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I’ve seen SO many comments about Ace & Peter reuniting at my party, Kiss (as usual), the R&R Hall and Gene’s comments about Ace & Peter not playing, and more. Last night on the radio show had MANY calls on the topic with many opinions. I welcome all opinions as usual if based in some level of reality and not just blind worshipers one way or the other that drink the Kool Aid they are served. The biggest question I have heard from many is why would Gene & Paul (Gene most recently) continue to talk about what fuck ups these guys are (he hasn’t played with them in over ten years), talk about them being drunk or on drugs (both have been sober for many years now), and say they can’t play at a Hall induction when Kiss has not even been inducted yet (no matter how you feel, that is just INSANE!). The answer is simple. Gene is the ultimate salesman. He prides himself on this, that is no secret. His job is to sell THIS Kiss. Just like it was to sell all the other lineups when that was happening. Explains why he will tell you THIS Kiss is bigger than anything, when in reality they CO HEADLINE tours with Motley Crue instead of HEADLINING arenas in the US. Explains why he takes subtle shots about Ace & Peter doing signing shows, when he and Paul sell signed played guitars to fans after shows. Not a huge difference from what I see? But it’s about selling whatever he is doing and Kiss is doing now, which will soon be a sanctioned Kiss tribute with no original members. And who knows, that might be a pretty good band. Many will say the same old “Eddie is just backing up his friends, only cares about the original band”. Yes Ace & Peter are friends and did an amazing thing playing together for me recently. But I’m more just trying to offer some balance and objectivity as a lifelong Kiss fan myself, who HAS supported and loved all the replacement members and lineups. I simply chose not to support what they have been doing lately because the impersonation rubs me (and MANY others who won’t say it) the wrong way. That’s my huge sin to some I guess, so be it.

The real reason these barbs in the press from them continue at Ace & Peter is because they know the avalanche that would happen if they ever played with them again from fans and the media. Example? I was at the 1996 MTV Unplugged taping. Then they were all about the non makeup lineup with Singer and Kulick. That’s what they were selling then. When Ace & Peter came out for a brief appearance on a couple songs the entire crowd went nuts. From the second they stepped on that stage the electricity was insane, and they knew they had no choice but to go back to that band no matter how hard they were selling the Singer/Kulick band and about to release a new album with them. I felt a very similar energy in the crowd when Ace & Peter walked out on stage together at my event last Wednesday, right down to the ear to ear smiles from every fan and musician in the building! So I see it as a big defense mechanism by Gene & Paul. They know another reunion, even for a song, would ignite a huge fire once again. For the record I do NOT think there should be another original Kiss reunion. For a couple songs at a long overdue Hall induction, for sure! But for a tour, no way. I don’t think ANY of the original members could deliver enough of a high energy show to do the legacy justice at this stage. As I have said MANY times the current Kiss can and should do whatever they want. The fact that it’s not for me doesn’t matter. If you are cool with it enjoy what’s left of it. But the idea of the original band FINALLY getting into the Hall (and I must stress they were nominated before and passed over once already, so NOT a done deal!) and Ace & Peter not being invited and welcome to at least play a song or two would be a travesty to even the most hardcore Kiss fan. I look forward to your comments.

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  1. Nicely put, Eddie. Thanks. I’ve pretty much stated my views on this whole thing earlier, so I won’t reiterate. Like yourself, been a fan a long, long time. They will always be THE band that started it for me and made me want to be a musician.
    I’m pretty sure G&P now own all the makeup design copyrights, so even though Eric and Tommy could wear other personas, ownership is with the band regardless of who created the faces, I don’t believe Ace and Peter would have legal grounds to promote themselves with those images anymore. Might be mistaken, but I’m pretty sure that’s accurate.
    I understand your POV about the imitation, but don’t agree 100%, There is absolutely no doubt the current lineup is being influenced by their older sound, but I still think Monster is a good album, far better than Sonic Boom. We can just agree to disagree on this one, it’s opinion. Hands down, Psycho buries both of them, so we’re on the same page there. 🙂 Really glad A&P made your day special – must’ve been awesome to see them play together again.

