This past Friday (10/27) Wolfgang Van Halen was a guest on Eddie’s Sirius/XM show, Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk, where the two discussed how Van Halen‘s album, A Different Kind Of Truth, is no longer available on streaming services.

Wolfgang explained to Eddie (via blabbermouth.net), “Yes. The contract ran out on putting it up on streaming services. So we’ve been working on getting it back, but there are some people involved who do not like that record and are not making it easy to get it back up.”

When asked if these “people” that are preventing it from going back on the streaming services “were involved in the record,” He replied: “Yeah.” With Eddie following up, by asking, “Might that person commonly be known by three initials?”, apparently referring to singer David Lee Roth, Wolfgang hesitated for a second before replying: “Probably. I mean, yeah, you can put it together. I hate to say it, because people will think I’m making stuff up, but it’s, like, man, I’d love to have the record back up there, but he doesn’t like it and he’s not working with us to get it back up there. So I hope people who like it have a physical version of it. [Laughs]”

Eddie Trunk then asked Wolfgang, who currently fronts his own band called Mammoth WVH, if he has a relationship with Roth and if he has “any idea why things are so difficult” when it comes to the singer signing off on any Van Halen-related projects. Wolfgang replied, “No, I don’t. I think that’s why I’m having such a wonderful time with Mammoth. I think throughout my time in Van Halen, you learn things that you wanna do and you wanna apply, and then you also learn things that you don’t wanna apply. And I think that’s why I’ve been so excited to do Mammoth and to have something from its inception be something pure where you can talk about things and there’s not really any big challenges other than weathering the storm together instead of the storm being dealing with each other. You know what I’m saying?”

On October 15th, Wolfgang recently married his long time fiancee, Andraia Allsop.

Van Halen was reportedly escorted down the aisle by his mother, actress Valerie Bertinelli, to an instrumental song called 316, written by Eddie for his son.

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  1. This Van Halen drama gets old. It took years but at least they got the Hagar albums and cd’s finally remastered! I want a copy of A Different Kind Of Truth on vinyl so bad but since it’s out of print, and because DLR is being a cock n ball, I can’t get it and people on eBay and Discogs are price gouging worse than the inflation bestowed upon us by the biden administration! It’s a damn good album. DLR, if you’re reading this, please keep your fans in mind when you’re not playing nicely with the VH family. You worked hard and you earned it, but remember your fans made you filthy rich. So knock the shit off and sign off to get this great record back in production so I can put $50 into your pockets versus $450-700 into the pocket of some ungrateful hack on eBay or Discogs. Thank you!

  2. Perhaps it’s because DLR blows live and the album is so-so when it comes to his crooning? I do wonder if that album is in Walmarts discount CD/DVD bin yet.

  3. I’d love to hear DLR’s side of this story. I find it a little surprising that he has the unilateral power to veto something if both Alex and Wolf Van Halen are for it. Given the 40+ years of VH drama, I have to wonder if there might actually be more to this story and if it’s just convenient to scapegoat Dave as the stick in the spokes for everything that’s dysfunctional about Van Halen.

    1. Great point RT .
      I would think Dave wouldn’t mind the extra cash if everything was on the up and up, but he is a weird dude.
      Personally I think this album is pretty awesome and it’s sad its oop .

    2. Of COURSE there’s more to the story. I like Wolfie and all, and I like his music, but he’s Team Ed all the way (and rightfully so). He’s also said in the past that “nothing in Van Halen happens without Alex being on board”.

      I take all this stuff with a grain of salt, frankly.

      Nonetheless, ADKOT was my album of the year in 2012, and I think it’s better than all the Sam records, frankly.

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