With more than 80 million albums sold and 16 Top 30 hits, Foreigner is universally hailed as one of the most popular rock acts in the world. Now, Foreigner – Double Vision: Then And Now takes viewers behind the scenes as original bandmembers join Mick Jones and Foreigner’s current lineup for the very first time in the band’s 40-year history. Both incarnations of the band share the same stage for an epic performance. A performance of the song, Feels Like The First Time, can be seen below.

Watch rock and roll history with one of music’s most anticipated reunion events as Foreigner – Double Vision: Then And Now celebrates the 40th anniversary of the band’s multi-platinum 1978 album Double Vision with a masterful live performance of the band’s biggest hits, filmed at Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.

Original members Lou Gramm, Al Greenwood, Dennis Elliott, Ian McDonald and Rick Wills take the stage with Mick Jones and Foreigner — Kelly Hansen, Tom Gimbel, Jeff Pilson, Michael Bluestein, Bruce Watson and Chris Frazier — to rock through some of the best-selling songs that bring back the memories that make it feel like the first time for both long-time fans and new generations.

Says Jones, “This was a show that I will always remember. Sharing the stage with the guys that shaped Foreigner in the beginning and the stellar musicians that carry the flag in the new millennium was a truly emotional moment.”

“We wanted to stage an elaborate production for the very first Foreigner – Then And Now reunion concert,” says award-winning executive producer Barry Summers of Rock Fuel Media, who created this explosive rock celebration.”Something unlike any other previous Foreigner show has captured on film, that both visually and sonically breathes new life into their amazing classic songs — the songs that I grew up on — for the fans to enjoy for many years to come. I believe we achieved that in this film and live album.”

Filmed in 4K Ultra HD using over 24 camera positions, the concert film features a stunning multimedia set design, with custom CGI animation, lasers, fog, and elaborate FX that elevate this powerful performance to new levels.

Special Performance Features:

Juke Box Hero – Features an array of special effects, lasers, smoke and an insane animated jukebox on steroids.

Starrider– A 3D animated spacecraft and digital effects breathe new life into the digital age.

Feels Like The First Time – The song that launched the legacy is performed by original members for the first time in over 30 years.

I Want To Know What Love Is – A breathtaking full gospel rendition that brings the Albert Strickland & Cho’Zen Choir together with both incarnations of the band onstage for the very first time.

Hot Blooded– A Flamin’ hot and electrifying encore finale featuring both incarnations of the band together onstage has the entire crowd on their feet and rockin’.

Track listing – album:

1.  Cold As Ice 
2.  Head Games 
3.  Waiting For A Girl Like You 
4.  Headknocker 
5.  The Flame Still Burns 
6.  Urgent 
7.  Juke Box Hero 
8.  Feels Like The First Time 
9.  Double Vision 
10. Blue Morning, Blue Day 
11. Long, Long Way From Home 
12. Dirty White Boy 
13. I Want To Know What Love Is 
14. Hot Blooded

Track listing – DVD and Blu-ray:

1.  Cold As Ice 
2.  Head Games 
3.  Waiting For A Girl Like You 
4.  Headknocker 
5.  Say You Will 
6.  Urgent 
7.  Starrider 
8.  Juke Box Hero 
9.  Feels Like The First Time 
10. Double Vision 
11. Blue Morning, Blue Day 
12. Long, Long Way From Home 
13. Dirty White Boy 
14. I Want To Know What Love Is 
15. Hot Blooded

16. The Flame Still Burns 
17. Fool For You Anyway

Foreigner – Double Vision: Then And Now will be available on November 15 on CD+DVD, Blu-ray+CD, limited 2LP+Blu-ray and digital and can be pre-ordered here.

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  1. Lou ‘s voice sounds solid and confident- after what he has been through that’s pretty awesome he’s obviously worked hard at finding his new voice , he’s also in his 60’s – just feel very happy for him – I have seen foreigner out touring recently with no original members – that’s wrong on every level – you cannot call yourself foreigner with no original members –

  2. Truly amazing, 69 years old, been through hell, and Gramm can still sing that good! Great idea/concept – “Then And Now,” everybody’s happy! I see KISS eventually doing something very similar, but how? You can’t have 2 Catmen and 2 Spacemen (talk about “Double Vision!” 😉 even though there’s really only 1 of each) so whaddya do?
    And nobody expects Paul to be able to sing like he did 40 years ago either, but take some advice from Lou, keep it real! Don’t lip sync! So you can’t hit every note anymore, so what, we know when a singer is struggling, but no wuckin’ furries, we’ll back you up! Fans would rather fill in the blanks than have a machine do it! We filled in for Gene (and others) before plenty of times when he lost his voice! 🙂

    1. So now that I’m fully awake and have a few minutes, here’s my Foreigner Top 20.

      20) Night Life
      19) Headknocker
      18) Heart Turns To Stone
      17) I Want To Know What Love Is
      16) Girl On The Moon
      15) Dirty White Boy
      14) Starrider
      13) That Was Yesterday
      12) Break It Up
      11) Say You Will
      10) Waiting For A Girl Like You
      9) Blue Morning, Blue Day
      8) Urgent
      7) Cold As Ice
      6) Head Games
      5) Long, Long Way From Home
      4) Hot Blooded
      3) Feels Like The First Time
      2) Double Vision
      1) Juke Box Hero

  3. That was PHENOMENAL!!! Late 60s/early 70s, they sounded amazing! My God, Lou hasn’t sounded this great in years. I am so happy to hear him in such a great voice. He’s been through so much. I had chills watching this! Loved it!

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