  2. You are right about the Hot in the Shade tour with Slaughter and Winger boosting the gate, because Hot in the Shade actually sold the worst of all the non make up albums besides Revenge, only going gold.(only??) I have seen the book of gate totals you are referring to. It also documents how bad the Creatures tour did with many dates being canceled. I have been to nearly 50 kiss shows around the country since 1979 so my observations are coming from first hand experience. Other than Creatures(I did not attend any shows during unmasked or elder period) the other bad draws I saw were Revenge, where the local shows were half empty. I was suprised because that was a pretty heavy album but I do remember a lot of empty seats,but that was during the grunge takeover. Eddie I would still love to be on that Kiss cruise hearing that obscure set list, but with kids in college Gene and Paul can’t get all my doe!!

  3. I think it was corrected on here, but Gene said that the original KISS would not tour together, nothing about not performing together. Out of respect to the legacy and the fans, they should perform together at the R and R Hall of Fame, as much of a farce as the R and R HOF is, let’s hope they finally get they get in and get their due. Truth is Ace and Peter could no longer exist in band due to their substance abuse and lack of interest – see THEIR books. Gene and Paul – mostly Paul, kept KISS relevant and alive during the 80’s after so much success in the 70’s. Kept KISS on the map, successful tours and albums. So without them keeping KISS alive – no pun intended, there may have been no reunion. The reunion was GREAT no doubt, amazing and I think we would all agree that it would have been nice for it to keep going, but again, the same old, substances and lack of interest, in fighting, etc, the original 4 could not continue. Now, the current lineup as it exists is solid, tours are successful too, so by no means a failure. As far as the “replacements” not a Tommy fan, but he does play a good Ace, Singer is solid, I too would think that variations of the characters might work, similar to what they did with Vincent and Carr. But hopefully the sniping can stop and they can exist going their own ways. But it would be fitting for the original 4 to play once more at the r and r HOF – where they deserve to be.

  4. Ed. Keep in mind Kiss has basically been on tour nonstop since Alive35 right into sonic boom and right into Monster. With Sold out tours in europe and one that just finished in Japan. Then 3 KISS cruises. I’m watching a european tour highlight reel on Axs tv running all haloween night and it’s still like beatlemania for them abroad. Most bands wish their peak was as good as KISS’s so called down stroke.

  5. What bothers me most about Gene, and there is a lot to cover so I’ll leave it at this, is that he seems to fail to understand as much as he thinks he was doing Ace and Peter a big monetary favor in 96 with the reunion and everything, from all indications, if it weren’t for Ace and Peter deciding to come back, I don’t believe Gene would be in the shape he is today. Kiss was limping along from everything I’ve read. The reunion and subsequent tour was when Gene finally gave in for eternity and said to himself,”I’m never leaving this formula again, no matter what” and he ramped up the merch again and the rest is Kisstory with the fake Ace and Peter being the icing on the cake, but the cherry will be if Kiss actually goes through with what Paul hinted at that Kiss is brand and not a band, and it is conceivable they could tour without any original members, like Eddie mentioned. Gene should thank his lucky stars everyday Ace and Peter decided to come back in 96 and stop trashing them.

  6. I do think the fact that we all respectfully have opinions and are still talking about this band speaks volumes for their mark on all of our lives and for that point alone Kiss to ne means so much…this band in its original form brought me out of so much and provided a positive escape that caught me up in the magic that is Kiss. Those of you that don’t find them relevant or importan t to u anymore for whatever reason you cite I can respect that..I often wonder why if they don’t matter to you why then u aste time letting all of us that DO STILL love them an get an escape from them feel like we are some kind of suckers that are under some “spell” of Gene and Paul. No I don’t always agree with their actions or comments but I’m proud of Gene and Paul keepin Kiss going 40 yrs. I want to end by sharing my little cousins story..Without ne buying it for him the 1st album he saved up for to buy was SONIC BOOM and it changed him much like the early records saved me. Together we got MONSTER and loved it and shared our different stories of Kiss helping us. A new generation still loving Kiss. We are Kiss fans loving all the members.

