Motor City Madman Ted Nugent releases his brand new single Come and Take It (see the lyric video below). The song is a powerful, patriotic rock anthem that reminds Americans of our sacred 1rst and 2nd Amendment rights. Rights that Nugent promotes each and every day. Come and Take It is the first single from the upcoming album Detroit Muscle, which is slated for release this spring on April 29th.
When asked what inspired the new single, Nugent had this to say, “Being the all-time gonzo progenitor of love songs that I am, it is only fitting that I unleash the All-American defiant battle hymn from we the people to punks who dare tread on us. Do you feel the love! Come and take it at your own risk.”
Nugent is primed for the release of Detroit Muscle. He notes, “The mighty Motor City is forever globally known as the epicenter of the ultimate high energy soul-music firestorm, and everybody desperately needs a suckerpunch of Detroit Muscle now more than ever. Relax, it’s good for you. ”
Track listing for Detroit Muscle is as follows: 

1. Detroit Muscle
2. Come and Take It
3. Born in the Motor City
4. American Campfire
5. Drivin’ Blind
6. Just Leave Me Alone
7. Alaska
8. WinterSpring SummerFall
9. Leave the Lights On
10. Feedback GrindFire
11. Starspangled Banner
Stream Come and Take It now on all digital platforms by going here and pre-save Detroit Muscle here.
Detroit Muscle is available for pre-order on CD, vinyl, and has special t-shirt bundles. To pre-order, visit: https://www.pavementmusic.com/campaign/ted-nugent/.
Ted Nugent has carved a permanent place in rock & roll history, selling more than 40 million albums, performing more than 6,750 high-octane concerts, and continuing to set attendance records at venues around the globe. Cranking out hits like Cat Scratch Fever, Great White Buffalo, Free for All, Fred Bear and the iconic Stranglehold, he has garnered international acclaim. For all things Nuge, visit tednugent.com.
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  • RTunes68 on

    Ever wonder what a song would sound like if no one asked, “Hey, is this any good?”

    Meet Ted Nugent.

  • Michael Minutaglio on

    I loved Ted’s work in Damn Yankees, and even though i am not a huge fan of his solo stuff, this song is almost an embarrassment. I understand he has his beliefs, but keep politics out of ROCK N ROLL. Yes, Ted has been doing this for years, but i hate it.

    • Dana on

      Hi Michael,

      I agree, and never post politically charged topics here (Eddie sent this to me), but the same can be said for Rage Against The Machine, most of their music is politically charged.

      Not to mention all the musicians who cannot help themselves, and have been firing off their opinions, such as: Sebastian Bach, Tommy Lee, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, etc…

    • Rattlehead on

      I think musicians, as citizens, are entitled to their opinions. But they run the risk of upsetting their fan base. Personally, I think they are entitled to express their opinions, as long as it is not when they should be representing music. There may be a fine line there, when they’re representing music, but that’s the risk taken….

      Messages in songs…..it doesn’t bother me, alot of musicians do it. If the song rocks, great….if it doesn’t, I won’t listen to it….For example, I love Slayer, but I don’t agree with alot of the lyrical content….but their music is just so intense that I love it!

  • jeff weaver on

    This sounded like it came out of an 8 minute soundcheck/jam session. I thought Ted resented laziness. It seems his true passion is gun rights/ownership and he just happens to use his guitar as a catalyst so he can “spread his message”.
    BTW I support the 2nd Amendment

  • genesraccoonwig on

    regardless of politcs – this song is Constitutionally unlistenable.

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