I’ve seen SO many comments about Ace & Peter reuniting at my party, Kiss (as usual), the R&R Hall and Gene’s comments about Ace & Peter not playing, and more. Last night on the radio show had MANY calls on the topic with many opinions. I welcome all opinions as usual if based in some level of reality and not just blind worshipers one way or the other that drink the Kool Aid they are served. The biggest question I have heard from many is why would Gene & Paul (Gene most recently) continue to talk about what fuck ups these guys are (he hasn’t played with them in over ten years), talk about them being drunk or on drugs (both have been sober for many years now), and say they can’t play at a Hall induction when Kiss has not even been inducted yet (no matter how you feel, that is just INSANE!). The answer is simple. Gene is the ultimate salesman. He prides himself on this, that is no secret. His job is to sell THIS Kiss. Just like it was to sell all the other lineups when that was happening. Explains why he will tell you THIS Kiss is bigger than anything, when in reality they CO HEADLINE tours with Motley Crue instead of HEADLINING arenas in the US. Explains why he takes subtle shots about Ace & Peter doing signing shows, when he and Paul sell signed played guitars to fans after shows. Not a huge difference from what I see? But it’s about selling whatever he is doing and Kiss is doing now, which will soon be a sanctioned Kiss tribute with no original members. And who knows, that might be a pretty good band. Many will say the same old “Eddie is just backing up his friends, only cares about the original band”. Yes Ace & Peter are friends and did an amazing thing playing together for me recently. But I’m more just trying to offer some balance and objectivity as a lifelong Kiss fan myself, who HAS supported and loved all the replacement members and lineups. I simply chose not to support what they have been doing lately because the impersonation rubs me (and MANY others who won’t say it) the wrong way. That’s my huge sin to some I guess, so be it.

The real reason these barbs in the press from them continue at Ace & Peter is because they know the avalanche that would happen if they ever played with them again from fans and the media. Example? I was at the 1996 MTV Unplugged taping. Then they were all about the non makeup lineup with Singer and Kulick. That’s what they were selling then. When Ace & Peter came out for a brief appearance on a couple songs the entire crowd went nuts. From the second they stepped on that stage the electricity was insane, and they knew they had no choice but to go back to that band no matter how hard they were selling the Singer/Kulick band and about to release a new album with them. I felt a very similar energy in the crowd when Ace & Peter walked out on stage together at my event last Wednesday, right down to the ear to ear smiles from every fan and musician in the building! So I see it as a big defense mechanism by Gene & Paul. They know another reunion, even for a song, would ignite a huge fire once again. For the record I do NOT think there should be another original Kiss reunion. For a couple songs at a long overdue Hall induction, for sure! But for a tour, no way. I don’t think ANY of the original members could deliver enough of a high energy show to do the legacy justice at this stage. As I have said MANY times the current Kiss can and should do whatever they want. The fact that it’s not for me doesn’t matter. If you are cool with it enjoy what’s left of it. But the idea of the original band FINALLY getting into the Hall (and I must stress they were nominated before and passed over once already, so NOT a done deal!) and Ace & Peter not being invited and welcome to at least play a song or two would be a travesty to even the most hardcore Kiss fan. I look forward to your comments.

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  • ACE on

    ET, Gene clarified his comments on Twitter to say he would not TOUR with Ace & Peter, but left open the possibility of reuniting with them for the Hall Induction…if it happens. I don’t really think a tour would work, because G&P would want similiar terms to last time, and we both know A&P won’t do it unless it’s a “fair” split. I would like to see Ace and Peter do some more stuff together, however.

  • joseph on

    thanks again eddie . i couldn’t have said it any better myself . the fact is, this is exactly how i feel about the whole situation. i am 42 and have been a die hard kiss fan since i was 6 , supported them all the way through the various lineups . loved eric carr with ace frehley . but can not for the life of me enjoy them as a band today with this lineup , its just my take on it . this is not the band today that i had come to love over the years and it is sometimes hard to put into words. anyways i think your 100% right on your remarks and would hope all could just stop the bashing at each other …and far as rock n roll hall of fame, i think all original members should perform …. if its for the fans…. like its often quoted by both gene and paul , then i would like to think far more would like to see it happen ….i sure hope so anyway

  • Jim on

    I would think Ace and Peter will get invited but they will not let them play with them if they are in makeup(conflict). If they are not in make up I would think all surviving members play if they want(Yes even Vinnie). Maybe I’m dreaming but it would be a great final goodbye for Peter, Ace, Bruce and Vinnie. I would think Eric would get a mention too. I would not be surprised if Paul is behind most of this and Gene is the mouth. I would be disappointed if Bill Aucoin is not inducted too, huge part of KISS. Vinnie and Bill are long shots but deserving in my book. The bigger question is will Ace and Peter show up if invited? What are there thoughts on this?

  • Chris on

    Love hearing about Ace & Peter. Love to hear more about Eric Carr as well as he was under appreciated. Agree with you Eddie 100% on your stand with KISS. I personally have had enough of Simmons flapping his mouth about everything & one, especially Ace & Peter. Without Ace & Peter KISS would have feel flat & never made it, they had/have chemistry together that can’t be duplicated (sorry Tommy & Eric Singer), kind of like the original GNR (another conversation). Paul… you act like a little bitch. Congratulations Eddie, thank you Ace & Peter, rest in peace Eric Carr, please hold GNR reunion Axl. Trunk Nation rocks. KISS only belongs in the hall of fame if the REAL Ace & Peter are there!

  • Dave King on

    You nailed it perfectly!!!!! Couldn’t have it said it better myself about why Gene and Paul don’t want Peter and Ace playing with them at the Hall of shame.

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