  7. The only reason they are even considered for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is the legendary original lineup. Period. Gene, You lose. You can try and delude yourself that this is special but it is not. I bought Sonic Boom and Monster and they are enjoyable but they are not Classic/Legendary and did not influence a Generation. You should get on your hands and knees and thank Peter and Ace for the life you have because you are skating on the rep the Original Four created. That is why you whored out the others and made them wear The Cat and The Spaceman. I have lost some much respect for you Gene because your greed has damaged theKiss legacy more than Peter and Ace’s excesses. Get real with your fans. Be real.

  8. Just throwing my two cents in here. @Eddie…I fully agree with everything you said about the situation regarding the Hall of Fame and I also respect that you don’t get into this lineup of Kiss because of the decision about the makeup. Really I do. I was severely put off when it fist happened But I feel that there are some aspects of the current Kiss lineup that gets either downplayed or ignored all together. That is that they are still nothing but a “nostalgia” act.

    I would have agreed with you and everyone else on this matter if you had said that from 1999 to 2008. To me a “nostalgia” act solely relies on their past efforts and by the time 2007 rolled around that’s all they were doing BUT…in 2008 they became (IMHO) a viable band again with something to say and what they said was Sonic Boom. Whether you like the bands decisions (which I hate most of them such as their decision to play these GREAT tunes on there Kiss Kruises but all we get on a full tour is Lick It Up…but I digress…) or not, Boom is a good CD. Def some theft of Ace Riffs but still a killer CD. Monster on the other hand has Tommy shining on his own and bringing in a second ferocious CD. To me, this is not a “nostalgia.” They brought a brand new stage set to the pot and NO ONE can say that stage has anything to do with Nostalgia. I saw them in CT this past August and it was the best stage show they have ever done.

    Again, many, many BAD decisions on their part over the years including the decision about who is playing with whom at the H of F if they get in but to just simply call them a nostalgia act doesn’t seem quite fair if they are coming up with great new music and (in this crap market) have it sell decently seems far from Nostalgia.

    Now, about their choice in setlists lately…LOL…don’t get me started…

  9. For Me, Kiss with Eric and Tommy is a watered down band. they are great Musicians but don’t really add to the Cinergy like ACE and Peter did. four personalities and voices adding to the mix. it would be like replacing George and Ringo with two other Musicians who got along better with Paul and John who may be better players but do they write, sing, and add to the mystic of the band? The band is Stagnant with Paul Stanley at the helm in recordings. Live they are OK but so are lots of Tribute bands some even better at this point.

  10. Without Gene and Paul there was now no KISS anymore. Do you want that? No KISS? I like to take my kids to KISS-concerts these days. There are many new young fans. For us, the older fans, sure it’s not the same as in the early days. Also as Ace and Peter played now in the band. But the reality is: Ace and Peter don’t want to play long tours anymore and don’t have that ambition and drive. However, I think they can use the money, ’cause there is for both of them not a daily income from a working job. The last album from Peter (All for one) was horrible. Sorry, but he is no songwriter (Stan Pendridge was). I don’t like the solo-shows from Ace. You can’t look in his eyes, he’s always wearing sunglasses (yeah Gene also, but in private). Gene and Paul always has been the cart pullers, has the vision and focus. But as I see, some like the “bad guys” more than the hard workers with in their slipstream the most succes. Of course Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer wear the make-up that everyone knew. If not, half of the recognition is away. You can’t comparise the Creatures-era with Eric Carr and Vinnie Vincent with their own make-up with how it is today. As I like the originals from 73-80 so much. But let’s face it. That’s almost a lifetime ago. Even the reunion tour is almost 20 years ago! This brand is going further in the future with the make-up from all originals. KISS is the only band that can do this and give the stick through for a whole new generation. Like it or not, but that’s what make KISS special also. Be happy with the 2.0 version for your kids. One last time a few songs on the induction with the originals and after that, the originals should all retire. For christ sake, they’re halfway in their 60’s!

