Guitarist and Black Label Society frontman, Zakk Wylde performed an acoustic track on EMGtv this week. Watch him perform Lovin’ Woman below.

Black Label society released Unblackened on DVD, Blu-Ray and digital video on September 24th.

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  • T-Bone on

    Something tells me that after the Sabbath tour ends, Ozzy is going to start missing making records with this guy. They had good mojo together.

    • DR on

      Dunno if you’re prediction will come true, but I’d be all for it.

  • richman on

    This guy should team up with TESLA on something. His acoustic material captures the spirit of something that I believe only they can do well ( TESLA and ZAKK that is). Acoustic metal is 90% garbage with those 2 as the only exceptions I can think of. Maybe a 6 man jam or something. I’d love to hear it. An album of Allmans covers by metal musicians or something like that would be interesting.

    • Frank on

      acoustic metal?
      this is an oxymoron. I’ve tried to like ZW but just can’t get into his solo material. he needs to be paired with ozzy. it’s like a good steak dinner…you need the baked potato, grilled mushrooms and the right glass of wine or whatever to go with it.

  • Tito Rodriguez on

    Somebody needs to tell Zakk to shave that nasty beard or join ZZ Top.

  • Lee on

    Cut the southern rock ’73 beard and hit up Ozzy after the 13 tour to kick ass. Maybe Geezer on bass.

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