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During the early ‘80s, two rock drummers did a masterful job of replicating the enormity of John Bonham’s drum sound—Bobby Chouinard on Billy Squier’s Don’t Say No, and most definitely, Eric Carr on KISS’ Creatures Of The Night

…Today (July 12th) would have been Eric’s 70th birthday (he sadly passed away on November 24, 1991, after a battle with cancer), and to mark this occasion, below is an excerpt from an earlier book of mine, The Eric Carr Story (available for purchase as a paperback version or a Kindle download here which focuses on the recording of Creatures, how Carr obtained his famous drum sound, and what several renowned metal drummers thought of the album and drumming.

Michael James Jackson (Creatures Of The Night and Lick It Up producer): “We ran two studios at the same time, in the same building, and we’d go back and forth between the two of them. We put Eric in a separate room by himself. There was a big focus on trying to get as close as possible … not to the exact sound of John Bonham, but we tried to get some of the character of Bonham’s sound. You can’t ever duplicate what anybody else has done, because it’s not just the echo, it’s not just the environment, it’s not the ambience—it’s also the sound of the drums, the way they’re hit. There’s so many factors involved, [like] the humidity in the room. All those factors are involved in what the overall ambience is and sound is. But there was a real determination to try and create a sound that really had a character to it that was along those same lines. So Eric was put in a separate room—not even a booth [but] a separate room—and was close-mic’d and distant-mic’d. We had spent a lot of time—we might have spent a couple days—trying to really work and find the sound, specifically around the drums. Because on that record, the drums have a character to them. That is what gives that record an identity. Eric was way into it, because it was his ‘glory moment.’ It was when all the focus was on Eric. He was willing to do whatever it took to achieve that particular thing, and also, was very focused on his playing. I always appreciated that he really cared about exactly what he did and how he was going to sound. And then later, that record was mixed by Bob Clearmountain. It was made very clear to Bob that the particular overall character of the drum sound was a key element in the record. So when he mixed it, he added some of the echo that the Power Station became very famous for. There was an elevator shaft there that he had put a microphone down. He could send the signal into the elevator shaft, which would resonate, and the mic would bring that back. So some of that is also mixed into the drum sound on Creatures. Clearmountain did a great job, because one of the hallmarks of Clearmountain in those days was he had the unique ability to get more low end onto a record that would translate over the radio. A lot of engineers can put it on a record, but you never hear it on the radio. Bob had a methodology where he could really sculpt that in, in a way that if the record got played on the radio, you could hear that low-end character very clearly.”

Loretta Caravello (Eric’s youngest sister): “That was his favorite album. I think he said Saint And Sinner was his favorite song to play. From what I heard, the drums were recorded in an elevator shaft. And they never were able to duplicate that sound again. They tried and tried, and he tried and tried, but no one has been able to duplicate that sound. It just hit it right. It’s like the weather, when you see the ice on the trees, it has to be perfect and the same, and it never is again. He was very proud of the album.”

Bruce Kulick (KISS guitarist 1984-1996):  “There was a time when, for some reason, I was able to stop by the studio when they were doing Creatures, and that was the first time I saw Eric. I love that they were working on I Love It Loud. They were checking the mix. You know, the mix at the end when the song fades out and then comes back in. I thought Creatures of the Night was a brilliant KISS album, because it has such a huge Zeppelin-ish/metal sound to it. I was really impressed with that. And I’m sure that was their reaction to The Elder

Eddie Trunk (Radio DJ and TV host):  “Getting Creatures, it was eye-opening. It was just monstrous. One of the heaviest albums KISS has ever done, and one of the reasons for it, not only the material, but obviously, the drums. The drums are monstrous-sounding. I never heard drums booming like that on a KISS record before or played like that on a KISS record. It all came together—the material, Eric finally being Eric and getting to be what he signed on to be coming to that band. And KISS being a heavier band than they’d ever been. The irony of all of this, of course, is that you had Ace Frehley out the door.” 

Charlie Benante (Anthrax drummer):  “I think Eric was a big Led Zeppelin fan, and he was always into the whole ‘John Bonham thing.’ He played Ludwig, as well. I just think he captured what he wanted to on that record. The drums sound so big and large. If you listen to the fourth side of Alive II, the drum sounds on that record were great. They had some big tones on that record. And I think on Creatures of the Night, they captured that sound as well. It just fit the songs. So I thought that was a great KISS record.”

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  • Doug R. on

    Thanks for posting this story, Dana! 😉 Eric Carr deserves every single accolade he gets! Especially on his birthday! Never before, or since, have I ever heard drumming as heavy as on “Creatures Of The Night,” Eric was in the zone, in and out of the elevator shaft! Every time I hear thunder, I think of COTN! 😉 Happy birthday to “The Fox” ~ Eric Carr! 🙂

    • Dana on

      I always liked Carr, it was so sad that he passed so young.

    • Doug R. on

      Really was, still is.

  • Rattlehead on

    Great drummer who got to be his own character and created his own legacy with KI$$, unlike the current drummer and lead guitarist who will only be known as impersonating the Spaceman and Catman characters.

    • Doug R. on

      I totally agree, bro! Tommy Thayer will always be known as a clone, and Eric Singer will always be known as a copy-cat!

    • genesraccoonwig on

      A shame for Singer, as I like his drumming, especially on “Revenge”

      While technically proficient, Tommy is as exciting as a bowl of oatmeal.

  • Charles Clinchot on

    Great drummer. “Creatures” was awesome and he made it so.
    God it been that long since he passed. RIP
    Carr on Revenge was great as well.

    • Doug R. on

      “Carr Jam ’81” is so awesome! As is Eric’s backing vocals on “God Gave Rock ‘N’ Roll To You II.

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