TonyIommibig As previously reported, Black Sabbath has announced their final tour dates, dubbed The End.

Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi recently spoke to the Birmingham Mail and said, “I can’t actually do this any more. My body won’t take it much more.”

When asked about the chances of original drummer Bill Ward’s return, Iommi replied, “That depends on Bill. We met up again six weeks ago and we got on great, but it’s down to Bill. Our plans as they stand are to tour with Ozzy, Geezer Butler, myself and Ozzy’s drummer Tommy Clufetos, who did so well on the last tour.”

Regarding plans for a new album, the guitarist stated, “I’ve been busy writing songs ever since the 13 sessions – at that point we thought there might be another Sabbath album. But that’s up in the air now, so I don’t know when or where they might appear.”

As for the final tour, he replied, “All the fan favorites will be in there, and we’re looking to include some songs we’ve rarely performed live, too. All the material will be from albums on which Ozzy is the singer. There won’t be any Ronnie James Dio material in there.”

Iommi reflects, “We’ve been doing this for getting on for 50 years now. It’s about time we draw the line, don’t you think? It’s been great – but it’s time to stop now.”

To view tour dates and watch a video announcement about Sabbath’s final tour, please click here.


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  • Ryan B. on

    Translation….”The same shitty deal Bill was offered for the 13 tour is still on the table and if he puts pen to paper, he will play. It is up to him. We have money already running out of ears and for it to finally also come out our asses, we just can’t pay Bill more so we will use Tommy or Eric Singer.” #TEAMBILL

  • James K. on

    Of course there won’t be any Dio material in the set. That’s silly of him to even say that. Singing-wise, Ronnie’s vocal skills were so far above Ozzy’s that it’s not even funny. Ozzy couldn’t sing that stuff if his life depended on it.

  • Chris Adams on

    Just pay the guy what he wants and go out in style. Show some class. He is the drummer, the guy busting his ass harder than the rest of you. I am also tired of you paid studio musicians filling the shoes of living legends like Bill. Refuse the Job. Oh and hey Ozzy and Sharon. You scammed many but not me. Don’t scam Bill Ward.

  • Ray Gillen on

    I would like to see deal was he was offered. Is he getting less than everyone else ? We can only assume he`s getting screwed but funny how with all this press on this no numbers have been thrown out there. I know if I was in the sabbath camp I would be worried he wouldn`t be able to do the whole tour. Last tour that he declined to tour on because of the unsignable deal he had said he was fit and ready to go but a few months later he`s having shoulder surgery. He was overweight and not very healthy which is not good for someone who`s already had a heart attack. People need to be real here he wouldnt have lasted more than half the tour at best. Maybe he was offered a pay to play deal where he got payed for the shows he played in knowing he`s a risk for not being able to perform for health reasons, who knows ? I to would like to see the original sabbath but the reality is Bill is pretty much done. Even on his new album he need someone to come in and help with the drumming. Personnaly I would like to see Vinny Appice come in and do the tour and the album at least he`s part of the sabbath family. Hopefully one day this unsignable deal will be disclosed I`m pretty interested in what it is.

    • Dana on


      I am pretty sure the lawyers for the rest of the Sabbath camp would put a C&D, and an injunction on Ward, blocking him from releasing those numbers. Also, it really is no one’s business. It is not up to the fans, the press, and Johnny Q public to decide what is a “signable” contract for Ward, that his his choice, and his choice alone.

      While I am not a fan of U2, they are, one of those bands who divide all of their assets evenly between all four members. However, that may be because Larry Mullen Jr., who is the drummer, started the band, and Bono has acknowledged that fact on many occasions. He has clearly stated that U2 is “Mullen’s band.”

      If this is indeed Sabbath’s last go around, and the issue truly is money and NOT a question of Ward’s health, I agree with Chris Adams, they should show some class and pay the man. Put the legacy of this iconic band to rest in a fair and equitable manner.

      I would hope that if my favorite band, Judas Priest, ever decided to retire for good, that they would ask K.K. to come back for their last and final tour.

      D 🙂

  • Gary B on

    Bill and Mikey Anthony ought to form a band and call it “Hosed By A$$holes”…..

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