Billy Sheehan, Mike Portnoy and Richie Kotzen join the show together for the first time as a band (The Winery Dogs). Vinnie Paul puts rumors to rest and the rest of it on the table. Volbeat’s Michael Poulsen dials up the Metal Modem. Guitar virtuoso Yngwie Malmsteen shreds.

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Vinnie Paul on Finding Success After Pantera:

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Vinnie Paul on the 20th Anniversary of Far Beyond Driven:

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TMS BTS with The Winery Dogs, Vinnie Paul & Yngwie Malmsteen:

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  1. Another great episode last night Eddie, cudo’s to you and Don and Jim.. I loved it when you asked Ritchie about putting another album out this year and he was incredulous.. “THS YEAR”???? LOL..
    Was it a weird a coincidence, me asking you about TMS sponsorship the other nigh in Largo, then out comes a new sponsor on the show… that was a first… hopefully more will jump on board and sponsor more episodes….

    Buddy (the flash light kid) Zappa

  2. Hey Eddie, thanks for asking Vinnie about the possibility of a Pantera reunion, even though everyone probably already knew what the answer would be. I think everyone understands his response to that, being that you can’t have a “reunion” without Dimebag. However, I think everyone throws the word “reunion” around and really in this case it should be considered more of a tribute or celebration of the music Pantera made, and more specifically, that Dimebag made. I’m surprised you didn’t mention Phil, did you just not want to stir that up? I think aside from the possibility of any kind of performance including Phil, Vinnie and Rex, fans are wondering if Vinnie and Paul will ever talk, even if didn’t lead to anything but peace between the former members. Some people say “who cares” but considering how many people are interested in the KISS soap opera, people do actually care and for some reason feel like there’s no sense of closure without the members parting on good terms.

    1. You know who would laugh at you and your “epic fail” opinion?

      The members of Rush.

  3. Yeah, I kinda thought Rush should have been number 1 too, but the conversation and in how the list should be compiled sorta got off track. GREAT TMS episode. Loved it. Man, Yngwie was phenomenal. In the Winery Dogs you have 3 great musicians and they wouldn’t look up because they probably knew they could not keep up with his speed and technical prowess. Intimidating.

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