  11. Thank you Eddie! Just half an hour work posted on my opinion (positive about Gene and Paul) and not so about Ace and Peter. It’s probrably not your opinion (pro Ace and Peter, anti Gene and Paul). And after a few minutes, my post was deleted. It’s a pity, you’re showing just one side of the coin……

  12. Hey Eddie;

    Definitely respect and appreciate what you do, flying the flag for hard rock and metal for all these years. Much like you, I was into KISS in spite of the merchandising,theatrics, etc, for me it was always the music. As a 10 yr old the cover of Destroyer was the coolest thing I had ever seen but it was Detroit Rock City and Do You Love me that made me a fan. I also think some of the 80’s material is very underrated,at least before it became too pop on Crazy Nights and Hot in the Shade. I was certainly looking forward to your reaction when I fist saw’s Gene’s comments posted, and I have to say I’m a little disappointed. No question, it was way premature on Gene’s part to even comment on this, and it would be a travesty for Ace and Peter to not perform. That being said, as Gene’s life long work , he’s entitled to sell Kiss anyway he wants, not that I agree with all of it,such as Tommy singing Shock Me, but then again, neither you or I created it. I enjoy that Metal Show and listen to you on Sirius and you do a pretty fair job of cross promotion yourself. Your web site has recently appeared to be one continuous ad for your two books and most recent signing tour, not to mention the all access member option, LOL. You are certainly entitled to promote your own work as you see fit as I’m sure they were/are a labor of love for you. As such I do feel you are being somewhat hypocritical when you comment on the way Gene sells the current lineup. We’re all adults and if I choose to pay my hard earned money to see Tommy and Eric, then so be it, and I will continue to do so until I feel that they are no longer entertaining me in the fashion I expect. Based the last show I saw, that time may be getting closer if Paul’s voice continues to deteriorate. Although he sang in a lower register on the show from Zurich which I thought suited him and the band well. Anyway, thanx for allowing a free forum here, healthy discourse promotes thoughts and ideas.

  13. Just got back from kiss Kruise 3 … gene and Paul did give some praise to ace and Peter .. I don’t get caught up in line ups in any band .. I really think you are doing yourself a disservice saying oh so and so isn’t in the band so I’m not gonna see them .. and I’m referring to any band .. With and celebrate and Peter they were playing the same set lists yr after yr .. There is no way I would have heard the oath live with Ace and end Pete in the band … but that’s just my opinion …

  14. Eddie, i agree with all you have said. Recently fake Ace Tommy got a Gibson Guitar labled the Spaceman, shame on Gibson for that one. And Tommy to accept that? Pathetic. If kiss put those other 2 in a different costume I would say ok. Just like Eric Carr and Vinny Vincent. To a degree you have yo blame Ace and Peter because if they never sold their rights to Gene this nonsense wouldnever have happened. If that thought of mine is accurate can be debated. The bottom line is this: If Kiss gets in the HOF and Ace and Peter do not play RNRAN which would be the ones song they should play together then I say forget Kiss. I have no respect for this fake band and how they sell it. My personal stance has been to not buy a thing of this band. I feel this strong and if you were to say Chris, I will give you a meet n greet for Free and front row tix and a day with the band, I would still decline. Some may say bs but I would not accept it because the person I am will say to all of them to their faces they are full of crap. Gene should just keep quiet cuz only he looks bad in this. I do not get why Gene would say a word but he blames only them. If a smidgen of Peters book is accurate about Gene and Paul then I say wow. And how all of a sudden Peter teams with Ace after how he said things about Ace in his book he has balls. Thats another debate. But still, Kiss today, are done in my mind. Its sad that this band and the fans alike, are even around. If no one showed up to a concert then this band would call it a day. Gene says he isnt selling these guys as Ace and Peter. No? Why does Tommy sing shock me and mimik Aces moves? Eric doing Beth is pathetic period. If you ever had an interview with Tommy I would call in an tear his ass apart. I feel that strongly about all this crap. And because of this, Kiss may not get in the HOF. Its possible the voters will not like what this band has become. Thanks

    1. I only agree with one small part of your post. A smidgen of Peter’s book was accurate. His name was accurate and that he was in the band Kiss. That’s about it. The rest was embellished or fabricated.

