Whitesnake has announced the addition of Croatian singer/multi-instrumentalist Dino Jelusick to the group’s ranks. Jelusick is a member of multi-platinum selling band Trans-Siberian Orchestra and was previously part of Dirty Shirley (with George Lynch), Animal Drive and recorded with many others. Jelusick has been singing, touring and recording since the age of five. Other than being a frontman, his main instrument are keyboards but he also plays bass, guitar and drums. He finished music academy and did theatre work.

Frontman David Coverdale says, “I am absolutely delighted to welcome the extremely gifted Dino Jelusick to Whitesnake. We’ve had our eyes and ears on him since we played Zagreb together two years ago. You’re going to love him.”

Jelusick says he has been influenced by Whitesnake and Coverdale from an early age.

“I am beyond honored to be part of one of my favorite bands of all time,” he said. “To get the phone call from David Coverdale is something every singer and musician of my generation can only dream of; it still feels completely surreal. I cannot wait to start hitting the road with Whitesnake and, as the great DC said to me himself, to give a piece of my identity to the sound of this iconic band.”

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  1. The kid can sing, for sure. I think it’s a perfect hire for DC to help with vocals. If it makes for a better sounding concert, I’m all for it. DC kinda croaks now, doesn’t really sing anymore. I will see this tour for one last shot at seeing the Mighty ‘Snake..for sure.

  2. Rattle, I was waiting for that one lol .
    I understand what you were saying about dino sounding like other singers , I listened to his version of the show must go on by queen , and he sounded like a cross between dio and coverdale , I actually loved it , and I think he purposely tried to sound like that , to me he has the tone I like in a hard rock vocalist, he walks a fine line between respect and Greta
    I get it , but I think he is still on the right side of the line ~ as for coverdales voice, age. Has robbed him of his high register he has been cracking and going off key recently going for those higher notes , this will be a good addition for whitesnake and for coverdale , coverdale gets it , and instead of running tracks he is keeping it live and not cheating the fans ~

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