tomkeifer600 Greg Prato of Brave Words spoke with Cinderella frontman Tom Keifer. Excerpts from the Q&A appear below.

BraveWords: What do you have planned for 2014?

Tom Keifer: We are just starting to ramp up for some touring, behind The Way Life Goes, the solo record. Just did our first show of the year last weekend in West Virginia, and we’ve got one in Connecticut (April 26th at the Wolf Den the Mohegan Sun, in Uncasville). A couple of one-offs. And then the tour is probably going to kick off around Rocklahoma (May 23rd-25th) – we’re on that show this year, and looking forward to that. And then I think we’re probably going to be on the road from that point on. The label is looking to release some new singles, so just more touring in support behind the record.”

BraveWords: Any plans with Cinderella?

Tom Keifer: We just did the Monsters of Rock Cruise, and that’s the only thing we’re doing this year.

BraveWords: How did the cruise go?

Tom Keifer: It was a lot of fun. We hadn’t played in probably 18 months. The last tour we did was in 2012. So we had a lot of fun. A couple of good shows on there, and that’s always a good time hanging with the fans and all.

BraveWords: I remember last year I asked if you saw a possibility of a fifth studio album with Cinderella. Are there any updates with that?

Tom Keifer: Still pretty much at the same place that I’ve been with it. If the right opportunity comes along, we’re certainly open to the idea. But right now, everyone’s doing their own side things. We’ve had a lot of success touring, and we love doing that. Obviously, there’s no record companies and lawyers involved in that aspect of the business, which makes it more pleasurable. (Laughs) But if the right thing comes along and the right opportunity, we certainly would go for it. There’s been a couple of things that have come along that ended up not being what they were cracked up to be, so, you’ve always got to keep you eye out for that.

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  1. Probably sad offers from toilet labels or screw job offers from bigger ones. Another greatest hits or cover songs or acoustic versions are the only thing that you see these days or new albums that blow. Remember ’89 when everything was kicking ass by anybody?

  2. I would rather just see them tour playing the hits…new albums are bunk…they end up making a record that doesnt sound anything like their classic material…in 10 years or less these bands are gonna be gone so seeing them live is paramount for me…I shutter to think what summer tours are gonna look like in the years to come…prob be a bunch of american idol crap…lol

    1. Why should they continue to make records that sound like their “classic material”? Can’t they evolve as a band and write and make the music they want? If you want to hear just the “classic material” drop Night Songs or Long Cold Winter into your “cd player”

      Just because their new music sounds different, if it does, it doesn’t mean it is “American Idol Crap”

      Since you aren’t able to evolve as a fan, don’t put it off on the band as making “American Idol Crap” Don’t you think evolution goes both ways?

  3. I and I’m sure many others would LOVE a new Cinderella record. Tom and the rest of the band, please take a break from your respective side projects and record one last Cinderella record. Produce it yourselves. Fuck the record labels, don’t need em anymore. 10-12 songs would be so awesome!

    1. Right on. Although, I’d love it if they’d keep putting out new music. Such a great band…

  4. I totally agree with you Eric Heaton. How scary was it recently hearing about the AC/DC retirement rumors recently? Very cool to see Tom Kiefer healthy again; I always thought Cinderella was a bit underrated as a band and never quite reached that Motley Crue/Poison stratosphere level of fame.
    The metal arena shows with pyro, lasers, and amazing stage setups are for the most part long gone, but they live on memory wise.

  5. Why even ask the question? Tom constantly through the years has said “Yes, if the opportunaty comes” .. It ain’t gonna happen. Period.

    I love Cinderella, but come on …

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