  15. I read a lot of the posts since I put my 2 cents in. I say the entire band with all members should get in. Kiss is a band named Kiss and within that have been many members. You cannot select some of the band. Many have some good points and how Gene and Paul kept it going. Well yeah what the heck else are they gona do? Be scientists? Musicians play music. They do not have many options like athletes do such as color commentary of games, announcing etc. Kiss is a brand. Been that way a long time. As a band, they are what they are. If kiss were to play with all HOF members of the band that would be interesting since Vinny sued them. I highly doubt he gets an invite yet he played on 2 solid albums that some of his music is still played live to date. So you have to give him credit here for Creatures and Lick it Up. He gave them a harder edge back then. Eric Carr had a big shoe to follow too. I feel him not having makeup on was best for him as a drummer and it showed. Great drummer. Singer is a great drummer and was there beforehand. Tommy? No. Not a fan of the guy who got Aces coffee. He has zero credability. I would have no issue if kiss called it quits. All things come to an end. These guys are in their 60s. Less eric n tommy of course. As fans we all have our favs over the years. I commend all members less tommy sorry. I like nothing of what he stands for. I mean cmon man your acting like Ace, singing like Ace, walking like Ace. Gene and Paul created this mess and blame Ace and Peter. All are to blame for some things and yet Gene said to me on twitter no. Bs. You are not innocent. We fans pay for their lifestyles and no one else. Kiss at this point should walk away.

    1. Well, he probably didn’t get Ace coffee – it was probably alcohol – which lead to the demise of Ace’s career. But Gene and Paul created this mess…? You’re not very credible.

  16. I have been a fan since i was 12 and i am now 50! I am so fed up with the whole ordeal. The new records simply dont hold up. As a fan to see my heroes implode is a major dissappointment. I go back to the old stuff and enjoy. Kiss as i knew growig up is over. Sad but the business is what it is all about. The part of others wearing the makeup is the last straw for me.

    1. People say that the new albums do not hold up because they have a nostalgic fondness for the old albums. Hell, who doesn’t? They remind us all of a simpler time; when we were kids. We can all remember listening to those albums and pretending to be in Kiss. Hell, my friends and I used to crank Destroyer in my friend’s basement and we’d all play brooms, pretending they were guitars. It’s nice to hold on to your youth, but we’re not youths any longer.

      1. Earth to SS ;
        It has nothing to do with nostalgia .
        Sonic Shit and Monster are utter shit compared to 70’s Kiss

        The reason why your time was simpler back then is because you didn’t spend your time trolling around the internet making idiotic statements.

  17. Hi eddie my name is Kyle I am 21 years old and I have seen Kiss twice on the motley tour and monster tour I enjoyed it both times I’ve been a Kiss now for about 6 years now ny room is filled with merchandise I enjoy the new lineup I think tommy and Eric are doing a great job in kiss tommy is one of my favorite guitarist ever and is an inspiration to me I am not a 30 year plus kiss fan like you and most of the kiss army so maybe that’s why I don’t mind tommy and Eric in ace and peters makeup I respect the hell out of ace and Peter for what they did for music and kiss but I just prefer tommy and Eric BUT I don’t agree with the hall of fame situation I think gene and paul are full of themselves and should let ace and Peter don the makeup one last time to go out with a bang now just cause I prefer tommy and Eric doesn’t mean I want them to preform at the hof I most def want to see the original 4 up there playing and have tommy and Eric without makeup jam a few songs I love all the old kiss records my favorite of all time is creatures of the night maybe I prefer tommy and Eric because I found kiss with them then I went back and found ace and Peter I love the original lineup they had amazing success made a lot of money but I think they’re time is over now gene and paul wants to continue the band without them which I don’t agree with but it happens ace and Peter sold there rights and gene and paul had every right to put the make up on tommy and Eric I don’t mind it but I wish they had there own personas but I fully agree with the original lineup playing one more night for the original fans to give them closure god bless you eddie!

