winerydogs2 Supergroup the Winery Dogs featuring, Richie Kotzen (guitar, lead vocals), Billy Sheehan (bass) and Mike Portnoy (drums), will start recording their second album in the coming weeks, Portnoy has confirmed.

He’ll begin studio work with Kotzen and Sheehan later this month, and they’re planning a world tour to coincide with the release later in the year.

Kotzen recently admitted the band’s success had taken all three members by surprise. He said, “There was an iTunes rock chart where The Rolling Stones were at number one and we were at number two. All of us were blown away – none of us expected that.

From there we started to get some amazing touring offers and opportunities. I thought I’d go back to what I was doing, and a few years later, we’d reconvene and do something else. It’s become a real band that is a priority for all three of us.”

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  1. It’ll be great for them to prove this band is a priority because it’s hard to take these types of “supergroups” too seriously because they never seem to be around for very long, even the good ones like Winery Dogs. I am a huge fan of Black Country Communion and it was a real letdown when that band broke up after three studio albums. I’d love it if Winery Dogs is still around in 10 years but that remains to be seen. I think Richie, Mike and Billy have a great chemistry together so I’m pulling for them to keep going.

    1. I thought the BCC CD’s were great. I’ve had a much a harder time getting into the Winery Dogs. They just don’t do much for me. Maybe I’ll change my mind with new material.

  2. The Winery Dogs are so good; like a breath of fresh air bottled back in the 70’s. They are so original while harkening back to a golden age in rock. Cannot wait to see them live again. What a great time to look forward to! Such great musicians the three all are! What nice guys they all were to their fans even tired at the end of the show.

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