robhalfordleathersuit Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford has explained why he trademarked the phrase “Metal God” in 2009.

He took the legal step to ensure the name couldn’t be used in commercial ventures like computer games. But he’s previously said he’s not fully comfortable with using it himself.

Appearing on Later With Jools Holland, Halford recently told the host: “I would never put myself on that pedestal. That’s the title the fans started to give me after the British Steel album. It’s something I really cherish – I don’t want anybody else to be the metal god but me.”

Judas Priest’s new album, Redeemer of Souls, will be released in the States on July 8th through Epic/Columbia.


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  • staten island clown on

    I was lucky enough to see him many times in the 80s…when he was mind-blowing. Pull up “Ram It Down” on youtube and witness the real deal…where KK hits this high note on his guitar with the whammy bar and then you hear it being doubled with a note that goes even higher and for that brief nanosecond your brain doesn’t realize it’s Rob’s voice, just incredible.

  • Jon on

    For gods sake Rob bring back love bites or some heads are going to roll on this upcoming tour!

  • mike on

    I saw Judas Priest on the Angel/ Reunion tour. Rob doesn’t sound half like he did in the late 80s. Pack in up Rob. I will never pay to see Priest again, and I’m a long time fan. I will watch my dvds instead.

    • Dana on


      I saw that tour as well, and even I, a Halford fanatic, had to admit that the Metal God was not in top shape. That is why I a bit worried, a few years later, going to see the 30th Anniversary British Steel tour. You have to trust me, what he was lacking on the Angel tour, he more than made up for on the British tour. His voice sounded better than ever, and when he hit that note on Victim of Changes, my jaw dropped.

      Dana from 🙂

  • Lee on

    When hit the deck at the US Festival in front of that
    Marshall front line he became it. Real deal Priest.

  • Louis on

    I have always loved Rob’s humble nature. I truly believe he hated having to make this trademark but it makes sense. I am sure his clothing line forced him into this as well. He is and will ALWAYS be the Metal God! Can’t wait for the new cd in July!!

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