  18. I have been a KISS fan since 1975 and was able to see the original lineup play 7 times, including the last time they all played together in North Charleston, SC in October of 2000. Was a fan of the non-make up era music as well. I had friends give me copies of Sonic Boom and Monster since they knew I was a KISS fan. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have bought them myself but I don have to admit that they both have some decent songs on them. Tommy and Eric have songs on both albums so why not have them play those live? Tommy should not be playing Shock Me and Eric should never even think about singing Beth though I know he has. There is no way that KISS should ever be inducted in the Hall of Fame without Peter and Ace involved. Gene and Paul must realize that this is what the true fans want to see. I have read both Ace’s and Peter’s books as well as Gene’s. I will probably get Paul’s when it comes out as well. As a fan of the original lineup, I really get tired of the “mud slinging” that goes on. The 70’s lineup was my band and that lineup would be the reason for being inducted in the Hall so Gene, Paul, Peter and Ace should be there to get the recognition. I also think that Vinnie, Eric Carr, Tommy and Eric Singer should also be recognized as well as they have all played a role in the band’s history. But the original lineup should be present and perform for the fans.

  19. I forgot to include Bruce Kulick and Mark St. John in my list of other musicians that have played in KISS. I am looking forward to seeing Bruce perform this week with Grand Funk Railroad. It will be my first time seeing him perform live.

  20. Eddie, you sound more and more like a jealous ex-girlfriend (or Sammy Hagar). Keep riding the “Ace and Peter are sober and sounding better than ever train”…You signed Ace to his first solo recording contract. You had a run in with Paul Stanley at an art show…but none of it is personal, and you’re being an objective KISS fan??…YEAH RIGHT! What happened to you whole “I’m not discussing KISS on my site anymore” stance?!?!? I’ve been a KISS fan for 40 years. After reading Peter and Ace’s books (in their own words) I’m shocked Paul and Gene lasted as long as they did with those 2 clowns. You keep being a champion for both Ace and Peter. I’ll keep backing the 2 guys that have clawed and scraped through some tough times to keep KISS alive. Get over yourself. Monster is one of the best KISS albums we’ve heard in years! Enjoy it!

    1. Clearly you have NO IDEA of my history supporting Kiss through EVERY lineup. Just keep buying everything you are sold and what the usual talking points are.. And I’m sure the next Kiss album will be better than Monster and all those who just fall in line will say that also..

      1. Actually Eddie, I’m VERY familiar with your support of the band in the past. You played them back in 1983 when know one else would touch them BLAH, BLAH, BLAH…They kicked you out of mini golf BLAH BLAH BLAH…You’re NEVER gonna talk about them anymore BLAH BLAH BLAH…My point is, you are no longer an objective supporter of the band. You’ve got beef with Gene and Paul and Peter and Ace are friends of yours. How can you say it’s nothing personal? And please stop insulting us current KISS supporters by saying we “all fall in line” like some brain dead zombies. I dont agree with everything Gene or Paul say or do, but THEY’RE KISS!

        1. My only beef as you call it is my OPINION (that MANY others share and few will say) that it is weak to have Tommy & Eric IMPERSONATE Ace & Peter. THAT is all I have EVER said and stand behind! For that simple position 30 year of positives just forgotten about. Sorry, to me being a fan is being okay to have an opinion! So Joe, you are entitled to yours and I’ll keep mine. Believe what you want. I can’t wait for AC/DC to replace Angus with another guy in a school boy outfit, that would be so cool. I mean it’s just a character right? Doesn’t matter right?

          1. That’s not a fair comparison. Kiss is the most unique band in the world when it comes to stage personas. There are 4 separate and distinct personas: Cat, Demon, Starchild, and Spaceman. The personas are NOT Peter Criss, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, and Ace Frehley. I guess in your eyes Malcolm Young is a stage persona as well? Doesn’t make sense.

