what do you think about Jimi Hendrix’s new album People, Hell and Angels? To bad Jimi’s not alive anymore He would’ve been a great guest.

  22. Hello Eddie my name is Erika. My boyfriend and I watch yr show every weekend. My boyfriend Martin has been watching yr show for is your first show started with yr first guest was Lita Ford. We are from the Imperial Valley . We are 120 miles east of San Diego. The town is call Imperial Ca. Martin is a heavy metal classic rock person. We have wanted to go to watch one of your shows. One person that we would like to see is Tom Kiefer. We have see him in SAN Diego twice. Your Show is awesome and keep up the rock for life. Erika and Martin.

  23. Hi Eddie!! Greetings from Mexico!! We love your show here, I have a question, What do yo think about non very commercial symphonic metal bands such as kamelot, nightwish, etc? I know that vh1 wouldn’t find these bands profitable but I just want to know your opinion on that. And it would be awesome if some bands play live in the show

  24. Hi Eddie…I never thought that a show like yours would end up on TV, especially considering the current music climate where 2 or 3 genres rule the major airwaves…kudos to you, Don and Jim (and staff) for having three metal torches to keep metal in the limelight…can you believe it’s been over 4 years since Season 1? Wondered what your opinion of the other music networks was, and what elements if any you enjoyed…examples like FUSE or MTV2…one last question, do you ever speak with Matt Pinfield? Between the two of you there are no more questions left unanswered correctly…thanks.–adam

    P.S. Rodrigo y Gabriela…acoustic metal fanatics…love ’em!

  25. Eddie and boys, Congratulations on new season coming up. I was lucky enough to be in the audience for Season 11 when Alice Cooper, Jack Russell, George Lynch and Wild Mick Brown were on. It was an amazing experience which I ll never forget. Everyone associated with the show were so fantastic. I d been living in California for a number of years and am now back living in Australia. By far, my experience on That Metal Show will always be up there with seeing The Beatles in 1964 as one of the best days of my life. Thanks Eddie.

  26. Just a thought, how about for an episode invite, Ace, Peter, Bruce, and Vinnie as an FU to Gene and Paul. I’m sure they ALL have stories to share and the Throwdown could be ‘Who’s the biggest Tool: Gene or Paul?’
    What do you have to loose? You’re already on their Sh*tlist because you stopped drinking the kool-aid.
    It could be pretty interesting, more interesting than that W.O.F.T. with Axl.

  27. I’m 59…60 in a few months and I have never had enough of metal. Love TMS! Feels like home.
    Thanks for the show. Glad it was renewed. I still think Kiss gets too much attention, but that’s just me. Never get enough of AC/DC….ever! Led Zeppelin is still one of the founding fathers, along with Black Sabbath. Looking forward to new shows. Hey to all of you guys…you are great! Could always hear more about Tool, I’ve been a fan for years. Thank you!

        1. What about them? Do you not think we ask?? Do you see Maynard as being a guy that would be up for a TV show when he performs with his back to the audience in his own shows most of the time?? I am a fan, but all we can do is ask, and we do!

  28. Any idea when you are taping for the new season? I’m going to be on vacation in California in April and would love to attend if possible, but trying to find any type of info seems to be like mining for the next hope diamond. Any info would be great. Everyone does an amazing job on the show. Keep it up! Great to meet Jim Florentine at a Blackberry Smoke show and kudos to him for coming out to support the band and by wearing their T-shirt on That Metal Special!! Awesome!!

  29. Hi Eddie,

    Regarding my “thrash” side, I would love to see Gary Holt from Exodus (they should release a new album soon anyway…could be perfect for advertising…)

    Also, how about Steven Wilson from Porcupine Tree? Is he done with the Fear Of A Blank Planet sound? If so, it’s a shame. That was a great album.

  30. Hey Eddie,

    Have any members of Uriah Heep ever been invited to TMS?

    Uriah Heep and UFO are my two favorite bands. I guess I’m in to bands that start with the letter U.

  31. I am SO relieved to hear that TMS will be back for season 12! I was really starting to worry! Hope you guys are able to get a good roster of guests, new or old. Either way I’ll be tuning in every week! Perhaps I’ll [politely] spam some of my favorite bands’ fb/twitter pages, encouraging them to do the show!

  32. Hi Eddie,

    Just curious. I heard (which may be a rumor) that you are not a fan of the band “Trouble” I always wondered why they are never mentioned on your show. I am a huge fan of their 80’s Doom albums, and their early 90’s psychedelic metal. Are Jim and Don fans?

  33. 2 things I would like VH1 to do with the show….
    I’d like them to let you guys take it on the road, kind of like a TMS national tour. 2nd, I’d like them to add an hour and let you guys play a few videos, give it a Headbangers Ball feel…and help us forget Riki Rachtman as a host. I know they have Metal Mania but I get sick of seeing the same Queensryche and Dio videos over and over.

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