VanHalen2012 Jimmy Kimmel Live! aired the second night of Van Halen’s performance on the show. Watch video footage of Dance The Night Away , Hot for Teacher, Eruption, You Really Got Me below.

To see performances from the first night of Panama and Runnin’ With The Devil, please click here.


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  1. If diamond Dave would stick to the script he could make it sound o.k.BUT he’s all over the place.Sing it like it’s supposed to to be.Eddie is simply AWESOME.

  2. What trips me is all those people trying to record the moment on their machines. In my day, we would have had a large circle going, and if you fell you’d get trampled, and we liked it! Live the moment, bitches.

  3. For the love of Eddie!! Sing the song Dave and stop being the hyper little monkey that you have become!! You Really Got Me….sounds like shit!! Eddie and the band sound great, David is toast and it is a shame. I always loved Diamond Dave, loved the solo albums as well, but he has become an embarrassment to watch and listen. Saving my money on this tour.

  4. Its all soo bad but DTNA is beyond horriable !
    Its also so apparent they need Anthony to fill the harmonys .
    I’m a huge Vh fan and have seen them on DD and 1984 . Dave was always off key and drunk alot of the times back in the day but he’s sober and this is ridiculous .
    I wonder how much of this is just being lazy though and not so much the voice . If it is, why would Eddie allow it ?
    Either way I refuse to see VH without MA . Even if you hate MA you make it work for the fans . Eddie dosn’t even have to be on the same bus with him . Eddie thinks its cool to have his son up on stage . As a VH fan I think its unacceptable..

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