          2. Total BS sold to you by Gene & Paul!! Nobody went around saying “spaceman killed it last night”! They said ACE! Dime didn’t have a character tattooed on his chest, he had Ace Frehley! So I guess you will be cool with Kiss with no original members and someone else as Star child and Demon? The characters were extensions of the people! The albums didn’t credit cat, demon, starchild, spaceman as the players! Just nuts believing that rewrite of history. Wasn’t a made up interchangeable band, at least not when it started. The way you are thinking is exactly what the current Kiss wants, because they will sell a version of the band soon with no originals, and as per your logic you are on board.

    2. Joe Lerman, you’re entiltled to your opinion, but disrespecting Eddie for his own take on this is not cool. I think if KISS really wants to “cash in” one last time, do an unplugged tour, bring the current lineup, and Ace, Peter and Bruce, pay them fairly and give the fans one final look. The benefit of this fiancially would be amazing and it would support the new movie etc. But the imposter thing that is going on NOW is just wrong wrong wrong.

    3. Gene and Paul did NOT carry the KISS Brand forward..The Kiss Brand carried them!!!
      The Brand was equally built by the original 4. Gene and Paul whine about how they had to work to keep KISS going when it was KISS that actually kept them going and paying their Bills.
      That does not give them any more claim to the Brand then Ace and Peter.
      In fact the only way KISS could kick hind ends these days is if Ace and Peter played with them as they are still Men.. Gene and Paul are Clucking Old Hens…

  21. Hmm, ever think Gene is pushing this out there to generate a buzz? And then when the induction time comes, Pete and Ace may be there? THAT would be HUGE headlines (just what Gene and Paul love and it makes good business sense).

  22. I love Kiss. That being said, the current line up is not for me. I’ve been fortunate enough to see the original lineup several times & have the old concert footage on DVD, so I’m good. As far as the hall of fame, The original lineup needs to represent the band. I would not mind adding Eric Carr & Bruce Kulick, for their contributions to the non make up era. But to have Gene & Paul, without Ace & Peter at the ceremony would be a travesty.

  23. Ahh yes, and now Ace Frehley, has once again said something very insightful and profound on Blabbermouth.net. Ace said that Gene Simmons has no real life experiences because he chose not to drink or get high throughout his life. Ace, on the other hand, has these life experiences because he chose to get high and drunk throughout his life, walking in the footsteps of Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, and others. (this in not verbatim, but close enough) Ok, so hopefully I’m clear on this…. on one hand – clean, sober, strong work ethic, focus on business, makes lots of money, kept band going for 40 years – BAD. On the other hand – drug addiction, alcohol (life experiences), thrown out of band, bankruptcies, foreclosure, sucking off his bandmate, Peter, back in the day, – GOOD. Tommy ain’t got nuthin
    on this guy. ha ha

  24. Even the fact that Mr.Gene Simmons uses ACE & PETER’s persona is evendent enough that the original band will always be what everyone wants to see, hear & so on.With Peter & Ace not being allowed to participate in the RARHOF inductions?? if there is one?? If thats the case then I DON’T WANT EM IN.Gene doesn’t deserve them. ACE & PETER will always be Hall of Famers to the rest of the Music industry THAT MATTERS THE FANS!!!!……………. SHOCK ME

  25. I agree with 100% Eddie! I am like you I don’t support the current version of KISS. I am cool with Eric and even Tommy, to an extent. But, NOT the whole “Cat” and “Spaceman” makeup and costumes. I don’t blame them either. It’s all Gene and Paul. And with regard to Ace and Peter joining on stage for a couple of songs during a induction, YES! It would be sacrigligous not too.

    Also, I don’t know how everyone else feels on this, but if KISS does get in, Eric Carr and Bruce Kulick AT A MINIMUM should be inducted with the original 4!

    1. Really? I censor posts? YOU are delusional! Guess you haven’t paid attention to all the posts on here counter to my feelings? PLEASE take your comments and bias elsewhere if you have so many issues with me! Amazing how the people that dislike you the most are the most consumed with my outlets and know everything I ever play and say huh…

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