Testament will release a Titans Of Creation video album on September 9th through Nuclear Blast. The limited-edition collectible features performance videos of all the tracks on the record. The footage was compiled at a soundstage in San Francisco and was edited into music video-style clips that will be available on Blu-ray accompanying the CD with bonus photos and liner notes plus a button and sticker in a longbox. Staying true to the record, the performances feature Gene Hoglan behind the kit. This version will be limited to 6,500 units worldwide.

In celebration of the news, the band releases the music video for the track Curse Of Osiris, which can be seen below.

Singer Chuck Billy comments, “I’m very excited and proud to release the video play through for the Titans of Creation album. We were fortunate enough to have Gene Hoglan on drums before his departure. Now fans can watch us play the entire album in their homes with friends and start their own mosh pit in their living rooms.”

Guitarist Eric Peterson comments, “We are pleased to announce something we have always wanted to do: a performance video for each song on our latest release Titans Of Creation. It almost didn’t happen as we got the news from Gene that he was going to go his separate way, but we left on a good note and we agreed that we should nail this last idea. I think it came out really killer and can’t wait for everybody to see it! We kept it simple and added a couple of visual elements on some songs for a certain vibe of the song. Overall [it’s] great to listen to and watch us jam these new killer songs! Looking forward to doing it again on the next record too.”

In April, Testament announced the second North American leg of The Bay Strikes Back Tour with Exodus and Death Angel. It will begin on September 9th in Phoenix, Arizona and conclude on October 15th in San Jose, California.

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  1. Great 80’s thrash band still madly thrashing today. Originally starting off as Metallica clones, I’m so glad they sound nothing like today’s Meh-tallica.

  2. I always said Testament should have been involved with the “Big 4″…these guys are awesome, and glad they are still sounding great today. This song rocks HARD!!!

  3. A lot of thrash bands I would replace with some of the big four
    Testament would be one of them as well as Overkill they still put out good albums just like Megadeth. Metallica Anthrax are just stagnant and SLAYER is in retirement

    1. I think the Anthrax albums with Jon Bush were amazing. Wish he was still in the band. I know a lot of people LOVE the last 2 Anthrax albums with Joey, but I thought We’ve Come For You All was Anthrax at their best. I personally would replace Megadeath with Testament. Was never a Dave Mustane fan.

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