Guitarist Yngwie Malamsteen has announced North American tour dates.

5.3 Patchogue Theater (Patchogue, NY)
5.4 Tally Ho Theater (Leesburg, VA)
5.6. Wall St Theater (Norwalk, CT)
5.8 M3 (Columbia, MD)
5.9 Sugar Loaf Performing Arts Center (Chester, NY)
5.11 Stranahan Theater (Toledo, OH)
5.12 Arcada Theater (St. Charles, IL)
5.14 The Odeon (Cleveland, OH)
5.16 Oriental Theater (Denver, CO)
5.18 Virginia Street Brewhouse (Reno, NV)
5.19. Canyon Agoura (Agoura Hills, CA)
5.20 Canyon Montclair (Montclair, CA)
5.21 Tower Theater (Fresno, CA)
5.22 Canyon Santa Clarita (Santa Clarita, CA)
5.24 The Marquee (Tempe, AZ)
5.25 Rialto Theater (Tucson, AZ)
5.29 Casa Loma Theater (St Louis, MO)
6.3 Plaza Live (Orlando, FL)
6.4 Parker Playhouse (Ft Lauderdale, FL)

Malmsteen’s latest release, “Parabellum”, was released in July through Music Theories Recordings/Mascot Label Group. Only four of the songs on the LP feature vocals. The album title is Latin, translating to Prepare For War, listen to the first single, Wolves At The Door, here.

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  1. Hello Dana

    No; I didn’t see Yngwie on a Guitar tour with others.

    I saw him three times in three different locations around London, twice with Doogie White on vocals and once with Tim ‘Ripper Owens. What I meant by I saw him once three times – was that each time it was exactly the same thing.

    All shows started with Rising Force, all went about two songs before there was a guitar solo that lasted about ten minutes at a minimum. I doubt there was more than actually six or seven songs played.

    When you go to an Yngwie show…. well you really get Yngwie. The first show, at the LA2 in 2001, was something to see if you play guitar and in your heart of hearts know that you’ve got no hope in hell of playing with the speed and fluidity that YJM does.

    The second was at Hammersmith Apollo in 2004 (formally Hammersmith Odeon) and after about twenty minutes wondered why I went.

    The third and final time was around 2007 at Shepherd’s Bush Empire – after five minutes…..

    Yngwie, I’ve heard him say himself, doesn’t understand the term “Less is more”. Because I have to say that with so much going on I really don’t remember much about any of the shows I went to. Even if you have super abilities, knowing when to reign it in a bit is something I believe that you need.

    Yngwie doesn’t…

    1. Hello, my friend,

      I agree, I saw him at L’Amour in Brooklyn once, and that was enough. He’s amazingly talented, but yes, I agree less is more. Speed and arpeggios are great in small doses, but too much is definitely overkill.

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